Western men are high in demand

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – Western men are high in demand

Western men are high in demand
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Because we do not have masculinism here the way you see it in some Islamic countries, where women havt to subjucate themself to a man in every facet of their lifes. Of course a lot of them who are aware of western men dream of how wonderfull their life would be if they had one of those Americans or Europeans to look after them. In western countries we have an inverted situation, once the man is married. He eithier makes her wife happy or gets ruined. Of course Islamic women can find a good man in their own countries, who do no use the full extend of their legal power to ruin the woman, the way few men found a good wife in America. But most dream of how wonderfull the life with a foreign woman would be which was not raised to be a demanding feminist who sees it fit to ruin her family if her demands are not met or for no reason at all.

10-22-2006 09:37 AM

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