Women in the work force

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Women in the work force
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Women in the work force has been a complete disaster, and a waste of resources.

As I watch women in my office, I often wonder “how do American companies survive?”.  I may not have to ask that all my life, as it may eventually be true that they do not survive, who knows what the future holds.

I do wonder why women think that men want to hear their gossip, stories, and listen to them babble on about problems they will do nothing to solve.

We don’t want to listen to you talk about nonsense for 2 hours.  Go call your husband and, ooops, no man wants to marry you, much less listen to you.


08-29-2006 08:26 PM

Re: Women in the work force
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Women in the workforce has depressed the wages though. Now you can hire three women for the price of one man in the 50’s. The only difference is now their disposable income is less than 15%, where it used to be about 70%.

Good job ladies, now everything costs more, and we make less, we work harder for what we have. How to beat the cycle of immigrates and women depressing wages?

Women have been proving for the last 30 years that men have been right for the last 30 centuries!

08-30-2006 02:53 AM

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