IMBRA And Tahirih’s Destructive Behavior

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IMBRA And Tahirih’s Destructive Behavior
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In the last post, “IMBRA And Tahirih Justice Center’s Hypocrisy”, I have shown (that) there is no justification to force unilateral release of personal and criminal information of all American male clients of International Matchmaking Organizations (IMOs) at the time of initial contact because at that stage, there is no risk of harm to foreign women.

I have also stated that unlike IMOs, Domestic Matchmaking Organizations (DMOs), such as and, are given a complete exemption (or a “free pass” on having to do any background checks on their male clients. Proponents of IMBRA justify these “free passes” by claiming that in DMO-facilitated relationships, men and women are charged and treated the same and therefore, the balence of power is not skewed to empower the male client. As result, they claim, there is less risk for abuse in these relationships.

This assertion is a complete hogwash – in fact, all evidence indicate that there is a significant threat of harm against women and girls as result of these initial contacts made via DMOs. There have been numerous documented cases of brutal murder, rape, torture and exploitation which have occurred as result.

Here are some examples:

(1) A 14 year old girl met a 37 year old man in an American Online Chatroom in 2000. The man was convicted of taking her across state lines to have sex with her.…tcrimelinks.htm

(2) A 13 year old girl, Christina Long, was murdered by a 25 year old man she met in an American Online Chatroom. He has confessed to strangling her.…tcrimelinks.htm

(3) The body of a young woman who posted her profile in was found near Richmond, VA. The suspect is a man whom she met through

(4) A 13 year old girl was killed by a 47-year old SanDiego man (who later committed suicide) whom she met in an internet chat room.

(5) An affluent real-estate agent in California is charged with with raping three women, two of whom he met through, a domestic marriage broker.…ia/15833372.htm

(6) A man has been charged with raping 10 women in the Philadelphia area. He met these women via Hey Tahirih, why isn’t regulated?…&id=4713302

(7) A man is charged with having sex with minor, whom he met via

These are just a few examples of hundreds of vicious murder, rape, torture and exploitation against women and girls which have occurred as result of contacts facilitated by DMO’s. Many of these horrifying acts of violence may have been prevented if DMOs were forced to do extensive personal and criminal background checks on their male clients.

Now, here is the most heinous part – Tahirih Justice Center, a main proponent of IMBRA, has been fighting in the court of law to preserve these exemptions for DMOs, despite the fact that these “free passes” have enabled many cases of horrendous rape, torture and exploitation against women to occur. We can not afford to let Tahirih prevail regarding these exemptions because if Tahirih gets its way, it will allow murderers, sexual predators, rapists, pedophiles and premeditated torturers a free pass to find their next victims. Tahirih’s behavior has been deplorable and deeply destructive to efforts to protect women and girls.

Therefore, I urge everyone, in the name of protecting our women and girls, to fight against Tahirih Justice Center’s efforts to preserve exemptions for DMOs. These “free-passes” for DMOs must be eliminated.

11-18-2006 12:51 PM

Re: IMBRA And Tahirih’s Destructive Behavior
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The growing numbers of Men going overseas looking for Wives threatens the control Feminists have over American Women. They realize if enough Men refuse to Marry American Women, changes will be forced on their laws. This is nothing more or less than an attempt to regulate market demand for Wives, American Wives. The unrealistic demands of American Women are forcing American Men to cope in ways their Fathers and Grandfathers never envisioned.

Tom Leykis has a career of advising Men on how to get their Sexual needs met with Women, without incurring the huge Liabilities.

11-18-2006 05:34 PM

Re: IMBRA And Tahirih’s Destructive Behavior

I agree that “free passes” must be eliminated and DMOs should fully screen all clients, male or female. Underage kids must be supervised when on the computer. Computers should never be in a private place. Parents should be aware of where their children are whenever possible, and children should be warned thoroughly and graphically about the danger of meeting someone they have met online. They must be made aware of how easy it is to lie online and pretend to be someone you are not in order to win trust.

Even grown men and women should not trust someone they met online enough to meet in person without following strict safety precautions.

I may be mistaken, but International Wives should become fully American citizens with all rights and privelages in a certain amount of months or years after your marriage. Essentially, that means they can make the same demands as every other woman.

I’d also like to think that ‘feminists’ do not control me. I can make my own decisions without them harrassing me with their opinion.

01-09-2007 11:06 AM

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