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Ending Corporate Handouts
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People who have children & families should pay for the additional expenses. Period. The world and this **bleep**ing country are overpopulated.


There was two years ago a related lawsuit that was NOT covered by the NY Times.

It was a lawsuit by a heterosexual couple, both employees of a large state University, where they were suing the University for paternity leave on the basis that the guy should be entitled to the same paid leave as the female. The University rejected their request.

It turns out, the University had a policy of recognizing same-sex domestic partnerships so that the same-sex partners of employees could recieve benefits (often these are policies held by Universities that are independent of any recognition of said partnerships by state agencies).

So the couple looked into the University rules for parental leave for same-sex domestic partners when those partners adopt or have their own biological children. It turns out, that when a lesbian woman in a domestic partnership had a child, or when a heterosexual couple adopted, or when a gay male couple adopted, BOTH partners were eligible for a full 6 months or so of parental leave according to University policy. When one partner in a gay male domestic partnership had a biological child with a woman, neither of them were eligible for full parental leave.

So in effect, the only class of parents *not* eligible for a full 6 months of parental leave according to this very “progressive” University policy were biological fathers.

For the news article, they had a representative of this very progressive University comment, and she said that this policy was justified and would hold up in court.

I never saw a follow-up article on how this lawsuit was resolved.


Anyhow, this is all a bunch of crap. Until recently, I worked at a liberal University that also recognized same-sex domestic partnerships. As it turns out, I have a very good male friend (yes I am male) who happened to be without a job, and I put him up at my place for about 6 months because I am a good pal.

Not long afterwards, it occurred to me, I should have been able to get the poor guy inexpensive benefits from my University if only we had only declared ourselves domestic partners (he is living in my house after all). Of course, we are only platonic friends, but why the hell should that make a difference? Remember, these are so-called non-judgemental progressives we are talking about. So I called the buffoons at this liberal University, and told them about the situation (positing that it was still ongoing). They told me, that, despite the fact that the guys is living under my roof, he would not be eligible for benefits.

Can you believe the f*cking gall of these f*cuking sh*theads? They will whine on & on about civil rights, equality, and how people have a right to this and a right to that, and a right to engage in sexual lives as they see fit, a right to define their family relationships as they see fit, then they will suddenly turn around and tell me my pal is not eligible for health insurance because I don’t suck his c*ck and he doesn’t suck mine. If I had sucked his c*ck, just once, just for the purposes of getting him health insurance, would it have been okay then? How many times would I have had to suck his c*ck to get him health insurance? Just once? Or more than that?

Moreover, if I am heterosexual and have a long-term girlfriend or domestic parter who lives with me but we are not married (because what sane guy would ever get married these days) is she eligible for benefits through me as a so called “domestic partner” (as any same sex partner would be eligible)? According to the clucking moralizing *sswipes at the liberal university, no! If we have children together and live together but I refuse to ever marry her is she eligible for benefits through me according to the liberal *sswipes at the University? No!

Women and their associated ilk need to get their heads out of their asses and realize THAT IT IS NOONE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO SUPPORT YOUR SORRY ASS IF YOU CAN’T SUPPORT YOURSELF.

Companies should just dump partner benefits altogether, at least in the sense that employees should be required to pay for their partner’s and dependents’s benefits out of their own pockets. Ditto for child care. All parental leave should be unpaid.

F*cking j*rks. They steal a chunk of your salary from you by emotionally blackmailing your employer, then do they even send you, an employee without children or a spouse a thank you note afterwards?


Scr*w you. Get lost. Take care of your own goddamn sh*t.

I don’t take advice on morality from evangelical christians; but sorry, I don’t take if from single moms, homosexuals, adoptive parents, or feminists either. F*ck you.

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