Don’t marry career women? That’s just ridiculous

Don’t marry career women? That’s just ridiculous

Unbelievable – that they would say this in this day and age – what do they want – the men to marry women with low income so that they are dependent on them and they can go around cheating happily with the smart educated women they want to enjoy but not marry? Are they telling people to go back 100 years? What is wrong with them? Yes – career women cannot be good homemakers if the men expect them to do everything without partnering and helping out – if they want to be sitting in front of the T.V. while the woman comes home from a hard day’s work and starts making dinner while taking care of screaming kids. I am a professional, a CPA, married for 27 years and have raised two very successful kids who are in high places. And I know many more like me. How about Indra Nooyi – one of the most powerful women in the U.S. with the highest Corporate position – she has been married for over quarter century, has two adult kids and I know she still goes and gets a gallon of milk from the grocery store when the fridge is empty. Forbes is either crazy or this is a gimmick to raise an uproar and increase their sales. Cheap shot!

08-23-2006 02:52 PM

Re: Don’t marry career women? That’s just ridiculous

We can only hope that this crazy gimmick has the opposite effect: a huge decrease in sales. I know I’ll never buy another issue.

08-23-2006 03:46 PM

Re: Don’t marry career women? That’s just ridiculous

The article doesn’t say EVERY career woman is a train wreck waiting to happen. To the contrary, your post supports the article that successful marriages occur in two career households.

Read the 2nd to last paragraph again.

08-24-2006 04:50 AM

Re: Don’t marry career women? That’s just ridiculous

oldbutnew, brainwashed by feminism and you don’t even know it.


“With women or the female mindset imparted through feminization on the vast majority of society, it will be very easy to control the Empire…I mean…the republic.” –

08-24-2006 10:28 PM


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