NAACP admits no Crime in Durham

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – NAACP admits no Crime in Durham

NAACP admits no Crime in Durham
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The President of the NAACP admits that the NC NAACP Chapter erred in its accusations against the Three (3) Duke LaCrosse Players. That there was in fact no crime committed at all against Ms. Rivers aka. Crystal Gail Magnum. That still has brought no apology from the Group of 88 Miscreants of Duke, aka. the Professors who called for the expulsion of the players. Despite the facts. Our Colleges are bastions of Anti male Hatred. To the Credit of many African Americans they realize they were used by discredit DA Nifong who has been disbarred and is facing Prison for his Criminal Behavior. When will Ms. Rivers be held accountable??? NEVER. Not in FemAmerica where all Men who desire Straight Women are Rapists. Any Sex that is not satisfactory to American Females is Rape. The Best strategy is to leave them alone. Until they demand the Misandric Laws be changed. Women cannot shame us into Loving Them, Marrying Them, or having a Relationship with them. What is truly sad is that in this Vale of Tears. Women have decided to embrace Lesbianism and the hatred of Men. To criminalize our natural attraction to them. And to betray us. Feminism and its hatred of Men. Will Liberate Men from Marriage. US Women can thank Feminists for Men refusing to Marry and have children with them. In fact Last year 12% of US Marriages were to Foreign Women. And with 22% of US Men refusing to every Marry. That is one third of US Men saying No to American Women. Ladies are you listening??? Do you want to end up alone with your Cats?? If so keep listening to Oprah, Katie, Barbara Walters, Connie Chung, Diane Sawyer. They do not care if you are happy. They have an agenda and your happiness is not a part of it.

08-13-2007 06:44 PM

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