utter and complete malarkey


utter and complete malarkey

after reading this article, i am completely flabbergasted. it is such utter malarkey.

maybe us “career women” are less willing to put up with b.s. from our male counterparts in that we are smart enough to know (considering most of us are college educated) when we’re being mistreated or taken for a ride and to end a relationship that isn’t working and not raising our kids in a situation where the parents are fighting or that is an unhealthy environment.

kids should not have to grow up in an environment where the parents do not get along, period. the days of staying together for the kids is over.

simply put, this article is complete and utter crap.

08-23-2006 04:10 PM


Re: utter and complete malarkey

Actually, I think it’s spot on.

American Women are a risky investment with no reward.

08-24-2006 10:43 PM

Re: utter and complete malarkey

Barbara Dafoe Whitehead’s Book “The Divorce Culture” very articulately spells forth the change in our Culture towards Divorce. Yet another lame attempt by a Feminist to attack the article rather than its content. What is Malarkey is your stupidity. Thinking you can insult Men into behaving to fit your agenda. Think again Ms. Here is a little bit of news for you. You are no longer what we want either. As Relationship consumers Men are judging Women critically. We have too. We have too much liability when a relationship goes South. It may take us years literally decades to recover. That is why suicide is so high amongst Divorced Men.

Yes by all means be unrealistic and unreasonable. Hey Brad Pitt is still on the Market. Maybe you can get him to marry you. Spawn a couple of annuities and get “Adult Support”. It works for PDiddy’s ex-Girlfriend. Or the Billionaire Ron Perlman paying child Support for another Man’s kid. To the tune of $35,000 a month. Though that’s a bargain His Ex originally sued for $225,000 a month.

Read the book “Second Chances” and then spout off the same idiotic comment. Shows what a self absorbed amoral person you are.

09-10-2006 05:44 PM


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