I keep trying to tell yuh, …

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I keep trying to tell yuh, …
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I’ve been analyzing the rhetorical tricks that the fems use to manipulate men – they are virtually the same here as they are in the bedroom and living room, but the men who are still rising to the bait and arguing with these twisted and convoluted ‘issues’ don’t seem to be internalizing the lesson. Let me try another approach, and maybe they can make some progress.
Let’s use the pardigm of ‘consciousness raising,’ a really splendid development of 60’s spiritual growth, which like the sexual revolution of the 60’s disappeared when feminism went into ‘me’ mode.
The only way I know to explain things to such a diverse group as this is analogy and example, so that’s what I’ll use.
Imagine that you are a baseball fan, and you follow the game religiously. You root for the home team.
You are  12 years old.
Imagine you are now 30 years old, and you no longer identify with the local team’s fortunes. You still like the game, but not as a matter of partisan pride.
Imagine you are now 40 years old, and you seldom bother with the games because you are involved in serious adult pursuits, and you know that baseball matters not at all to your life or the universe.
You are fifty years old, and are an investor in the new ballpark being built. You have interests in the fame and success of the local team – your investments are effected. You have no emotional interest in the players. You can trade them or retire them with impunity.
You are sixty years old, and have been elected to the city council. You traded all your investments into long term bonds that have no financial conflicts with your public life. Your daughter is 12 years old, and she thinks that Britney Spears represents the best of American culture. You have just talked to a friend who is a psychoanalyst and learned that sometime around the age of 40 something ‘clicks’ in women’s minds, and they can no longer reason impartially about anything involving them personally. What level corresponding to your sports consciousness development do you try to raise your daughter’s thinking to?
Ha Ha.

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Re: I keep trying to tell yuh, …
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Nothing sucks more than having sex lorded over you when you are married.

That is the cruelest trick these drama queens make. They have something to control, so they don’t let you get anywhere. No wonder Hookers have work!!!! Wives are not doing thier jobs!

Women have been proving for the last 30 years that men have been right for the last 30 centuries!

09-19-2006 12:07 AM

Re: I keep trying to tell yuh, …
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The secret is out. Marriage no longer guarantees regular enthusiastic Sex. In fact it guarantees the opposite. One in five Marriages is now celibate sex once a year or less. The primary benefit to Marriage has been removed. Why even consider it? And with Women legally holding all the Cards with Uncle Sam to enforce her desires once you tie the knot all your cards are worthless. Its her show entirely. No relationship business or otherwise can endure where there is not mutual benefit or accountability. Feminists have removed both of these.

It is a completely one sided agreement. Men have obligations and responsibilites. Women have rights and protections. And when Men balk at this Women throw a fit and stomp their feet. What really gets to them is this reality. Men are onto them and are deciding to no longer play the game by their rules. Feminism’s lies are being laid bare for all to see.
What Women did not count on was this harsh truth. Men would not forever be willing to Marry them if Men saw no rewards. Men have choice too.

09-19-2006 12:38 PM

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