I’m disappointed in Forbes


I’m disappointed in Forbes

It’s clear that Mr. Noer has people who can do mediocre research. The statistics are cherry-picked and often tilted. For example, in both sexes those that have income (whether they work or receive income otherwise) are more likely to have affairs. And yet, the article focuses on “career women.” I guess that’s shorthand for any woman with an independent income. Then, there is the statistic about women spending less time cleaning the house. But Mr. Noer fails to mention that house cleaners can be hired, and quite often are by two career families. And that extra $30K a year will pay for a lot more than an additional 2 hours a week of house care. As to having children, that is a choice made by a couple. Of course, in Mr. Noer’s world the man is so sad that he cannot handle his wife making more, cannot clean his own home, and gets sick unless his wife “tends” to him. I will not try to confuse Mr. Noer further by explaining that there are those men that stay home with children, while their wives are the primary breadwinners.

I used to subscribe to Forbes, but I will never do so again. I now understand that I’m not in the target audience of this magazine. I find it shocking that the Executive Editor of a magazine writes to the “guys” and denigrates women who have entered the workforce. I expect an apology.

08-23-2006 05:57 PM


Re: I’m disappointed in Forbes

I completely and wholeheartedly agree.
My company will be canceling our three subscriptions immediately.

The multi-layers of wrongness in this article cannot go unnoticed.
Or unpunished.

It is an outrage.

08-23-2006 07:30 PM


Re: I’m disappointed in Forbes

I am not disappointed in Forbes. I am delighted.

Your publication is a good publication, which is worth the money, please keep on the good work and reject requests from some radical feminists demanding censorship.

I will recommend Forbes to every of my business-friends.

08-24-2006 02:38 AM


Re: I’m disappointed in Forbes

What a profoundly stupid reason to recommend Forbes to friends.
Because they take a 35-year-old stance on the place of women in business?

Oh, bravo, you free-thinking anti-censorship maven, you.

Maybe if some of their relevant business content were so far behind, like stock recommendations or futurecasting, then perhaps it would affect you in a way that made you actually care about something.

As for me, undermining a woman’s right to have a rewarding intellectual life as well as a rewarding home life is ripe for criticism. After all, Noer has the right to discuss his dusty beliefs, and we (as a 21st century society) have the right to reject his opinion. In a public forum.
THAT is what free speech is all about.

So much for the hard-bitten thick skins of the business-savvy old boys’ network.

08-24-2006 03:43 PM


Re: I’m disappointed in Forbes


It is my right to recommend Forbes to my business-friends for what reason ever.

Forbes did a good job to report about this controversial topic.

>by jmurtell: ….undermining a woman’s right to have a rewarding intellectual life as well as a rewarding home life is ripe for criticism.<

Intellectual life…it is up to you…

About the rewarding home life – the question is, if this ‘rewarding home life for you’ is also a ‘rewarding home life for your husband’…I doubt that.

Seems you care only about yourself….Forbes made a good job to explain to us all, why men better ignore career women for marriage.

Thanks for your message, BTW.


08-24-2006 04:52 PM


Re: I’m disappointed in Forbes

Just sent in my subscription.

Nice to see someone cover the male side of things for once.

Usually it’s written from the viewpoint of some feminized mangina only with feminist approval.

Nuts to that sh*t!

08-24-2006 10:56 PM


Re: I’m disappointed in Forbes

Before canceling your 3 “major” subscriptions to Forbes magazine, may I suggest you read the article again, particularly where Noer states there are many career women who are indeed “happily and fruitfully” married (paragraph 4). He never stated 100% of career women will have rocky marriages. In fact, he further states that although he cites several scientific studies, “A word of caution… As with any social scientific study, it’s important not to confuse correlation with causation….” (last paragraph).

So it looks like you can keep your subscription.

08-29-2006 03:34 AM


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