Hatred of Women

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Hatred of Women
Several women have suggested that some of the men who posted on this board hate women. This couldn’t be further from the truth, at least in my case.

I love women, I adore them, I enjoy women’s company, and think one of the greatest pleasures in life is to spend time with a good woman. I love women from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

However, I will freely admit, I don’t like American/Western women, I can’t stand being in their presence. And not only because they’re fat, ugly, bitchy and obnoxious, but also because of what they’ve done to the legal system of this once great country. I don’t like them because of the Kangaroo family courts they’ve helped set up, I don’t like them for enacting crazy divorce laws where people are paying $500K a year in child support (how do you spend half a million dollars a year on a 3 year old child?). I don’t like them for enacting unconstitutional laws like VAWA and IMBRA. I don’t like them for the insane sexual harrassment laws they’ve helped create that got the president of Harvard fired for simply saying that men and women are different.

What is there to like about American/Western women? I can’t really think of a single thing!

02-17-2007 05:24 PM

Re: Hatered of Women
Regular Contributor

“Several women have suggested that some of the men who posted on this board hate women”

…  yet the vast majority of these same women probably have no problem with all the male bashing that has been going on for years in the media.

You have to understand something.  These women feel threatened when a man expresses his desires and wants when it comes to a female partner.  They are the ones who think they have a monopoly on this sort of topic.  But they know deep down they are dangerously close to being undesirable.  They get angry when a guy doesn’t want what they want him to want.

In other words .. there’s no stampede of guys wanting a power-suit wearing, brief -case toting, conference-call making, jock – strap wearing careerist out there.

03-17-2007 11:55 AM

Re: Hatered of Women
Maybe it’s because you spent several decades hating us? Being hated as kids by adult women, girls and the rest of society just for being male.

And finally we’ve been able to grow up enough to speak back.

It’s the standard pattern of abuse.

A parent beats his kids. Then later finds out the kids don’t love him anymore, and is “shocked” to find them rebelling against him. Well duh, maybe if you didn’t beat the kids they wouldn’t hate you.

Well, I was a kid for quite a few years, hated by adult women and girls who were empowered by adult women. Same pattern.

You’ve hated me. Now I’ve finally grown up enough to be able to fight back against this evil matriarchal world.

Basically, you are getting what you deserve for being evil and hating innocent males.

04-23-2007 07:47 AM

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