article, “Don’t Marry Career Women”

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article, “Don’t Marry Career Women”

The fact is Mr. Noer may have a point, but I wonder if it also applies to career men.  As a former daycare provider,  I remember welll the mothers, picking up their children, who would rush into my home after work, and exhibit a lack of respect for me and my home.  I think if a mother or father is used to being the boss at work, he or she may have a hard time letting go of the power when they leave their workplace.  A career mom or career dad, who shows a lack of respect for his spouse or daycare provider, may find himself or herself without a spouse or daycare provider or both.  Everyone gets tired of being disrespected.

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Glad to see you finally got your post to, well in fact, post.

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Re: article, “Don’t Marry Career Women”
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Zsagen, you make an interesting philosphical point.

However, since most women would rather shoot themselves in the foot than marry a man who has no career, I’m not sure if there are any practical implications. This is not a matter of unfairness, it’s a matter of men & women having somewhat different priorities for various reasons.

Mr. Noer’s article is providing a piece of advice to a certain audience of men. If you feel there are women who might benefit from similar advice (not to marry a man with a career), you’re welcome to offer it, but I’m not sure many would give it serious thought.


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