The Man’s guide to the 2006 MidTerm Elections

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The Man’s guide to the 2006 MidTerm Elections
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Greetings all!!

I wrote this for my blog,

I wanted to post some of it here, as Men need to know who to vote for in this all important election.


“So, Mamonaku-san, you might be asking… how do I know who to vote for??

Fear not!! I have the dirt on our FemiNasty campaign machine. For those who are new to our blog, I want to reintroduce you to the most dangerous feminist lobby in America… Emily’s list.

This is taken from a previous post I linked above:

Ever heard of Emily’s list? More than likely, you haven’t, until now.
If you google them, you will most likely read:

“Emily’s List, a political organization that supports women candidates who are in favor of abortion rights…”

Hmm interesting!! Lets find out how this group does business.

This particular thread was posted by Eric on Men’s News Daily, and its a real eye opener:

“Eric said…
Good points, David and Denis.

For those that do not know what Emily’s list is all about, I took a listing from a different forum and put it here:

With due credit this is from KAL147 for his knowledge and proper credit is due to him.

Here is the thread (condensed)

I’m sure you all are aware of the recall election in California that ousted Gray Davis as the Governor. Last year he vetoed legislation that would have curtailed rampant paternity fraud in California. The reason that Davis vetoed the paternity law bill, and the reason that so much else of this kind happens is not because men are too lazy to do anything about it, and not because all social workers are lesbians, but because of raw political clout.

I know that some of you have heard of Emily’s List, but there may be a lot of others who still haven’t, even though it’s far and away the most powerful political action committee in the country, with tentacles controlling politics at the national, state and local levels…

This is corruption and machine politics at its worst. You should see
for yourself just how wealthy and powerful Emily’s List is. Go to the
Federal Election Commission at the URL and click on
2001-2002 Election cycle, Total Receipts, then click on “List Them.”
You get a huge list of PACs. You’ll see that the hard-core feminist
Emily’s List is on top — waaaaaaaaay ahead of everyone else in money
and power…”

The power and influence of Emily’s list CANNOT BE UNDERSTATED!

Upon checking their website, I found this handy list of candidates that Emily’s list is supporting this election cycle.

DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY CANDIDATE THAT YOU FIND ON THIS LIST. Believe me… they are not going to Congress to represent Men.

Another group that we need to watch out for is the National Organization For Women. It seems that they have a PAC (Political Action Committee) that is actively endorsing and funding candidates hostile to the interests of Men. Fortunately for us, they have provided us this handy guide.


They are not going to Congress to represent Men. Believe it!

There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen. These two are the heavy hitters. Check your candidate, and vote for the other guy if they are on this list. Or, if both of your candidates are on the payroll, vote libertarian. Or vote for me!

I don’t care. Just do not vote for these FemiNasty candidates. Don’t do it.

Let me close with a section from Harvey Mansfield’s epic work, Manliness:

“But in one place, he (Nietzsche) anticipates the gender neutral society to come, has supposes “a few centuries ahead: “women can through a few centuries of education be made into anything, even into men.” It can be done, but it isn’t appropriate to do. In the transition lies the real trouble. Nietzsche says. Concerning marriage, the new serious wives, with no time for fooling around, will induce men to seek concubines to serve as their dangerous playthings. Furthermore, men will be angry because the arts and sciences will be choked by “unheard of dilettantism,” politics will be more fantastic and partisan than ever, society will be in dissolution – all because women, “the custodians of ancient morality and custom,” have become ridiculous to themselves. Once they let go of being guardians of morality and custom, where else will they find a comparable power? Nietzsche foresaw the gender neutral society, but so far he seems to have overestimated the anger of men toward the new women (p.117).”


Please check my spot, as I have all the relevant links posted there.

Sorry to bother you guys, have a good one!

10-22-2006 09:35 AM

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