Australian women: don’t want to work. Men: No f’*** option! Or: “Don’t marry a LAZY man”

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – Australian women: don’t want to work. Men: No f’*** option! Or: “Don’t marry a LAZY man”

Australian women: don’t want to work. Men: No f’*** option! Or: “Don’t marry a LAZY man”

Aussie FOLLOW UP on “Don’t marry a lazy man” Women want their men at work

By Caroline Overington

September 29, 2005

WHEN it comes to the men in their lives, Australian women are conservative: they want their husbands to work full-time.

“There’s no conflict about this: Australian women don’t like it when their men work part-time,” says Jan van Ours, an international researcher who will today present a paper drawn from Australia’s HILDA (Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia) survey.

“Australian women want their men in full-time jobs. (My bold) They are least satisfied when they, themselves, have a job of more than 50 hours, and most satisfied when they are working part-time, or not at all.”

Happily, Australian men are in lockstep: they too prefer to work full-time – although, unlike women, they don’t mind if their partners work full-time, part-time, or not at all. (My bold)

Professor van Ours’s paper, “Does Part-Time Work Make the Family Happy”, written with Alison Booth of the Australian National University, investigated the satisfaction, and life satisfaction.

It concluded that part-time work did not make the family happier: indeed, when it was the man who was working part-time, both men and women were less happy.

“Australian couples are happiest when men are working full-time, and that’s especially true for women,” Professor van Ours said.

The results did not surprise Val Prendergast, 45, a mother of one who hasn’t worked for 14 years.

“In our family, my husband is the one who works full-time,” she said. “He is the breadwinner. We never wanted that arrangement, where he would work part-time, or we’d both work part-time. We prefer the traditional roles.”

The research did not consider why couples are happiest when men work – “But we can speculate,” Professor van Ours said.

“Maybe the women are happier because the man doesn’t stick around all day. The income is likely to be higher, so that’s important, too.”

The presence of children was not considered either, but Professor van Ours said: “Maybe when a man works full-time, a woman has a choice about whether to go to work, especially if she has children.

“For the men, I suspect it has more to do with expectations. Men are expected to work full-time, so they are happier if indeed they do.”

Professor van Ours, who works at TilburgUniversity in The Netherlands, said the HILDA survey – a household panel study that began in 2001, funded by the Department of Family and Community Services – was “beautiful research, some of the best data in the world”.

It is managed by the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research.

“It enables researchers from all over the world to draw conclusions that were not possible before,” he said.

Professor van Ours’s paper suggests that there is a limit to the amount of time men can spend at work before it makes them unhappy.

“More than 50 hours, if it goes beyond that, they get less satisfied,” he said.

Women were happiest with their working lives when working 21-34 hours a week; men when working between 35 and 40 hours a week.

Mrs Prendergast, who was a schoolteacher before her son Ron was born, said she was always happiest when she didn’t have to work at all.

“I’ve seen families where women try to work, but men, God love them, don’t pitch in, so women end up being mum, and wife, and worker, and housekeeper,” she says.

“No, I think most women prefer it when the man has the traditional role.”

10-16-2006 02:25 AM

Re: Australian women: don’t want to work.
Regular Contributor
And why shouldnt they ? It is basically free money for them. Cleaning (feminist gasp) Washing (feminist whimper) and ironing (feminist faint) are tasks everyone has to perform anyway unless somebody gets payed to do them. So beeing a stay at home mom is basically free money. How can women who find a GOOD man complain ?

10-16-2006 06:09 AM

Re: Australian women: don’t want to work.
Regular Contributor

Why can’t these idiots ever get it right.

It’s wrong to think that women shouldn’t work. Women are UNHAPPY when they aren’t working.

What this handjob FAILED to understand or effectively highlight is that women should work AT HOME or at jobs which do NOT compete with men for their authority.

Vacuuming IS working. Cleaning the house IS working. Taking care of the kids IS working. Cooking IS working. Shopping for groceries is working. Taking care of household errands IS working. Just because you’re not getting paid physical dollars for something doesn’t mean work isn’t being performed. If these efffing idiots would stop trying to compare apples (men) & oranges (women) when the comparisons don’t apply, we’d get a lot further.

Women and men should BOTH work. It’s just that the NATURE of their work SHOULD differ because their essential FUNCTIONS are DIFFERENT.

10-16-2006 02:56 PM

Re: Australian women: don’t want to work.

Hahahaha, what a joke! Thanks, I’ve had a good laugh.

Unfortunately, COMPARISONS DO NOT APPLY. Cleaning the house is a far cry from working in a “real man” job, like in coal mining, construction, gas station, car repair, etc, etc, when you are exposed to all sorts of whether conditions, all sorts of risks and dangers. Just one example: statistically speaking, every hour one construction worker dies in the US, and it’s a male 100% of times.

It’s “effing” a waaay too easy to attach yourself to some man and live off him doing “housework”, ladies,  pushing the buttons on a microwave, washing machine, driving kids to and back school, “taking care of household errands” J. Why not try the other way around?

Why not go out and do some hard, dirty, smelly, risky, far from glamorous work where you can get killed, are expected to perform UNDER PRESSURE, where you can get a heart attack, far away from the safety of your house “doing errands” between TV soaps and a cup of cappuccino.

Re the NATURE of their work…. Well, how long does it take to qualify as a doctor, lawyer or engineer so that your wife can live off your income without the obligation to support her husband by “getting paid physical dollars”? At least 7-8 years of a very HARD WORK if you are brainy and lucky to get in.

personally, I’ve seen heaps of male doctors at my work married to some obscure nurses or front desk grrrrls yet never seen their other way around – female doctors married to a gas station operator or cab driver. WHY?

Because even under the best of conditions, women still want to marry UP  – to open their OPTIONS AND CHOICES:  to work or not to work (my body – my choice), while the man in spite of all the feminist cant, is still expected to satisfy her fantasy by going to work, (thus supporting her) putting himself on the line and die, on average, ten years earler.

10-18-2006 01:51 AM

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