The Denise Richards Lesson, Women choose Bad Boys and then complain.

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – The Denise Richards Lesson, Women choose Bad Boys and then complain.

The Denise Richards Lesson, Women choose Bad Boys and then complain.
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For all the women out there who marry perverts, don’t be shocked to find out you married a pervert. Then you get pregnant, realize he’s still a freak and leave him. But then you go back to him (because he’s changed again?) and get pregnant again and then, after bringing two children into the world and saddling them with this man for the rest of their lives, you realize he’s such a pervert you don’t even want him around those children without security being present.

Lovely. While Charlie Sheen is apparently even creepier than any of us imagined, Denise Richards should also be ordered into some sort of therapy so she can overcome whatever compulsion she had to marry Sheen in the first place.

Here’s one teeny tiny snippet in the beginning of her petition for a restraining order as she seemingly recognizes that marrying an apparent prostitute addict, gambling, drug and alcohol abuser deserves some sort of (lame) explanation:

I met the Respondent in June of 2000. I started dating him in 2001. When I started dating him I knew that the Respondent had a history of abusing drugs, cocaine and alcohol, and was also known to hire prostitutes. The Respondent assured me that he was sober and that he had never been with prostitutes sober; and further reassured me that what occurred was in his past and that is where it would stay. The Respondent stated that he continued to be a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Respondent continued to have a sponsor. I believed him at that time when he said he changed. Unfortunately, I was wrong to believe him.

Fool her once, shame on Charlie. But fool her twice? Once you read the thing you’ll see how really creepy the whole affair is, especially the part where she goes back to him and gets pregnant again when it was obvious the guy was a weird mess. While it’s clear a super majority of the blame here belongs to Sheen (blech!), I just wish some women would get their act together when it comes to losers like this. What is that that after it’s obvious he lied to her in the first place she goes back to him and has another child with that freak?


10-31-2006 06:03 PM

Re: The Denise Richards Lesson, Women choose Bad Boys and then complain.
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I think sheen was what she was looking for. He is rich (I think) and messed up enough to dive into condomless sex with his girlfriend. How come she got pregnant twise, because she did not use the pill, because she wants the juicy child support somone like him can pay, but does not want him to be around.

11-02-2006 10:32 PM

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