What happened to the Dinosaurs?

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – What happened to the Dinosaurs?

What happened to the Dinosaurs?
This is a great subject. I’m glad Mr. Noer had the, dare I say, nerve to write the article. Having opinions that contradict the commonly accepted view have always rendered people subject to ridicule. Today men espousing the view that women should be housewives are akin to the men arguing for equality a century ago. That’s just the way it is.

I guess my biggest concern is that upper class professionals increasingly don’t marry and when they do have few kids. Hispanic families, conversely, are at least ostensibly Catholic and have many more children and will in the near future be a majority of the United States. This doesn’t frighten me as much say, a Pat Buchanan, but I think career women need to be aware the price their liberation will ultimately cost. Granted, (some) men abused the power the traditional marriage bestowed on them, arguably causing the mess we’re in now.

08-29-2006 03:16 AM

Re: What happened to the Dinosaurs?
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I agree with everthing you say.

Unfortunatly *most* women absolutley refuse to accept any responsiblity whatsoever for the current situation. As always, they point the finger of blame and shame at men and refuse to debate the issues properly.

But, anything that gets this debate off of the MRA’ s blogs and out into the mainstream is a good thing. Young men reading this stuff my investigate further and eductate themselves about whats really going on.

I noticed that a lot of the female posters on here have said things like “I can smell the fear creeping into the mens attitudes” etc. And yet it was them who had the original article pulled, toned down and re-posted alongside a rebuttal piece. Why?

Because marriage is a sweet deal for women and a raw deal for men in the west at present and they dont want this to be known. The end result of this self serving and short sighted attitude (which is inbuilt in most women as I see it) will be the same result the dinosaurs got.

08-29-2006 05:22 AM

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