About – Don’t Marry Career Women

Guys: A word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don’t marry a woman with a career.

Why? Because if many social scientists are to be believed, you run a higher risk of having a rocky marriage. While everyone knows that marriage can be stressful, recent studies have found professional women are more likely to get divorced, more likely to cheat, less likely to have children, and, if they do have kids, they are more likely to be unhappy about it. A recent study in Social Forces, a research journal, found that women–even those with a “feminist” outlook–are happier when their husband is the primary breadwinner.

Not a happy conclusion, especially given that many men, particularly successful men, are attracted to women with similar goals and aspirations. And why not? After all, your typical career girl is well-educated, ambitious, informed and engaged. All seemingly good things, right? Sure…at least until you get married. Then, to put it bluntly, the more successful she is the more likely she is to grow dissatisfied with you. Sound familiar?

Many factors contribute to a stable marriage, including the marital status of your spouse’s parents (folks with divorced parents are significantly more likely to get divorced themselves), age at first marriage, race, religious beliefs and socio-economic status. And, of course, many working women are indeed happily and fruitfully married–it’s just that they are less likely to be so than non-working women. And that, statistically speaking, is the rub.

To be clear, we’re not talking about a high-school dropout minding a cash register. For our purposes, a “career girl” has a university-level (or higher) education, works more than 35 hours a week outside the home and makes more than $30,000 a year.

If a host of studies are to be believed, marrying these women is asking for trouble. If they quit their jobs and stay home with the kids, they will be unhappy ( Journal of Marriage and Family, 2003). They will be unhappy if they make more money than you do ( Social Forces, 2006). You will be unhappy if they make more money than you do ( Journal of Marriage and Family, 2001). You will be more likely to fall ill ( American Journal of Sociology). Even your house will be dirtier ( Institute for Social Research).

Why? Well, despite the fact that the link between work, women and divorce rates is complex and controversial, much of the reasoning is based on a lot of economic theory and a bit of common sense. In classic economics, a marriage is, at least in part, an exercise in labor specialization. Traditionally men have tended to do “market” or paid work outside the home and women have tended to do “non-market” or household work, including raising children. All of the work must get done by somebody, and this pairing, regardless of who is in the home and who is outside the home, accomplishes that goal. Nobel laureate Gary S. Becker argued that when the labor specialization in a marriage decreases–if, for example, both spouses have careers–the overall value of the marriage is lower for both partners because less of the total needed work is getting done, making life harder for both partners and divorce more likely. And, indeed, empirical studies have concluded just that.

In 2004, John H. Johnson examined data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation and concluded that gender has a significant influence on the relationship between work hours and increases in the probability of divorce. Women’s work hours consistently increase divorce, whereas increases in men’s work hours often have no statistical effect. “I also find that the incidence in divorce is far higher in couples where both spouses are working than in couples where only one spouse is employed,” Johnson says. A few other studies, which have focused on employment (as opposed to working hours) have concluded that working outside the home actually increases marital stability, at least when the marriage is a happy one. But even in these studies, wives’ employment does correlate positively to divorce rates, when the marriage is of “low marital quality.”

The other reason a career can hurt a marriage will be obvious to anyone who has seen their mate run off with a co-worker: When your spouse works outside the home, chances increase they’ll meet someone they like more than you. “The work environment provides a host of potential partners,” researcher Adrian J. Blow reported in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, “and individuals frequently find themselves spending a great deal of time with these individuals.”

There’s more: According to a wide-ranging review of the published literature, highly educated people are more likely to have had extra-marital sex (those with graduate degrees are 1.75 more likely to have cheated than those with high school diplomas.) Additionally, individuals who earn more than $30,000 a year are more likely to cheat.

And if the cheating leads to divorce, you’re really in trouble. Divorce has been positively correlated with higher rates of alcoholism, clinical depression and suicide. Other studies have associated divorce with increased rates of cancer, stroke, and sexually-transmitted disease. Plus divorce is financially devastating. According to one recent study on “Marriage and Divorce’s Impact on Wealth,” published in The Journal of Sociology, divorced people see their overall net worth drop an average of 77%.

So why not just stay single? Because, academically speaking, a solid marriage has a host of benefits beyond just individual “happiness.” There are broader social and health implications as well. According to a 2004 paper entitled “What Do Social Scientists Know About the Benefits of Marriage?” marriage is positively associated with “better outcomes for children under most circumstances,” higher earnings for adult men, and “being married and being in a satisfying marriage are positively associated with health and negatively associated with mortality.” In other words, a good marriage is associated with a higher income, a longer, healthier life and better-adjusted kids.

A word of caution, though: As with any social scientific study, it’s important not to confuse correlation with causation. In other words, just because married folks are healthier than single people, it doesn’t mean that marriage is causing the health gains. It could just be that healthier people are more likely to be married.

1. You are less likely to get married to her.

So say Lee A. Lillard and Linda J. Waite of the University of Michigan’s Michigan Retirement Research Center. In a paper, “Marriage, Divorce and the Work and Earnings Careers of Spouses”, published in April, 2000, they found that for white women, higher earnings, more hours of employment and higher wages while single all reduce the chances of marriage. “This suggests that (1) success in the labor market makes it harder for women to make a marital match, (2) women with relatively high wages and earnings search less intensively for a match, or (3) successful women have higher standards for an acceptable match than women who work less and earn less.” Some research suggests the opposite is true for black women.

Source: “Marriage, Divorce and the Work and Earnings Careers of Spouses,” Lee A. Lillard, Linda J. Waite, University of Michigan, Michigan Retirement Research Center, Working Papers, April, 2000.

2. If you do marry, you are more likely to get divorced.

In 2004, John H. Johnson examined data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation and concluded that gender has a significant influence on the relationship between work hours and increases in the probability of divorce. Women’s work hours consistently increase divorce, whereas increases in men’s work hours often have no statistical effect. “I also find that the incidence in divorce is far higher in couples where both spouses are working than in couples where only one spouse is employed,” Johnson said. A few other studies, which have focused on employment (as opposed to working hours) have concluded that working outside the home actually increases marital stability, at least when the marriage is a happy one. But even in these studies, wives’ employment does correlate positively to divorce rates, when the marriage is of “low marital quality.”

Sources: “A Treatise On The Family,” Gary S. Becker, Harvard University Press, 1981; “Do Long Work Hours Contribute To Divorce?” John H. Johnson, Topics in Economic Analysis and Policy, 2004; “Wives’ Employment and Spouses’ Marital Happiness,” Robert Schoen, Stacy J. Rogers, Paul R. Amato, Journal of Family Issues, April 2006.

3. She is more likely to cheat on you.

According to a wide-ranging review of the published literature, highly educated people are more likely to have had extra-marital sex (those with graduate degrees are 1.75 more likely to have cheated than those with high school diplomas.) One April, 2005 study, by Adrian J. Blow for the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy summed it up: “If a woman has more education than her partner, she is more likely to have a sexual relationship outside of her primary relationship; if her husband has more education, she is less likely to engage in infidelity.” Additionally individuals who earn more than $30,000 a year are more likely to cheat. “In a more general sense, it appears that employment has significantly influenced infidelity over the years,” Blow said. “The work environment provides a host of potential partners, and individuals frequently find themselves spending a great deal of time with these individuals.”

Source: “Infidelity in Committed Relationships II: A Substantive Review,” Adrian J. Blow, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, April 2005.

4. You are much less likely to have kids.

According to the National Marriage Project, the incidence of childlessness is growing across the socioeconomic scale. In 2004, 20% of women over 40 remained childless. Thirty years ago that figure was 10%. But the problem–and it is a problem because the vast majority of women desire children–is much more extreme for career women. According to Sylvia Ann Hewlett, an economist and the author of Creating a Life: Professional Women and the Quest for Children, only 51% of ultra-achieving women (those earning more than $100,000 a year) have had children by age 40. Among comparable men, the figure was 81%. A third of less successful working women (earning either $55,000 or $65,000) were also childless at age 40.

Sources: The State of Our Unions 2006: Life Without Children, The National Marriage Project, July 2006. Creating a Life: Professional Women and the Quest for Children, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Miramax Books, 2002.

5. If you do have kids, your wife is more likely to be unhappy.

A 2003 study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family concluded that wealthier couples with children suffer a drop in marital satisfaction three times as great as their less affluent peers. One of the study’s co-authors publicly speculated that the reason is that wealthier women are used to “a professional life, a fun, active, entertaining life.”

Sources: “Parenthood and Martial Satisfaction: A Meta-Analytic Review,” Jean M. Twenge, W. Keith Campbell, and Craig A. Foster, Journal of Marriage and Family, 2003; “Money doesn’t mean happy parenting,” USA Today, July 21, 2003.

6. Your house will be dirtier.

In 2005, two University of Michigan scientists concluded that if your wife has a job earning more than $15 an hour (roughly $30,000 a year), she will do 1.9 hours less housework a week. Of course, this can be solved if the husband picks up a broom.

Source: “Data Quality of Housework Hours in the Panel Study of Income Dynamics: Who Really Does The Dishes?”, Alexandra C. Achen and Frank P. Stafford, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, September 2005.

7. You’ll be unhappy if she makes more than you.

You aren’t going to like it if she makes more than you do: “Married men’s well-being is significantly lower when married women’s proportional contributions to the total family income are increased.”

Source: “Changes in Wives’ Income: Effects on Marital Happiness, Psychological Well-Being, and the Risk of Divorce,” Stacy J. Rogers, Danelle D. DeBoer, Journal of Marriage and Family, May 2001

8. She will be unhappy if she makes more than you.

According to the authors of a controversial 2006 study: “American wives, even wives who hold more feminist views about working women and the division of household tasks, are typically happier when their husband earns 68% or more of the household income.” Reason? “Husbands who are successful breadwinners probably give their wives the opportunity to make more choices about work and family–e.g., working part-time, staying home, or pursuing a meaningful but not particularly remunerative job.”

Sources: What’s Love Got To Do With It? W. Bradford Wilcox, Steven L. Nock, Social Forces, March, 2006; http://www.happiestwives.org.

9. You are more likely to fall ill.

A 2001 study found that having a wife who works less than 40 hours a week has no impact on your health, but having a wife who works more than 40 hours a week has “substantial, statistically significant, negative effects on changes in her husband’s health over that time span.” The author of another study summarizes that “wives working longer hours not do not have adequate time to monitor their husband’s health and healthy behavior, to manage their husband’s emotional well-being or buffer his workplace stress.”

Sources: “It’s About Time and Gender: Spousal Employment and Health,” Ross M. Stolzenberg, American Journal of Sociology, July, 2001; “Marriage, Divorce and the Work and Earnings Careers of Spouses,” Lee A. Lillard, Linda J. Waite, University of Michigan, Michigan Retirement Research Center, Working Papers, April, 2000.

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  1. Cat on

    Actually, thank you, guys, for not marring me LOL. When I was looking for a lover/bf/maybe-a-husband I didn’t have any preferences except I wanted to fall in love madly, so much that I could spend a whole day having sex with him. I did met this guy eventually and we are living together. My friends told me I am crazy because I need look for common background, education, interests. Otherwise I can end up with a control freak that would insist on me staying at home, giving up my career and would make my life a hell. Well, looks like all the guys that could potentially make my life a hell didn’t want to marry me. Actually, I do appreciate it very much, thanks a lot. No sarcasm! Sincerely, thank you!

    • Anonymous on

      If you think so, why do you bother coming here? This thread it’s for men who don’t want to marry career women, why the fuck did you think we’d want to listen what career women have to say?

      • Pete Cassidy on

        “Why the fuck did you think we’d want to listen [to] what career women have to say?” Bitter much? Then why the fuck do you open it to general comments? Dumb ass.

        • Anonymous on

          Because I know the butthurt would be strong with the bitches, jerk.

          • antipatriot on

            You’re life is a meme

            • Patriot on

              Your mother’s pussy and everything that ever came out of it is an EPIC meme! No wonder you keep on dropping lame-ass memes all over the net to try and make your mother’s small by comparison.
              Sucks to be you.

      • SaraR.dean on

        Sounds like you are still living with your mother. Why the anger? Women need to have careers because most men fail to be providers. Women are smarter, independent and self sufficient. Without career women, most men will end up like you

        • Anonymous on

          “Women are smarter, independent and self sufficient.”
          Isn’t the case of someone who best argument is “Sounds like you are still living with your mother.”..

          • Helen Batho on

            women who follow careers in science become erratic. they become mean and nasty to those who reared them. they become “big-headed”. A woman’s real place is in the home. It is the man’s job to be the bread winner and the woman’s job is in the kitchen and looking after the children. Career woman especially women in science are selfish and self absorbed.

    • Patriot on

      You said it yourself now – you know what, you’re fully mad, with no shame and got no objective in life other than find someone who you can just fuck night and day. I mean how shallow does that sound. And don’t talk about love. I know of them toxic russian girls who can never truly love. Wrong to expect at least a trace of morals on a ‘modern’ russian girl, even more so from someone who now exists in the States.
      Your friends seem to be in your league too but just a little more expedient than you.
      And don’t even give that control freak bullshit. It can very well be understood who’s trying one’s best to be one.
      1 more thing – something just doesn’t add up, or another lie from you. You said sometime before that you have cats. Plural, as in more than one. I find it funny the man who would stay with a woman who owns CATS. I mean, I feel pity for the dork. Or who knows, maybe he deserves it.

      • Cat on

        LOL, you are really a different world! How can I leave you, guys. LOL. Every day you are saying something new! After all I am a scientist i love to explore something new. Yes, I and my husband have two cats. Actually it is his cats. I was moving from place to place a lot. I spent few years in Europe. Then I moved to USA. I always liked cats I had cats when I was a child. But I didn’t know if and when I will decide to move again to a new place so I didn’t want to have pets at all. My husband had 2 cats that were moved to my house when we got together.
        Love is a complicated thing. We love friends, parents, children. And I know what this love means – you feel for these people, you are upset when they are upset and you are happy when they are happy, they are part of yourself. But there is another love that happened only between two people – sexual love. Most misconception is that a man can fuck good and keep his girl happy. This is misunderstanding of a female nature. It is not only about physical experience. There is only one guy in the whole world with whom a woman feel herself happy. Whatever he does everything is right – his look, his smell, how he touches her – everything turns her on. I met my husband 10 years ago and I felt it. He also had this misunderstanding and thought I will leave him. We had quite different background. So we broke up first and I never was able to find again a guy that would turn me on and he said he always tried to imagine me in any woman he was with. So after few years apart we decided that we meant to be together. I still love all my friends, but it is a different love – there is nothing sexual in it. And I guess someone could love his or her spouse the same asexual way and live happily if he or she would never meet the one that turn on the flame in his or her heart.
        I always thought that my friends over exaggerate about “control freak” things. Yes, they would call you control freaks. But what I notice is that if I was honest with your type you never even would try to date me. I could be only in trouble if I would lie you about myself pretending to be a girl that you’d like. Then it would be my fault. No, I don’t want to control anyone. I don’t control my husband. Any family oriented girl controls her husband more than me. I have no rules. I flow with the environment I have. If he wants to play music, he does and I try to figure how to get money to by him good music gear. He wants to ride motorcycle with me – I’ll do it. He can’t make more money than me – I’ll try to do my best to make enough for both of us. We don’t control each other – we flow with each other. I always told other girls – don’t be afraid to scare guys away. You’ll scare all the wrong guys and it will be easier to find the right one!
        And it looks like you really want to hear what a career women have to say. LOLThe whole idea of the topic is to scare women into being a girls you want them to be – “otherwise we don’t want to marry you”. What else could be the goal? Come on. To warn other guy? You know better it is useless if a guy didn’t have your experience and your mindset and if he has same mindset as yourself he would never marry a career woman even without reading this blog. Why would you need to cry that all out? LOL Yep, to manipulate women. And it looks like it really upsets you that women tell you ” fine, thanks for not marring me, we are just fine without you”.

        • Anonymous on


          • Cat on

            in <10char:
            tnx wtevr

        • Patriot on

          So much for the big comment. You have a right to remain how you are. You’re married, keep it that way. Even if it’s not real, keep it that way.
          Threats like your kind will not marry us don’t faze me one bit. Cuz every one of you femishits declares oneself to be more ‘consistent’, different than the other. I don’t even consider you to be a woman.
          So get yo’ ass packin, and get off this blog right now if you know what’s good for ya.

        • TrendWatcher89@gmail.com on

          The other men you dated, did they are “want to scare you into being the girl they wanted you to be”? Or was it just not a great fit and you moved on? I’m guessing the latter. You know, live and let live.
          I don’t really understand why you are on this site. You have a husband, you are happy, he is happy. On this site, there are men who are clear in what they want in a mate. They discuss it. When you were dating, you had an idea of what you liked, and you knew it once you met your husband. Why deny the men here their choices? You made your choice and you are happy. Wish them the same happiness, right? That attitude fits your values, when you say you “flow” with it. You don’t need to control their choices or put them down.
          Incidentally, I’m on this site because I’m interested in the decline in marriage among young Americans.

          • Cat on

            I could ask you the same question: why you are on this site? You are also happily married. Why does declining of marriage bothers you? Maybe it declines because there is no need in marriage any more. Love doesn’t need a certificate. Certificate doesn’t make love weaker or stronger. There is still few benefits – medical insurance for example, etc. I didn’t benefit from my marriage at all. Actually in the case of divorce I would be in a position of most guys. Why did I marry? I guess because he lost his job and I worried that he didn’t have medical insurance and I though it would be good idea to put him on mine. I do think that marriage is quite useless institution and will extinct with time.

            I answered several times why I am here: It is fun to read. I don’t want to convince guys here to marry me or girls like me. But it is fun to read. I do wish them happiness. But many of them can’t be happy. You can find happiness only after you stop blaming other people for you unhappiness and start think what can you do, not how other people supposed to act and where will you find those perfect people, but what you personally could do to be happy. If you can’t get marry – focus on your hobby, study, career. And eventually right person will find you. And if not you can still be happy without it.

            Another thing that will keep them from been happy is their bitterness. Looks like they are afraid to be happy because it is hedonistic to be happy. NO, instead you should suffer and work to be the person God supposed to want you to be LOL. You can’t enjoy career you can’t enjoy sex you should be ready to scarify everything for family. WHY???

            Third, Patriot is talking about that fairy tale love that in “olden” time people supposed to have but he is so willing to force his idea of commitment and control that he will kill love before it even can appear! You can’t fell in love by will. If you restricting your chose you already killing your chances. You can’t fall in love if you make some calculations and estimations in you head like “will she prefer me over her career, will she clean the house good enough…” Same for a woman, the moment she started to think ” he must make good money, he must be committed to relations” – the same moment good bye love. That is why then I was looking – my only criteria was those damn butterflies LOL

            When I dated guys there were few that were trying to scare me into marriage as well. You know all that crap: clocks are ticking, you’ll be old, you’ll regret. But other guys were actually great guys with exactly the same attitude as mine. But it never clicked. We were friends. But those “butterflies in the stomach”… it never happened. And I actually prize myself for been strong enough to say “no”. It was a temptation. From one side everyone is telling you that you’ll regret, you’ll be lonely crazy cat lady LOL. From the other side there is a handsome successful man that wants you to marry him. Well I found what I was looking for. And I am happy.

            • Patriot on

              You can’t think, so you can’t interpret my words. I never meant it’s hedonistic to be happy, but hedonism should never be the cause of happiness, as it’s a definite downward spiral.
              You are here because it’s ‘fun for you to read’? Reading about the sorry state of things, watching more and more genuine guys suffer in this society is fun for you? Rationally speaking, you don’t deserve to live, because you’ll keep on accumulating bad karma.
              You’re wrong about me because you can’t think even into the near future. But I don’t intend to change it anyway. So this guy you’re with – do you realize what you just said in your previous 2 comments? He fucked some local girls in the meantime before he had a chance to fuck you again. And you’ve done the same too in the past. You know what – there is a word which is perfectly coined for ones like you two – it’s called ‘Fucktard’. You both are too far gone, I’m sorry to say it.
              Smh. You’re completely absorbed into the new world order.

              • antipatriot on

                MEME IN HELL, BOOBER

                • Patriot on


        • tanvir on

          “It is not only about physical experience. There is only one guy in the whole world with whom a woman feel herself happy. Whatever he does everything is right – his look, his smell, how he touches her – everything turns her on.”

          Is not turning on a physical experience? Women are fool, without logic, dumb asses.

          • Cat on

            did you want to understand the matter of things or is your goal just vent your frustration? I think I explained it well but… Once more. I was talking about the nature of women orgasm. Most of it has to do with the woman’s fantasy and how she sees her sexual partner. It is not only about the right friction between right body parts (physical experience). Exactly the same action can result in different feeling then it’s come to woman. If the guy excites her, sex could cause orgasm very easy. If he doesn’t excite she could see the orgasm as a sort of involuntary convolutions that are not pleasant. I am sorry there is no logic in the feelings. Same action could result in different outcome. That is why I am telling that love and sex is a sort of magic it doesn’t have logic and yes it is not science. What does excite woman is physical only partially. A more good looking guy have better chances. But it is much more difficult. A smell or certain words he said could trigger the attraction. It could be not physical matter like sense of humor and could be completely physical like good body. But it could look like a certain appearance attracts her while in the fact it her idea of certain appearance, A woman can be attracted to a guy with beer belly and six pack abs can turn her off. .

            • Patriot on

              Guy said right, you run after your ‘feelings’ like a cat who runs after fish. No one wants to hear your ‘science’ behind something with loads of antithesis stuffed in the very same sentence. Get lost and have better things to do, hoe.

    • G. Snyder on

      You have substantiated the article. No, thank-you!


      • Cat on

        My pleasure, dear Bitch.

    • Anonymous on

      funny how you’re trying to convence yourself on that..

    • Patriot on

      Thanks for the link. These money whores are truly shameless I must say.

    • Cat on

      “sick of working” – is not a career woman, Yes, some slaves don’t know what to do with their freedom. Some women can’t handle career and they are desperate to marry. They are family oriented girls that were forced to have career once and they are definitely NOT feminist. Desperate wannabe housewives.
      Scaring into marriage never works. Those women always was a laugh stock for me and my friends. My advice to women always was “it’s OK to scare guys away, you’ll scare those that are not your type, then you’ll see those that are right for you.”

      • Anderson on

        good to know

  2. sophia on

    This article is offensive on many levels. Also, in a scholarly sense, there is widespread misinterpretation of scientific data. Get your facts straight, whoever authored this article. Its really so biased from a eurocentric,partiarchal view. I guess if what you are looking for someone who will be subservient to their husband, rather than a partner, then it is good advice. Although if you a an a**hole you will probably end up getting divorced anyways. Good luck on that one.

    • Patriot on

      ‘This article is offensive on many levels. Also, in a scholarly sense, there is widespread misinterpretation of scientific data.’
      That’s right, isn’t it? Especially if it goes against cunts like you.

      ‘Get your facts straight, whoever authored this article.’
      The author has presented facts. Facts. Look up each reference and read for yourself. You’re asking the person presenting facts to ‘get the facts straight’. Wow. A shining example of thick-skinned ignorance. Maybe if you weren’t so retarded you’d look around and realize there’s a huge problem.

      ‘ I guess if what you are looking for someone who will be subservient to their husband, rather than a partner, then it is good advice. ‘
      So say the bloated, flaring feminist.

      ‘Although if you a an a**hole you will probably end up getting divorced anyways.’
      Yeah, right. You have your sights clear. Now go out there and marry some guy who’s foolish enough to do your boney ass, but is vile enough to make you experience an extremely painful death when you divorce him.

      • Jas. on

        Wow patriot i think i got youre type down lets see you totally seems like :
        1. youre obviosly scared of real women
        2. I guess you got your masculinity shredded horribly in the past and to gain it back you insult women here.
        3. Just because a women has an opinion doesn’t mean she’s a feminist. But because you’re so “educated” (most likely not) you can’t tell the difference.
        4. it’s obviously you’re upset you can’t get any women to consider you a man and take the boy that you are seriously. So why don’t you go back to filling up your blowup doll that’s in your closet.

        5. Don’t worry I’m sure there are plenty of submissive “women” out there for you hiding under rocks somewhere. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find one in TODAY’S MODERN WORLD.

        • Patriot on

          Same old, silly, mugged up insults. Every feminist bitch who tries to come here uses these older-than-ancient shaming tactics first. Like, let’s try this first, then we’ll see what happens. Haaahh. Anyway, here’s your reply.
          1. Real woman? You’re a real slut. You’re not worthy to call yourself a woman.
          2. Laughable. Drift near me bitch, and I’ll shred you too in a split second.
          3. Education, huh? Try to understand the difference between education and knowledge first, before showing off that degree in leather boot licking and formal trouser unzipping.
          4. You don’t even represent your gender, what would you know about the opposite gender? What? Blowup doll shit? I don’t need that. I’d rather stick a kitchen knife in your cunt and see how far it goes.
          5. I wonder what on earth happened to a self-proclaimed ‘real woman’, to come out here and wail loudly. What happened? Can’t find a ‘real man’ like yourself for marriage?
          6. The most important. Stop upvoting your own comment, you used, insecure, irreparable piece of shit.

        • You Forgot... on

          You forgot to accuse him of having a small penis. That rounds out the “Feminist Shaming” volley of non-sequitur ad hominem attacks employed when you have no facts or evidence to back up your feeeeeelings and specious reasoning.

    • Cat on

      Second thought girls… this article is quite useful. Come on, the guys are doing us a favor convincing each other to stop pursuing marriage with career girls. Look:
      “You don’t even represent your gender, what would you know about the opposite gender? What? Blowup doll shit? I don’t need that. I’d rather stick a kitchen knife in your cunt and see how far it goes.”
      Isn’t it convincing enough? Kitchen knife … hmm… it is quite painful. And after that the poor thing most likely will be convicted in assault, maybe even murder depending on results of his experiment and will go to prison. No, girls, it is a wise idea to avoid marriage with a career girl for them. I support it now totally.

      • Cat on

        P.S. I guess it is obvious and doesn’t need to be mentioned that if Patriot’s curiosity and experiments with a kitchen knife would get him into trouble it will be entirely feminist’s conspiracy according to Men Rights Movement.

        • Patriot on

          You know why you stick around here?

          You have a dark void within you that no amount of sex, relationships, marriages, or even 200k’s can ever fill.


          You are plain wicked, and like those Christian/Muslim ‘missionaries’ in the olden times, are so absorbed in your delusion, that you’re ready to wipe those who do not ‘convert to your religion’, from the face of the earth.

          Time to face the truth, CAT. You’re attracted to the truth, but you don’t have the brevity to accept it.

          • Cat on

            What truth? That you shouldn’t marry a career woman especially the one like me? Yep, I was agree from the very beginning. I even changed my mind that the blog is useless. No, we do need to convince other guys like you that they should never marry us! And it is a lot of fun to read also.

            Sorry I couldn’t resist to make fun about the kitchen knife statement. I don’t want to convert you to anything. You are so freaking funny (about cats and knifes and other stuff). Just stay this way. I really thought it is an anecdote about cats and how a real man supposed to hate them. You are amazing. Some women that think they are feminists are amazing as well. The lady that found the magazine Shape to be misogynistic was amazing. But you are close to bit her score!

            • Patriot on

              Wow, you’re incredibly retarded and I’m amazed how you effortlessly miss everything completely despite being so old.
              Someone have this filthy russian balloon pull her g-string up and get the hell outta here. It smells like a ton of expired tinned fish mixed with cat poop.

              • Cat on

                What did I miss? Tell me. LOL I hate to say that but it looks that you do have a angry management issue. Any most likely all the other problems in your life are the result of the issue. Why do I upset you that much? I basically agreed that you should not marry a career woman. But no, you are the one who wants everyone to be converted to your “religion”. You want me to be scared that I will never ever get married LOL. You want me to change myself to be the girl you think are good for marriage You’ve got really upset that I don’t care. Basically all I was saying “I don’t care”. I never tried to convince you to marry a career women. You still don’t want to believe that I am married and happy and even my husband is happy because it comforts you to think that I have a miserable life, it fits your ideology. If facts contradict your theory it is too bad for the facts LOL . It is a part of your scare tactic that you’ve adopted from ugly, wannabe housewife girls. LOL
                I don’t want to shame you into marring anyone. I never said you are not good enough for a career woman or for any other woman. I do believe that if a woman is in love with the guy he is good enough for her. If she is not in love then he is not good enough. Even if he is a super good looking super intelligent and super successful, if a woman is not in love with him he is not good enough for her.. But any guy could be good enough for someone who is in love with him. And the problem here is again about control. We all have to admit that we all have no control over love. It is scary sometimes. But we have to learn to live with it. We definitely have better chance to control our career and financial situation but when it comes to sexual love there the no security no control. And that is another of your problems. You desperately need security, and you want to achieve the security through control. But the tighter you squeeze the more it goes between your fingers. I would say that your control issue is a result of your fear that thing will go out of control. Anger is usually also a result of fear.
                What I was trying to say you was not a judgment moreover it was not an attempt to put you down, it is just a friendly observation and I would say you should think about. If you’ll be able to fight your fear your life will be easier. You still maybe will avoid career women, that’s just fine, but your relations with not career women and all the other people will get better.

            • harry on

              hmmm… Nice discussion goin on here…. I loved the article… I’m a guy, i’ve really not got a problem with career women generally… Not all career women are alike… Some genuinely try their best to be the best wife possible, submit to their husbands, do their own bit as wives should, clean their homes prepare meals and still enjoy a successful career and wonderful marriage.. These women are the real women… But really there’re the lazy ones who use career as an excuse to hide their laziness then the turn themselves into *men* in the name that they’re fighting for the women folks… They’re not, they’re fighting their insecurity if u must know,.. Coming to marriage… It is the oldest institution on earth as old as time… So when i hear someone say it’ll go into extinction i can’t help but laugh…u can’t enjoy marriage when u’ve failed to understand the concept and reason for marriage… Marriage is a union between two individuals (man and woman)thereby becoming one soul… The woman was made for the man as a help mate, a partner… Lots of sacrifices must be made to make ur marriag successful, the man must love his wife unconditionally and the woman in turn must the submissive to her husband. The man is the driver the woman his conductor, the man the pilot the woman his co-pilot… There’s only on steering wheel in marriage and only one man to drive the vehicle, the woman should understand she’s very important too, the man can’t drive and still the turning the map himself, she’s there to compliment him.. Without her he could crash… So what i’m saying, even if u want to be a career woman be the wife that u are first… I and i know most men too would love to marry a woman for who she is irrespective of her position as a career woman or not, but she must first be a woman and not a man-made-woman… Lets try to be the best of who we’re suppose to be and we’ll enjoy the benefits and joy of marriage…thanks all

      • Patriot on

        Unlike you, I know what’s good for me and I would completely avoid serial relationships(that you’re happy to say you’ve done), or marriage, with such ‘women’. So shut down your flawed reasoning and be gone.

    • TrendWatcher89@gmail.com on

      Sophia, I’m on this site because I’m interested in the decline in marriage among young Americans. With that said, I am happily married to a great man. But everything in this article resonated with me. We have run into the same tensions outlined here due to work stress, overtime, odd schedules, and so on. I can provide loads of anecdotal proof from my own relationship. My husband would never deny me any career advancement and would even encourage it, and vice versa. We’ve both moved thousands of miles to support the other’s career moves. We did the right thing in our modern culture’s eyes, but the reality is it was very hard. We were giving it all to the job and the career and making money – but relationships need nurturing from both spouses and that requires time and focus. You can’t have it all. And my generation (Gen X) is figuring that out. Most of the married couples we know (all educated, career-minded ones) in our age category are divorced and into a second marriage. Thankfully, that’s not my husband/my fate. Thankfully, thankfully. We hung in there by the skin of our teeth and made it through some rough times. There’s a lot of wisdom in this article. For a moment, shed the biases, and re-read the article. Maybe you don’t see the conclusions the author is drawing, but just chew on the concepts a little, ask your married couple friends some litmus type questions (not the emotionally charged ones to elicit predictable answers). Real life will show this article is truth. Sophia, I wish you the absolute best in everything – love and work and finding purpose. But most of all, I hope you find balance in your life and that person who is your rock, who you can be a rock for as well.

      A relevant story. I had a coworker who was very stressed – she was being pulled into too many directions at work. Her boss was super nasty and a big spendthrift, always flaunting expensive things in front of my coworkers, and intermittently putting her down because of her weight. Meanwhile, I knew my coworker was newly married, with dreams of buying a house nearby, and helping her husband through his associate’s program. He helped her with her bachelor’s and her employer helped her with her master’s degree. Anyway, her employer was giving her extra work to do on the weekends, and she was really frazzled, not at her best, and really crabby. She would talk about it with her boss, who was a young, catty woman and recently divorced (yes, bitter). Big mistake. I wish she had talked to me. I would have just listened. Anyway, her boss seized on the moment to drive a wedge between her and her husband, advising her on how she should tell him this and that, really giving awful advice (never take marital advice from a bitter divorced person). My coworker fell for it. She was getting, for a first, some what she saw as positive support from her boss, positive attention, instead of the putdowns, and feeling all buddy-buddy. It was sad. Later, when the boss left for the day, I hung out with my coworker and asked how she was doing. She unpacked all the stressors, and tacked on that her husband didn’t understand all the stress she was under and was asking why she had to do so much overtime and so on and so forth. She was really fuming about him.
      So I told her that my husband and I had had the same problems in the past. That your mate doesn’t always understand the demands. (Of course, we don’t always see the demands our men are their under.) But I told her that what I learned through the years was that jobs come and go, and that all the things that drove us nuts, that made us live crazy lives, like we’re enslaved to our jobs, all that stuff goes away. In a year, you could be in another job, with another boss, better or worse. And with other stresses, and that we have to learn how to keep that under control. But that the one true thing is our mate. He will be there through all the stresses and when we feel like frauds and failures on the job. And that he will be us for the rest of our lives – and that’s special – and shouldn’t we put all our energy and care in perfecting that instead of making employee of the month?
      I hope she got it.
      There’s temporal and there’s lasting. And we really have to know the difference or we give the best of ourselves to all the wrong people.
      And not that person who is there simply saying, “Wait, if we’re married, why don’t we ever get to be together?”

      • Cat on

        Don’t confuse job and career. Job is temporal, career is lasting. Career is actually the activity in the area you like. You chose something you like to do and you try to perfect yourself in this area. You take education for that you look for a job that would benefit your career – that could be a job that is interesting and that gives you interesting experience, a job where you learn something new, a job where you find a good network. If you don’t like your boss or the project you are working on you are looking for another place to work or any opportunity to pursue your ideas, including putting together your own team to start your project or start a your own business. This is a career. And it can’t disappoint you because it is who you are, it is a part of you.

        If you mean a job than it is not a career.

        Both could be stressful. Even if you are working on the project of your dream it could be stressful. You family also could be stressful. You could worry about your spouse because of his stress at his job or because the job he has is just a job. If you have your Shit together at least you can give your spouse an opportunity to look for his career taking care of the bills yourself. If he has problems with his boss he can now quit and look for better opportunity if you are able to provide family with money.

        It is easier to predict what is lasting and what is not lasting about career than about personal relations that involve sex. I’ve seen many couples that were married for 20-30 years and most of them were not happy. I’ve seen happy couple as well, but I’ve seen more people happy with career than people happy with marriage.

        And it looks to me that if relations are good for you if you let them go they’ll come back to you. It looks to me that you don’t need to work on good relations it flows naturally. And bad relations are not worth to work on.

        • Patriot on

          Nothing except your funky pussy smell is lasting, biatch.

  3. TrendWatcher89@gmail.com on

    I’ve been following Wendy Davis in the news – her story of how she used her husband to pay her way, then dumped him. It dawned on me that she is precisely the type of woman who men are afraid of (and rightfully so). If I had a son, I’d have him read the articles and we’d have a discussion on how to spot a woman like this and steer clear of her (maybe even warn his friends away from someone like that). I Googled this site to see what men are saying out there about women and marriage (seems that a younger generation of men are horrified at the thought of marrying this younger generation of women). Anyway, I came across this site, and what you wrote makes perfect sense to me, as a female. I can’t blame you guys one bit.

    • Patriot on

      I don’t exactly know how old you are, but you can consider me as your son. I’ve read those articles, and yes, I’ve also been aware of the reality around me for quite some time.
      wendy davis? She’s just a small facet of an underlying anomaly.

      Reality is, they have effectively eliminated the concept of ‘God’, but they don’t realize that the God they have subconsciously sworn by in turn, is Hedonism. And rightly so, for the weak n’ dumb.
      Not vouching for the nitwit guys in society in any way, I’ve actually seen and known guys who are complete deluded assholes. 100% akin to their female counterparts and should be dealt with as such.
      But apparently, the girls are in a ‘win-win’ situation. They got the ‘sound and practical advice’ from others of the same ‘religion’ that you mentioned, also the judicial system behind them to support all their heinous acts. They don’t really care if the divorce attorney gets 200k out of the family’s 500k, they’re happy to pocket the 300k and move on, find another ‘source of livelihood’. Even if not married, and ‘bored with the current state of things’, they’ll slap some charges out of thin air and try to extract money, before ‘leaving’. Less gutsy ones will create a tantrum/fight and justify their desire to leave. Some pros will even go as far as to create ‘custom traps’ for their partner in order to maximize money-extracting efficiency.
      Pornstars get paid for having sex, and these ‘stars of the society’ are no different. Well, in any case, they receive a substantially larger amount than the former, after successful completion of a ‘scene’. Also, we’ve always had brothels in our shameless society, but now just about any place can be a temporal, personal brothel. Losing one’s virginity at 13, and thereafter routinely having sex as it’s the ‘body’s need’, high-stake divorces, single-parent households, Mr./Ms. ‘Best on the Block’ wannabes are the norm nowadays.
      In olden times(yes, I better say ‘olden’), the bond between the couple was so strong that a person would most likely kill oneself/die soon from grief after the untimely death of his/her partner. Where is that level of commitment now? The implicit trust? The deep feelings? The emotional resilience? A conscience? Hell, do we even have such people now?
      Well, as modern talk would put it, these species are ‘on the brink of extinction’.

      • TrendWatcher89@gmail.com on

        You’re right on all points, especially about God. What I’ve witnessed is women doing just as you said – usually at the advice of a rotten female friend – and then becoming bitter over the ensuing years as they face the consequences of their choices. Then they realize that they are older, back in the dating scene, only this time with baggage. Regret inevitably follows.

        My personal feeling is God wrote the operating instructions. Few want to read them. I can understand that rebellious streak. But once you do, you realize He knows what makes us genuinely happy inside. He doesn’t want us to pile on the regrets. But he’re the kicker, He doesn’t keep us as pets – we have free will, so we run off the rails (as individuals, as a community, as a culture), but He always takes us back. Sure it’s conditional, but all things worthwhile are worth submitting to.

        I enjoy your writing and your perspective. I hope more women read it and really think about it.

        • Cat on

          God didn’t write anything. Operating instruction is in your heart. Be yourself and that will make you happy. I never had that problem: “and then becoming bitter over the ensuing years as they face the consequences of their choices. Then they realize that they are older, back in the dating scene, only this time with baggage. Regret inevitably follows.”

          I’ve met once a guy that I felt like “that’s him”. At first it didn’t work out and we broke up. I lived in Cali he lived in another state. I was making already more money than him I thought it was natural for him to move here. But he was afraid to move. So we broke up. I had a career and projects that I really enjoyed doing. And I never had problems dating. There was no way about becoming bitter. I wanted to find love again. I wanted the same feelings I had with that guy. I didn’t care about getting married.

          I remember about that time I met a guy that just went through divorce and was quite a sad and bitter person. We talk a lot as friends. He tried to date me but he was not my type and in my heart I still had the guy I broke up with. I told him that he has to accept that we don’t have any control about love. It is a magic but if your bitterness closes your heart you’ll never get the opportunity to experience the magic again. He met a girl a year after that and he is look happy now. He agreed that I was right that we should let our fear go away and we should not be afraid to lose control.

          I tried date few guys that reminded me my love. But I never was able to fall in love. Still I never had that filling ” I am getting older, back in dating scene..” I was interested in my research, I met many interesting people. It always was harder for me to explain a guy that I am not into him than to attract guys.

          Anyway one day the guy that I was in love told me exactly the same as I felt myself.He said he dated local girl and he never could forget about me. He always thought about me and imagined me instead of her and he though that eventually he will fall in love with her but it never happened. I said I felt the same. So he moved to Cali and we are together and quite happy. We don’t have problems. 10 years passed since I’ve seen him the first time and I am still in love the same as I was the first day I met him. It looks like we just meant to be together.

      • Cat on

        “In olden times(yes, I better say ‘olden’), the bond between the couple was so strong that a person would most likely kill oneself/die soon from grief after the untimely death of his/her partner. Where is that level of commitment now? The implicit trust? The deep feelings? The emotional resilience? A conscience? Hell, do we even have such people now?”
        Actually it is and was very rare cases. Most of people were stuck in a convenient marriage with no real love. Many were even cheating on each other from time to time and few got that. Nowadays people are the same but it is one thing if you read about that type of love in 19th century novel and another thing if a girl next door tells you that she is in love with the guy and he is the only one and she will love him forever. Most likely nobody will believe her, many people will laugh at her, some will say she is a potential psycho or stalker, And nobody know is it true or not. There is no way to say. Only time can reveal the truth.

        You’ll get mad again but I do believe that I do have those deep feelings to my husband. And that was what I was looking for from the beginning. But I’ve learned a lesson – you can’t control it, you can’t just committed to it, it is not about control or commitment or even implicit trust. It is a magic and you can get it only if you let all your fear and frustration go. To find it you should be willing to give up on any plans about marriage and family. That what I did to find it. If I would be thinking that my clock are ticking and I need to find a guy to marry I wouldn’t be able to pass several opportunities to marry decent guys and wait for the right one. I didn’t have rich parents to support me too so the only option is to keep yourself busy with interesting work.

        Have you ever been in love? Let see the real case not your fantasy. My case was real. I met a guy and I did feel he is the one. And of cause I was in love once in high school and after a year in university without him I forgot about him. The logic tells that could be the same. My heart told that will be different this time but how do you know. Look I had an example of couples that were sweethearts from high school and married at 18 and even stayed together until 70 years old. Looked like perfect romance? And when you get to know the people better you learn that she complained on emotional affair that her husband had and some people tells you “shh.. but it actually was not just emotional” and all that crap you would like you’d never heard. I felt sometimes that couples that had open marriage were happier than that. In my case I did feel that I will never be able to cheat on him because there is no other guy like him. I never wanted my husband to stay with me because of “commitment”. I wanted him to be attracted to me. And I would like to be able to let him free if he is not attracted to me.

        Back then 10 years ago even if I was sure that I met the love of my life I wasn’t sure I am the love of his life. I never wanted him to be trapped in relations. If I’d move to him and later he’d figure out that I am not the girl of his dreams it would make things too complicated. I didn’t want it. But my feelings were so deep that I wasn’t able to get into relations and I basically gave up on marriage after a few attempts of long term relations and actually several proposals back then. I still had an interesting life, I visited many countries, worked on many interesting projects, published many science articles, participated in many conferences. It is a dream life. The only thing that could be better would be my dream man. And the magic happened – we’ve got together. The bond is so strong, we’ve seen each other in our dreams, we feel each other when we are apart. I don’t really like to tell about that because it sounds creepy like a psycho LOL.

        If you really want to find this “bond” forget about commitment.

  4. TrendWatcher89@gmail.com on

    I’d like to add one more comment: I’ve been married nearly 20 years (together for 25), and the last thing I want to do is saddle my husband with debt and burdens that make life pure hell. I know a lot of women who spend into oblivion, practically enslaving their husbands by loading up on the debt. These guys are busting their backs, working overtime, and their wives, perhaps due to some inner unhappiness, can’t get enough of spending. Don’t they realize they are digging a pit their husbands can’t get out of? The overspending is primarily a female problem. Women, historically, manage nearly two-thirds of the family budget, not men. I’ve known men who were careful with money their entire lives, but were married to a spendthrift. The men kept their noses to the grindstones, with the hope that when they retire they could travel and enjoy life a little. Well, when they retired, they realized that their beloved wife wrecked their finances. I’m not trying to come down hard on women, it’s a sickness, but they need to wake up and realize what a heartless thing they are doing. It’s ironic, actually, because women are obsessed with security (even the career-minded ones) and yet so many of them are spending tomorrow’s earnings today. It’s so sad. If I was a young man, I wouldn’t get married. I don’t know what I’d do, but I’d have to see something more in today’s choices – would have to make sure my wife had a mind of her own, not led by the cackles of feminists, and had a strong sense of who she was, not led about by advertiser’s lures or cultural trends, and a real sense of who she is and her value to the people in her life, and for her not to see men as disposable objects, or something you can trade in like a car, or to see men as daddy who pays the bills. I’ve read blogs where young men say that young women have a haughty attitude, a you pay my way, and really bossy, and act like they are God’s gift to men, all the while texting friends while they are on a date, and that they let themselves get pudgy and wear PJs out and about, and are generally foul. If this is the state of things, that’s so sad.

    • Patriot on

      I’m happy at least one woman got it right and is aware. Actually it’s much closer to common sense, but in reality it’s absent now.

      • Cat on

        Once again prove the point about who is really trying to turn others in his religion. ;)

        • Patriot on

          Your slutty history is proof of your spiritual retardation. You don’t have the power to think. I’m not someone who would weigh down a person from either gender if it’s not their fault. But you’ve destroyed it for yourself, and your future generations, if you give birth someday. Like many girls(damn, you’re old now, but still) who I’ve seen. Much too affected by the ‘winds of change’. You don’t realize that there are lobbyists since at least 5 centuries who want to totally reform the world order to their selfish benefits, do you? There are undoubtedly much higher forces at work than these greaseball bastards, who want nothing but total annihilation of human civilization.
          Now, before you start to call me a book-keeper or something along those lines, let me tell you that I do not subscribe to any religion. I’m driven only by my conscience.
          One can either run after money, or progress spiritually. And truth doesn’t change, regardless of whether you subscribe to it or not.

          I’m sure it won’t help you but will certainly help some people here – check out the link and read for yourself..

          It’s the bitter truth, and one can verify it already by looking around with open eyes and a clear mind.

          • Cat on

            Yea…. that what happened when you don’t study history at school – you fall for the conspiracy theory and really would like to destroy human civilization by returning into caves, fighting with each other, and finally obeying a local tribe leader. There are too many people on the planet now, not enough caves. But I guess you’ll solve this problem by shooting each other and letting some of them die without modern medicine. Eventually the supply of ammunition will be exhausted. No new supply without modern production. Doesn’t mean you’ll stop killing each other you’ll just stop doing it efficiently. You’ll continue fight with stone axes etc… And the world will start everything over again.

            Most successful local tribe leaders will become land lords. They will start producing their own currency. hurray, no more evil central bank. After a while stronger leaders will “unite” “sovereign” nations and will call themselves kings. Some people will start questioning the power of the “kings” and will start call for creating a parliament. Meanwhile the industry will develop enough to employ many people… Slowly we will come to the industrial nations with nuclear bombs and we will talk about some sort of world government to regulate the ambitions of those sovereign nations and here comes the “evil leader Nehru”…. LOL

            Individual freedom was always limited. If you are living alone in a cave it is still limited by the environment. If you are living in a local tribe it is limited by the opinion of the leaders of this tribe. If you are living in a society it is limited by the law of the society. There are always some “influential” people in the society that are trying to make the law to work in their favor. The so called “new order” gives much more individual freedom because it balances power and at least makes an attempt to represent every group of people. Eliminating the system we have now will result in faster deterioration toward tyranny or just many local tyrannies if you wish,

            WOW dude, don’t say me you are also a virgin.

            • Patriot on

              Interesting to hear you flap your gums like that when you weren’t even born in the USA!
              So this is how your life has turned out believing the ‘Real American History’ taught at your school. Just as it was meant to be.
              Your dumbfuck pop most probably must have married the slut at the brothel because only she ‘drove him crazy’. That explains your gripe against virgins.
              I can see where you’re coming from. Anything’s possible in Russia, lol.

  5. Raj Sharma on

    why do career women make a family, they are spoiling other lives too. They should build their career first then think about family. I am not saying its a woman’s job to cook and clean, men should help around too but if you are not willing to compromise then well why spoil everything. The thing is today women need everything a lucrative career, cute kids , high earning husband, a “kitchen -helping” husband ,what they don’t get there will be a trade off , u have to give up something eventually and when these career women have to compromise then SHIT HAPPENS.

  6. Sharlie on

    So, apparently,guys are intimidated by successful career women, right?-at least the average ones. No wonder My mum told me I might never get married-that’s changing though.

    • Anonymous on

      dearie, are u good at keep ur home and managing ur career perfectly??? If yes, then u’re a woman with out problems…wish u success in ur career

    • Anonymous on

      Things sure are changing! You’re getting married to someone who’ll beat the shit out of you for being such a bitch! Maybe he’ll knock some sense into you haha

  7. Anonymous on

    Thank u dear sychologist for more investigation which u have been done I’m sure that i have been encouraged with ur tips which u written not for me only but all over the world i wanna say thank u all the author whom written this crucial information i know that many of u are died but the GOD remember u for his kingdom thax much


    Thank u dear sychologist for more investigation which u have been done I’m sure that i have been encouraged with ur tips which u written not for me only but all over the world i wanna say thank u all the author whom written this crucial information i know that many of u are died but the GOD remember u for his kingdom thax much

  9. aceskillz on

    I don’t know whoever wrote this experienced some real shitty problem while dating women who love their careers A.K.A “Career Women” or that they just have a burning hatred for them that they love to tell the world through this blog.

    I’m a female, surprise, and I came by this post/blog or whatever you call it and I found the discussions much more interesting than the post itself. Now I won’t lie but some of it had truth to it, because women are ruthless, especially those who are money hungry but… not all women or in this case “Career Women” are all like that. Some women are not all dominating, controlling or like any of the qualities of that you have already dubbed “Career Women” as such.

    I mean, you can say all that about “Career Women” but have you ever considered their side of the story? What about their husbands that are “Career Men”? I’m not being biased or anything of the sort, but it sounds like to me, you think that all women who are ambitious or career driven, are just down right whores and sluts that just care about their careers and want to have a good shag afterwards. It’s insulting and not to mention down right rude.

    Yes, there are women out there who are like that, who are sluts, whores that only care about themselves and their wellbeing and forget about their family and cheat and radi rah rah rah… Also, facts don’t always prove that it is what it has been stated. You can say whatever about me, feminist, bitch, whatever. I guess people have different opinions so if you can’t accept that, then what’s the use of anyone have the freedom of speech. Oh and just for those who are wondering why I’m on here as it is a post for men, well I didn’t plan on coming on this site, I was after something else and by pure randomness, ended up here. So, yeah… toodles 

    • Anonymous on


    • Lisa on

      The writer thinks career women pick up gigolos, or male hookers/streetwalkers, they see on the streets. Sure it’s common but he doesn’t need to be paranoid about it.

  10. uditach on

    Less likely to have kids? Dude, what are we/ Baby making machines? God, I wish men underwent even half the pain that women undergo while giving birth. And cheating? Wow, we live in a world where statistically men make more children outside wedlock while there’s a wife at home but when men have a taste of their own medicine, they all just go nuts!!! Honestly I am disgusted. I thought western men would have better senses than men in India but it turns out what one of my friends said was true, Men are shitty!!! Oh sorry. I am being paranoid, am I? again taste of the writer’s own medicine.

    • uditach on

      Oh and by the way, if anyone like this mentally deranged Patriot guy replies to this, I am sorry You will be royally ignored. I don’t have time for no-balls and useless men who think they are the doorkeepers to show people which blog to read and which not to.

      • Anonymous on

        Who cares, feminazi?

        • uditach on

          I really hope you do if you ever come across a real crazy, nazi scientist who changes your gender when you’re asleep.

          • Patriot on

            You already changed your gender when you were awake but pray tell me, what good did that do you? In fact, another sexually-confused brainwashed zombie was born.

      • Patriot on

        ‘Baby making machines..’
        Do the world a favor and better not be one.

        And who’d you just call useless? Just because no man wants to fuck you for life means men are shitty?? Quite an inference you arrived at out of thin air. Can’t you see that YOU’VE been practically categorized by men ALL OVER THE GLOBE as being useless for marriage? Now you know by your own experience that the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

        ‘if anyone like this mentally deranged Patriot guy replies..’
        ‘Deranged’ is quite a relative word to sling at someone, especially if the one making the statement is a complete delusional retard.

        Also, you don’t have the kind of BALLS that we men like.

        Lastly, I want to be completely honest with you. For all the time that I wrote this, I’ve been unwillingly smelling your sluttized, skanky, sewer-flavored indian pussy even through the fiber-optic cable.

        • Cat on

          “I’ve been unwillingly smelling your sluttized, skanky, sewer-flavored indian pussy even through the fiber-optic cable.” WOW that’s really extraordinary! You could make money using that gift. Like online perfume tester… maybe….
          Anyway, the reason I am still here is that I almost never met guys like you around the globe. I’ve been to Russia, Europe, America… Well, yea, as I said, I met few guys from much older generation in Russia. I mean they were about my grandma age, so they were out of question as it concerns the marriage because of their age. Guys of my generation in Russia were also very open minded. For me the grass was green everywhere so far.

          • harry on

            u’re sounding more like a prostitute here…. Hope u’re not???

            • Cat on

              Why, harry? I have a lot of male coworkers. I did not have sex with them. We worked together. I did my PhD in physics in Russia, then I did my post doc in Europe, then I got H1B to work in science in USA then I got EB1, greencard and citizenship in USA. I didn’t have sex with these guys. I am just saying that all of them never had problems with a career woman, they are married a career women. We are friends… without benefits :). They never had your mindset. That is why I am so surprised to hear it from you. I am genuinely curios what made you think that?

              • Cat on

                Oh, does “I met a guy” means for you “I had sex with a guy”. No, I mean “I run into”, “had a conversation”. Same as on this blog I met you and Patriot that made me wondering how these dinosaurs survived up to the 21 century. LOL

                • Patriot on

                  If I was a dinosaur I’d already have crushed your skull and blew your powder into open space.

                • harry on

                  oh okay that was my miss understanding i accept that mistake…what i want u to know is that because many individuals are doin the wrong thing doesn’t make it right… Mothers are to take care of their young ones, wean them for about 6-12months… Babies for proper growth and development needs to be breast feed its good both for the mothers and the baby, u as a phd holder as u claim can carry out the research on the medical benefits of breast feeding, u’ll see it reduces ur chances of breast cancer, we’re not lower animals that don’t take care of their youngs …

                  • Cat on

                    did you ask yourself why half of population are not thieves? Because this action hurts other people therefor it would gain a resistance in the society. The problems with breast feeding are 1) over rated 2) are solvable.

                    Over rated because there are study that confirms all those claims only in the part where the breast feeding helps to build immune system fast. That was important without modern medicine and almost irrelevant now. There are so many other factors from genetics to habits that could have bigger effect. Most of women from European upper society didn’t breast feed in 18-19th century. Although they usually had female servants from low class that did this job for them. That was wrong from the ethical point of view but medically it was fine.

                    Solvable because if a woman didn’t lost her ability to produce milk ( it could happened sometimes, actually most of the times, regardless her will to breast feed) she still can store the milk and give it to her husband or other person to feed the baby later. Another option would be for her to work from home that is were easy with modern technology. For example I can do a lot of work from my home office. Sometimes it is even easier to arrange the meeting from my home office than from work – most of the participants are in the other states anyway.

                    The women can go back to work nowadays if the work is interesting and give her positive attitude and allow some flexibility and if her husband is willing to help. Actually we don’t see in nature any examples where the female stays with babies all the time. No wonder that some woman that are forced to do it go crazy. In nature females go hunting from time to time as well as males, birds males and female takes turns in taking care about the youngest etc. That is why it is so common, because it is possible, doesn’t really hurt anyone and sometimes actually helps women.

                    I could believe that a woman who has a horrible job, let’s say as a factory worker, she probably would prefer to stay at home with baby and maybe spend some time on hobby.

            • Cat on

              Really man, who you are? where are you from? I don’t need your address and photos, just the area, education, occupation… I never run into people like you. Even those grandpas in Russia had mindset closer to the modern world than you. Or you are just jerking around and making fun of women that are shocked by your opinion? Because it is shocking and you know it? I communicated (I am already afraid to use the verb “to meet” LOL, who know what you’ll think) with many people from the south of US and from the north, different level of education, from a wannabe musician to full professor in university or corporate manager. I always found common background with everyone. Many of them are married and their wives are career women. It is normal that a woman go back to work after maybe a month or so after giving birth.

              • Patriot on

                At least you can be sure he’s not a lab rat like you are, ha. Prototype douchebag.

          • uditach on

            Cat Thanks for fighting in my favour but like I said people like these will be ignored so don’t even bother replying to this person. People start throwing arbitrary comments when they need to get a life. I should honestly report this guy for racist comments though.

            • Patriot on

              You should first report your soiled ass to the nearest sheriff for an utterly stupid gender hate comment.
              And you really think you can stand up against the truth, with who? The cat twat? For your info, deluded pussies have and shall always lose. If a man does not best you(A-gain!) anytime soon, mother nature sure will.

          • Patriot on

            I wasn’t talking to you slut. As usual you shit in between.

        • Cat on

          Oh, BTW I met few Indian guys here in USA. They were working in science. They didn’t have your problems either. They strongly encourage wives to pursue career. I know a Turkish guy from another lab that actually put his career on hold when his wife gave a birth. He quit his job for a year to stay with the baby so his wife could accomplish her career related goals.

          • harry on

            ow cat, U’ve started to make me believe u’re immature, selfish and insensitive… U give useless examples… So its a good example that a man quit his joy so his wife can pursue her career when she just gave birth…. Don’t make me think u’re a wicked and heartless person pls… A woman gives birth and immediately goes after her career abandoning her child. No breast feeding or motherly attention???? God will really punish any mother that does that… Gosh what’s the world turning into???? Wicked and heartless individual walking the streets… God made u survive from a baby to an adult, now u want to deprive a baby of his or hers…. Pls… Wickedness is something I abhor…

            • Cat on

              Well… Nowadays it is very common. In USA a woman takes couple week vacation after giving birth. Did you know that?

              • harry on

                does that make it right????? Because half of the US are doin it so it should be right:??? If the whole of England turns into thieves we should start stealing too right???:

          • uditach on

            Look, not all men here are like that either. My brother-in-law, for example, is all for gender equality. Another thing about Indian men living in other countries is that they have been exposed to a world where it is possible to imagine women having a life. So yes, many men who are traveled are less likely to be the typically annoying alpha-male. But that’s a very small minority, believe me.

            • Cat on

              Yes, you are right. But things are changing everywhere. I should confess I was stereotyping people a lot. When I first came to work to USA I find out that many of my coworkers are from India, Turkey, Libyan and I was scared that they will not treat me as equal. I was so much surprised to find out that they were may be even more respectful and pro gender equality than some of my Russian colleagues.

    • Cat on

      Most of Western men are not like these guys. I’ve seen few guys like these in Russia when I was a teenager. I thought they were extinct long ago. Most of Western men understand that a woman is not a baby making machine and that she could be interested in career, they have no problems that a man is not a center of woman’s life. These guys are funny. Such a dinosaurs!

      • Anonymous on

        “most most most most most most most most…”
        Parece aquelas criancinhas retardadas tentando convencer a si mesmas que papai noel existe quando tudo evidencia que não…

        • Cat on

          Brazilian mucho I guess? I mean language…. I speak Spanish a little and can understand Portuguese. I have friends in Portugal and Spain they are modern people as well. Girls actually even more aggressive feminists than me LOL. Definitely they are more feminist than American girls. When I did my postdoc in Europe we had an Argentinian PhD student in the lab. He also was quite open minded and didn’t have problems with career women. So I guess I missed out on Latino construction workers? Really your are a rare type in my world almost like Papa Noel.

          • Anonymous on

            I dont care, bitch

            • harry on

              to cat and all the lazy ladies out there we know u ladies have insecurity issues and i as a guy will always stand by you… But don’t use feminism or career to hide ur inadequacies… Know ur place as a woman is all i think the writer is saying, he’s not expecting that u become a baby making machine. It’s so sad that u all have a way of turning things around… There’s now the talk of modern men… Girlies there’re no modern men of women… Men would always be men.. Those ur so called modern men are the irresponsible once that ‘ll tell you “let’s have sex no strings attached” they have no sence of family they’re the black sheeps of their families… Always remember u came from a family u make urs too don’t be scared… U won’t make the same mistakes mum and dad made… Mum maybe wasn’t there for u, be there for daughter… And make our society a better place… I love u Girls always… Find a man that truly loves u and is ready to take care of u, be with him, start a family and take care of ur family, U’ll never ever regret it, trust me, u’ll see… Kisses to u’al

              • Cat on

                “Know ur place as a woman is all i think the writer is saying,” – it is quite enough. I don’t want to show him his place and don’t tell me to know my place. I chose my place myself. I have explained here why family is going to be extinct. Ok, I’ll put here a summary.

                Come on, you think it always was and will be. But you could see several people here crying that younger generation doesn’t want to marry – both males and females. What makes me laugh is that some people think it is because parents didn’t raise kids right. The roots are deeper. It is in the economy. And basically it is in the fact that assets become more liquid.

                Look what was marriage in the “olden”, as one character here said, time. It was a contract between two families. Sometimes two young people got to choose each other but their choice always had to be approved by the family. And the family looked if the spouse will be able to perform the work in the family business. If it was a farmer family they looked if the bride healthy enough to perform a typical female job at the farm. If it was a royal family they looked all the pedigree and if she will be a good breeder LOL. Love happened sometimes and most of the time it caused problems like in “Romeo and Juliette”.

                Last century it was a real revolution in marriage. It becomes more the choice of just two people, it is most often based on love and attraction. And we see that divorce rate soars. What made it all happened is the fact that we are not stuck in family business any more. We chose any education we want and we can make money based on the education we got. Most of assets are quite liquid – money, stocks. Even if you inherited a farm it is not very difficult to cell it and use money to start the business you’d like. Your kids most likely will not like your business as well and they will do the same. On the top of that there is options like loans for education and business.

                Thus, there is no financial basis that would hold the family together. It is completely emotional – love to a wife or a husband and love to kids. Emotions are not very stable foundation. That is why divorce is very common and we already solve all the problems with joint custody and many spouses actually managed to live separately and stay friends.

                I, personally, see it as a better society. I don’t need a man to take care of me. I am capable to take care of myself. I would like always have a man that loves me and that I love. It is very important that I love him as well. I would better be without a man in my life than with a man that I don’t love. Mutual love is not easy to find. I am lucky to have a man that loves me that that I love as well.

                Of cause parents are always for their kids. My parents were divorced and still my mom and my dad always were for me. I would also be for my kids. But if I have a good career, moreover career that I love, I would be able to give kids better opportunity in life. First of all it is a better education. They will be able to chose the career that they will like. They will not have to follow the path of their parents. They will not have to do a job just because parents did that. They actually can get the education and pursue the career they like.

                And what do you mean by lazy? I am making enough money to hire cleaning service in my house. I am very good in physics and math but English is not my native language. If my kids would like a career that involve a creative writing in English I can’t help them sitting with them at home. I would help much better to pay for a good school. And I sometimes proud that I am lazy to skip some hard manual labor and use more of my brain instead.

                • harry on

                  mmmm…. Its okay, but people let’s recognise the root of the problem and put and end to it… Cat believes marriage will go extinct, doesn’t know wat it really feels like to actually cook for her kids… She said …Of cause parents are always for their kids. My
                  parents were divorced and still my mom and
                  my dad always were for me… Can we see the problem here… Sweetheart that ur mum and dad failed doesn’t mean u’ll fail, braven up and avoid the mistakes of mum and dad and u’ll be fine wish u success..

                  • Cat on

                    harry, I don’t see problems here. I see that the modern society is better than before. If two people are happy living together it is fine. We do have kids (one is his, he already had a daughter before he met me, he was young and his girl friend was young and they broke up. We are exactly the same age with my husband but I never wanted to have kids until I met him), I do cook sometimes, my husband loves to cook. My husband actually thinks that I am the best role model for the kids. He does want his daughter to be a career woman like me.

                    I don’t think my parents made a mistake. They were not happy together they divorced. It was better for everyone. I never blamed them for their choice. I don’t even think I have rights to blame them. I always wanted them both to be happy, I supported them both then they decided to marry second time, I love my step-mom and my step-dad. I have a good relations with my step-daughter as well.

                    I do believe that if people are unhappy they should divorce. It doesn’t mean that they should get divorce over every little thing like keeping toilet sit up or down, but if they can’t be happy they should divorce and look for a person they can be happy with. In “olden” time most of couple were not happy but they had to live together because of financial reasons. If was money that hold them together. Now if the couple is together it would be only because of love. That is why I found people like Patriot to be hypocrites. They are talking about love and bla-bla-bla while it was not about love at all it was about possession and money. Now we have divorce and if a couple stays together it would be actually about love. For me it is people like Patriot are completely delusional or fake. It is just my opinion, no offence.

                    • Patriot on

                      Quite a gospel.

                • Patriot on

                  Everything about you is fake-ass. No amount of commenting is going to turn that around, it’ll only add to it.
                  Your children if any, in the future, would rather be better off learning life skills in an orphanage than your house.

                  • Cat on

                    Only those life skills make sense that are relevant to the modern life. You reject modern life itself so I would worry more about your kids future in the modern world. Mine will be doing just fine.

                    And if you think you finally got to me with the word “bitch”, than you are wrong again. Some of my American girl friends are actually proudly call themselves bitches. I just had to inform you that I am much worse than you think I am a cat. Don’t you hate cats? LOL

                    I am just jerking with you about all this “bitch” etc shit. So far with all your words the only thing that you have accomplish is to show the world that you are really losing your calm and it is not cool – you look like a barking dog. sorry to tell you that.

              • uditach on

                Well, its not exactly for men to point out to us what’s our place in the society just as its not our place to point out to men why they should in turn be more attentive to family instead of the latest soccer game. If a woman chooses not to have children she has every right to do so without being judged. As a person who has grown up in a family of strong women in an equally misogynistic society, I should share this, Women is my family, in my generation are all career women, and all of them are happy (and I am the only one who isn’t married yet since I believe that can wait, the rest all are). Really much more happy than our house-wife mums ever were. I do love a man who loves me. I have never made an issue as to whether he was less qualified or earned less. All that matters to me is that I won’t scratch your ass just as i expect you not to scratch mine. And also, I know of women who are capable of no-strings-attached stuff just as men. If a man has issues accepting that we can have career and be happy, or just because a woman sleeps around she’s a slut, as you tried to clarify a few posts back, its really your problem. We aren’t the ones who need fixing.

                • Patriot on

                  No.3 – Don’t forget that you came on this website solely for getting your butthole sorely fucked by iron dicks.

                  No.2 – same ol’, same ol’. The ‘man’ doesn’t love you, maybe he just wants to fuck your ass and then make you suck it.

                  No.1 – Don’t compare your slutty self with them slutty ‘men’ that you mention. Both of you types need fixing, you slut.

            • Cat on

              Dude, I can’t be a bitch, I am a cat.

              • harry on

                dear cat, was ur mama a bitch? If yes be a cat if no be a woman… Love u…

                • Cat on

                  LOL… no, we are cat people, there were no bitches in my ancestry.

                  @Patriot, LOL you are so serious for no reason… . it is boring

              • Patriot on

                Yeah, we all understand English isn’t your native language.. Bitch.

                • Cat on

                  It is a signature this time? Well it makes sense. You are the one who is bitching all the time here.

                  • Patriot on

                    It is imperative to talk to a bitch in her native language, as yours isn’t English.

                    • Cat on

                      I see sorta like a barking… no wonder I don’t understand. Try meowing better. You probly heard that cats don’t understand dog’s language. Cats look at the barking dog and think: “WOW, I’ve never seen somebody had lost his face in a such a pathetic way”. – That’s somewhat my feeling about your posts here.
                      BTW I am really curious about you background as well… just statistics… to know where to look for such dinosaurs …

                    • Patriot on

                      ‘I see sorta like a barking… ‘
                      You’re too stupid.

                      ‘Try meowing better. ‘
                      I’m not your insensitive tiny dick bastard ‘husband’ (assuming you have one) to meow for you.

                      ‘Cats look at the barking dog and think: “WOW, I’ve never seen somebody had lost his face in a such a pathetic way”. – That’s somewhat my feeling about your posts here.’
                      Cats have always thought that they’re God’s gift to the world and their behavior exemplifies this. An animal’s behavior does not change. And that’s why it’s no wonder they(all cat species) are mercilessly slaughtered and fucked over since man lived in a cave. I for me, don’t give a fuck about cats or someone who keeps cats, as I know that pathetic attracts pathetic, and cat-keepers have some of the worst mentalities I’ve ever encountered. It’s no surprise that you’ll always find idiots like you wherever you go, because now they are abundant everywhere. Your brainwashed self assumes we are aliens because you are yourself bloat.

                      ‘BTW I am really curious about you background as well… just statistics… to know where to look for such dinosaurs …’
                      Why you want to find us? Lemme guess, to get killed? Listen, I know your type all too well, you bitch. The typical toxic (old) russian woman with a cat and a long list of undignified behavior over time. You are nothing, you hear me? Nothing.

                    • Cat on

                      That ‘s ok, Patriot. I was just wonder about your background. It is not a big deal. Don’t worry. I am against violence. I am not going to hunt you down LOL. Your type will extinct because your kids will be different.

                    • Patriot on

                      ‘I am against violence. I am not going to hunt you down LOL. ‘
                      There are no noble reasons for you to be against violence. There is one reason – simple because you are incapable of it. Unlike you I shall defend my freedom and integrity to a grenade at my face.

                      ‘Your type will extinct because your kids will be different.’
                      The ‘same’ have always been extinct throughout the history of the earth, you dumb hoe. It’s only the unique that survived.

                    • Cat on

                      very… hmm… pathetic. You are not unique just fucked up. Your mental ability are way below average… but that’s ok, it is not a big deal for surviving I was wrong about your kids, you probly will not have any. Your paranoia + delusion of granger + lack of sense of humor will really make it difficult for you to mate and breed. The last one (lack of sense of humor) is the worst.

                    • Patriot on

                      Who are you to decide who’s fucked up, you multidicked bitch?
                      Don’t you have to go to office to get your ass nailed? Or are you still chilling in Russ-o-land on your ex-husband’s alimony.
                      And I’m completely impervious to a nationalized slut’s mating preferences anyway.

                    • Cat on

                      hmm… maybe you are right…. about you being unick, pardon my American slang… That will explain a lot.
                      I don’t have alimony: I am not divorced and I make too much money. Yea… I just filed my and my hubby joint taxes. My hubby complained that his whole income was less than out joint taxes. But he is a good fuck, no wonder you hate guys like him so much :).
                      I guess I am wicked, I should leave you along,

                    • Cat on

                      yep, man, you are right – you are unick. Not sure it is good for surviving tho.

  11. uditach on

    I have already reported the comments made by a certain mad man here and I am outta here. This discussion got personal and stopped being constructive some posts ago since I am not getting one logical answer except for the lunatic who makes it his ambition to stalk people here even if he could actually drop dead. God, I wish asylums would restrict their patient’s access to internet.

    • Patriot on

      Personal? Your opening ‘men are shitty’ was pretty formal, yeah right.
      Also, we’re not the least bit interested in ‘constructing’ a civilization with your pussy as foundation.
      Though this ‘madman’ was going to confront you with some of the most bitter truths you’ve evver heard about yourself, now he’s actually sad to see you go.
      Anyway, so long, Ms. Fragile Ego, and try not to drop down that underwear in public.

  12. Lisa on

    this article is full of shit lol … is this meant for men who cannot handle a woman with ambition and success? I am in a relationship – happily with my partner who is JUST as successful. What makes it work? We are both confident and love each other for our perfections and our flaws and our happiness is unsurmountable. I understand you may have been hurt by a successful woman, but that is no reason to type-cast women as “all career women are the DEVIL” …don’t you think that is kind of juvenile (and also quite unattractive) for you to be so absolute. The world is not black and white, there is a lot of grey involved…and if you are so blind to that, maybe you shouldn’t be with a woman at all and certainly not procreate and raise children in this world…because the last thing we need is to populate more idiots into this society.

    • Anonymous on

      the same person talking shit with differents nicknames,.. get a life bitch…

  13. Anonymous on

    It depend on understanding between if theres love n understang everthing will

    • Patriot on

      A career woman knows nothing about reason, and understanding..? Don’t even mention that. The only place that she will reason and be rational to her fullest is her workplace.

  14. Javed on

    Don’t marry. Keep a maid at your home and have sex with her. That is the best option for the men like you. After all you need a maid. So don’t give its name “wife”.

    • Patriot on

      Exactly, what if the maid has been a harlot all her life? Would one still marry her and expect his progeny out of such a miserable creature? I give you my decision – it’s a straight HELL NO.
      But then, something tells me you’re just like that.

      • Decker on

        Why should that maid even consider marrying a men that wants to pay for sex? Men who pay for sex are lowly beings who’s genes should never even be passed down, they should die down as they were meant to.

        A harlor however, well, if you can even get paid for someone to have sex with you – That is welcome in the gene pool. The buyers however are genetic trash which can kindly never reproduce. For the sake of humanity.

        And that includes you, Patriot. Please never ever reproduce with those filthy broken shit genes of yours.

        • Patriot on

          You didn’t understand, miss bitch. You had sex for free(or paid, doesn’t matter) with others in your teens and twenties and now expect some *aah-ahh* ‘ideal’ man to commit to your filthy, thoroughly degraded self for all his life? Not happening.
          Anyway, you are in no position to give us men options, cuz it seems you’ve bought your own morals at a brothel. Have sex, try to be free from sexual diseases and don’t reproduce lol!

    • David on

      You are funny.
      That’s exactly what Arnold Swrzneger’s wife provided for him for 18 years – a maid. Because as a career woman that was “the best option” for her husband and children. After all he needed a maid like you said! But unlike what you said she acted surprised to learn that he had had sex with the maid who even begot his child!?!
      Well here the wife had outsourced the wifely job to another woman who acted in every way like a wife to the husband and a mother to his children while the biological mother was ‘busy with devotion for her capitalist employer’. Can you blame Arnie for being confused? And so you asked – why label it as ‘wife’ when she’s a maid?
      Well let me ask you, in Arnie’s case who was the wife and who was the maid? Is for you being a wife just about getting home, listening to your family for a while and then offer sex if it suits you? Something any prostitute could do? Time for a reality check. Your wife is the one who is by your side, you and your family at home. The one who comes home just to provide sex merely fulfill the function of a prostitute, mistress or its newest name – “girlfriend”.

      • Patriot on

        The word ‘girlfriend’ makes my blood boil. When did this shit come around for the first time?? That has got to be debauchery’s first real victory on our civilization.

  15. Stanley Ng on


    Currently i am having some issues with my girlfriend over some issues of her filrting and going oversea with her boss.But soon enough we settle that issue but it rose another. Its her standards of living is high. Therefore, she feels i am not good enough for her yet as she got a good career path after gotten her degree. As for myself, i am earning and presuing for my degree still. We have only dated for 2 months and decided to break up as she says my characters does not match with her and she wants a guy who is more powerful than her. What should i do?

    • Patriot on

      You want sincere advice?
      You drop her immediately even without an explanation and start fixing your life. Contemplate on what made you enter into a relationship with such a bitch in the first place(no offence to you). Because she will leave you soon no matter what you do.
      Forget about her, she’s soon to be completely institutionalized. You may have hope.

      • Obama on

        Awwww patriot u are a retarded, uneducated fuck, you know nothing about anything and u know this is true, you are just a degenerate piece of shit who has no life and you have are a worthless fuck who should commit suicide, you know this is true, every time you get into an argument, I destroy it and break your nose, this time I just snapped your neck and I have got to u and hurt u :) now cry more u stupid faggot:)

        • Patriot on

          You know what? This didn’t hurt me a bit. You try to come near me, and you’ll experience what it feels like to be genuinely hurt.
          I won’t give a fuck even if you key in your name as ‘Creator of the Universe’.
          You almost certainly have a Dissociative Identity Disorder, good luck with that.

  16. AW on

    Career women are the worst since they like sleeping around with all different types of men.

    • Patriot on

      No shit, they do that. That’s probably their only real source of entertainment.

  17. David Bailey on

    I wish I had the time to read the entire article right now before I comment, which is what I usually do however after reading a fair bit of it I could not help but feel extreme sadness since all of what I read so far is factually based. In a nutshell whether a male is very rich or opposite Marriage or Living in Common Law has grave risks especially when a child is born. Even IF the wife is a Career Woman or not; yet yes, when a woman has a career and/or makes more than husband that risk factor goes up. Having established this fact that everyone knows, changing this I view as impossible. For example, if a male debates them w.r.t. the “big picture” historically speaking bringing in all elements I can’t list here since there are many, I find so may women will start talking about not the forest but their own tree as in “me” OR their own gender. There priorities are themselves first, parents usually Mom second until a child arrives who then comes second leaving the “guy” further back. Males on the other hand will often accept another woman with HER kids as a step-Dad while not seeing his own children as much as hers. Ethnic people have entered our Caucasian Western MESS shaking their heads in disbelief for the most part especially at the verbal social aggression and sexual content in every facet of our media by women. Given I had a mother (and father too) whom she was the envy of both genders as a “useless stay-at-home” with 5 children then came to grand-Children well, according to feminists my mother and now I am a loser and enemy of their cause. We’ll see where their doctrine continues to take this culture during the ensuing years but until then IF I were a young man marriage ONLY with a solid pre-nupt and counselling not just Civil but religious too … would be my route. So glad I don’t have to face that again. Thank you for this article that I will finish off at some time in the future.

  18. Pensive on

    What about couples who don’t want children? If kids aren’t part of the equation, then both husband and wife are free to fulfill their career dreams. With two incomes they can hire a housekeeper so they won’t have a dirty house to argue about. Certainly there can still be inequalities, as there are in every relationship. If either spouse works more than the other, makes signifcantly more money, etc. there could be potential resentments from either spouse. A recent study of 5000 married couples conducted by a university in the UK noted that childless couples are happier than those with children. So I guess if guys want to be happy, it’s not necessarily the career-minded wife that’s standing in the way. It’s the snot-nosed, wailing, money-sucking spawn that will probably just turn in to a drug-addicted delinquent and burn your house down. Or get pregnant at 16 and never move out of said house. We should ask ourselves why we want children anyway? Seems like most of the reasons are purely driven by ego, regret for our own shortcomings, and fear of gettting old alone. Bloodlines run out, and the world never takes notice. Kids do not turn out to be a star quarterback, just like you wish you had been. Adult kids have their own lives and families, and will leave you alone in your old age anyway, or else die tragically before you leaving you to die alone AND heartbroken. Maybe we’d all be better off with a dog.

    • David on

      and that dog will have to be castrated or spayed of course for its purpose is not that of a dog but that of an eternal child, isn’t it? Have a look at what happened to Japanese society where absolutely every single aspect of life has been quantified, moneterised and capitalised. Overthere there’s a woman to stroke your ears why you lie on her lap, another one who will sing and dance just for your eyes, yet another who’ll drink and play with you like a kid, and another one who will massage your body and another will take money just to listen to you or to date you or to go horse riding with you… the plethora is infinite ranging from geishas, escorts, hostesses, paid-dates, you-name-it! In Japan, time, love, attention, compassion, virtues, everything abstract, real, imagined, virtual, everything has a price and has been commodified and capitalised! Why even bothered with a castrated dog when you can get a virtual or robotic one? Or even a virtual gf?

      I’ve only one word to say about this. We have become a species so twisted that we are beyond repair. Why even get married at all? Like you suggested without children in the equation is there even any need for it? In a world where the Gov and capitalism raise children, what’s the point?

  19. Anonymous on

    Is this a fucking joke?

  20. Anonymous on

    Don’t have anything of your own to post ?Just copying a content that too only one sided view shows how much dreaded u are to marry a woman who is independent and career oriented. Here is the link for your convinience to go through the entire discussion with a much open mind then you can think off!

    • Anonymous on

      open mind = who agrees with me…
      here’s a link to the ‘nice’ feminists: http://goo.gl/U3rQrW.

    • Patriot on

      Men have always been independent and it’ll stay that way, you bitch. And if you are career oriented, why do want to shift your orientations onto marriage instead? Go chase your career. Keep your shit together. But just remember that you won’t get anywhere upside on the corporate ladder if you don’t give your male boss a fuck. You will then realize who’s utterly dependent.

      That comment of hers is a cheap attempt at rebuttal to this written by a similarly wretched cunt like yourself, look at her face – she’s only tasted shit in her life till now.
      Notice the extreme hypocrisy in all her statements: She says she doesn’t believe in dipstick tests, but is asking her ‘girlfriends’ to do it from the start. She likes the idea of earning money, but doesn’t even know what the fuck to do with it. She’s not even bothered with filing taxes.

      ‘When was the last time you learned something useful, either at home or work?’
      Typical corporate ga-ga. Now applied even to something else than helping to line the employer’s pockets! 40+ years into a worthless life and she hasn’t even learnt the skill to manage the money she receives from her dear employer. She shamelessly says her husband handles all the money. If this is so why is she even interested to earn money?? Ah, the brainwashing.

      And I call bullshit about her doing repair work better than her husband. A man is much better capable of doing any kind of physical work better than a woman. No wonder they see women always emotionally and financially leeching society, while men who don’t have this ‘talent’ always end up doing physically intensive work for a living. It wouldn’t have been much difficult for her to marry such a perpetual downward pointing dick of a man and keeping him. Those idiots are all over the place, you can easily get one for yourself.

      I’m not even going to talk about her children: what is the union of two degenerates going to lead to? A super degenerate with a guaranteed ‘ideal upbringing’.

      She is so full and feel-good of her miserable self that she even has the nerve to give guys advice. A proper utilitarian dick.

      Her last line is really funny: ‘So, guys, if you’re game for an exciting life, go ahead and marry a professional gal.’
      Almost 50% of the adult male population(and steadily growing) knows this is a recipe for disaster. And it’s no surprise she wants her community to be saved, ha-ha-ha!!

    • David on

      “If the last new skill your guy learned was how to tie his shoes in the second grade, dump him. If he can pick up new ideas faster than your puppy, you’ve got a winner.”

      Believe me, he’ll indeed pick something up faster than your puppy if you’re worth the trouble. From a sexual point of view that is.

      “OK, call me a cougar… Work definitely takes up more than 35 hours a week for me… my husband and I are about to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. You’ll see us snuggling at a mountain-winery concert this month, enjoying the occasion. I don’t think I’m all that unusual–so it seemed like a good time to test Michael’s grim assertions.”

      All I can say is that you don’t understand the word cougar. Either this or you proved our position.

      “Take, for instance, the claim that professional women are more likely to get divorced because they’re more likely to meet someone in the workforce…”

      2/3 of divorce are started by women – I don’t need to listen to the rest of your argument cause its BS. Why get married?

      “Say you marry your college heartthrob. Ten years later, he’s working with some good-looking gals–nymphets just out of college, or the more sophisticated types who spent two years building houses in Africa before they went to Stanford Business School. What do you do? A: Stay home, whine and eat chocolate. B: Take up rock climbing, read interesting books and continue to develop that interesting personality he fell in love with in the first place.”

      You working will not stop him from cheating on you with a ‘nymphet’ and neither will it prevent you from whining (which you will do anyway break-up or not) and eating chocolate! So lie to yourself and continue to develop your ‘interesting personality’ that he fell in love with in the first place. Surely it will prevent a new nymphet from stealing the spotlight away from you! Idiot.

      “Note to guys: Start by going to the gym. Then try some new music. Or a book. Or a movie. Keep connected to the rest of the world. You’ll win–and so will your marriage.”

      And so will the nymphet…

      “…the continual dilemma of who does the work around the house. But… They’ve got enough income to hire someone else to fold laundry, mop floors, etc.”

      Yeah let’s pay someone to do the laundry, cooking, house maintenance, childcare, elderly care, husband care etc. In this way one woman plays PA to another woman’s man, managing his appointments, wardrobe etc while his wife work in a fast food chain belonging yet to another capitalist whose own wife is a nanny. This is the I-do-your-laundry-and-you-do-my-laundry logic. A stupid one really. The only winner is the government who earns tax as money changes hands! And capitalism wins of course!

      “So, guys, if you’re game for an exciting life, go ahead and marry a professional gal.”

      I’m dumbfounded. Your conclusion doesn’t even stand on top your arguments. A more appropriate conclusion would have been “so guys, if you’re game for an exciting life, go ahead and marry a prostitute or pornstar.” At least this would have made sense and be consistent cause I fail to see how a ‘professional’ girl form another field is going to make my life ‘more exciting’ and less stressful!

  21. Bob on

    On the other hand, if you marry a career woman – you can sit around doing nothing all day while she provides for you. I think that’s not so bad.

    • Dave on

      No Bob that is not the case at all because Career Women almost always connect with a male who at least approximates her Income level or better still, makes more. This is because females on the whole do not share their money freely with men or their man for reasons such as “Man up” (even though opportunities for men shrink every year while women climb the ladder in most Careers and, it seems that a man making more money is a “turn on” to most females and so well….presently and in the future many ladies aren’t going to be turned on.

    • David on

      This will mostly happen in 2 scenarios:
      (1) the couple was married and both were working and then the man lost or had to quit his job.
      (2) She’s a pornstar or prostitute [but not a courtesan/model!].

      There’s a big difference between an unemployed man and an unemployed woman. You have to bear in mind that male sexual capital cannot easily be converted to financial capital. A man can only sell his usability and even in the homespace he will not get bonus marks and will have to prove his ‘maternal worthiness’ if he’s to take the maternal job. Will you hire a male babysitter? See. Furthermore a broke and dependent man is unlikely to get laid often anyway otherwise homeless men would have been the happiest men in the world! Younger men can afford such lifestyle because there are all kind of ageist laws that segregate young people; but once these laws subside and women are allowed to date just about anyone they fancy unemployed guys don’t thrive well no more!

  22. Dave on

    Mindfulness hmm…interesting choice of words for a Blog. Though it may be a stretch not marrying a Career Woman there is merit to this since a Career woman usually will farm out their child in order to maintain her Career and even block the father from doing the same, trust me, Their priorities are as such that maybe they should think twice about having a child even though yes, it does take 2 incomes to achieve a certain level of household income often however, if we’d get GOVERNMENT out of our pockets hence taxes plus, keep Unions out with their ridiculous wages etc. things would be different. A Career des not equate a child NOR keeping a husband yet tons of ladies are obsessed with their Careers and Independence as if it is a dog fight against males.

    • Cat on

      Yea, evil GOVERNMENT LOL. Actually I went through it myself. I was a libertarian until I realized that it is very convenient to show me a straw man and say “here it is – the GOVERNMENT, burn it, make it smaller and all your problems will go away”, while there is always a group of people behind that actually are controlling the straw man. Then I will cut it or burn it they will make another straw man to blame their action on him again and unless I will get my representation in this group of people I will always be I loser in this fight.
      I paid this year more in taxes than my husband earned and I would say that we were ok financially living practically on my income only. We were much better than those families that had to have 2 incomes to survive and most of those families were form the “47 percent” that got more money in benefits than paid in taxes.

      • Dave on

        Interesting. There is no standardized approach to life within our culture any longer, which was based on A) Traditions that worked relatively well based on unquestionable Natural Laws & therefore why change them for the sake of change or to please “fringe lobby groups” disenchanted with their own upbringings, B) Natural Law as just shared, C) our potential Creator’s expectations since we did not create ourselves mentally, emotionally and definitely not Spiritually. So anymore, when it comes to forming relationships between the genders, it becomes so diverse therefore complex as the languages of the world; consequently, why groups of people would favour such complexities within a Materialistic framework approach bounded hence owned by High Technologies (which) if you look at their so called advancements, really, have we improved our Materialistic world thus Socio-Economics? We have Inferior air, water, food then ever before as Ruralites were forced off their lands to become densely packed Urbanites and now live a controlled life by yes Government, the horrid Pop Media, and corporate products that are not natural or sustainable. The best thing we in the West can do to turn this spiralling into an Abyss is 1) learn from the lifestyles of the WW2 generation before they have vanished, 2) watch our children play with next to nothing and find Joy, 3) look to Rural cultures where they tend to maintain a balance with nature. If one heads to say a Super Mall for shopping and takes an inventory of all the products sold than truly asks, what products do we really need and how can we make these products as naturally produced as possible while chucking out the rest a polluting our Environment, well this is what our Leaders in every capacity should be doing. I worry more about the Human environment than the physical one though and Science is not the answer to cure what ails it. The breakdown of Family is the most critical crisis of modern times and if we fail to take action (ALL OF US) to change this delusional diversity we live in and I don’t mean ethnic diversity, the divorce-separation rate will continue to grow and to our children’s children’s children … the Traditional naturally created family will be a fantasy from the past; natural means breast feeding, nurturing, mentoring, teaching and raising your own children rather than Institutions doing most of it whether in classes or Pop Culture.

        • Cat on

          I, personally, don’t see anything “natural” about ancient lifestyle. Ancient agriculture deforested huge areas, hunted and fish to extinction a lot of species. If they would have modern medicine and wouldn’t die due to diseases as much as they did it would be a disaster for the flora and fauna of our planet There was no any balance in their life also it was surviving. Those people had no life, they work from the sunrise to sunset all the life. It is just in human nature to try to find something positive in life. That is why they didn’t complain much and continued to work. There was a Russian poet Nekrasov that lived in 19th century and describes a lot of true rural life and the women’s fate as well. It was very sad poems. He wrote “This is a groan that we call singing”. Sure people developed a lot of technics to meditate to fight pain and frustration. Call it “spiritual grow” if you want but I think that happy people can also be spiritual.
          I see the only solution in Science that will develop new better technologies and enforcing environmental regulation and control over any production everywhere. Maybe we should also forbid to sell any products in the West that were not produced with respect to environmental standards.
          Nowadays I see that the environment in Europe is improving a lot, just recently have read about areas in Spain that no longer are farmed and are turned into wildlife reserves were many endangered species are recovering now.

          • Dave on

            Your response is appreciated for not getting a response at all is being ignored hence a waste of one’s time so thank you. You veered in your reply more toward the physical environment likely due to perhaps my emphasizing it more than I should have when the real threat is the Human environment though created in large part by the dramatic change in the physical environment via technologies. Yes, it wasn’t easy living centuries ago due to a more demanding physical environment making life rougher to endure in respect to the physicalities however, with our great strides in technologies our lifestyle changes have had a inverse relationship to the Family environment like never before in human history to the point of devastation when ~ 50 % of children do not live with both Biological parents. The emotional devastation resulting from this is greater than a family together facing say the next crop or running a family business which are becoming nearly extinct. The hearts of children over 5 decades or so have been irrevocably damaged by 2 people abandoning them for another mate and often her kids. This permanent damage causing these kids many adults now, to turn to mind numbing drugs as evidenced clearly where it should not since supposed opportunity exists, on University & College campuses. Also occurring there and I’ve lived on 5 in total, our creator has also been assaulted thus insulted by particularly Social Sciences that think they have the answers, Law facilities who teach manipulation, Women Studies now gender Studies who do manipulate, medicine that STILL ignores naturopathic/ homeopathic. holistic teachings for Conventional cures such as the pursuance hand in hand with Pharmaceutical Companies ignoring prevention while making billions selling drugs, teacher’s college who give little credence to campaigning for Equality amongst teachers ending with ~ 5 % male enrolment for Public School and administrations largely run by females yet children spend more time during the week at school than with parents and especially single parents where Dad conventionally gets as determined again by the system 18 % of each month “every other weekend” … I have lived in rural areas without electricity, radio, or TV yet the pristine environment and family being there was irreplaceable. I guess the technologies created by mankind for the most part agrees with the vast majority of women due to the physical easiness associated with it while the ruggedness attracts more men like myself. I’ve scaled mountains ~ 20,000 ft. as a highlight of my life, skied down many slopes, fished for trout in water I could see to the bottom at depths greater than 20 ft and drink that same water in Ontario south of Ottawa but today, high powered 100 horse + outboards owned by over weight lazy Urbanites who know what they are doing to thee environment because of their EDUCATION yet help destroy the lakes AND go so far as to plant grass where pine needles once were naturally helping purify thr rain water … nuclear energies are another huge threat to our existence and so there is a high price to pay for making our physical environment polluted to the extent it is yet again, the Human environment that has taken a worse shellacking simultaneous to the chaos of Technologies. For Christians who may read this, the biggest reason for churches losing people each decade is that technology is seen as offering them more every Sunday morning on TV, radio, computers, car-plane-train rides, and so it is all about purchasing materialism so we use our limbs as little as possible as just as the song “In The Year 2525″ stated would happen but not nearly so swift. Even trades people are frowned upon by Universities because they are seen as ppl with lower IQs ? Without these ppl none of our basic infrastructures would have been built yet Socioologists, Psychologists, Teachers of Arts and Sciences, Government services many of which we never had not too long ago and the family faired better over all, think they have the answers for what ails us? “Ancient” is not what I had suggested since that is hundreds even thousands of years ago although, at least food then was not altered genetically and all the lakes/ rivers in North America one could drink from. Our biggest advancement today using technology to open the gate is obviously, Communication and even therein, TV is riddled with people talking non-stop with little or no poise to come up for air, listen, have some grace, just spewing out what comes to their mind…shows like Sex In The City, Judge Judy, Ellen, Oprah send clear messages of these people influencing family life while our creator and Recent ancestors’ lifestyle is deemed useless and outdated. Even Baby Boomers feel this drastic Crunch only in their 50s/60s yet they too did it to their parents however, the WW2 generation can feel the warmth of having lived in the same area, town, village, farm or side by side as their parents and RARELY was there a divorce. Studying History is essential and applying as much of it as possible gives Identity and when we ignore where we came from, we have no idea who we truly are today nor headed down the road unless our #1 goal is to be “Independent” as I hear all the time. Again thank you for taking time to reply as I whipped this off very quickly & it is late.

            • Patriot on

              You obviously know what’s going on, and it’s sad in this era an overwhelming majority has been irreversibly brainwashed into believing that the THE press-a-button way is the most natural way to get things done.

              • Dave on

                “Brainwashing” true. So should we totally ignore our Ancestral who did maintain for centuries at least some of the strong common sense Natural traditions for centuries? I mean even Xmas no longer allows Jesus nor ornaments at schools OUR ancestors started under the Christian Godly banner? Is this happening merely because of ethnic diversity, or, is it a (and I’ll say it), another Radical Feminist Socialist ploy to rid us of perhaps the most Miraculous (as stated in abundance in the Bible by both Jews and the enemy Romans too) person ever on the planet who just happens to be for Radical Feminists, a “man”? Even a lady out west wants to change the lyrics of “Oh Canada”. Yes, press a button is preferable to going outside a loading wood for the night in one’s arms or the strain of pushing a pump handle at the well … hmm … Patriot we don’t know each other but level with me, I am a simpleton to say that without Tradesmen & Men who have worked our Primary Industries we’d be centuries back and so WHY do so many ladies disrespect what they do coupled with the same attitude towards Military men who are only trying to defend on behalf of the same women and children? And I am not amongst these categories of males. Oh, and by hiring foreign men to do much of this work more and more, isn’t this a symptom of males not going into say Trades because women like their mothers perhaps single, telling them it is beneath them? Fill me in as I take it, you are male.

                • Patriot on

                  I’d entered a nice, fairly long response describing the behaviors of both sexes, how they’ve evolved over time and how it is the typical male’s fault why the women are like what they are today. Unfortunately, I had a power failure right before posting it, and now I don’t remember most of it.
                  All I want to say is that we men have embedded the greed gene in women since ancient times, subconciously cultivated and even caressed it. And now the typical modern woman on receiving her ‘equal rights’ is suddenly FREE, hence DAZED and GREEDY.
                  Freedom is a double-edged sword, and we men have brought about the downfall of our own civilization by providing this sword of freedom to a physically and spiritually inferior, abundant erratic hormone-fueled still-primitive monkey called a woman.

                  • David on

                    Listen to me both feminism is a middle-class white woman fantasy – always had been. Women weren’t imprisoned or illtreated no more in the 1950s than men of the same class were. Women are simply hypergamous and will naturally develop zealous loyalty and submissiveness to any alpha-male even if the latter is a dickless feminist or even a lesbian or gamer who merely acts alpha-male. This is no joke, seduction gaming is a massive industry now. No they did not liberate themselves for they were never prisoners! They simply did what they have always done – found themsleves a better Alpha Male, one that can provide absolute social security: housing benefits and refuges, unemployment benefits, maternity benefits, child supports, childcare and education, food stamps, physical protection and irrationally-biased rape laws that encourage irresponsible bahaviours. This Alpha Male, true to its name will not hesitate to bully others to enforce illegitimate “affirmative actions” or to extortionate childsupport and taxes to finance its harem. Can you ever be a better husband than the State? And where the State fails capitalism steps in as a socialising agent providing identities, sexualities and lifestyles. I can’t find a better pimp either, can you? So they did what they’ve always done – act on their hypergamous instinct by finding themselves a better suited alpha that provides and by prostituting themselves to his undertaker Capitalism. Nothing new here.

                    • Patriot on

                      Wow, you explain it so well. I completely agree with you. Profound understanding.
                      I’m curious, are you a bachelor like me? I’m in my early twenties and pissed at society in general.

                    • Cat on

                      Nowadays women can be as good as men in the most of high paid jobs. But because some male as too much a omega male in your classification they can’t get any female because female would rather live alone than have sex with unattractive man. That is why those man want the female be out of work so the only way to survive for her would be to have sex with these unattractive males. Government is not a husband it just provide police, justice, defense for everyone. For male as well. Women don’t need welfare, they need equal opportunity to get an education and to be able to consider equally for a job. I would prefer that employer will not be allowed to know a gender until he or she would make the decision about hiring. This way it would be fair and no affirmative action would be needed. The only why it was needed is that it was that at first very rare any employer would like to hire a women just because employer already had a perception in his mind that woman is not as good as a man. Nowadays these perception is already mostly destroyed and we don’t need affirmative action.
                      Look I always was telling that the gender inequity existed for both male and female. I am for liberating both gender. We don’t need men to keep their responsibility because we are now equal. If men don’t get custody or stay at home dad doesn’t get alimony it is unfair and we need to correct that. But we don’t want to go back to the time where women wasn’t able to get education to get a job to open a bank account.

                    • Anonymous on

                      Wtf that womyn is talking about? Most career women and feminazis are fucking ugly..

            • Cat on

              Look, any knowledge could be beneficial and good be harmful since humans start using fire to get warm or to cook. You start fire in the forest and it could end up in burning a lot of acres of it. The same we have with any new or old technology. Still there is lot of damage from grass fire in California cause by humans that started fire. Using the fire is not even considered a technology since a cave man could do it LOL. Mining caused a lot of damage to land and to the water supply. Heating with coal in London was causing the constant smog that went away when people switch to other energy sources. New research found better solutions. Some of the solutions seem good in the beginning but later reveal some problems. Still from the 70s the technology allowed to clean up a lot of areas that were polluted during the industrial revolution.
              Medicine. Probably there is some abuse from pharmaceutical industry but modern medicine resulted in much longer life and much smaller death rate from simple diseases like pneumonia. If you’d look at demographics you can notice that even the birth rate slowed down the population of the planet grow up very fast and the growth is correlated with the development of the modern medicine, antibiotics first of all. Still even using right type of herbs for health reason needs study and knowledge. That means it still needs science.
              Still due to the modern traditional medicine we have the population that big that soon there is no wild nature on the Earth that wouldn’t be destroyed by humans if it wouldn’t be protected. It is not the problem to fight for surviving in the wildness nowadays it is a problem to find this wildness. If government didn’t protect Yosemite there would be thousands houses in its place with all the grass you told about and could be without pine trees at all. Red forest would be already used to build houses and furniture if it wouldn’t be protected. From that point of view maybe if there will not be modern medicine and people would die like it was before it would help to keep the balance. Although I can’t see it as a humane solution. You are talking about crystal clear water in Ontario. Hmm I don’t know how old are you but I heard about how people were fighting to keep the Great Lakes clean in 70s, after the industrial revolution almost destroyed them. That is why I am skeptical to hear that nowadays lakes are actually more polluted than in the time that you remember. Taking into account also how much industry was outsourced to Asia… The transparency of the water doesn’t guarantee that it is not polluted with chemicals, so the fact that you drunk it and didn’t die immediately LOL. Ok that was industry in Great lakes that polluted environment, but in California lot of land was destroyed by using too much water for different purpose including farming. Again the solution would be to study the environment and find the best technology. I love to go camping, kayaking and I see that there is a problem to find the place that is protected from people LOL.
              Ok let’s talk about “human environment”. Actually I enjoying it now and the environment in older time seem me to be a nightmare. I don’t watch Sex in the City, I’ve seen few episodes, there is a bunch of confused girls, that are successful and good looking and looking for love but they approach to the task too logical and analytical that what they shouldn’t do if they are looking for relations. It was funny sometimes. I guess if they wouldn’t be so ridiculous there wouldn’t be a show. Basically who cares. Looks like those that hate the show talk about it more than anybody else LOL. I don’t like pop culture but it doesn’t bother me. Your last remark made me feel that you need somebody to give you Identity. You are looking it in history, family, traditions etc. Why? How could it be spiritual? Spirituality assumes that nobody and nothing gives you identity except yourself – you should look inside to understand who you are and why did you come here in this world. Although there were and are and always will be many people that are willing to tell you what you should do and give you the Identity – it would be priests and your family members and politicians. And nowadays we are finally free from everyday’s repetitive hard work and we are able to think who we are and find our way. For me it is the best human environment ever.
              At the end about male teachers. This is one of the things that stun me that Men’s Right movement give it as an example of men’s discrimination. Does anybody make it difficult to a man to be a school teacher? Moreover looks like most of school principals are men. School teacher is job that doesn’t pay very good. That is why man don’t consider it as a good career, especially men that still attached to their gender role as a breadwinner. If there will not be gender roles anymore in the society then probably there will be 50/50 proportion of each gender among school teacher. I think it would be perfect, I would only support it!

              • Dave on

                It would take some time to reply specifically to your specifics, once again and so, I’ll have to give it some thought although presently, I can’t see me influencing your “Identity” in any area you shared so one could say “we can agree to disagree”. For now, you did bring up some sound factual points w.r.t. the Physical environment yet I believe a stretch; I have a second degree in Environmental Studies you not an expert therefore, you made some good points.

                I’ll just touch on the “Identity” component a bit because no Cat, I thoroughly comprehend my Identity due to my prominent backgrounds from all 4 sides of my parents however, the culture today being so Liberalized from traditional conservatism that basically states “why change something when it is not broken” and well, this change has been Politically forced upon We on the other side of the fence throughout most Institutions like Government that let’s face it > have become the Daddy for far too many mothers; for example, the accuracy of what you say about the Public School system is far from reality which is > males present there even as tutors and volunteers are scrutinized by SOME of the extremist Left Wing women both teaching and Administrators. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that teaching methods (which are currently being reassessed since boys and young men are slipping further and further behind females) cater to females means of learning that tends toward Team Work and Socializing whereas boys tend toward working alone Individually & competitively like the PRIVATE Sector who pays much of the taxes to keep Civil Servants. SO Public Schools take away letter or percentage Grading that boys tended to enjoy because there is no messing around with how one “feels”. My brother who has taught in 6 schools and BTW declined Principal-ship because of the political backbiting, told me before I volunteered at my son’s school, “you are taking a big chance”…I ignored him and received a taste of what he was saying by certain women who treated me as if I had no right being there while my personality due to loving my Mom is extraverted which in turn is a dislike for women who prefer the mysterious-be-quiet-unless asked-male . This is just one fact. Generally, many males tend to veer away from professions owned by ladies and not because the ladies are ALL the same painting them with one brush but, there are the unpredictable ones who can cause a Living Hell while the rest of the ladies follow them like Sheep. They are called the Feminists. What about Masculinists? We don’t resort to that kind of Competing with women because we instinctively see them as beautiful and hopefully still capable of nurturing children. That stats above show this is not happening as they make more $$$ and do not need a man nor a child near as much specifically as a result of their onw money. These females permeate the CAS, Law, and Politics just to mention 3 key Family Oriented areas where havoc has ensued. I know this first hand.

                It is nice that you and your man have great chemistry so I read yesterday in prior postings by you at breakfast. The sexual component I do 100%! After all, why be with an opposite sex mate unless the tactility is healthy, very pleasurable hence enduring. So passionate tactility which is a small yet potent part of hopefully each day is critical and yet the rest of the vast % of the day, sound Communication at least I believe is essential to a long term relationship. Currently though, as I have met over a million people worldwide over the years, I do find the company of males ONLY communication-wise so less stressful on the whole and basically because middle aged females ~ 30s to 60s{mostly}, seem determined to compete in every arena and need the final say. Yet, once they meet a man of wealth, $$$ does temper their temperament. Younger ladies are more open and respectful to the knowledge/ wisdom of mature men just as seniors women are too; consequently, Baby Boomers and the Next generations can be difficult. This is merely one example, I was implying within a mixed up Human Environment where personal Identity cannot be derived from oneself as the Narcissist would have us believe (male or female) but the innate creator created need for continuance of Family from generation to generation that is our only Hope for survival. Increases in the separation/divorce rates indicate that the word I am pleased you brought up > Identities > is suffering the most. Cheers Cat and oh, are you of Russian decent? I did read this I think? Their skaters are so elegant with such artistic proficiency that I found myself cheering for them years ago but shhhh I keep that a secret around these parks lol. Russian women are at least to me coupled with Eastern Europeans (i.e. Ukraine) have gorgeous features but this is out of context … back to watching “The Voice” since I’ve sung most of “me life” . PS Starting out with “look” sounds like a Lecture is coming but I tossed that away for substance. Do you share your inputs with your better half may I ask?

                • Dave on

                  ‘Yet” not “you” not an expect so my apology for the Typo that would mislead you and also not “any” but “some’ w.r.t. change your Identity since you have some facts straight

                • Cat on

                  No way I am an expert in Physical environment. The only way it concerned me was that I am working in developing new technologies and from time to time I visit conferences that has a goal to discuss some technological applications to solve certain environmental problems. Energy and hydrogen storage cells or recently I attended a lecture about using agricultural waste to produce energy and I was surprised by the damaging impact of the fertilizers that used in farming on the wild life. I stretched a little, I think. The point is that it looks very implausible that we can limit our impact on environment other way than developing more environmental friendly technologies together with restrictions on pollution. Going back in time with underdeveloped technology wouldn’t solve the problems and would betray our human nature. We are not designed for repetitive work we are scientists, researchers, artists by nature.
                  Could be that many women still have a fear that they will not be taken seriously in discussion and that drives them to prove that they are right no matter what. In fact a healthy discussion is an exchange of opinions and ideas. If somebody is incorrect it shouldn’t be a problem to accept it and rethink and come up with improved theory. I agree that there are many women that have this problems but there are men that have the same fear, that always feel like they need to have the last word. Maybe the fear that the society will not appreciate and accept you is a really strong and harmful to a fruitful discussion regardless the gender or participants.
                  I enjoy working with university students but I never interested in the school teacher job. I was volunteered once in the classes of advanced math and physics in Russia and I liked it. But it is not the same as the normal school – I didn’t need to worry about discipline in the class because all the students were extremely motivated. I graduated high school in Russia. There was the same problem in Russia – 90% of teachers were female. As far as I know men were welcome to teach but they didn’t really want to be a school teacher. My school had unusually high percentage of male teachers and I actually had less problems with male teachers because they never assumed areas of my interests for me. Female teachers always told me things like “you are a girl you supposed to be interested in literature more than in math and science”. They also rely more on memorizing the materials rather than on understanding and analyzing it. It really drives me nuts because it is not how I process the information. Moreover I never was able to remember the information if it didn’t make sense to me. Actually one female teacher was different. She was a teacher of math and she was more analytical. We could blame it on stereotypical female problems with logic but there were other factors. Society raises the girls to “find a good provider for her future family”. Many girls were not oriented to career. Most of girls went to university to meet a “right” guy to marry. After university all the good jobs were taken by the former best students and the school teacher was the least desired job. The worst students ended up to take it. That was the specific of Russia. Male teachers were less sexists than female. And it looked to me that the majority of the female teachers were those that went to university to get a good successful husband instead of getting a career. But I could see some similarities here. It is also a job that is not paid much and it is assumed that females are good with children.
                  That is what I dislike in the traditional approach. I don’t like to be assumed to have certain Identity just because I am a female, Russian etc. Many times as soon as people got to know that I am originally from Russia they told me where there is the closest Orthodox Russian or Greek (if there was no Russian) church. I am not Orthodox Christian. I am tired that people assume that if I am a female I should like certain things and hate other things. Well having a Russian ancestry I proud of certain things in Russian history and ashamed of others. Being Russian doesn’t make me by default be more acceptable in Russian culture than in the others. From my childhood I had the thought in my mind “what if I was born in another country and another culture?”, like if Russian government told me that Americans are evil people I always thought that “well, what if I was born there and probably would think Russians are evil?” I always was wondering why people can’t just learn who I am instead of assuming my identity based on some different sometimes completely irrelevant facts? Of cause if they interested to know me, if not – well, let’s be just strangers with no identity.
                  I am not conservative because I see that world is constantly changing itself. Best way to survive is to evolve with it. Sometimes society just grows out of old cocoon and need to evolve itself … hopefully into something better.
                  I agree that there is an attitude toward men especially in Western society that is not fair. One of it is that a man assumed to be an aggressor. It doesn’t benefit women. The roots are in the gender inequity. If women were assumed to be something mentally incapable so they couldn’t have property or bank account, that’s mean men were supposed to be responsible for everything. I think the conflict was shown the best in Henrik Ibsen’s plays. All this in the past but it still bites us in different forms from time to time. And one of them is that men still are seen as aggressors. The latest tragedy then police killed a husband that was just trying to calm down his wife that had emotional breakdown shows the problem. And this situation is not beneficial for anyone even for hard core feminists LOL.

                  • Dave on

                    A 1 a 2 a 3 (No I’m expert Physical environment) but, you id bring up some valid pts you must admit w.r.t. P E. (I’m working developing new technologies) that’s great! (I visit technological conferences of applications to solve environmental problems) for Practical knowledge which is soooo needed. (Energy & hydrogen storage cells, agricultural waste to produce energy & damaging impact of the fertilizers on wild life) YES! Quickly, I watched a pristine lake where we had 1 of 3 cottages growing up where as a little boy they STILL logged & I could see down 20 ft or more, drink the H2O, catch Lake Trout as the Tom Sawyer/ Huckleberry Finn I became at 4 yrs old…travel forward to late 1990s Cat, my friend & I saw an algae bloom that I was sooo frustrated seeing beyond belief in that top-of-the-watershed Ashby Lake, Ontario. {Implausible to limit impact on environment than 1) developing environmental technologies combined with 2) restrictions on pollution} Item 2) would need an executive branch to strictly carry out legislation, which I’m all for; example, some lakes need not have outboard motors while other bigger ones, only 10 horse powers max., and no shoreline alterations like planting grass (Going back to underdeveloped technology wouldn’t solve & betray nature) but as in the example I just sited, even though ppl are better educated they still use advanced commodities to pollute even more yet, I see your point. Also, commercial products in every area do buck Environmental Technologies that wish to help. The FDA is a great example as they allow sooo many drugs on the market while Preventive Medical Doctors like Naturopaths still aren’t covered by taxes because corporations/ Governments won’t allow this feeding off each other monetarily (Not designed for repetitive work cuz we are scientists, researchers, artists by nature) U mean all mankind? Ooo but most ppl have always HAD to do primitiveness just like all creatures live a repetitive existence. You must get bored easily LOL. The Artistry component I can relate, with my Obsession with music {singing} however Cat, most musical style within Pop Radio music today leave me bored to tears even though they are new releases. I end up reverting back to Oldies for the most part (Maybe many women fear not taken seriously in discussion & drives them to prove that they are right no matter what) Hmm…could be. The “no matter what” is risky business though. Ladies are outperforming guys in schools of Medicine, Nursing, Law, Teaching; gaining as CEOs, Self-employment, Politicians, Ministers, Law Enforcement, Military and even Engineering + Computer Technolgy so only thing left is Trades. As this occurs, fewer ppl want to have then raise children though which is not ‘repetitive‘ as I have don this for a time period and LOVED it more than anything ever I have done however, it destroyed my marriage even though she _ like your situation _ made more than me. Naturally in court, they sided with her while I lost hundreds of thousands for Equality for our child while today she is richer than ever. And Cat, not 1 lady has remotely offered help (Healthy discussion is an exchange of opinions & ideas) I agree & this is why women R badly needed on this forum. (If somebody is incorrect it shouldn’t be a problem to accept it & rethink & come up with improved theory) Agreed (there are many women that have this problem but, there are men that fear/ feel like they need the last word (what I don’t like is some of the language used by males out of frustration for sure. Think though pls, since say the um 70s we “jerks” “guys” as we’re usually called rather than MEN so TU, we haven’t tried changing the natural role whatever created us intended since we don’t get pregnant, breast feed, then even nurture as much during the first few yrs. and so our Identity has been overhauled by drastic changes by ladies. Men use to take pride, purpose, feel needed when their lady did what I just shared as in the song “doing what comes naturally”; that has all been eroded by Big G’s intrusion, high tech hence Corporations & the atheism -agnostics that further result (Maybe fear society not appreciate & accept you)…not sure whether you mean ME or MEN here?…(is a really strong & harmful to a fruitful discussion regardless the gender or participants) Actually, the vast majority of the 2nd & 3rd worlds being most of the world’s population & a significant number in the west too, do agree with say my overall Ideologies yet having hared that, Liberal Socialism has planted its roots deeply into every facet of our North American lifestyle & Cat, there’s little or no choice for example > for a young lady today who wishes to have children & raise them as was the norm for centuries, because of the entrenchment of Liberal Ideologies Politically via legal policies, economic policies, much higher TAXES, labour Union demands etc. therefore, I believe in Decentralization of these powers more like the USA since Centralization of powers forces everyone to abide by central authoritative Ideologies. This s why the Soviet Union broke up. This is why ppl wanting traditional families have migrated form blue Democratic states to red Conservative states with lower taxes & overall less Big G intrusion. Same thing in Canada where males especially, migrate “go west young man” to get as far away from Central Government as possible. So geographical divisions become necessary. Then there are the Social differences … (I enjoy university students) Me too; both genders however, especially the ladies who look up to a mature male unlike middle aged generally speaking but maybe not the same in WOW Russia > very interesting as I have always wanted to go there! (volunteered advanced math & physics in Russia & liked it but didn’t need to worry discipline because students motivated) I’m LOL because I‘d prefer children likely due to my Dad & his Dad being so entertaining with comedy, music, outdoor adventure at our 3 cottages while heading home, there was my beautiful Mom with a BIG smile getting us all out to Church choir singing our hearts out…UTOPIA…and, Dad & Mom were highly romantic NEVER quarrelling) Same problem in Russia – 90% of teachers were female (I researched more w.r.t. why Cat. Potential Pedophilia is one major reason yet, studies show this occurs out of schools & believe it or not, just as much by females. With ALL the single Moms, one has to wonder if the growth in female Bi-sexuality & lesbians is linked to what goes on behind hidden doors. I hate to think about this. (As far as I know men welcome but didn’t want to be a teacher) Well I also read that males DO shy away from Professions where they are seen around women thus called a Sissy, and being under the authority of women bothers many men. I personally get along as well or better with females yet I see myself more as a “man’s man”. When a man loves hi Mom deeply, he will try hard to get along with ALL women (My school unusually high percentage of male teachers) if you mean Public School, stats show a 1/3 rd is HIGH % but if High School well over ½ is a High % (I actually had less problems male teachers because they never assumed areas of my interests for me but, female teachers always told me things like “you are a girl you supposed to be interested in literature more than in math & science”) I see. Russia was maybe behind the West in this mindset. “Home Economics”, which use to be taught has been taken out of the curriculum in many schools as it seems everyone wants to be Man as if we must Compete for power & the $$$$. This leaves children raised more by Institutions, which children don‘t want. They love their parents wayyyy more than Institutional ppl. BTW, I believe the option of “Home Schooling” should be strengthened as it is in the USA where it’s growing every year BUT, high taxes prevent this (They rely more on memorizing materials rather than on understanding & analyzing it) It‘s my understanding that females memorize more than males as in Nursing? (It really drives me nuts because not how I process the information) I‘m shaking my head affirmative because I‘m the same way (It has to make sense to me) Yes. Although, I’d walk into exams actually seeing the Text Book pages I’d read thus duplicating them on paper often writing non-stop for 2 hrs. in High School…that’s a photographic memory. When walking anywhere I remember faces, names, & number but not what’s man-made like buildings. Directions, according to the sun’s position (stereotypical female problems with logic) due to hormonal differences too (but other factors; society raises the girls to “find a good provider for her future family”( aw ha! I believe not so much ‘society’ but Nature however, N American girls as I‘ve shared a pulling ahead of boys which as adults confuses the entire Natural scheme of things when mating occurs because now, many men don’t make as much thus can’t provide enough if & when an Infant comes along then 2 3 etc. Women then become frustrated as their emotions take over wanting to get rid of their man for another, or stay as a single Mom with Big G helping, a Step Dad, CTB, maintain her own Career, and bring in her Family to help raise…the paternal side gets the shaft) Many girls were not oriented to career (Career is defined as, any “activities” not just Work, “one does whether it be at home, or outside the home” & so according to that definition, everyone of both genders have Careers; however, only being a wife & mother has been beaten down since the 70s (Most girls to university meet a “right” guy to marry) I know what U mean back yrs. Ago. And there is no better motivation for a male than his lady encouraging him yet today on campuses, this has eroded. “Right” guy I think has to include more than his Income though but still, it’s instinctive for ladies to look for this due to Security when babies arrive. This though is dismantling more & more causing delay of living together if at all. (all good jobs taken by best students & teachers least desired job) I guess in Russia, their pay isn‘t equitable to here as Unions here have propped up the wages. Funny, teachers are SO important too (Worst students ended up to take it) YIKES! Not good (Male teachers were less sexists than female) LMAO noooo, that can‘t be soooo … teasing you Cat (Looked to me majority female teachers were those that went to University to get a good successful husband instead of getting a career) BAD GIRLS, you’re a candid Cat telling it like it perhaps for the most part, was but maybe not so is now. I read that many Russian women dislike their men intensely because they drink & smoke too much. I recall Boris Yeltsin looked as if every time he was on stage there was a glass of Vodka beside him & Breshnov looked the same as if {IF} there were a nuclear button beside him he press it LOL … not Gorby though (not a job that is paid much & assumed females are good with children) True, as they tend to be more feminine which is good for girls but, well, in Grad 5 then 6 I had 2 different male teachers who had brush cuts 7 intimidating yet, I sat right at the front, paid close attention thus received good Grades. They’d take us outside for Sports like baseball IF we produced. GREAT incentive! (That’s what I dislike in traditional approach; don’t like assumption of certain Identity because female) It seems you may have had an Innateness for the Sciences (Many times as soon as ppl know I’m from Russia, closest Orthodox Russian church, not Orthodox Christian, I’m tired that ppl assume that female should like certain things & hate other things) You came to the right Continent then Cat (of Russian ancestry proud certain things in Russian history & ashamed of others) hmm…I’ve sooo many things running thu my mind becuz I’m highly curious, adventurous, cognitive, and most of all wish to know what Created us, expects of us while Elitists play well, let’s say God to all the Dogs they wish to have on their leech. I find this extremely offensive! I believe that we should use our talents but to provide only what is necessary while sharing the rest with our neighbours less fortunate & their families, and, the church’s Mission is to help in this respect but this opens up another “can of worms” like the Catholic Church hoarding ppl’s money away for Political gain & pageantry while children starve as in Africa. This was gut wrenching for my Dad to watch on TV as it is for me. When the USA always the biggest “giver” gives to the poor, $$$ ends up in bureaucrats pockets … getting back to Russia; I clearly understand why the Royalty = Czars were overthrown as I do why The Soviet Regime was too. Both became monetary elitists. Queen Elizabeth’s Royal family I have no use for beause of the same reason. FAMILIES should be able to keep most of the “fruit of their labour” unless, they become Capitalists without the conscience that believing in God is suppose to mean > Sharing. When one shares, the feeling of helping out ppl is Beautiful to behold when ppl cannot thank you enough; but hand outs to loafers, I’m not in agreement with (from my childhood I had the thought in my mind “what if I was born in another country & another culture?”, like if Russian government told me that Americans are evil people I always thought that “well, what if I was born there & probably would think Russians are evil?”) that is referred to as, not assuming until experiencing the other side of the fence. Ppl tend to want to minimize “thought” by pigeon holing Individuals into a Group (not conservative because I see that world is constantly changing itself) I’m glad you used small ’c’ because government big ’C’ in the west, is not literally conservative. To be conservative yes, means being “old school” however, to me it means as I wrote before, “don’t change for the sake of changing” when what is really occurring is, we want more Knowledge for an easier Physical Life which in turn has given rise to Technologies. So regardless of what Political parties win, we will keep changing. Trouble is, IF everything about us changes we break critical Natural Laws which is what’s happening. We think we are bettering say our Food with genetic engineering when we are not however simultaneously there is BIG BUCKS to be made both by Scientists & Business selling goods coupled with this change, just t site one example. Change w.r.t. messing with gender roles, well, I view this has totally unnatural. The tell-tale comes when asking again, the child what he/she wants; they want their parents first before anyone else but aren’t given this choice. But, now that so many young Caucasian adults don’t want children but instead, what money can buy > down the road they will diminish in population while other groups like Muslims via having more children will receive control of the Socio-Economics. So there is a price to pay for making Higher Education, Careers, Prestige moreover Money as chief Goals in one’s life (Best way to survive is to evolve with it) Because of what I just shared w.r.t. Muslims & other ethnics having more children, it‘s true that for awhile Caucasians can survive through shear power over assets due to their money however soon enough they will lose this to “power of numbers‘. For example, Political victories this Power come through representation & Obama is a Prime example receiving over 90% of the black vote, ~ 3/4s of Espaniol which together along with Leftist Caucasians easily puts him over the top. As an adjunct, the Spanish population is growing fastest in the USA & so IF Caucasian women think in 20 to 50 years their power will have accelerated even though many chose not to have children, they’d better think again Cat. And, if they think by then their counterpart Caucasian men will come to their rescue, by then, these men will be even more powerless (Society grows out of old cocoon & need to evolve itself … hopefully into something better) We both will be around in decades to see if this is so (There is an attitude toward men in West that’s not fair) Yes, but it‘s not healthy nor natural either; suicides are way up amongst this group, remaining at home sheltered by 1 or more parents, women R highly frustrated too as on Dating Sites so I hear saying “where are all the good men gone to”. They cannot have their cake & eat it too”. I grew up here & so frankly, from the changes I have seen it’s like females here are the most spoiled ppl on earth. They can walk down the street naked waste up, choose if& when to have a child, are encouraged & get hired into any traditional masculine Career they wish, use sexual attire anywhere to lure men into getting what they want, granted custody of children mst the time, and so where does this stop? (man is assumed to be an aggressor) This is true & it‘s picked apart to the last straw where now, many men married or not are SCARED of women but, many men think a woman in control is “hot”. You are sharing what’s called “victimizing of women to the nth degree just to get what they want” Cat. It is highly clever but extremely selfish & often hateful (It doesn’t benefit women) U R right in that it doesn’t benefit, normal women who dream of what their ancestral Grandmothers had. It does benefit women who don’t want, or at least they “feel” they don’t want to be at all like women of the past but instead be like the men of the past, generally speaking of course (The roots are in the gender inequity) of the past you are saying & on a materialistic level (If women were assumed to be something mentally incapable) I don’t believe men ever believed this so much as they wanted to maintain their Identity as “provider & protector” so please not this and, behind close doors many husbands would go home to share headaches from work with wives who advised, nurtured, relieved stress, and made her man believe he could do it!. Many husbands would therefore fall apart IF they lost their wives before their death. It would be like both her & part of his Mom dying (so they couldn’t have property or bank account), ok, you’ll looking at this from a women’s point of view who sees $$$ as the Primary desire rather than children, love, belief system in an almighty, and other intangibles. Not all men could provide the same amount of $$$ to their wives & so, I think that women who grew up with these kind of fathers now want more & will do it on their own. When, men who are like that annexed with women who want more as in Politics, the men handed on a Silver Platter more & more of their powers & so Cat, we are where we are today with ladies gradually evolving into the #1 combined power in N America IF we take together both inside & outside the home as a Unit because they most definitely have the power inside the home & getting close to the same even Salary-wise outside the home for the average family (that’s mean men were supposed to be responsible for everything) Um no, women back were raising children, therefore getting more of the LOVE from their kids, doing all kinds of repetitive tasks JUST like the men at work hating their Jobs, receiving more communication from their kids & so…today’s women obviously want to be more like men & are achieving this with no turning back (Henrik Ibsen’s plays > all this in the past but it still bites us in different forms from time to time) Cat, you have no children. “Us“ doesn‘t speak for ALL women right? So the ladies who want Traditional roles can‘t achieve this unless her man makes an extremely good salary to raise several children. Is that fair when Career women run their show telling them they too should be like them? (And one is men still are seen as aggressors) Yes, you‘ve seen that & so maybe women should be injected with Testosterone to become more aggressive, physically. They certainly are far more aggressive verbally which is a Fact in N America. I wonder…when women want to be the aggressor then why don’t thy also want to assume all the things men use to do including beginning ALL relationships by a) asking the man out taking any rejection, b) if a yes, then wine & dine him & be ready to assume the role of men as “bread winner”, c) when it comes to sex, initiate & assume missionary position by being on top, d) when a baby is born the husband should be Primary Caregiver changing diapers & well everything accept breast feeding & hmm…forget about that as they will have to be abolished because she’s at Work……etc etc etc…(Latest tragedy police killed a husband that was just trying to calm down his wife that had emotional breakdown shows the problem) This sounds fishy. During an emotional breakdown surely, when the police entered the premises she would have had enough time to inform the police the “root cause” before they shot him??? I know that most police ignores most males who has the stomach to actually admit he was physically abused by his lady (And this situation is not beneficial for anyone even for hard core feminists LOL) LMAO >>> NO KIDDING sheesh Cat, you’d love watching “Bugs Bunny Cartoons” LOL followed by “The 3 Stooges” so called SLAP & STICK IT TO EM comedy LOL. What a way to end this “Marathon of Hope?” You’re starting to bring out my Zany side & that U don’t want to do because once I get someone LOL as I am also LOL, I’m like a machine gun peppering joke after joke even if they’re down on the floor gasping for air. I LOVE comedy! And, at one time, I thought how mm mm good it’d be to marry a gorgeous Russian skater LOL !!! Hey listen up, did that poor lad die of the shooting incident? If not, and he IS married to a Femi-Nazi then maybe she’ll finish him off Bobbett style _ oooo _ I’d better stop here since THAT must have not only hurt but demoralized the poor hubby …and besides, I’m starting to use typical male humour unbecoming to the site.

  23. Kim on

    Interesting article. I found this blog while doing a late night search regarding women, work, and relationships. I am reeling from a recent split from my ex-fiance, and I very much feel like an outlier to the “norm”. I can’t seem to meet a guy who is not freaked out by the fact that I loathe the careerist mindset and life in the modern workplace. Men that I typically meet expect their female partner to contribute a paycheck, and also seem to consider career accomplishment a metric by which to measure an individual’s worth.

    I have a career out of necessity – I am single and over the age of 35. I have never married, but was recently engaged – and that obviously didn’t work out. The burdens of a life that revolves around the needs of an employer is slowly chipping away at my heart, my health, and my soul… and dare I say, the very expression and core essence of my femininity. I would consider it a privilege and an honor to be able to devote myself to being a homemaker – one that possesses considerable skills, standards, and class! What a lovely thing it must be to be a devoted and valued partner to a loving husband, in every way an equal in status… ideologically, spiritually, and intellectually matched. To have a man to whom I would be wholly devoted to for life.

    I would like to add that I am highly educated (in a STEM field). I possess an IQ over 135, and Myers-Briggs tells me that I’m an INTJ (a strong logical type). I am world-traveled, and I speak a bit of Spanish, French, and Hebrew. This probably doesn’t line up with the “stepford-wife sex-doll dumb-as-dirt far-right religious-fanatic” profile that many would assume of me.

    I simply have an old-fashioned heart. I DO NOT judge anyone else for their life choices… it not my place to do so. Seriously – I mean that. I am simply weary of feeling like a square peg in the round hole of the modern world, and resent feeling as if I am judged wrongly for what I consider the right path for me.

    Oh, but there is one small catch with me… I dislike small children and have no desire to have a baby. (I’m getting a bit old for that anyhow. But teenagers are a-ok!)

    Hey, we all have our quirks! ;-)

    • Cat on

      Just try to balance your life better. Actually at the beginning of my career I was a little bit like you. Work was interesting and I give it all my time. Then there were period of frustration. I am a scientist (I am also quite multicultural, several languages etc) and sometimes could get a great results that encouraged me and sometimes there were no results and it was disappointing. I’ve learned it from my friend and coworker. She was also a postdoc when I was a post doc in one of a European labs. She never forgot to go out on Friday nights and cook a great dinner for friends from time to time. I start doing the same. And I will tell you that sometimes if you forget about your work for a day you mind becomes more clear and the answers come easy. That is probably why some religions demand you to have a day off in a week :).
      As too relations. I notice that some girls especially with high education and extremely intelligent have a tendency to look at the guy too logically. They neglect the feelings and almost calculate if he is a match – does he have the same or higher IQ, does he make the same or more money etc. Wait a minute if you make a good money and have one of the highest IQ the probability that you’ll get a partner with higher IQ and income is not very good. It is a simple statistics. So through away your calculator and learn to hear your heart. I am also a very logical type. And it wasn’t easy. But I learned to shut down logic when it comes to feelings. And I met a guy that I am totally in love. He doesn’t make as much money as me, he doesn’t have my education buy I’ve found many other things that I probably never would try without him – like dirt bikes and motorcycles for example.
      It was a moment when my career was in on the way of our relations and we broke up. But if it is a real love you’ll find each other again. Don’t marry a person you can live with, marry a person you can’t live without. And don’t try to change him – love him as he is.
      Actually one of the central moments in the Stepford wives movie is that it was a girl like you that actually tried to create a perfect husband for herself. The guy that was assumed to be the leader of all the town was actually a robot created by his wife. And here is the whole idea of feminism – to free both women and men. Both can pursue their dreams and desires, nobody should get to control other side. Ok, maybe feminists screw this idea at certain point. Actually there were some episodes in, especially American, feminist movement that looks to me more like an attempt to control. Anyway I have my own points of view that sometimes even agrees with men’s right movement and sometimes with feminists, and sometimes I see both of the sides as ridiculous clowns but I don’t want to discuss it here again and again.
      If you’ll find a guy and you both will feel the magic of love you’ll find a way to compromise. If you split up and don’t feel like you can’t live without each other then it never was the relations that worth the compromise.
      Your love will find you when you’ll stop looking and waiting. Live your live, enjoy it. Enjoy every day of it. If you are unhappy with your position at work – change it, even start your own business and be your own boss if that is what it will take. Enjoy your friends company, enjoy vacations from time to time, enjoy the smell of the flowers!

      • Cat on

        sorry for misprints “As it goes to relationship advice” not “As too relations” LOL I don’t really have time, already have wasted some time here. Should unsubscribe long ago LOL just felt like I should reply you. If you’ll try to become that Stepfort wife you’ll find eventually that you are not happy either. Still you can find a guy that will make you happy although he could be not as successful as yourself. Just don’t see it as lowering your expectation LOL Look for falling in love not for a good match.

        • Dave on

          Kim, re you open to commentary w.r.t. your situation that may or may not be of benefit?

          • Dave on

            Excuse me for the opening typo ‘are’ not “re” … it is just that your commentary rang a bell inside of myself as I can relate even though you may not agree with all or much of my input. Let me know and, if I don’t hear back then I will take it you just needed to Vent. There is a great deal of Venting occurring in droves so you are not alone by a long shot.

    • Dave on

      Ok Kim, I guess you were just venting as we all do from time to time. Bon chance !

    • David on

      Well what can I say? According to the women on this website – your wish is to become a slave! Go figure! What’s wrong with husband before capitalist, family before company and children before career? Shouldn’t that be the humane priority and default natural order of things? But in Postmodern capitalism I’m a vulgar criminal for saying that and you a brainwashed masochist! And to what ends do we serve capitalism to that extent other than to inflate our own materialistic egos and making the elites even more powerful? We have let a system based on exploitation, over-production, consumerism, commodification [of everything] and total annihilation of the environment, penetrate the very core of our being, the way we think, identify with and relate to each others! For what? End of the day you die. You’ve only lived to work. Instead of work to live! You’ve spent an entire life doing a pointless job along the international production lines of the division of labour only to reinforce the power of the elites, doing a job that for most of us has nothing to do with your needs as a species.

      Surely the way I see it, I think you should have no problem finding someone, possibly a divorcee with teenage vampire children to suck your blood if you are clear the way you’ve been here about what you are looking for on a dating website or through speed dating or other venues.

    • Eva on

      You are smart, well cultured and wish to be a stay at home mother (you say desire a baby), yet you date men that want you to work. Seems your above average logic would lead you in a different direction. Or were you just so in love with men who don’t share your values? A high IQ does not = common sense. The kind of man who demands his woman to stay at home won’t appreciate your amazing intelligence and your intellectual mind. Best to find a man who does not care rather you work or not. Good luck, it’s never too late for love.

    • Eva on

      You are smart, well cultured and wish to be a stay at home mother (you say desire a baby), yet you date men that want you to work. Seems your above average logic would lead you in a different direction. Or were you just so in love with men who don’t share your values? A high IQ does not = common sense. The kind of man who demands his woman to stay at home won’t appreciate your amazing intelligence and your intellectual mind. Best to find a man who does not care rather you work or not. Good luck, it’s never too late for love.

      • Eva on

        Apologies for the double posting. My reply is meant for Kim.

  24. Dave on

    I have finally read the entire Script slowly this time & have provided a shortened version still entitled

    “Don’t marry a woman with a career“

    1. You are less likely to get married to a Career Woman because …
    Their higher earnings thus more hrs at work reduce their chances of marrying, which suggests A) financial success makes it harder to search for a match & when they do, B) they have higher standards for what’s acceptable.

    2. If you do marry one you’re more likely to get divorced.
    Women’s work hrs. consistently increase divorce whereas increases in men’s work hrs. do not. More importantly, “divorce rate is far greater when both couples work than where one spouse is employed“ however, when the marriage is a happy one this can shield this effect.

    3. Career Woman is more likely to cheat on you.
    Highly educated PEOPLE are more likely to have had extra-marital sex, and, if a woman has more education than her partner she is even more likely to have extra-marital sex & if her husband has more education, she is less likely to commit adultery. Those making more than $30,000 a yr. are more likely to cheat. So employing women has significantly increased Infidelity over the yrs. because the work environment provides a host of potential partners as women find themselves spending a great deal of time with male coworkers.

    4. Career Woman is much less likely to have children.
    And it is growing across the Socioeconomic Scale (may I add, as the number of women employed vs. males as evident during America‘s last recession hit males more so). {i.e. In 2004, 20% of women over 40 remained childless or 1 in 5 or millions} compared to 1974’s only 10%. It is a PROBLEM because the vast majority of women desire children, and stats are much more extreme for Career women ! {i.e. 51% of ultra-achieving women who earn more than $100,000 have children by age 40} Among comparable males, the figure was a relatively booming 81% ! Furthermore, 33% or 1 in 3 women earning $55,000 – $65,000 were ALSO at age 40.

    5. AND, IF you do have children she is likely to be unhappy.
    As for the WEALTHIER couples with children, they drop in marital satisfaction 3 times greater than the less affluent. It’s speculated that Wealthier women are used to “a professional life giving them a fun, active, entertaining life.”

    6. A Career Woman = a dirtier house.
    When your wife earns more than $15/hr ~ $30,000/yr. she will do 2 hrs. less housework a week, which can be solved if the husband picks up the slack.

    7. You’ll be unhappy if she makes more…

    8. …And she will be unhappy if she makes more too.
    “American wives, EVEN feminist wives are typically happier when their husband earns 68% OR MORE of the household income ! More successful husbands $$-wise give their wives the opportunity to make more choices about work & family (i.e. working PT, staying home, pursuing a meaningful but not particularly remunerative job)

    9. Husbands are more likely to fall ill marrying a Career Woman.
    However, a wife who works less than 40 hrs. has no impact on your health but, working more than 40 hrs. has “statistically significant negative effects on changes in her husband’s health”.

    Any thoughts as per newcomers or established people herein?

  25. Lisa on

    Any woman who puts her needs before her partner’s suffers abuse because she’s supposed to put her partner’s needs first while hers go second.

    • Dave on

      Lisa: So a woman must put all her needs before his or else it is guaranteed, she will A) suffer “abuse”? (this is not accurate w.r.t. real life scenarios) and, she does this B) “because she is suppose to put his need ahead of hers”? This is another absolute statement with no relative flexibility for many relationships that are not 100% vs 0%. Give and take is the rule rather than the exception. And may ask, who said and where is it written “because she is suppose to put his need ahead of hers”? I have some commentary accuracy to share with not only you but others herein. I’ve had civil conversations with tens of thousands of ladies for years and without any exaggeration, when talking to the vast majority of women on this Blog’s topic 2 things occur: 1) they would take this Blog’s statistics based on research or general trends and immediately zero in on their own personal relationship therefore completely ignoring the statistical evidence which are factual;, 2) in stating their inaccuracies they skirt the issues related to an entire population, which equates looking at the tree being themselves while ignoring even defying the forest. I believe that many of the females practising this inaccuracy are doing this for emotional reasons that you say males are doing such as, self-serving. When this happened to me during discussions and debating facts became futile, they would not give up but I did realizing they would never change their “feelings” that focused on disliking ALL men. The way I communicate with women would often keep them talking because I try not to be subject but objectively looking at Causes and Effects followed by obvious Solutions. Antagonizing someone when the problem is a GRAVE as the battle of the genders that is in its 5th decade and getting worse, is highly unwise for future generations of innocent children who have no Choice being born into such a culture. Specifically, what irks many fathers ruining their lives Lisa, is how so many mothers plus bias courts choose for the children the percentage of time spent with the Child’s parents. I’ll be blunt in fairly saying, this decision making is totally Immoral, cruel, and many authorities now say it should be Criminalized.

      As for the opening comments of this Article based on researched stats, we are ALL adults, and so why is it that many people’s comments herein completed ignore the opening Itemized research? Should we not take this research and do something about it IF “Equality” is to stop being the farce – fraud it is when it comes to raising our children Equally? Younger males I speak with more and more don’t want marriage or children because they are scared of losing so much especially after a child is born. This is a catastrophe I never thought could happen in our culture while growing up and NEVER hearing or seeing couples divorce. And all my friends had BOTH parents under one roof with an average of 4 children too. I never saw unhappy parents too even though their mothers were domesticated wives and mothers with proud husbands both having “Identity”.

      • Lisa on

        The writer of this entry thinks that women shouldn’t be self-serving. He thinks women should put his needs before theirs.

        • Dave on

          Lisa: I did not say what you have written above so again as a reminder, you are using “absolutes” meaning > being black or white with issues. And, for you to say “women should serve (his = my) needs”; this is saying I believe every woman I come in contact with whether a stranger, acquaintance, friend, relative, correspondent, etc. I expect them all to serve me hence agree or even obey me. Please try better to respond within this Forum analytically by actually reading what a person has written rather than I guess, merely browsing and then only pick out what you feel serves your prior purpose or, in this case, make things up …. otherwise, you can’t be taken seriously which is unfortunate. I am guessing that you have been hurt by a man or men. Just to share from a vast experience, often when this happens to your gender (and NOT 100% of the time ok?), they tend to Singularize their situation with such emotional bitterness and never really letting go or moreover wanting to SOLVE the problem but instead, try and recruit their entire gender to “feel” they are ALL discriminated against, victimized, etc. If you pay more attention to the Article written at the outset, plus multitudes of other online articles very similarly backed up with stats, and even communicate (as I have a ton) with citizens in the outside world of BOTH genders + walks-of-life, you will find the person who started this forum is sighting statistics that have been building up for decades in destroying the nuclear biological Family. So your obvious attempt through the sentence you typed above, is, to bring or keep onboard as many women possible which is an exhausted ploy to fuel the continuous of gender fighting/ bashing that in turn is gradually wiping out marriage & destroying our children. Also what is happening more and more Lisa, is an acceleration of “Infighting” within your own gender because, a growing number of ladies in their 30s and especially 20s are exhausted with the one-sidedness of Women’s Liberations’ needs. As they look over-top of many Baby Boomer & X-generation ladies to the elderly ladies of WW2 dying off, they see stable contentment therein therefore wanting a piece of that dying generation. Today’s response is not shooting back at you BTW (only sharing), because illogical non-factual confrontation I am adverse to. I will always pray for Family Unity’s return. Actually, I wish all church denominations would collectively come together even with other religions too,{since we are a diverse continent}, and speak out as a massive cry on major TV & Radio networks rather than in fragments online. One can hold their breath til the cows come home if they expect Government Institutions to improve largely what they created. Thanks for taking time to read this.

          • Eva on

            According to statistics I should be dead. Bah statistics. (This is very fun to me -debate- by the way).

            Anyway, you seem concerned quite a bit with American marriages. Is not your own marriage the only one that really matters? Or are you worried your beautiful ideal woman no longer exists? If that’s the case, whose fault is that? Thank you.

  26. Dave on

    CAT, you said (paraphrasing) that you probably shouldn’t be spending as much time as you have already on this site and no wonder; there are few women here which suits your purpose.

    KIM, you haven’t responded to my polite request for offering suggestions which also, suits your purpose.

    LISA you too actually, as a trio … hmm, after you likely reflected on what is logical at the outset of this Blog yet written by OH NO a MAN? you cannot deflect his researched STATS while your emotions dislike his “title” “don’t marry a Career Woman”. You are not deceiving or manipulating anyone but yourselves BTW.

    Well, as much as that title may seem like a “stretchhhhh” , Career women (and I will say it) should NOT have children unless they are willing to sacrifice their Careers for at least a FEW years (oh isn’t that a SIN being so bored looking after something that came out of your precious womb),,, regardless of those prioritized Careers however, this will never happen and so CAT …

    … men on this blog are ALSO wasting their time sharing with one another because, BECAUSE (as you and all Career women know) the real Power of key Decisions are in your genders’ hands. Consequently, I am “unsubscribing” since this is a waste of my time as a “guy” “jerk” “aggression” who not only believes but knows that those “ancient” times back in the 60s and before this since the dawn of time, were more natural and thus NORMAL whereas today with your gender controlling things more and more in WESTERN culture and it’s declining everything … like, women decide whether they want a child or not and if their man does not toe the line IF a child is born, he’s out the door and IN comes a step Daddy. When families are destroyed, the people causing this will also be so don’t deceive yourselves into “LOL”, or “Ha Ha” or “whatever” into thinking you are above what created you, which gies for men too ! We did not create ourselves so WAKE UP B4 it’s too late after you pass on and meet face to face with your so called “spirituality”, “agnostic” or “atheism”. Everyone when faced with death says, “God know” and sometimes “I don’t want to die” so hmm. I know what selfless LOVE is because I’ve practising it for years farrrrr beyond the materialistic $$$ of the “Independent” “My Career” minded women that other women not like them and we “low life men” are exhausted with. Bye bye.

    • Patriot on

      You’re right.
      Pussy up for sale for $0 – but will only fuck whoever rages my hormones.
      This is the sad reality nowadays. Even worse than being a prostitute, to me.
      Generally cited reason will be: ‘I’m in control of my own sexuality’.
      When confronted, the general rebuttal will be: ‘Fuck off, creep.’ and/or ‘I don’t give a fuck about what you have to say, ok?’
      Ah lady I know very well that you give a fuck, you’re just interested in consensual sex with an equivalent shithead to lighten your guilt.

      You’re duping no one but yourself.

    • Cat on

      I am actually agnostic/spiritual/almost atheist LOL. I believe that it were the humans who create the God… sorta…. well… sociologically by creating legends and myths and spiritually – I believe that the combined spirit of all the alive creatures forms the God and the parts of the God incarnates in the alive material forms and creates through it. Doesn’t matter there is too less time to talk about it.
      Anyway, I understand some of your concerns. Yes, the world nowadays is more suits me and of cause I will defend it. It is in my interests and it is in the interests of some men as well. My husband like it this way too. Basically what I need is equal opportunities for any gender. I don’t really need to oppress men. In California in the case of divorce usually custody is 50/50, the property that was gained during the marriage is also divided 50/50, if a husband was a stay at home dad he can get an alimony here. There are several cases were a husband got alimony after divorce. Usually the more liberal is the society the more it willing to consider genders really equally. The more it conservative the more it has tendency to see a women as a victim and a man as a big bad wolf. This perception effects the decision during the divorce a lot in favor of the woman of cause.
      So you need to decide what do you want – equal opportunity or the old way inequity. If equal opportunity I totally support it and we are on the way. There are still problems, but we are moving toward the solution. If you are for the old gender inequity then … I am not your supporter LOL, because it is against my interests.

  27. JUSTICE on

    The research was well done,lets call a spade a spade not a big spoon, these are facts unless someone wants to pretend.80% of working mothers have boyfriend you dont need to catch to prove it might only give stroke.What keeps us together is what we dont know about each other

  28. Natasha Alena on

    Why is it the woman who needs to stay home? If she has a good job which brings a nice paycheck home men can become stay at home dads, but most men wouldn’t like that would they? Oh, double standards. We don’t live in the 1950s anymore and it’s very important to stay independent (considering the high divorce rate nowadays).
    Furthermore in this day and age it is better if both have jobs and share the responsibility. Honestly, most men I know don’t like dependent women.

    • David on

      “Why is it the woman who needs to stay home?”
      Why is it the woman who wears make-up? Why is it the man who has to make the 1st move? Why is it the woman who has to take the pill and stops her body from producing eggs? The list could go on… you’re right 1950s is over, we are now in “Postmodernism” – a world where everything is questionable and can be deconstructed!
      And why would it be wrong for a man to marry a ‘stay-at-home’ mom if that’s his thing and he can afford to do it and she has no problem with it? What double standards? There’s no double standards – you’re just not the woman for that man! Like you put it “considering the high rate of divorce” you should stay independent and so should us men and hence the title of this webpage!

      • Patriot on

        Don’t bother commenting to this. It’s almost certain from the writing style that this is the same person masquerading under different names(cat) and trying her best to ‘engage the enemy’ through eternity, burn him out in the process, hence weaken his resolve and force him to submit.
        Or maybe all these ‘winners’ are like this. Lol.

        • Cat on

          You are paranoid. No I write only using name Cat. No other names. And you really shitty in recognizing different writing styles. LOL

          • Patriot on

            Doesn’t matter.

      • Cat on

        Yes it’s ok to marry a stay at home mom if she is ok with it. It is also ok to marry stay at home dad. It is also normal that the stay at home one gets alimony. At least here in California a man also can get alimony after divorce. And it is ok for a man to wear make-up. It is Ok for a woman to make a first move. Actually it is already goes more this way – a woman usually make a first move nowadays. And contraceptives equally exist for men and women.

  29. JUSTICE on

    If you are unable to provide for your wife then find her a job and count yourself as castrated being. if you cant provide for the family as a man where is your pride as the head of the house. You are encouraging immorality in your home if you let your wife work. RISE UP AS A MAN

  30. Daniel on

    This is incredibly demeaning. I have a wife, and yes, she is the breadwinner as she is a lawyer and I’m a hair stylist. But we are a MODERN family. Male and female roles today are different from 60 years ago. Be more opened minded people!

    • Patriot on

      Of course! Hats off to you, General! Now go out there and live your life! Fuck and get fucked over! Just do a little thing for me will ya? When you change your underwear next time, would you just check to make sure you have a pussy down there?
      Live it, love it!

    • Eva on

      Daniel I know lots of men who have loving wives that are lawyers, nurses and one spouse that is in med school to be a surgeon. Her husband is a military doctor and he brags all the time about his wife. These men respect their girls and love the freedom the extra income provides. The men who hate working women just see them as competition and taking resources away from them, just like they hate successful blacks and hispanics. I see these red neck types now and then (few and far between) but they are insignificant and struggling to survive. I giv them a break. It’s a tough economy and who wouldn’t feel less of a (white) man when professional career focused minorities and women are on the rise. If being a hair dresser is your passion, you will be happy, successful in that field, and that is a success. IMO, you can have your cake and ice cream too (good money) and that’s enough to attract haters and envy.

  31. Eva on

    Ladies– commenting on this message board is like sharing beliefs on racial harmony on a KKK message board. I work in the military with men who I respect and who respect me. I am often admired by my peers and men, and there is not this divide though I am a professional career woman. Marriage is tuff when your man can’t find work, has not found his nitch or is stuck in a job he hates. You are rising in your job and are admired and looked up to, given much authority, and he deals with having others at his job lord over him and treat him like crap. I see all kinds of marriages. Most our female Noncommissioned officers are married to other NCOs or to an officer/warrent officer. Rarely is that reversed. Most commissioned female officers are single or married to another officer. I am in the minority. My husband is a civilian. He gets depressed often since he is out of work and has not found his career nitch. It is hard sometimes but I love him, and he knows I need him. He loves me too I know this, but he must find his way, and I give him the space he needs sometimes and encouragement. But yes,a ssuccessful career woman will make your average blue collar guy insecure and sadly, envious. Rare is the man who’ll stand by his career girl and help hold her together when he is unable to find work. My husband is a rarety. I suppose I’ll be called a b-word and feminist, but I knew that and am posting at my own risk. God help each and everyone find the right mate perfect for him, rather she be traditional or she be a money maker -there must be love and mutual respect.

    • Anonymous on


  32. Jennifer Wainwright-Winther on

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever read. No career woman would want to waste her time on any man whose balls are so small he couldn’t find them with tweezers and a magnifying glass if she tried and the author of this post seems to fit that bill.

    • Anonymous on

      u mad?

      • Eva on

        Maybe she’s mad, who knows; but yeah, that’s how many of you guys appear, really insecure and self-emasculated by the presence of women that make more money than you –and in many cases more talented and creative than you. Emasculated to me means totally insignificant. Did you think being a white male, for example, equated to brilliance, creativity and success in this life? Maybe it did for some, but I guess you got short changed because those damn women and minorities took all your opertunities away. Did she take your manhood too, or did you really just leave it at home?

        • Patriot on

          I can tear each of your 8½ year old like argument to shreds. But you know what? I’m going to let you bask in the glory you think you’ve attained. If you’re even the least bit analytic you’ll come across the reality of your own self and how your modern society effectively short-changed you all this time, say 20 years from now.

      • B. on

        You small? You must be if you agree with this nonsense

        • Patriot on

          You super loose? You must be if you’re trained to refute facts and forever hide under your cloud of ignorance. No one needs your smelly pussy here, fuck off

  33. Eva on

    Eva signing out, lol.

    • Royce on

      The advice given in this piece is broadly correct and the statistics are undeniable.
      If a woman wants to be career oriented I think that’s fine and provided she competes on an equal footing then that is clearly and obviously her right – but men should of course treat her as just another co-worker and compete against her in the same way one would a man if that is what is required in the job, however, the idea that you would get romantically involved with her is a really bad idea.

      I’m not saying it cannot work because there are examples of everything under the sun – but you are seriously decreasing the probabilities of having a good life and a successful relationship unless you are submissive and/or effeminate.

      Of course, we’re talking proper relationships here, to be crude if you just want a temporary f___ buddy that’s different again :-)

      • Cat on

        LOL What a wonderful simplification! Relations where one partner is submissive are not good. Actually real life is much more complicated.
        One of the example of long lasting relations where a wife is a career woman and not submissive would be a traditional family business. It was very common for traditional family and business that while husband is supervising the technical side of the business wife is doing book keeping, accounting. Successful couples used any opportunity that allowed woman to participate in the business. More opportunity society give to the women the more family uses it. I know families where a husband was a physicist and his wife was a chemist and he could ask her professional opinion on Chemistry and she asked his on Physics.
        In the same time romantic relations with co-workers indeed can cause lot of problems. I’ve seen how it could hurt women. I’ve seen that if a husband and a wife both working in the same area people start spreading rumors that the husband uses his influence to help her career. I personally tried to avoid romantic relations with co-workers, even short-term. 1) I didn’t want any rumors that I wasn’t treated fairly and 2) short term relations could back fire if I would like to end it and the guy doesn’t. My experience tells me that guys also often don’t take break ups easy. Girls as well sometimes don’t take break ups easy. It can complicate work a lot.
        Competition between spouses is ok if both have some good achievements that the other spouse admire. Actually it is very unhealthy when one of the spouses is constantly submissive and always have to admit the other spouse’s superiority. Usually couples that could be in the relations for a long time like something about each other and treat each other as professionals in some areas and sometimes could equally compete in some games like tennis or chess. I like to play tennis with my hubby, we are both not very good in it. But it is fun to play. He is stronger but I also have some tricks to make it almost equal. You know if I wouldn’t work hard to win he would be bored playing with me. I don’t try to win to show my superiority I just want the game to be entertaining for him as well. Table tennis is even more fun because we are even more equal there. I absolutely agree that he is superior as a musician and he is superior when he is riding dirt bikes. I am making more money and he never even tried to get into my professional area. But he encourages me to ride bikes and to play music with him.
        Maybe the worst situation is when both spouses are professionals in the exactly the same area and one is much better than another. In this situation the loser (gender doesn’t matter) could be so jealous that he will have to change the profession, or will have to work harder to be equal or the relations will fall apart. Although … It is basically same as between friends of the same gender. If they compete but they are equal, they would like to be together because they could share ideas and inspire each other. If one is too much better than another it could cause jealous feeling but it depends… Genius people also have friends so the spouses can still stay together even if one of them is genius lol.
        The problem is that people should learn to treat a spouse as a friend. That means you should compete equally even she is a woman and even you are romantically involve. Nothing could be more disrespectful than treating a wife or a girl that you are in love with as some sort of incapable creature.

  34. Tainia Lami on

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  35. In short, this article is indirectly asking women to aim lower for men to feel better about themselves.

    • Anonymous on

      Career scrubs can aim whatever they want, I don’t give a fuck…

  36. Writer on

    This is probably one of the dumbest articles I’ve read in my entire life…. My faith in humanity just keeps on diminishing. You guys have obviously nothing useful to do with your lives other than bad mouth other people. Pathetic.

    • Anonymous on

      Good to know.

  37. Brian on

    This article is spot on. At some point we are all going to just have to give up on the notion that men and women are the same because its not true. Women respond differently to careers than men do. Why is it then, that women are so offended? It is because of the illusion that they are equal to men (equal mathematically speaking). Likewise, men are not equal to women. If a study reveals data, it is plausible that the data is true. The way that people respond to that data is the only real bias.

    If this data is accurate, which I chose to believe, then the opposite is likely true. Meaning that stay at home dads are probably not a good choice for career women. This is not an article targeting women. It is sound advice for men, by men. We don’t go to your Cosmo webpages and tell you how to council each other, do we? If you are a career woman, married and reading this; just be glad that someone cared enough to bring the issues to the table. What is left unsaid, will often never be heard…. And that is where the real marriage issues begin.

    • Cat on

      Look, I don’t go to “Cosmo” webpages as well. I don’t go to your pages usually, just accidentally run into and stated my opinion. Of cause it is up to you to marry somebody or do not marry. Nobody cares. I disagree with your statement that women respond differently. Actually there are no study to support it. There are study that shows that human brain is extremely flexible. The training especially in earlier years could shape it to give a certain responses. So it is not as much of an illusion that men and women are equal in most of areas. Men are statistically stronger physically though the tails of the Gaussian distributions have a sufficient cross over even here. Anyway it is up to you who you’d like to marry. Career women are quite happy and don’t really care. The only thing they care to be treated at work equally. We don’t need a special actions for us we just need to consider without the thoughts like “oh she is a woman she wouldn’t be as good as a man”.

  38. Patriot on

    To everyone out here, instead of coming out here every time and banging your head on the wall:

    Be patient and view it in its entirety. And it’s needless to say, but the truth chooses it’s own persons.

  39. Sarah on

    Marry who your heart desires to .. But think about this … Are men turning into women .. Hmm ?

  40. Anonymous on

    the writer is one fucked up son of a bitch who is insecure and is looking for a bimbo coz he can’t handle a nice normal lady. duhh grow a pair

    • Anonymous on

      You grow a pair of nice boobs and buns first – it’s the prime reason why guys overlook you and go for bimbos

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