I See The Pattern, and I’m Not On Acid

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I See The Pattern, and I’m Not On Acid
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Somewhere, maybe more than once, I’ve mentioned the tactic that females use in arguments with men: To jump in with any level of absurdity they are capable of, and only to continue if they are getting over. In other words, to only bother talking to a man if she is able to fool him. What we are seeing in this forum is several examples of that dynamic. First, I think you can see a pattern of fems trying to pull the muff over our eyes, and failing that, to disappear. Second, since the true believers in feminist studies can’t accept that they are not intellectual enough to dominate us with the old (or new) cliche’s they try to post endless multi-pointed but fallacious arguments running on for thousands of words. We even beat them at that without as much fallacious argumentation. Third, since on-line there’s no actual sex to be had in any event, they are getting depressed and more angry because trying to dominate us with cutesy female games doesn’t work very well here. But, the most dangerous game (for us) is that the females would rather argue than do anything else with a man, and so we are being tooled none the less by just arguing with them. Here’s a rare tidbit I picked up in a foreign film the other day: “To a woman, holding a grudge is the same as love.” Very provocative statement. Makes you think about all the females who have hung on to contentious marriages over the centuries, suffering so much that they couldn’t bear the thought of divorce. In this new era, they have a new game – just a twist on the old one: They want to hang on, nourish the grudge, keep him chained, but do it thru bureaucratic enforcement, while not even having to live under the same roof with that pig. The anti foreign-marriage laws are just a modern tactic to keep the poor guy from leaving for good. I hope that the level of men’s consciousness I see on this board portends more men’s activism in the political field soon. It’s too late for old victims of feminism like me, but it might help to save what’s left of America, and even the world.

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Re: I See The Pattern, and I’m Not On Acid
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Yep. Negative attention is attention nonetheless.

Still ’tis necessary for political change. It’s not our forte but we have to do it :/

Men have standards. Women will be compared. DEAL WITH IT.

09-15-2006 01:39 AM

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