Masculine fear of female power is a precursor of fascism?

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Masculine fear of female power is a precursor of fascism?
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The precursors of fascism — militarization of culture, vigilantism, masculine fear of female power, xenophobia and economic destabilization — are ascendant in America today.

“Men who are threatened by women’s decreased dependency and increased organization often adopt an individual strategy of “overconformity,’ compulsively acquiring “masculine” accoutrements, be they giant automobiles, guns or attack-breed dogs, and just as compulsively behave as if they are trying out for a role with the World Wrestling Foundation—affecting a kind of bright-eyed homicidal aggression as we are further socialized to equate fear with respect.”


“With women or the female mindset imparted through feminization on the vast majority of society, it will be very easy to control the Empire…I mean…the republic.” –

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Re: Masculine fear of female power is a precursor of fascism?
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That’s an interesting question Back2TheKitchen.  Was masculine fear of female power present before the rise of fascism in, say, Benito Mussolini’s Italy ?  According to wikipedia…

“Both a movement and a historical phenomenon, Italian Fascism was, in many respects, an adverse reaction to both the perceived failure of laissez-faire economics and fear of international Bolshevism (a short-lived Soviet influence was established in Bavaria just about this time), although trends in intellectual history, such as the breakdown of positivism and the general fatalism of postwar Europe were also factors. Fascism was a product of a general feeling of anxiety and fear among the middle-class of postwar Italy, arising out of a convergence of interrelated economic, political, and cultural pressures.”

I don’t think, in this example, that feminism was dominating cause (or precursor) of rise of fascist italy.  But I do think that strains of feminism (i.e. radical feminism) are totalitarian in nature and produce some backlash in a society that may very well fit the
“compulsively acquiring “masculine” accoutrements, be they giant automobiles, guns or attack-breed dogs” you mentioned.

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Re: Masculine fear of female power is a precursor of fascism?
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The author of that book is trying too hard. He’s obviously in love with typing. I only read the first thousand words or so. Yawn.
I had a very close friend who became a writer – and a very well known one at that. When he left the cultural desert we grew up in and went to New York to make his fortune one of the first things he learned was what he had to write to be published – not how well he had to write. And, so, my friend wrote humorous and trenchant anti-male pieces for the popular press – the ladies magazines, with an emphasis on feminism. They thought he was darling. It worked, and he was able to go on from that to more personally true expression.
The first thing that strikes me about this ‘precursors of fascism — militarization of culture, vigilantism, masculine fear of female power, xenophobia and economic destabilization’ is that these elements of Fascism are all correct, but for the ‘masculine fear of female power.’ It just doesn’t fit.
There is a lot of ambiguity in the phrase. Is he talking about the fear in Fascist leaders of their own female characteristics or deep personalities? Is he talking about the leaders’ fears of the females in the population? Is he talking about an American style feminist female population? Is he talking about anything at all, or just throwing out the words that publishing and acceptance into a certain strata of the intelligensia requires? I assume the last option is the case.
The leaders of Fascist movements are known to have oppressed women – leftist (Communist, is what they believed) women – but, not because they were women, or feminist; the female leftists were oppressed because they opposed the Fascists. And, there were a lot more men who opposed the Fascists, and they did it much more effectively.
I have the strong impression that history is being reconstructed and that we are going to be told stories about heroic feminists opposing Fascism and NAZIism. Research of mine indicates that the thinnest book in history is the ‘Lives of Anti-NAZI Women in the Third Reich.’

A good example of this reconstructing of history is the film, ‘Die Weisse Rose,’ (The White Rose) made in Germany in the early1980’s. Naturally, the story is about the female hero of an anti-NAZI underground youth group. It is true that she existed and helped, but the reason she was involved was that her brother was the man who started the activism and did most of the work. If you look for examples of other women involved in the White Rose society, you won’t find any. But, all the films – there about four – made in various countries, and the books, and everything else, is about Sophie, not her brother or his fellow activists. One of the points that seems to be played down in all the neo history, despite the fact that it is acknowledged as occuring, is that the NAZI’s found out and captured the White Rose society because of the stupid actions of the female ‘heroine,’ who blew their cover rather dramatically by throwing some of their leaflets from a tower. While they may have been captured anyway, it is undeniable that Sophie’s stupid act led directly to the principles of the group being caught, tortured, tried, and beheaded. Yet, from all the dramatic telling of thier stories, you are only supposed to feel any emotional reaction to the female’s story and suffering.

The fact that the NAZI’s depended on support from Geman women is well known. Many sites online have propaganda posters dramatizing the reich women’s role in the war and the war at home. The Geman women were the most fanatical supporters of HItler – you can see them almost orgasming in photos of his public appearances. What is most ignored in all the history is that men will follow women into political or religious organizations. It works. Check out the use of women and sex as primary lures to bring men into the fold by the Moonies, Rajneesh, Young Republicans, Illuminati of Bavaria (yes, they had a written plan to indoctrinate young attractive women to use in recruiting men), and the Assassin Cult of the Mid East. Regard the WWI recruiting posters of LIberty with her voluptuous breasts, clad in a flimsy Roman gown. And, the feminists would claim that they are opposed to using sex to manipulate men? Only if they have a more effective weapon – they would prefer not to have anything to do with male-female sex if possible.
I intended to give an outline of the way the Third Reich set up a virtual sub culture and society within the society of young women as breeders of Arian babies. All I’ll say is that they did, and it found no shortage of females who volunteered. They were rewarded with mother-baby adoration, living quarters and support. Like a gated community for breeders to practice their craft without the bother of romance. But, what I really want to say is that there is one currently unexposed dynamic of female activism that is relevant here, and I’m going to explain it.

The most certain tactic to manipulate another person is to capture the moral high ground. Women always use this tactic; manipulative political and institutional leaders control men and women by organizing women to use moral superiority against men. That is the cental strategy of the church, the government, and many other social-political institutions. Morality is a trump card. It is played by manipulators when they are losing an argument or a conflict on other grounds – like reason.

If you are conditioned adequately by culture, you believe that men are nasty smokers, drinkers, live in filthy lone quarters, and have dirty sexual practices. Reality contradicts this, but that is of no significance as long as people believe. So, womern led the great anti-drinking movements. Women are the forceful leaders of anti-tobacco frenzy. Women are always distressed by the filth of men – even the homeless men who piss on their lawns or leave used condoms in the street. It’s the moral neccessity that women lead the program, push the campaign. That is all that is happening in this claimed female opposition to Fascism. Some women stand up and claim that all women are anti-Fascist, and the press and popular culture accepts the message uncritically. And, if you ask a female at the park or on a city bus, she’ll avow that she and her feminist sisters all agree – despite the way they vote and live. They are morally superior no matter what they say, do, believe, or anything else. It’s an imperative that individual examples can’t contradict – because you can’t generalize like that?

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