Ms. Magazine, Come sign a Petition! ‘I had an Abortion’

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – Ms. Magazine, Come sign a Petition! ‘I had an Abortion’

Ms. Magazine, Come sign a Petition! ‘I had an Abortion’
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I like the advertisement for abortion. Prominent women had abortions, so you can can too ladies. Follow the herd, and the head cow will give you the green light to kill the fruit of your womb.

manifesto signed by 343 prominent French women

Notice the Marxist Manifesto terminology! Just goes to show the depths these people will go to turn this world upside down, morally, spiritually and physically!!!

As if our women need to follow the band wagon anymore, who cares if 343 prominent French women jump off a cliff and drown in a sea of immorality. Does that mean women in a good Christian nation should do the same?

It’s OK ladies to legally murder your children, look Prominent French women did it when it was illegal! You can do it now that it is legal.

Pesky child getting in the way of a Corporate Busy body shuffling somebody else’s paper around. In your fancy cubicle with your name tag, and all the promotions coming to you via Affirmative Action. Just kill the baby, prominent women do it ALL THE TIME. Just make the check out to “I’m a complete set of bitches and we don’t know what we are doing” for 799.99. Don’t worry, everything will be A-OK. Could you bring some extra Clorox because its really hard to get the stench out of the pipes after all those babies are flushed down the drain. We are running a bit dry!

That might be a good advertisement for them!!! What ever happened to sex inside a marriage? Would solve the whole murder issue. But no, feminagges and manWo’s don’t want that.

“We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.” From Sisterhood Is Powerful, (ed), 1970, p. 537 – Robin Morgan

I claim that rape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs when it has not been initiated by the woman, out of her own genuine affection and desire.” Ms. Magazine Editor. – Robin Morgan

The more famous and powerful I get the more power I have to hurt men.” “Politically, I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated. You might think that’s too broad. I’m not talking about sending all of you men to jail for that.” — Catherine MacKinnon “A Rally Against Rape” Feminism Unmodified

“The patriarchy understands the power of women’s studies. And one of the most effective weapons against women’s studies is gender studies. Time after time, I have encountered women’s studies professors who have been under attack because women’s studies is “sexist.” They are pressured to convert their programs to gender studies – which, of course, is alright because it includes men.

Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage.” (radical feminist leader Sheila Cronan)

“Women’s liberation, if it abolishes the patriarchal family, will abolish a necessary substructure of the authoritarian state, and once that withers away Marx will have come true willy-nilly, so let’s get on with it.” –Germaine Greer (b. 1939), Australian feminist writer. The Female Eunuch, “Revolution” (1970).

These are quotes from the most radical commies of them, but this is the views projected by even the moderate feminists. Thus none of them can be trusted!!!

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Women have been proving for the last 30 years that men have been right for the last 30 centuries!

10-03-2006 04:30 PM

Re: Ms. Magazine, Come sign a Petition! ‘I had an Abortion’
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At a pivotal time in the abortion debate, Ms. magazine is releasing its fall issue next week with a cover story titled “We Had Abortions,” accompanied by the names of thousands of women nationwide who signed a petition making that declaration.

The publication coincides with what the abortion-rights movement considers a watershed moment for its cause. Abortion access in many states is being curtailed, activists are uncertain about the stance of the U.S. Supreme Court, and South Dakotans vote Nov. 7 on a measure that would ban virtually all abortions in their state, even in cases of rape and incest.

“All this seems very dire,” said Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, which publishes Ms.

“We have to get away from what the politicians are saying,” she said, “and get women’s lives back in the picture.”

Even before the issue reaches newsstands Oct. 10, anti-abortion activists have been decrying it. Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, wrote in a commentary that when she saw a Ms. announcement of the project, “the evil practically jumped right off the page.”

Ms. executive editor Katherine Spillar said more than 5,000 women have signed the petition so far _ heeding its appeal to declare they are unashamed of the choice they made. The magazine itself had room for only 1,016 names, she said Tuesday, but all of them will be viewable online as Ms. encourages other women to continue adding their signatures.

Ms. says it will send the petition to Congress, the White House and state legislators.

The signatories include Ms. founder Gloria Steinem, comedian Carol Leifer, and actresses Kathy Najimy and Amy Brenneman, but most are not famous names.

Tyffine Jones, 27, of Jackson, Miss., said she had no hesitation about signing _ although she lives in a state where restrictions on abortion are tough and all but one abortion clinic has been closed.

Jones said she got an abortion 10 years ago _ enduring harassment from protesters when she entered the clinic _ in order to finish high school. She went on to become the first member of her family to graduate from college, and hopes at some point to attend law school.

“I wanted to do something bigger with myself _ I didn’t want to be stopped by anything,” she said in a telephone interview.

Another signatory, Debbie Findling of San Francisco, described her difficult decision last year to have an abortion after tests showed that she would bear a son with Down syndrome.

“I felt it was my right to make the decision, but having that right doesn’t make the decision any easier,” she said. “It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made.”

Findling, 42, is married, with a 5-year-old daughter, and has been trying to get pregnant again while pursuing her career as a philanthropic foundation executive.

She says too many of her allies in the abortion-rights movement tend to minimize, at least publicly, the psychological impact of abortion.

“It’s emotionally devastating,” she said in a phone interview. “I don’t regret my decision _ but I regret having been put in the position to have to make that choice. It’s something I’ll live with for the rest of my life.”

Findling strongly supports the Ms. petition, and believes women who have had abortions need to be more open about their decisions. She has written an essay about her own experience, and plans to include it in an anthology she hopes to publish next year.

Ms. mounted this kind of petition drive when it was first published. Its debut issue in 1972 included a manifesto signed by 53 women _ many of them well-known _ declaring that they had undergone abortions despite state laws outlawing the procedure.

The next year, the Supreme Court issued its Roe v. Wade decision establishing abortion rights nationwide. Some abortion-rights activists are concerned that Roe could be overturned, either by the current court or if President Bush has the opportunity to appoint one more justice.

Smeal said Ms. staffers called the women who signed the petition to verify their information and be sure they were willing to have their names in print.

“The women thanked us for doing this,” Smeal said. “They wanted to tell their stories.”

“With women or the female mindset imparted through feminization on the vast majority of society, it will be very easy to control the Empire…I mean…the republic.” –

10-03-2006 04:41 PM

Re: Ms. Magazine, Come sign a Petition! ‘I had an Abortion’
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Abortion is a fine example of how easily feminism could be toppeled if men would have the time to do it instead of having to work to pay that alimony check. They meet one group which is somewhat organized and willing to put a fraction of their disposable income into their cause, and they are loosing battle after battle and do not expect them to successfully form some kind of counter movement eithier.

10-03-2006 05:29 PM

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