I am horrified

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I am horrified

Who would have thought, a real life Ward Cleaver.  The whole point is insane.  It is 2006 people!!!!  A large point of upset for me is the fact that he classes working women in two catagories, either we are high school drop outs working at burger hut or college graduates working for $30k/year.  First, let me say there is so much missed gray area in that statement that it funny.  I am not a college graduate, I do however work full time for a heck of a lot more that $30k.  My mother works at ‘big-store-mart” and makes more than $30k.  We are both married.  Her for over 30 years with two kids and doing what needed to be done to make ends meet.  I feel a much greater hazard to marriage is the asanine assumption that the ‘woman’ needs to stay home.  I am happily married with a beautiful baby boy and let me tell you nothing would cause more harm to my family than to be out on the streets because of an out dated idea that the man has to support the family.  I will gladly work and put in time for the good of my family and if that makes me a bad wife/mother in this neanderthal’s eyes the tough cookies.  I have more important things to worry about, rent.

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Re: I am horrified
Your probably right, education and salary aren’t as important as the demands of the job. However he may have had to make those qualifications due to the nature of the studies.

I encourage my wife to work part time. With all the appliances we have now taking care of a house once the kids are in school is not a full time job. Unless you home school, but let’s not get carried away.

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