Michael Noer’s 15 minutes of fame

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – Michael Noer’s 15 minutes of fame

Michael Noer’s 15 minutes of fame
You can’t help but question the motivations of the author. Is he in the process of a divorce with a career woman? Is married? This is an opinion piece, so I would think that he had some basis upon which to form his opinion. Of all the possible reasons for throwing together an inflammatory, inaccurate piece of so-called journalism, I suspect a strong desire for attention is the most likely.

We should examine the facts: First there is the cameo picture preceding the article. I can’t help but wonder how many retakes it took for Michael to achieve the pompous know-it-all look he displays in the photo preceding the article. What was the camera man saying when he snapped that photo? “Show us Andrew Dice Clay, Michael!..That’s perfect! Right there, my man!” I don’t think a facial expression like that occurs naturally (unless you’re a dog and your breed is ‘Pug’)

Secondly, consider the article’s one sided take on the facts. The author states that married career-woman are more likely to cheat, but the statistic he quotes is gender neutral. Why make a gender specific statement like that only to back it up with a gender neutral statistic? It makes his point moot…

Lastly, given that the article is poorly constructed and has a loose basis on fact, I think we can see why the author needed the 15 minutes of fame in the first place.

08-24-2006 07:19 PM

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