In Pictures: Nine reasons not to marry idiot men and Forbes journalists


In Pictures: Nine reasons not to marry idiot men and Forbes journalists

1. [Picture of Michael Noer] Them being idiots, you are less likely to marry them.
2. [Same picture] Them being idiots, you are more likely to kick them out of the house.
3. [picture of career woman with normal, intelligent man] Having kicked the idiot out, you will be more likely to find a normal man to date and/or have sex with.
4. [picture of career woman, normal man and a kid] Having done that you can go ahead and have a kid
5. and be happy doing it.
6. [picture of normal man doing dishes] Clean the house your fucking self.
7. [picture of normal couple spending money from their joint account] Who cares who earned the money, it’s fungible.
8. [same picture] Ditto.
9. [picture of man seeing a doctor] Last time I checked germs caused disease not wives.

Perhaps if Forbes editors had switched the pictures out for these ones, they wouldn’t be seeing their readership plummet by 50%. Nice work. Hope the apology is a good one and M. Noers will shortly be out of a job.

08-23-2006 05:38 PM


Re: In Pictures: Nine reasons not to marry idiot men and Forbes journalists

Did Micheal Noer’s article hit a nerve? Or is it that Career Women are in a full out panic. As the pool of acceptable candidates continues to shrink and Men are saying no to Marriage to Feminized American Women? Huh. What is really scary to Career Women is how many Men showed up and piled on here. Men who are educated have careers and are saying no to FemNags. What is really disappointing is that Women have zero interest in What Men want or what Men are dealing with. Unreasonable and Unrealistic is what a marriage therapist a Female told me is her biggest issue with Women.

More and More according to this Woman, American Women have zero interest in What Men want. It is all about what they want. And they are unrealistic, and unreasonable. The responses by Feminists here is the best validation for Noer’s article possible. Men are relationship Consumers we buy. Women are relationship sellers. You sell. When the terms of the sale are unreasonable and liabilities excessive. The Market conditions change and buyers seek reasonable alternatives. Basic Macroeconomics applied to relationships.

Rant on Ladies you are driving Men further and further away from you.

09-17-2006 02:17 PM


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