If you want a good business venture…

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – If you want a good business venture…

If you want a good business venture…

don’t partner with a stay-at-home spouse. OK well at least til you know that the partner will be able to help enough to make sure its successful.

The problem I think here is that when you say marry, typically it implies that it means the two will be starting a family. If you going to marry someone that is career focused, you better have it well planned out enough that when the children start to come, there is going to be enough parent to child time to make sure that the family will be well and successful.

If you where going to start a business with a partner, don’t you think it’d be foolish to start it and between the two of you, you cannot commit enough time to make sure it is successful and enough time to take care of any problems you could for see? Don’t you think it’d be foolish to start a business but have no business plan? You should put in the same amount of effort into planning a marriage. Also don’t you’d think it be foolish to think it’ll all go as plan, and never meet again to discuss changes that need to be made to adjust to new conditions? You should put the same effort into a marriage. Isn’t a family very much like a business? You have assets and liablities, products — children — and customers — the world.

08-25-2006 12:30 PM

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