Men are a whole lot smarter than this


Men are a whole lot smarter than this

Wow. Okay, the guy author sounds like the standard tunnel-visioned chauvinist who can’t fathom that men actually have an equal role in the partnership (and therefore work) of marriage. Blaming divorce on the woman having a career outside the home is a huge cop-out. This author’s premise should be an embarrassment to any reasonably-intelligent man out there. That men would be so easily threatened, or so easily dismissed – doesn’t that suggest that husbands aren’t much of a bargain to begin with? I’d be offended.

By his thinking, any arrangement other than a rigid (and statistically artificial) Ozzie & Harriet deal spells death to the union. Tell that to the nearly 75% of divorced mothers out there who were blindsided while diligently fulfilling their own Harriet roles. I can hear them now: “You mean we could have gone ahead and had careers _anyway_? And we’d now be better able to support our families, since our skirt-chasing exes took off? Arrgghhh!”

I just hope he’s in the tiniest minority, because the idea that his kind of foaming-at-the-brain blather is swimming about in the gene pool makes me feel very tired.

Thankfully, the men I know and love are a whole lot smarter than this guy, including my wonderful husband of 11+ years.

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Re: Men are a whole lot smarter than this

Ten bucks says Noer is more intelligent than your husband.

08-24-2006 10:45 AM


Re: Men are a whole lot smarter than this

ten bucks says you dont have one 🙂

08-24-2006 05:36 PM


Re: Men are a whole lot smarter than this

Just curious did you read the original Peer reviewed Studies? What has happened here on this board is akin to a temper tantrum by six year olds on the Part of Women. Instead of attempting to refute the data of which his article was based its the same nonsense over and over again. Sorry Ms. Yvette but that page book is old hat. Those tactics are not working anymore. Noer did not say you could not have a Career. He did not say Career Women were inferior human beings. What he did say in effect is that Men who want a stable family life need to realize there are consequences to the “having it all” Mentality of Career Women. Its your problem if you have attended the Church of Oprah and cannot realize what Men may want could differ from your agenda.

I am married to a Career Woman, my second Marriage. She puts me ahead of her career. If she did not we would not be together. That was the deal she agreed to. It was not negotiable with me. She is free to go anytime that does not suit her. She made an informed decision. She is not very domestic as to Cooking. I am. I do 90% of the household cooking. I iron, clean, Sew and can mend.

Noer’s point is the specialization of roles appeals to high income Men. Who don’t need a mirror image of themselves. And don’t want a combative rather than a pleasant and sweet Spouse. While combative and aggressive is important in the Career culture. It is detrimental to Male and Female Interactions. Deal with it.

09-18-2006 03:05 PM


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