Look at the Statistics

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Look at the Statistics

First off, don’t jump all over Mr Noer, he is only sharing the results of numerous studies.  Can a  woman and man be happily married for 50 years and each be a career person…sure.  However, it is very easy to understand how a career woman could become dissatisfied real quick with her man if he can’t keep up. Or, I can also see some men backing off or reducing their contribution to the household because their wives are a better provider.  Take a hard look at the statistics for alcoholism, divorce rates, cancer, etc…they have all gone up. June Cleaver showed us how a family really should be organized, too bad most marriages have to have both working full time to make ends meet.

08-25-2006 03:38 PM

Re: Look at the Statistics
He should have prepared for it when he wrote his opinion. Statistics which don´t include the place and pool of participoants in order to know if they are representative. I recommed never take things at face value juts because it is published in Forbes by an supposed important individual.

June Cleaver never existed! It was a myth and idealized version of life that did not work then and will not work now, because different people want different things.

It is disconcerting that, by asserting that women´s careers tend to ruin family life, most of the discussions impose upon women the sole responsibility of keeping everyone happy! Where does that leave the husband?
Because it is undeniable that when either partner works excessively the whole family is affected. Children need BOTH parents, and husbands and wives need each other.

Cheating, PLEASE, can be done anywhere, especially if you are home alone all day! Financial problems are the primary cause of divorce, so double income is not a luxury, it is a necessity in most cases. Our country´s economic structure is not made for a single income home, just observe how single parent homes are on the rise and are still in most cases at poverty levels.
Finally, career women are to blame for cancer? try environmental poisoning…
Divorce rates, 51% and I bet they are not all career women!
It has to do with many things, admittedly, one could be excessive work and neglect of other things.
If the alternative was staying in a relationship that makes you miserebale just because you´re supposed to, then I pity your children that will grow up in a loveless home.
My mother worked every day of her life, my father shared tne chores and is an excellent cook and i am a well adjusted, educated, happy woman!
Generalizations like these are just unfair!

08-25-2006 03:54 PM

Re: Look at the Statistics

Good points Lawgirl. No doubt, today’s economy makes it VERY difficult for anyone to survive on one income. Don’t misunderstand me, many relationships with career woman are doing well. However,  I see in the corporate world (and I’m only representative of one fortune 500 company) many divorces between career woman and their spouses.  In fact, the majority of the divorces involve those woman who are at a higher working level than their husbands who also work for the same company.  Or, these career woman make significantly more money then their spouse.  It just seems to me that career woman have a more difficult time staying married; I understand it takes two to make it work. However, it appears to be more difficult when both have careers.

08-25-2006 04:07 PM

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