Is Misandry Protecting Mothers Who Murder And Maim?

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Is Misandry Protecting Mothers Who Murder And Maim?
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By Teri Stoddard

I’m a woman and I used to believe what the media said about men. Now I know better.

The media constantly exposes us to inaccurate, negative impressions of and statements about men. In looking for the root of the problem I found a network of people who benefit from misandry. Many of these people work for or with the family courts or domestic violence services, often both. I wonder if the Violence Against Women Act funds misandry. As I wrote in It’s Not Your Mother’s Fathers Movement Anymore, I watched as representatives from domestic violence and feminist organizations slandered fathers to defeat California’s 2005 Shared Parenting bill:

“Fathers who seek custody, they’re not all great fathers.” That was the truth according to Mira Fox, who runs Child Abuse Solutions, Inc…Fox said, “Children are often given into the custody of abusive fathers”…

Fox’s organization, by her own testimony that day, trains people in the family court system how to litigate and adjudicate child sexual abuse cases. Is Fox guilty of misandry or ignorance? The January 2005 Male Perpetrators of Child Maltreatment states:

…fathers are, “less likely than other male perpetrators to be involved in sexual abuse.”

The Administration for Children and Families says:

In 2004, 45.6% of child victims were maltreated by their mothers acting alone or with other and only 19.5 percent were maltreated by their fathers acting alone or with other.

2004 child abuse

Last week I came across a pamplet by the California Women’s Law Center called Teen Dating Violence. Teen dating violence is indeed a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Is it acceptable that their brochure is only about males who abuse and female victims? Is this misandry? Studies show not only are female teens increasingly violent, girls are more likely to victimize their partner than boys are.

Today I read an opinion piece called Murderously self-pitying fathers by India Knight, where she laid out the horrifying details of four fathers who murdered their families, yet writes nothing of murderous moms. She starts by suggesting she reads about murderous fathers weekly:

Another week, another horrifying story about men’s frequent and calamitous inability to cope with crisis. Gavin Hall, 33, was jailed for life last week after drugging then suffocating his three-year-old daughter Millie as “revenge” for his wife’s infidelity…Stories such as these crop up with depressing regularity:

To come up with the four stories she had to go back three years. Is Knight guilty of misandry or just ignorance?
According to this graph by the Administration for Children and Families:

In 2004 “Mother Only and Mother and Other” was reported as perpetrator for 40.6 percent of child deaths and “Father Only and Father and Father and Other” accounted for only 15.6 percent.

2004 child abuse deaths

Is misandry protecting moms who murder and maim?

11-06-2006 07:03 AM

Re: Is Misandry Protecting Mothers Who Murder And Maim?
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If you don’t think women are murderous, just examine abortion!! They would kill and slander us all if they could!! There is no truth in these women!!!

Women have been proving for the last 30 years that men have been right for the last 30 centuries!

11-11-2006 01:51 PM

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