Pathetic “career boy”

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – Pathetic “career boy”

Pathetic “career boy”

It’s depressing to realize that our “career boy” Mr. Noer has managed to rise in his chosen profession despite (1) blatantly sexist views, (2) apparent joy-taking and comfort in happily expressing blatantly sexist views, and (3) apparent joy-taking in women-baiting. Forbes, you’ve dropped a notch or 10 for a lot of women.

08-24-2006 04:11 PM

Re: Pathetic “career boy”

Give me a break, the guy makes less then 30,000.00 as a writer. Obviously he has to take his anger out on someone. I personally loved the debate, Counterpoint: Don’t Marry A Lazy Man
By Elizabeth Corcoran
Studies aside, modern marriage is a two way street. Men should own up to their responsibilities, too.

08-24-2006 04:15 PM

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