False rape charges are quite common…

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False rape charges are quite common…
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That being said, a man charged with rape is not presumed innocent, he is presumed guilty andd typically does not have the right to face his accuser.  If he is acquitted they accusation itself follows him for the rest of his life, irrespective of whether he is guilty.  If the woman has levied a false accusation there is rarely, if ever, a penalty but he is still presumed to be rapist.

Here’s an example:  http://www.ocweekly.com/news/news/great-**bleep**-babe/24507/

“You’ll never convince six lucky Orange County guys that porn is bad: a single raunchy sex video is keeping them out of prison. Of course, these 20-year-olds couldn’t have foreseen this fate when they filmed their wild gangbang after a night of drinking at a Fullerton bar.

This tale begins in the wee hours of June 6, 2004, when a distraught Tamara Anne Moonier entered a Fullerton police station. She said she’d been kidnapped a few hours earlier from a parking lot at Heroes Bar & Grill, hooded and driven to an unknown residence. Moonier, then 28, told police that a group of men brutally raped her at gunpoint for more than an hour, forced her to perform numerous degrading sex acts on film, demanded her silence and then released her.

“She said she feared for her safety,” a law-enforcement officer told the Weekly.”

Had they not videotaped the event they would all be in prison for a rape they did not commit.

Another excellent example is the *assh*le who accused Kobe Bryant of rape.  He didn’t rape her.  She was looking for a payday, and got one.   She was porked by 3 guys, other than Kobe, within 2 days of her having sex with him and had sex again within 2 days of the “rape”.   Now, how many rape victims do you know who get the pipes cleaned right after they are raped with another man?  How many have another man’s s*men in their panties from the previous day when they said they didn’t have intercourse with anyone?

Yes, false accusations of rape occur quite often, not the majority of time, but quite often. We are hearing of a false case now @ Duke University.

“According to a nine-year study conducted by former Purdue sociologist Eugene J. Kanin, in over 40 percent of the cases reviewed, the complainants eventually admitted that no rape had occurred (Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 23, No. 1, 1994). Kanin also studied rape allegations in two large Midwestern universities and found that 50 percent of the allegations were recanted by the accuser.
Kanin found that most of the false accusers were motivated by a need for an alibi or a desire for revenge. Kanin was once well known and lauded by the feminist movement for his groundbreaking research on male sexual aggression. His studies on false rape accusations, however, received very little attention. Kanin’s findings are hardly unique. In 1985 the Air Force conducted a study of 556 rape accusations. Over one quarter of the accusers admitted, either just before they took a lie detector test of after they had failed it, that no rape occurred. A further investigation by independent reviewers found that 60 percent of the original rape allegations were false. The most common reasons the women gave for falsely accusing rape were “spite or revenge,” and to compensate for feelings of guilt or shame (Forensic Science Digest, vol. 11. no. 4, December 1985). ”

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