Ridiculous Article with a Misogynist making the Conclusions

Ridiculous Article with a Misogynist making the Conclusions

The article is ridiculous , “Becker argued that when the labor specialization in a marriage decreases–if, for example, both spouses have careers–the overall value of the marriage is lower for both partners because less of the total needed work is getting done, making life harder for both partners and divorce more likely. And, indeed, empirical studies have concluded just that.”

So you hire a nanny and a housekeeper and order in???? I totally get that the management of the home is important but you assume if you have two educated people (and by that I mean not university educated just paying attention) who are presumably goal oriented (and want to self-preserve their lives and homes and family) that they work that out? That didn’t make any sense.

Career is tricky though.. It could be different for lower incomes where the wife HAS to work otherwise feel guilty (versus having a real career) and doesn’t have the support at home or finances to hire people to help her and then the knucklehead husband doesn’t pitch in. I might cheat on that guy! They are using 30,000 as the marker for women that work. So .. in some ways, if the woman is taking on ALL the burden then I can see how a marriage can suffer under the stress but it’s not the women’s fault. I bet it has more do w/ the ensuing harriedness of being forced to work, clean, care for the children and being completely exhausted. I think men now expect women to work when some would prefer to stay home. It’s all economics. But yeah, let’s blame the woman!! Those suckers. They suck.

I think they surveyed my father or something on this one!

08-23-2006 02:56 PM

Re: Ridiculous Article with a Misogynist making the Conclusions

It is misogynistic in the sense of showing deep contempt of women as human beings. Wives are seen as housekeepers, and it doesn’t matter if they are happy in the marriage, as long as it is not them who might leave.

There is also a major misunderstanding of the literature. That women who work more hours are more likely to leave is because they can. This does not mean that the women working fewer hours (and earning less) would be any happier in a “low quality” marriage; they’re just locked in. Somehow this doesn’t seem to matter.

But what if the benefits from marriage are actually benefits from a mutually happy marriage? Well, I doubt that the author would recognize such a marriage.

08-23-2006 04:06 PM

Re: Ridiculous Article with a Misogynist making the Conclusions

I know of a young Woman from the Ukraine. Who has done very well for herself here. She has a Husband and he is a stay at home Dad raising their little girl. She has a House Dad instead of a Stay At Home Mom. I see no issues or problems with this scenario. If it meets a couples needs. I did this for a short time myself. I know a little about children. I am the Father of five of them. And have six Grandsons.

A Nanny, Daycare, after School care are not a substitute for a Loving Parent. Life is about choices. Downsizing wants to give children the love and guidance they need is much more important than a McMansion, SUV, or endless remodeling. Or a Closet with 100 pairs of Manaolo Blankniks.

Sadly Few Men have that opportunity or a reasonable spouse. She places Family above Career or Gender Roles. This is what Feminists sold to Men to get their “Rights”. Men wanted flexibility and we have had none of it. Instead what we have is insults, demonization, criminalization of our attraction, and financial Predation in Family Courts. Women refuse to consider there may be another Viewpoint Men hold. Enjoy Spinster hood.

09-11-2006 01:12 PM


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