Success with a career woman is like winning the lottery

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – Success with a career woman is like winning the lottery

Success with a career woman is like winning the lottery

I have read both the opinion piece by Michael Noer and the other by Elizabeth Corcoran. I was so struck by the commentaries that I shared them with my wife, who agreed with me.  One was well written, supported, and persuasive. The other was not.  Arguing over how one cites their source is a rather weak rebuttal when debating an op-ed piece.

It’s moot to mention that my wife is a professional career woman; that she makes more money than me; and that we have two great kids and have been happily married for twelve years.  Just because a lottery winner beat the odds, it makes no sense to advise that it is common place to win the lottery.

My wife always new that she was going to be a career woman, pursuing the Wall Street dream, and I told her at the onset of our relationship that I would never marry her.  My background is in social science, and already having one failed nuptial, I learned not to mock the statistics on marriage.  The United States leads most of the rest of the world, by a significant margin, in the rate of divorce[1].  She never brought up the “M” word, but after six years of cohabitating, I could not resist the tax benefits any longer and popped the question.

Our personal success is not a testimonial that trumps the studies.  I am not so convinced that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, nor am I ready to accept that romantic fairytales imitate real life.

Men, don’t let a women’s ad-hominem tirade convince you that Venus, the god of love, can conquer all.  Ladies, don’t give up on your dreams, but realize if you want to play the lottery, there is a strong likelihood that you will just lose your money.

[1] Source omitted to lower word count

08-27-2006 10:36 PM

Re: Success with a career woman is like winning the lottery
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If the chances of winning the lottery were actually equal to chances of having a successful marriage with a working woman, I think I’d play the lottery more often.

08-28-2006 04:25 AM

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