Woman lied about rape

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Woman lied about rape
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Yasmin Thomas arrives at Truro Crown Court

A 34-year-old drunken woman’s invitation “Are you going to show me a good time?” was rejected by the man with whom she was playing pool at a pub in Lanner, prosecutor Jennifer Moore told Truro Crown Court.

The shocked man told her he had no interest in her “in that way” and Yasmin Thomas’s behaviour became increasingly aggressive before she called the police and alleged that the 28-year-old man had raped her.

Thomas, of Tresithney Road, Carharrack, was before the court for sentence, having previously admitted making a false rape allegation, an act which tended and was intended to pervert the course of public justice.

Miss Moore said that on May 3 last Thomas was at the Lanner Inn when she invited the man to play pool. She became increasingly drunk and aggressive and her behaviour unpredictable. She fell off a bar stool three times and eventually the landlady took her car keys as she was clearly unfit to drive.

“She was going in and out of the pub,” she said. “She became aggressive to the landlady and then the victim heard banging outside and found Thomas trying to break into her car window. He told her she was not going to achieve anything and she broke down in tears. He asked if there was anyone to take her home and to wait while he went inside to get help. When he returned she was gone.”

Miss Moore said that Thomas walked to a nearby phone box where she dialled 999 and reported she had been raped.

PC Michael Friday found her upset, drunk, crying and visibly shaking. She screamed at him to go away and he told her he was there to help.

The victim readily identified himself as having played pool with Thomas and voluntarily went to the police station, confused and upset. He was interviewed, his clothes seized and intimate samples taken. He was then arrested and it was not until sick o’clock next morning that he was taken home.

Meanwhile Thomas was interviewed. Asked what had happened, she replied: “I am sorry I called the police. Don’t do anything about it because it is a waste of time.”

She gave conflicting information, saying she did not want the lad who did it to get into trouble, then saying that nothing had happened, and then re-confirming the allegation of rape.

The police took her to an address and she ran off. A police dog was brought in and she was found at her mother’s home, where she repeated her allegations.

A specially trained officer talked to her and Thomas said: “I am sorry I called you. I am wasting your time.”

Arrested and interviewed she again confirmed she had not been raped and admitted that she should not have drunk so much on top of the medication she was taking. She was deeply sorry for the man who had been arrested.

Miss Moore added that the victim accepted that the police had done their duty but said that the incident had had a significant effect upon him and he was particularly concerned for his reputation in a small village.

Judge Jeffrey Rucker did not call on defence counsel Lee Bremridge to address him and imposed an 18-month community order with supervision, as recommended in reports.

“I am sorry you have had such a rocky road in your personal life,” he said. “You must realise a custodial sentence was a possibility, but what you did did little harm.”

8:10am Wednesday 27th September 2006

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