I am personally outraged with this article. As a single, hard-working female in NYC, I’m disgusted that a credible, highly circulated publication like Forbes is archaic enough to question my daily activities, goals, and perserverence. Men and women alike are trained their whole lives to believe that the person who is meant for them will love you for who you are; for me, that is someone who will respect my wants and desires, including establishing myself as a viable part of the business world.

08-23-2006 04:53 PM



Translation I a Single Woman cannot believe that a Male has the audacity to state his opinion on Peer Reviewed Studies of Success and Failure in Marriage with Career Women. What is hilarious is how obvious the Feminists are losing. You just refuse to realize equality means hearing the opinion of the other side. Women have had their run of the media and their opinions only expressed for better than 3 decades.

Men who dare to declare an opposing opinion have been censored. The Internet and talk radio is cracking open the Lace Curtain and Women are having a fit. Too bad so sad. Insults and attempts to shame Men into behaving are no longer working. Get a clue. Men are voting with their feet. Want proof? Real Estate for retirement outside the US is doubling and tripling in value.

A growing number of Men are doing what I am doing. Bailing on this Gynocracy. The wholesale emasculation of Males in our culture has created a situation where Traditional Men, who love Feminine Women no longer have any incentives to Marry, have children, and raise a family.

Have fun with the Metrosexual Pretty Boys, Thugs, Players, Criminals, Bikers and Bad Boys. Or Marry a P Whipped Male who will not stand his ground. Life is about choices and consequences. Feminists and our Arrested Juvenile Women cannot face that reality. The Party is over and Men are wising up everywhere we can express ourselves.

09-04-2006 04:22 PM


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