I like her rebuttal, but…


I like her rebuttal, but…

It’s still very disappointing that Forbes is allowing Noer’s article to remain at all. She makes some great points, but she fails to address the fact that his article is sexist, moronic, and just plain wrong. His article belongs on a dating website, not on a supposedly respectable publication like Forbes.com.

Disappointing. So very disappointing…

08-24-2006 09:57 AM


Re: I like her rebuttal, but…

i agree totally

the thing is, when i tried to check the masthead to find a woman in a top position to complain to about this, there weren’t any.

the fact remains, this article was READ, EDITED and APPROVED as an article to be posted. meaning, the men who work there thought Noer’s article was OK.

did you notice too that it was first posted as an ARTICLE but is now “OPINION”
Forbes.com trying to CYA????

08-24-2006 12:28 PM


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