www.mentalabuse.org – MUCH needed attention to the REAL causes of domestic problems

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – http://www.mentalabuse.org – MUCH needed attention to the REAL causes of domestic problems

http://www.mentalabuse.org – MUCH needed attention to the REAL causes of domestic problems
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All men should read this account of a, very often swept under the carpet and ignored, cause of relationship problems and a very prevalent form of domestic violence. Learn to recognise and protect yourself from this!

Word of this needs to be spread. This issue is not widely recognised and is widely dismissed and covered up as much as possible. It needs to be recognised!!

Men and anyone truly interested in domestic violence prevention should spread the word about this!

Very good site!


Most men are familiar with the “I’m not going to tell you why I’m angry with you, you’ve got to work it out for yourself” technique. What is going on here? It is designed to maximise his emotional suffering, while maintaining the moral high ground for herself.

False accusations are not something rare and unusual; they are just an extreme example of vicious gossip designed to destroy social reputations.

Feminism’s constant promotion of the ideas that (1) the world is a highly dangerous place for women, (2) the high moral quality of women, (3) the low moral quality of men, can all be seen as, among other things, a concerted attempt to create and maintain the cultural climate necessary to facilitate the use of passive-aggressive violence against men.

Physical abuse damages your body. Mental abuse damages your entire life. The targets are your self-esteem, your mental health, (and consequently your physical health), your relationships, your social status, your reputation (and consequently your career), even your liberty.

A lot of the covert social cruelty practiced by females is difficult to detect at the best of times; doubly so when feminists are teaching us not to look.

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Men have standards. Women will be compared. DEAL WITH IT.

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Re: http://www.mentalabuse.org – MUCH needed attention to the REAL causes of domestic problems
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Mental abuse is a very big problem. Women or wives will use sexual manipulations to bend you to cater to their emotional needs, when many times there isn’t enough hours in the day to meet their needs!!! With work and sleep and all. They will also use the old wording If you don’t straighten up and change, you will never see your children again!

Talk about mental abuse. It’s like caging a lion, tying his hands behind his back, and then taunting him mentally day and night!

Us men should have never lost our right to use our strength to defend mental abuse from women!!! We are stronger for a reason, and should be able to use our strength to end arguments!

I’m not talking hitting a woman like one would a man, I’m talking if she gets physical with a man, a man should be able to back hand a woman who decides to test us men! It’s only fair, it gives women a false sense of superiority when men know they are facing 9 months in jail just for restraining a woman from hitting him!!!

There should be a new law, if a woman hits a man, he can defend himself and only use open fist back hands. Nothing closefisted as one would a man. You fight fire with fire, and I think that would be respectable.

Now if a woman only wants to use mental abuse, ignoring her only seems to intensify her mental abuse. I’m at a lose there!

Women have been proving for the last 30 years that men have been right for the last 30 centuries!

10-14-2006 06:02 PM

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