Leykis Gets Murder Confession

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Leykis Gets Murder Confession
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November 04, 2006
by Marc Rudov

Unless you haven’t heard by now, a girl named Sue called into The Tom Leykis Show last night from Ahwatukee, Arizona, to confess and BRAG about murdering the father of her child.

As I wrote in my article, “Why Women Hate Tom Leykis,” Sue began her bizarre tale by reminding all men that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It turns out that, after a one-night stand, she got preggers and had a **bleep** child at the age of 19. Why not — doesn’t Hollywood teach that this is the cool thing to do?

Sue, a nurse, and the baby’s father both worked at the same hospital. The father refused to pay child support, so she had family court garnish his hospital wages. He didn’t like that, so he quit his job. Sue approached him privately for “under the table” money. He refused to pay her that, too. What else could she do but take his 9mm pistol and shoot him in the heart (she bragged about knowing exactly where in the heart to shoot because of her nursing background).

When the police arrived, Sue gave them the standard VAWA-speak: “He was beating and threatening me. He was drunk. He shot himself.” Of course, the police AUTOMATICALLY believed her. Why? She’s a woman. (Read “Will She Call 911 on You?”) That’s right: No hearing; no trial. VAWA rules! Had the situation been reversed, and the police arrived to see a living man and dead woman, do you think the investigating officer would have believed a male’s version of this story? Don’t bust a gut laughing.

Sue, the hubristic, moronic man-hater, decided to confess, on international radio, to killing a man. She didn’t realize that, when calling an 800 number, her caller ID is revealed — even if unlisted. When Leykis, incredulous as we all were, reminded her about the consequences of her public confession, Sue waxed indifference, feeling untouchable, saying that the body had been cremated and that she was using her friend’s phone.

Tom Leykis, who was doing his show as a live listener event in “Porkland,” Oregon (his nickname for the city of fat women), immediately had his sidekicks contact the Phoenix media and the Ahwatukee police. Then, the throng of Leykis men began chanting, “Fry that **bleep**. Fry that **bleep**.” This is an adaptation of Tom’s oft-repeated chant, “Dump that **bleep**,” which he uses when admonishing men for hanging onto incompatible, abusive women.

Shortly after the confession, one female caller expressed happiness that a man died over child support. Wow! Another was scared for her 14-year-old athlete son, who could become prey for cheerleaders. Said she: “Women are mean. I know; I am one! Tell all your guys to be careful.” Then, Tom announced on the air that he would pay $5K in cash to anyone who helps lead to Sue’s capture and conviction. It was the most-amazing segment of radio I had ever heard.

I urge you to be careful with women. Because they have most of the civil rights, thanks to VAWA, they can be dangerous. While “pumping and dumping” them may seem appealing and expeditious, it can backfire. Police will always presume men guilty and women innocent. Sue’s story, once again, proves it. It also proves, as I wrote in “Playing Abortion Chess,” that women care more about child support than abortion — even to the point of killing for it.

11-04-2006 06:56 PM

Re: Leykis Gets Murder Confession
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How much longer are we going to allow this type of BS!!! Half of women are unmarriable contentious bitches! Who are angry with men!!

Talk about population control!!!

Women have been proving for the last 30 years that men have been right for the last 30 centuries!

11-04-2006 11:10 PM

Re: Leykis Gets Murder Confession
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This article is great.

Anti-Feminists are now solving murders?

Tom Leykis should be up for some sort of reward for his law enforcement efforts methinks.

Men have standards. Women will be compared. DEAL WITH IT.

11-05-2006 10:39 PM

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