is this a joke? Apology demanded


is this a joke? Apology demanded

I can’t believe Fortune published this. And the title is so blatantly offensive -no caveats, just a blanket statement:

First, Michael Noer is assuming that a working woman will continue to work after she gets married. Noer is giving advice presumably to single men seeking working single women. That is different from the stats cited which are of married women who are working. Perhaps the working women are working because the men are not pulling in enough money to make it himself. Perhaps the divorce is a result of the working woman balancing everything while her husband shuts down after work and expects his wife to do overtime house work when she has put in as much effort outside the work place as he has.

The article makes it seem as if it is common that women make more than their partners, which in turn causes the divorce rate in America to be about 50%. The reality is that women continue to make about 30% less than men in her comparable industry/role. Maybe the article should tell their male readers to realize the new playing field and perhaps they need to think about their responsibilities outside the office/workplace. All he blame it on is the fact that if his wife didn’t work, he’d be happier. Maybe these working women cheat more because they were either oversold when dating or these women now realize they could have done so much better than the lazy guy they settled for.

There is the possibility that of the couples that are happily married, the women once worked, made over 30K, and have college degrees, but they may have decided to stay at home after having kids. It appears the author is assuming the happily married couples have wives that never worked and only have high school degrees.

Ultimately this article seems like it’s a ‘pity me’ article. Is the author an insecure guy who just had his heart broken by a career women who knows what she wants?

Finally, if women were to take this article seriously (and I hope no one hoping to get married is taking this seriously), married people with kids may not have teachers to teach most of their children come next month when school starts! After all, teachers have degrees, some have graduate ones, and they often make over 30K. Has the author considered the number of working women who contribute to society while gainfully employed overlooked this?!?

I can not believe Fortune magazine published this. I thought it was a forward-thinking magazine.

08-23-2006 07:03 PM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

I completely and wholeheartedly agree.
My company will be canceling our three subscriptions immediately.

The multi-layers of wrongness in this article cannot go unnoticed.
Or unpunished.

It is an outrage.

08-23-2006 07:28 PM


Are you a joke? Apology demanded

I demand the both of you apologize for threatening constitutional rights and making ridiculous statements. How many articles are there that are leagues worse than this one in every grocery store magazine I’ve seen? Funny how I never see anyone complain about these kinds of articles when they’re about men but God forbid someone write one half as bad about women.

This article is right. I married a career woman and I’m miserable. All she cares about is her job. I’m getting a divorce soon because of the very reasons pointed out in this article.

Men, take my advice: think very carefully before marrying especially if you’re marrying a woman who thinks of nothing but money. I’m done with American women, they just don’t know how to treat their men right and they expect the world from their men. It’s ridiculous and the gravy train is stopping. I’m just glad I didn’t get her pregnant.

I’ll probably lose half of my stuff (I love how men are abused in the legal system both with marriage and children) but it’s a small price to pay for freedom.

Reality Check: The Gravy Train has derailed.

08-23-2006 08:27 PM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

Mr. reality check, sorry about your divorce. Many other dumb websites publish foolish babbles like this but the reason there is ‘outrage’ is that most of us readers expected more from FORBES than antiquated thinking. While your wife might be a workaholic, you really shouldn’t blame her for the entire divorce. It takes two, babe.

08-23-2006 08:41 PM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

My mistake was marrying her.

I’m surprised that you have intimate knowledge of my marriage though, are you omnipresent or something?

08-23-2006 08:48 PM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

Ok, you guys are absolutely ridiculous. The author cites scholarly research. He’s not pulling this information out of his ass. Leave your bible belt values and morals at home, and activate your intelligence.

AT NO POINT did the author “assume” women continue to work after getting married. In fact, he specifically addresses that, saying that career women who quit work to become homemakers become unhappy.

People, this ain’t rocket science, and you shouldn’t take it personally. DUH! Think about it: TWO PEOPLE. BOTH CAREER-MINDED. Naturally, there will be more conflicts. Additionally, you can find MANY studies showing that the level of education of a person correlates with his or her number of lifetime sexual partners. More educated people tend to be more politically liberal as well. Big freaking deal. Don’t get uptight about it. These are studies showing trends. They may not apply to you or your specific situation. Duh again.

I’m amazed how truly reactive people are, totally incapable of seeing another’s point of view. Hmmm, makes you wonder how worthwhile your fancy education was. Maybe it just strikes a nerve on a personal level…that’s my guess.

Here’s some more reading for you:

08-23-2006 08:58 PM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

RealityCheck wrote:

My mistake was marrying her.I’m surprised that you have intimate knowledge of my marriage though, are you omnipresent or something?

Wow, I’ve forgotten how many people lack English reading comprehension skills. RealityChek, when you said you were married to someone, it implies there is another party. The statement “it takes two” implies that you had to participate in some way, fashion, or form, the collapse of your marriage. There is no intimate knowledge needed to come to this conclusion, or omnipresence. Furthermore, you may have wanted the word Omniscient . Omniscient implies knowledge of all things. Omnipresent implies that she/he is all places at once. Best of luck in your divorce proceedings!

08-23-2006 09:05 PM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

It’s not as much as the facts it cites as much as the male audience the article is clearly targeted towards in a magazine circulated amongst both genders.

08-23-2006 09:10 PM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

Forbes is not a place of idiots, they have experience and have enough money for collecting reliable data. Forbes was only publishing these results of some serious research work – and these results were not favorable for men, who are living in a relationship with a woman, who is looking for a career life.
That’s all.
Apology for what? For posting results of research? Forbes is not a place for censorship.

08-23-2006 10:10 PM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

Here’s your apology:
I’m sorry you’re too dumb to see the article for what it is–an editorial, but one which cites peer-reviewed scholarly research. Rather, you choose to take personally the author’s words. Obviously, it hits home with you, striking a nerve for whatever reason. You don’t have to tell us your issues. Those are yours to sort through, but it becomes readily apparent that you have some when you pen such a dramatic flame-inducing venting of a researched article.

So there’s your apology. Sorry you are a victim of your own circumstances.

08-23-2006 10:17 PM

————————————————————–Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded


You say in your response that you think it is wrong that Forbes wrote an article that collectively attacks women as a gender?

However, do you voice a complaint when a magazine or another media outlet collectively attacks men as a gender???

Remember the slogan, “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them”?

Why is it when there is an article that even says something about women, are people all over it and ragefully denouncing it?


Personally, for someone who wants to denounce the author who wrote it, you are not doing a good job.

I can smell that your argument reeks of misandry.

First, you have the gall by excusing a woman who cheats on her husband and then you have the audacity to call the husband lazy.


I am vehemently against when a husband cheats on his wife. Don’t make excuses for women to cheat on their husband. They shouldn’t have a free pass because they are woman.

I don’t care what gender you are.

Then, you personally attack the author who wrote this article. Hmm, so, if you have the truth on your side as you suggest, WHY then would you have to demean and humiliate the author who wrote this???

And why would you want to censor this article and state that you cant believe Forbes published this article?

I mean, Forbes is a PROMINENT magazine. I think it would be quite stupid if they wrote this article with NO foundation of scientific basis or empirical evidence to back up their claims.

And you ‘demand’ an apology???? If I demanded an apology because of the ‘Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them’ t-shirt and all of the other misandric messages I endured from the media and this society, I would have been told that I was a whiner and I should suck it up!

Why should you have an apology? Because you are a woman? Hah!

And, let’s say this article was totally erroneous and incorrect. Why would you be trying to censor what this magazine says? If a magazine said something that was so preposterous and the truth was on your side, then why would you have the need to (personally) attack the author as being ‘insecure’.

And why, would you have to make generalizations and say that it MUST be that women cheat on their husbands because they are LAZY.

Hmm. Sounds like misandry (hared of men) to me.

It seems like you are excusing women yet again. NO ONE (not men or women) should be excused if they do something wrong. No one should play favorites!

Wow. I hope you do this to everything you read that criticised men as well.

Of course, I have the inclination that you just sat back when male bashing took place. (oh and I am not talking about eloquent articles that had scientific fact either. I am talking about ones that had absolutely no purpose and had the tone of hatred to it).


08-23-2006 10:25 PM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

Do you mean to tell me that you find nothing problematic about this article’s portrayal of men? Honestly, I am quite insulted by the author’s portrayal of men as insecure idiots who can’t even take care of themselves. This misandry that this article portrays disgusts me.

08-24-2006 02:20 AM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

I did not find anything problematic about this article.

Articles pinpointing at men, depicting ALL MEN as rapists, losers or idiots are very frequently. – You find them every day, misandry is politically correct and accepted in the Western World.

Why should this article be problematic? Because it is pinpointing this time at women and not at men? Why not?

08-24-2006 03:19 AM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

this article DOES portray all men as idiots and losers.

08-24-2006 03:43 AM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

Better be an idiot and loser with a foreign wife than a male feminist…

08-24-2006 04:58 AM


Re: is this a joke? Apology demanded

I don’t understand why the respondents are bashing each other. Studies are done in the name of science all the time, that doesn’t mean they are scientifically accurate. Interpretation of data can vary widely depending on the interpreter and what actual credentials they carry, so unless all the data is better laid out for everyone to look at and is sourced in a more conventional way than was used for this article, any real correlation to scientific fact must be left aside. After that, what you have is a man who seems to have issues with relation to women in the work force. The “rebuttal” was mostly farcical, and that’s a shame, because there are real points to be argued.

On a personal level, I find the article incredibly insulting and petty and much less than I would expect from an editor of such a prestigious forum.

08-24-2006 10:02 AM


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