Canadian Tories pull rug from feminist-gay revolution

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Canadian Tories pull rug from feminist-gay revolution
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By Ted Byfield
? 2006

The three federally funded agencies most responsible for turning Canada from a stolid conservative backwater into a raving feminist-gay backwater were cut off at the knees this week in a budget brought down by the Harper government.

Reducing federal spending for the first time in nine years, finance minister Jim Flaherty also reported a $13-billion surplus in last year’s operations. The surplus, he said, would be directed to debt reduction. Liberal governments had been increasing spending by an average 8.2 percent annually, peaking in their final year with a whopping 14.4-percent increase. That had been done in a desperate attempt at bribing the electors to return them to office. It failed.

In spite of the surplus, the Tories nevertheless cut $2 billion off federal spending over the next two years. A whole range of questionable government programs took the hit, but none so great, or so gratifying to conservatives, as the fiscal evisceration of the Status of Women, the Law Commission of Canada and the Court Challenges Program, the notorious (to traditionalists) CCP.

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These groups between them financed much of the feminist and gay revolutions. The “SOW,” as the Status of Women is unkindly known, poured grants into scores of feminist lobby groups. The other two bankrolled legal challenges to the traditional family under Canada’s 24-year-old Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But the most lethal of the three was the CCP. In case after case it lavishly funded a massive assault on the ancient social fabric of the country by gay, feminist and anti-family lobby groups. The defense of the traditional before the courts was left to groups that had to finance themselves.

Equally grievous for defenders of the family was the fact that the judges before whom they appeared increasingly were appointed for their known sympathy with the lib-left side of these crucial cases. Moreover, all Canadian judges above the level of local magistrates are appointed by the prime minister without legislative approval or even review.

The latter provision ostensibly was modified last year when for the first time a Supreme Court appointee was required to appear briefly before a parliamentary committee ? but on the strict understanding that the MPs would a) ask him no questions about his philosophy, past decisions, political leanings, or religion; and b) would understand that they had no power whatever to prevent his appointment. The whole exercise was, in short, preposterous.

The initial rationale for the CCP was to enable people “disadvantaged” by poverty to challenge Canadian laws and social norms which they considered discriminatory. The principal “disadvantaged groups” very soon turned out to be feminists and homosexuals.

The Conservative Mulroney government (1984-1993) abolished the program entirely. With the return of the Liberals under Jean Chretien, however, it was revived, but with a peculiar arrangement never coherently explained. Instead of reappearing as an agency of government, it was established as a private non-profit company fully funded by government. Thus its activity could be concealed. Not being subject to Canada’s Access to Information Act, it was no longer obliged to disclose whom it paid to do what.

From court appearances, however, its zealous devotion to the fem-gay cause became blatantly plain. Between 1994 and 1997, for instance, it bankrolled 24 gay-lesbian cases and 23 feminist cases. More recently, it has expanded its activity to finance legal attacks on the parental right to spank children.

How much taxpayers’ money it paid the lawyers involved was, of course, confidential. Two of them acting in a same-sex marriage case reportedly got $409,000 and $645,000, wrote columnist Lorne Gunter in the National Post. Nobody denied it. However indigent their clients, CCP lawyers are clearly not very “disadvantaged by poverty” themselves.

Whether the challenges program is gone for good is, of course, still in doubt. It survived its last demise under Mulroney, Gunter recalls, by kicking up such a squawk that even the Tories themselves promised to revive it if returned to office. But the Conservatives of those days were the so-called “Red Tories,” a species to which Harper & Co. do not belong.

Moreover, the conservative lobby groups are now considerably better organized. The SOW had barely got started in its mass-mailing campaign against the Harper axe when Gwen Landolt of the conservative REAL Women organization, pounced on them for using government funds to influence government policy. Her swift response was typical. It has been REAL Women, totally self-financed by thousands of members, which more than any other group finally put the boots to these detestable agencies. May they stay dead.

09-30-2006 02:23 PM

Re: Canadian Tories pull rug from feminist-gay revolution
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May these programs rest in peace. And I am glad to see that good women have finally stood up to the FemiNasties.

Its only a matter of time before the US also runs out of money for Socialist Engineering.

The fact of the matter is that no amount of money can go against God ordaned order of Man, Women, Child in that order. Plus… women luv us to much to live without us!

This whole feminist thang is a tremendous waste of money if you ask me.

FemiNasties take note… budget cuts are coming to a country near you!

09-30-2006 03:57 PM

Re: Canadian Tories pull rug from feminist-gay revolution
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Nice Find my Brethren, nice to see somebody standing up for something.

The elite bankers that fund feminism, and other Marxist, Capitalist, and anything that suits their needs, will be back, and more out for blood that ever before.

Just look at the Czar!!!

The same men that funded Nazism, Communism, and Capitalism dusted him and his whole family!!!!

Feminism is a minor spoke in the wheel of the World government. But it is a big deal to us poor and middle class American men dealing with these women who have been destroyed by Marxist feminist doctrine of sexist hatred!!!

Women have been proving for the last 30 years that men have been right for the last 30 centuries!

10-01-2006 08:15 AM

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