Long live feminism!

Long live feminism!

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I think you didn’t have the time to read that article in depth (“51%of women live alone”;) before putting it up here. It actually portrays modern WWs as so “liberated” as they do not need men in their lives at all. Well, that’s the impression I got anyway. Well, let them live alone and let them look after their assses BY THEMSELVES!

In fact, I wonder what’s so wrong with the traditional feminism that you guys keep criticising it so much all the time? Apart from some radical idiots who turned themselves into laughing stocks (yes, while screwing up familiy courts along the way and so on), the early feminists did lots, lots of good to men too.

Just think of it:

Modern women have no to SHARE all financial burdens with men (at least that’s what they were fighting for back in the 60-s), the policy which sells women so short as to simply reduce them to production units (just as men have always been protecting and serving women, poor suckers as they/we are!).

Feminists have been fighting for the rights to put women up on top of corporate ladder “breaking the glass ceiling” etc.

Well, I say good on them! Let them work as hard as men up there putting in up to 80 hrs a week and see what they say after that! Hahaha! You go girls! Hohoho!

Feminists have been arguing that women should become financially independent and be able to look after themselves.

What’s wrong with that?

I, for that matter, am all for it. I just hate those dependent women who wanted to become drags on my back, it’s so debilitating and humiliating for any self-respecting man to be with them. On the other hand, we all know that women are playing a double standard game all the time asking men to do all the asking, to pay for their drinks and dates and the list just goes on and on, yet that’s not what the early feminists were arguing for. Quite the opposite actually.

I just hate the concept of a “woman-as-child”, i.e. women who would depend on men for financial and emotional support. It’s bloody stifling and suffocating for a relationship. So I am saying: let women lift up their cute lazy asses and go and work as hard as men do and put as long hours as men do and then become sick and worn down just as men do. With women working harder and harder, let’s men look at other options to improve their lives! I hope it helps men live longer and better and more balanced lives after all.

To me, feminism is one of the greatest jokes that women have ever played on themselves, the one that screwed them up big time (just look at their lemon-sucking faces in any busy office)!!!. Haha

But more than anything else it can liberate men, liberate us, the silent and disposable sex of our traditional gender roles whereby we were obligated for thousands of years to work hard to protect and support women (just because they are soooo beaauuuuuuutiful!!!) and their offspring, obligated to earn money so that women could spend it while men died young and unappreciated.

Long live feminism!

Long live gender equality!

Girls, welcome to the show!!!!

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Re: Long live feminism!


Then the true reason for this hit me.

The men who set up these programs may have been soft-hearted, but they were hard-headed. They expected that the system would work as long as the population expanded and Americans remained hard-working. The numbers would balance out if their projections about economic growth and demographics were correct.

Then came Roe vs. Wade, and tens of millions of babies that were conceived were never born.

The missing factor that has made mincemeat out of all of the projections of the wisest men is the drop in the growth of the native population of the US. Today the US has a steady-state birth rate of 2.08 kids per female adult. All of the aborted fetuses from 1973 onwards never had any kids of their own. Our Baby Bust is the true reason for the imminent entitlements crisis. We have too many old folks who have less than four grandkids, and keeping them alive and healthy is draining away the last financial reserves of the US.

The Baby Boomers will, ironically, suffer the harsh consequences of a baby bust. The empty cradles of the past thirty-four years are about to create a deficit of workers in their prime years of productivity. The vacuums that sucked the incipient life out of tens of millions of wombs have created a financial vacuum decades later.

Our male leaders never dreamed that we would allow our women to kill a third of an entire generation of Americans, but we did. Small wonder that we don’t have enough taxpayers these days. The “Nanny State” is arriving, paradoxically, because there were too few babies born in the past three decades.

Feminism aborted the future of our country. The feminists who killed the future will live out the remainder of their lives in a country that can no longer afford to support their selfishness. For them, a bleak end to their lives will be justice. For the rest of us, it will be infinitely sad to watch as a great nation is consumed by the depravity of its own women.

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Re: Long live feminism!

Good points, but Khank, why do you think we need even more people in this world while we are having an increasingly harder time sustaining the 7 BILLION that we have today?

The Chinese have done such an exceptionally good job on that front in the past that now they have a 1 child policy. I think it’s time for Africa to do the same asap.

Statistically speaking, if all the countries of the world had the same level of economic prosperity as you do in the US, we would need another 4 planets like Earth to sustain in.

With people living longer lives (we all want, don’t we?), why do we need even more babies who would be living even longer in future than our elderly today?

I know these are not simple questions, yet the tendency to blame only feminism for every evil under the Sun, including the decline in fertility rates (aren’t the masculists rubbing their hands in wait for a male pill? 🙂 ), is simply not justified.

01-19-2007 06:12 PM


Re: Long live feminism!

CosTas wrote:
Good points, but Khank, why do you think we need even more people in this world while we are having an increasingly harder time sustaining the 7 BILLION that we have today?

The planet is doing fine. The greatest problem today is that the 6.6 billion are becoming overweight. We don’t lack for food or resources.

The Chinese have done such an exceptionally good job on that front in the past that now they have a 1 child policy. I think it’s time for Africa to do the same asap.

Do you know what happens to a nation that sustains a 1 child policy intergenerationally? It demographically collapses.

Statistically speaking, if all the countries of the world had the same level of economic prosperity as you do in the US, we would need another 4 planets like Earth to sustain in.

Statistically speaking, if all the countries of the world had the same level of productivity per gallon of oil consumed, then we would have a very very rich planet.

01-20-2007 03:02 AM


Re: Long live feminism!

Well, I think that men that are married live on average 250% longer than single men. Married women live 50% longer than unmarried cat loving single women. So I think we need to make women submissive so that they accept becoming a mother again! Their children needs them.

Although I am not against letting the cycle play itself out. It would give men endless amounts of ammo to bash single motherhood as the greatest pathology to hit the human race.

Letting them go on as destructive as they are, will only serve to help our position.

Women have been proving for the last 30 years that men have been right for the last 30 centuries!

01-20-2007 08:03 PM


Re: Long live feminism!

The problems with American Government and its overbloated bureaucracy…..

is that it has forgotten the “True reasons” behind the changes of policy at the turn of the century!

There was a time, where American White gals were like BABY FACTORIES.
Go back in time, to OVERCROWDED ENGLAND, and when we have earnest good intelligent folks like Mr. Maltus.

and recall the POTATO BLIGHT, famine in Europe caused by failure of the wheat crop and then the potato problems.

Some smart alec, bureaucrats in England or Washington, came to a conclusion….make that WHITE GAL BARREN….encourage it.

as time when on…..
a idea became a trends…
and soon, the bureaucrats who created the idea were dead and gone..
but the trend remains.

Yes we have wealth, high GNP because of DINKs, Single women, low birthrates…

but what happen to the community?

ON the other hand, we probably NEED FEMININE leadership in USA today…what with the OVERSPENDING, DEFICIT and the rapid reforms in China, Greater China, Far East and the rapidly changing European Union.

Time to think about it again!

Green DRagon
Lord of the code

01-22-2007 12:33 AM


Re: Long live feminism!

What are you thinking there bud? The west funded and started communism and Marxism. These same men who did the French revolution are the ones that invented and fund feminism.

They are doing all that they please. Empowering women is silly because who will be the mothers?

Women have been proving for the last 30 years that men have been right for the last 30 centuries!

01-22-2007 12:54 AM


Re: Long live feminism!

totally agree with you BRO!

If you think about it, America is all about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY…
Imagine, we encourage our people to EAT, EAT, EAT…

WHY? Because America has so much resources

Imagine again, we encourage up sizing everything including cars, homes, food portions for the very same reason.

What do we get?

FAT, bloated American Women……
Worse, to build up the per capita GNP, we encourage bigger percentage of working people, including old folks, ladies, encourage asexual lifestyles….

heck, USA is not Europe, we do not have overpopulation problems here!


We need to reform America!
It starts with family values…
and you need to have women to form those family units first!

Green Dragon
Lord of the code
Third Force

01-22-2007 11:31 PM


Re: Long live feminism!

May I repost?

·Men are threatened by a successful woman

Men are all too aware that women judge men on their occupation, assets and are interested in men of equal or higher status than them, not lower. Seems to me that men are being realistic, not intimidated. However these successful women may consider that the higher up the ladder they go, the less men of same or higher status there are. Conversely, men of high status (by women’s standards) have the largest choice of women available. Their only asset he is interested in: feminine beauty

·Men’s ego is their most fragile instrument

Women’s egos are just as fragile. When men put women up on a pedestal their egos inflate like a hot air balloon. However if men are indifferent and make humorous fun of women, they keep coming back for more.

·Men are so frightened of our rejection that they can’t be men

Actually, they are men just protecting themselves; they’re just not taking advantage of being indifferent and making humorous fun of you.

·I can’t change a man – without getting him ready for the next woman

You have no right to change a man, as he has none to change you. If a man ALLOWS you to change him, you will not respect him because you can control him. If you cannot change a man, well….maybe you were attracted to his strong sense of individualism in the first place???????

Oh, and do you think that the next woman wants your wussie “changed man” after you have chewed him and spat him out???????

·Men want to cohabitate with us but don’t want to marry us

Men don’t want to make the ultimate commitment to you. Maybe they are not sure you are marriage material. Maybe there is something you could do to change that. Maybe it is not our problem….but yours.

·When I take the initiative men back off

Could be many reasons why, but is probably just a bit of what men routinely face in the dating game….REJECTION.

·Men won’t listen

Men do listen, they do not listen and respond in the way your girlfriends do. We are not women, we are men. If you get a chance to observe two or more men interacting with each other, you might learn something.

·Men can’t get in touch with their feelings

Men are very in touch with their feelings. In fact men do not have to express their feelings all the time to others to validate them. When observing men interacting, you will notice when a man expresses his “feelings” to another, the respondent will reply with a solution to the problem, that’s what negative feelings are to a man, a problem to be solved.

Women… well I’m a man and I’m not supposed to understand their complexities but heres a guess: feelings are drama and entertainment, like a soap opera, they are analyzed and expound upon until another dramatic feeling comes along.

Unfortunately if a man expresses his feelings to a woman too much, he will be accused of being a wuss, Damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t, eh.

·50% of men already in relationships cheat

And what percentages of women cheat? Are there a small group of extremely promiscuous women out there tempting these men or are you women going to take some of the responsibility for this problem?

·After he says “your special” I never see him again

What, was this before or after you’d had sex? Actions speak louder than words. Women have a version of this to let men know they are not interested in going further: “lets just be friends”

·“Girly” magazines are so big with men

Cleo, Cosmo, romance novels, soap operas etc get your juices going too! Do I have to say it again….do you want us to be like you or something?

·Men can’t ask for help

….wheres that dependent wuss boyfriend of yours when you need him to fix the car….

Men like a challenge and will try to do it on their own, before getting help if they need to. Stop trying to negate a positive masculine trait that you occasionally find annoying, when mostly….you love it, eh.

….he’s asking the sexy, masculine neighbor for help.

·Men spend too much time watching sports even when they say they want more time with their families

What is “time with their families” anyway? What women want to do? What is too much sports? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 hour, 30 minutes a day, or the big game on Saturday? How about women watch to much soap operas, Dr Phil, Oprah, spend too much time on the phone gossiping etc etc etc.

Maybe watching sports with their sons could be “time with family? Maybe men work more hours than women and so have less “time with family” As long as he doesn’t annoy you when you are gossiping to your friends on the phone, you could stop nagging him when he is watching sports.

·Men can’t let a friendship develop and then if sex happens, it happens

Because men know if a woman classifies him as a friend, it’ll never happen!………and I’m a male explaining female behavior to a female HAHA!

·When I’m with a man I see his open and vulnerable parts. And then when he gets around other men, he closes them off.

That is because you have accepted him as a masculine man and for your relationship to develop he shows his softer side to you. Unless he is gay, he has no need to show this to other men. What advantage could he possibly get from showing his vulnerable side to other men? From other men is how he shaped his masculinity, of which you were attracted to first place. If he showed his vulnerability to everyone and their dog, he would not be valued as a man, not even by you….men do on occasion, show their vulnerable side to select men they trust, but is only to fix a problem and find a solution, otherwise there is no reason to do so. This is something that you are not privy to because it is male territory and frankly, as a woman is not your concern.

·Men are so preoccupied with their jobs even when they’re losing contact with their family

Men are the providers and don’t bother with feminist doctrine about equality. If a man does not have an income or assets, he is not valued by society. They are so preoccupied with their jobs BECAUSE OF THEIR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

·Men are like little boys underneath

We all have an “inner child” eh?

·Men contempt for women on one hand (witness their jokes) and put them on a pedestal on the other hand

Some men put women on a pedestal and others have a healthy humorous indifference about women. Nice guy or seducer, which one gets your juices flowing?

·Men are “just desserts” but I’m willing to give up so much for a little banana split

So what did you have for your main course? Maybe you just prefer shopping to men? Is it your self-respect that you are so willing to give up? You must make very silly CHOICES when it comes to men. However if you do not want to take responsibility for your choice in men, repeat ten times: MEN ARE ALL BASTARDS!

·Men rape

Yes and we are all capable of it, though few take advantage of it.

However women can and do, with no evidence, accuse men of rape, their careers, reputation gone and their personal life in tatters, even before the false allegation gets to court.

·Men are just interested in conquest – that’s the real excitement for men

Is this not how we came to live in the standard we now live in? Men like a challenge and men built buildings, infrastructure, government, sciences, inventions etc etc etc. Is this a criticism or are you giving us a compliment!

·Men always feel they have to promise love even when they’re not in love

Do you require they say they love you before you will sleep with them?
All men want to f*ck; some men will say they love you in the hope of getting a f*ck, even when they don’t. Honest men will tell you they want to f*ck.

·Women earn only 59% of what a men earns even when their contribution is “indispensable”

WTF, more feminist doctrine. When women have children, they either don’t work or work less than men in paid employment. Women also CHOOSE to work in occupations that don’t pay as well. This is why women earn less than men, because men are supporting them. Think about this, a man and a woman in a job interview with the same experience and qualifications as each other, the man will cost the employer 41 percent more to employ….NO EMPLOYER WOULD EVER HIRE A MAN!

The glass ceiling is really a glass elevator and we men still only have the option of climbing the ladder.

·Men have power and they don’t want to give it up

More feminist propaganda. A small minority of men has the power; most men have no option but to shovel the sh*t to feed their families.

·Men can’t admit it when they’re wrong

And some women have this stubborn habit too.

·I’m an attractive woman. I have lots of options. Yet so many men I end up with are insensitive.

So, the more attractive a woman is, the more she requires sensitivity in men? I thought they left the wussies for the ugly girls with no options…

·My father criticized me too often

My mother criticized me too often. I think she saw things in a different way because she was female and I was male….maybe you could have a think about that.

·Men are so paranoid about homosexuality

Are you attracted to homosexual (and I’m not referring to your fantasy of being so sexy that you manage to seduce a gay man straight) effeminate men?

·I’d like to be able to get lovey-dovey without it necessarily leading to intercourse, but that’s too much to ask from a man

I’d like to have intercourse with a woman without it leading to getting lovey-dovey, but that’s too much to ask from a woman.

·When I meet a man I often think he’s wonderful—I tell all my women friends and I’m elated; then he disappoints me once, then twice. Before I know it I think he’s a jerk. Yet I’m still tempted to stay with him.

Well, if he had disappointed you by not disappointing you, he would have been such a “nice guy” that you would have just wanted to “be friends”.

·Male leaders get into too many wars (it would be different if a women led)

“In response to the invasion, the British government under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher declares a war zone for 200 miles (320 km) around the Falklands, assembles a naval task force with which to retake the islands, and launches long range air attacks from the mid-Atlantic Ascension island on the airfield in Port Stanley to disrupt the flow of supplies to the Argentine forces.

From start to finish, this strange undeclared war lasted 72 days, claimed about 1000 casualties, and had a cost of at least 2 billion dollars. From a political point of view, it secured the reelection of Margaret Thatcher”. source:ability.org.uk/falklands-warnone

·Men who aren’t macho are often.. well….Wimps

If we are aloof and indifferent, you complain we aren’t open enough. If we get all open and touchy feely, you complain we are acting like wimps. As women try to compete with men, men should poke fun at them. when women realize they can never compete, men will throw women a bit of sensitivity….when they’ve earned it.

As for wussies or wimps, they just need to unlearn all the feminazi propaganda that has deeply infiltrated western society.

·Men are afraid of commitment

Men are less likely to commit if women continue to give away what men want willy-nilly. We thought you preferred wild anonymous sex too! If they do commit they are afraid that the woman will separate, taking the kids, assets, and a percentage of his income until the kids are adults….now what are the advantages of commitment for a man then, eh?

·If I could wish anything from my relationship with a man, it would be to have more honesty

What, you want him to be more honest than you are with him?

·There are no men who are sensitive and strong—who are not already taken up

I think maybe you have climbed far too high up corporate ladder.
There are many men who are far stronger than their bank balances but you are not interested in them, eh?

·Men and women are so against each other

It’s good you’re taking some responsibility.

·Men can’t see the forest for their ego’s

Women can’t see the forest for their sense of entitlement. Women have a sense of entitlement because they think they are a special gender. Women think they are a special gender because their egos have become much too inflated, eh.

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