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Is It Just Me, Or ….
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This is getting highly repetitious. The bimbos are just practising their doublethink rhetoric by restating over and over the same fallacious arguments. I would go along with most of what the women are saying – for instance, that there are lots of wonderful women looking for a nice man, and these women want to have a beautiful marriage, etc. – and, I would jump right into bed and marriage with one of these women – as long as she were an Asian and we lived outside the US. I read someone’s post just now about it being time to move on. I think I agree, especially since the bimbos have ID’d me as too smart for them to fool, and you guys and I are speaking pretty much the same truth. My wish is that we could find some way to address a wider audience of men, but I think you know that when we try that we become ‘whiners’ and ‘bitter old men,’ etc. I don’t yet have a strategy for waking the men up BEFORE they become homeless fathers. Someone else I just read on the board referred to Gordon’s book, ”The Myth of the Monsterous Male.’ I read that about 25 years ago, and the only man I loaned it to turned out to be the only male friend I ever had who married, had children, and stayed married (so far.) I find that interesting, but I don’t know what it means.

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Re: Is It Just Me, Or ….
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You talk about reaching a wider audience of men and I think you almost have to get on TV for that. Perhaps a talented man could make a really good, controversial YouTube video that the Daily Show or CNN would pick-up.

As other men have mentioned a fear of retaliation in the workplace if they speak out so it probably wouldn’t hurt to find a self employed, articulate man to be the spokesman(hehe notice I didn’t have to say spokeperson.)

They are going to call him hateful, misogynistic, backwards, ignorant blah blah blah. They will get his home number and harrass him. They file false allegations against him (including past girlfriends etc.) It will only prove his points and enlighten more people when they do that. Its just he has to be in a position to afford the public ostracism.

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Re: Is It Just Me, Or ….
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“…have mentioned a fear of retaliation in the workplace if they speak out…”

Been there, done that. If you have the time…. As at least one person here recognized some weeks ago, I had a website up on the I-Net for years, until about six months ago. Since there was no Men’s Studies department on campus, I thought I create my own version of one, cause that would be, like, some small semblence of equality with the Feminist Studies department, which offered actual classes and all. Here was the full story of what happened (i.e., a copy of a page there after I moved the site to an independent location):

BANNED @ University of Colorado

Yes, it’s true. Ward Churchill wasn’t the first to run into serious First Amendment and Academic Freedom problems at the University of Colorado.

This site [The Martian Bachelor Science Pages], and much more excellent content besides, was originally hosted in my personal account at the Colorado Springs branch of CU. I started teaching there at the beginning of 1994. In the couple of years which followed, the I-Net burst onto the scene in all its crazy glory. My first pages in this effort went up during the summer of 1996. Since it was something I worked on in my spare time as a low priority (but still important) item, the site grew slowly at something like an additional page every couple of weeks, eventually growing to roughly its current dimensions (175+ pages).

During the 5+ years the site was up at I recorded something in excess of 75,000 hits just to the front/main page. Lord knows how many people came in thru some back door to an individual page (or pages) via a direct link from a search engine. I corresponded with many people with interests in the topics found within, as well as many other topics not directly represented.

With no colleagues in this area on campus the I-Net was fulfilling it’s promise of building a virtual community of those thinking about and discussing these things, experimenting with many ideas and paradigms that the rest of the world didn’t even know existed. That decentralized, collaborative thing everybody praises about the I-Net. I felt good that I was able to provide a resource which so many people valued and appreciated. Yes, there were the occasional flamers who felt a need to vent, but hardly more than a couple were cogent enough to bother responding to. In keeping with my teaching style and philosophy I’d actually hoped the site would be more provocative in that regard than it turned out to be. Anyway, things went along for years…

Then the university found out. That was in November of 2001. The result was predictable. I still have no idea who did the complaining — i.e., whether it was even a Colorado resident (and taxpayer) or not — nor was I ever told what the nature of the complaint was or which page it was related to. The ham-handed turkeys simply pulled my entire account down, even including everything at my site which no person in their right mind would ever take issue with.

And it wasn’t like I wasn’t amenable to taking a second look at some sentence or paragraph on some page. After all, I frequently would look at pages which were several years old and re-work them to various degress to reflect progress in my thinking in the interval. Yes, sometimes things that you wrote some time back cause you to cringe when you look at them again.

I tried to argue that by its actions the university was giving an awful lot of censorship power to one anonymous person over one anonymous issue. I thought everyone knew the world was full of people who wanted to refashion things the way they think they should be and would raise a minor ruckus over the smallest things, like an I-Net page, and thus ruin everything for others. Wasn’t it Bertrand Russel who said “moral indignation is a form of cruelty”? Yes, we knew there are many cruel people out there. Why let them win in so important a matter as freedom of academic speech. I’d thought the whole idea of the ivory tower was to provide some sort of protection for thinkers against such people. Ok, call me an idealist.

An argument I heard then which is sounding eerily familar these days is the one about how by allowing my site to remain up the university was somehow indicating its approval or endorsement of every idea at my site. This is absolutely ludicrous. Doesn’t everyone know a university is a community of scholars with widely varying viewpoints? Isn’t that what makes a university a vital place where thinking people want to be? Do people think that everything a member of the faculty puts out into the world is first cleared by some central censorship board? Didn’t the disclaimer on the university’s own homepage about “views expressed not representing the views of the university…” cover me?

Or how about the Vision Statement in the university’s Statement of Mission, seen in many of its publications? (Stuff about engaging the larger community, etc…) Since many of my pages are simply excerpts from books and other writings, not essays by me, was the witch hunt going to extend next to the university library? Wasn’t it just a bit silly that things they were taking down off the I-Net could be checked out in full at the library? Does the presence of a book in the library mean the university endorses and stands behind everything in that book and its author? Of course not. Ok, so it must have been the couple of pictures with breasts showing. Wrong. Couldn’t be. The library has Playboy mag in it’s collection going back decades, last I checked — maybe even Penthouse, too. You can see much better **bleep** anyway just walking around on campus looking at braless girls. How bad can a site (or essay) really be anyway when it’s up 5½yrs before coming to the attention of the over-paid authorities?

Since I was not a tenured faculty member the administration felt no need to address these issues and I had little avenue of appeal. Actually, I never knew who in the administration was behind all this; I only dealt with the chair of my department, who asked if I drank! It was easier for them to simply act like authoritarians and slam the hammer down. “We can’t have the university associating with people like that…”, which is just a form of bigotry. As a result many of the same issues are now coming around again on a much larger stage in the Ward Churchill saga. Funny how karma works in the long run…

Well, actually I wasn’t too disappointed to have my work canned by CU. If they didn’t want to reap the benefits and world reknown of all this free content I’d constructed in my spare time, to hell with `em and their lousy hypocrisy. Pearls before swine and all that. I’d been wanting for some time anyway to be able to run small programs at my site, like the contact forms which prevent spammers from easily getting your email address for their nefarious purposes, but the computer center people wouldn’t allow it, citing — you guessed it — security issues. Nevermind that one can run programs at just about any commercial hoster and they evidently don’t have any problems. So basically they were saying they were incompetent. Kinda goes with the whole **bleep** place.

Moving all my content to private hosting eventually led to bigger and better things than mere contact forms, namely the Bachelor Hall of Fame and The Bod-O-Meter, a true breakthrough in the science of beauty. CU can only claim credit in a negative sense. Way to go CU!

Postscript: The first weekend of February, 2006, CU – The Springs hosted four productions of “The Vaginal Monologues”, this being publicized widely in the community. What’s that about?
And they say men have all the power.

“…it probably wouldn’t hurt to find a self employed, articulate man to be the spokesman…”

Well, I am self-employed and independently ok-off (how else could one afford to be a university teacher?), but there are already several spokesmen out there – see other threads for names – who are easy enough to find. Their absence from public view doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And I know what strength I have in the articulation area is in writing, not the sort of extemporaneous trading of snappy barbs and one-liners which passes for debate on TV these days.

“…It will only prove his points”

Maybe if we were more muslim we’d be more prone to martyring ourselves for the cause…

“The loudest, most strident voices calling women weak, stupid, and incapable of competing in the world at large are the feminists.” – zed the zen priest

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