Michael Noer is right…

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – Michael Noer is right…

Michael Noer is right…

…specialization in household affairs is essential!  As such, one person should work and one should stay at home…

In my opinion, the career woman should work, and she should find a man who stays at home with the kids.  Think about the benefits:

*Your man will not get so stressed out at work that he is half dead and taking heart medications by the age of 50. (I think men are more sensitive to stress.)

*You will have barbecued steak served to you when you get home!  No more vitamin deficiencies–men love to cook meat.

*Your kids will be good at sports, and will show a competitive edge at an early age (useful in today’s business world).

*Your finances will be better (men don’t go shopping as a pastime).

*Your car will look great and run well (and you’ll spend less on auto repairs).

*Your yard will look awesome.

Let’s face it ladies, we aren’t as good at household management as we think we are (Pastel floral prints?), and men aren’t as good at business as they think they are (Enron?).  Do society a favor, adopt a stay-at-home man today!  I could go on and on about the virtues of the stay-at-home man, but I have work to do–gotta bring home that cash.

A Career Woman

p.s. Noer’s article has probably gotten Forbes more publicity than ever–what a great ploy!

08-27-2006 03:51 PM

Re: Michael Noer is right…

I heartily agree with Michael Noer’s statement, and I myself am a young woman. Up until about a year ago I also deemed a career as the most important aspiration in life, not wanting to even start thinking about settling down until I was 30. I am now 23, and believe that becoming a mother is the most important and rewarding job a woman can have, and to bring up a balanced child in this day and age that doesn’t aspire to becoming a gangster, or at 13 already is in trouble with the police is a skill in itself.

Women are natural child bearers, it is the way evolution and nature intended it. I cannot help but feel that the rise in dysfunctional children is caused in part by this shift in nature’s pattern.

When did the term ‘housewife’ become synonymous with failure?

08-29-2006 05:46 PM

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