Speaking the truth makes you a misogynist

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – Speaking the truth makes you a misogynist

Speaking the truth makes you a misogynist
Most guys at some point will have been called a misogynist (by your
average vile arrogant commoner female), for saying pretty fair and
reasonable stuff, that’s not even hateful.

Like mentioning how women steal unfairly from fathers in divorces. Or
mentioning that females do not get paid less than males, it’s just a
lie made by feminists.

And you will be called that, even if at the time you were saying this,
you could not be called a misogynist. Some guys only started into this
whole area very slowly, starting off with the standard stereotypes that
society has because as a child you absorb all of this stuff and don’t
get a chance to verify it for yoursel. Those kind of guys may be
thinking “yeah sure women in other countries have it worse off, but
over here they have some things better too”.

This kind of “proto-misogynist” guy might have female friends which
they would gladly have defended from anti-female sexism… if there
were any to defend them from. (which there isn’t these days). And
outside of the area of gender issues, he might have been a good
potential friend to the females he knew. Like just ordinary every day
stuff, what normal friendships are based on, acceptance, good advice,
letting people be themselves…

And yet still after all that, be called a misogynist, when all of these
qualities were apparant.

Well, that doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? This kind of
“proto-misogynist” guy might easily think “how can I be a misogynist if
I like females? All I want is equality. All I did was mention the

But the reality really is that she was right. He *is* a misogynist for
daring to speak any truth about females, unguarded with more lies.

That’s the catch. You can speak a truth about females, but only if you
guard it with more lies, so the truth does not break out into something
larger. And even speaking that “lie-guarded-truth” is taking a big risk
that should only be taken in dire circumstances. Like Bob Geldof seeing
the dire circumstances for fathers, and speaking his
“lie-guarded-truths” about females today.

His “lie-guarded-truths” of how females can easily steal and ruin an
innocent man’s life, unncessarily, for the harm of the children and
society in general, for some temporary financial gain. One of his lies
that guarded these truths were that men are naturally silent and
unsocial, and women expect too much of them to get communication from

It works like this. Imagine this:

A dam.

A big, concrete dam. 3 meters high, 4 meters deep, and kilometers

This dam, is the dam of female lies. The lies of how females are
oppressed today, underpaid at work, ignored by authorities, undervalued
at home, etc. The lies of how females have been oppressed throughout
all history. The lies of how females are naturally more talented,
honest, and creative than males. The lies of how females are naturally
healthier, tougher and more pain resistant than males. The lies that GO

The lies of females. A dam of lies, stopping the truth from coming out.

An ocean of truth. The truth that females have oppressed males
throughout all history. That it is males who get sexually mutilated at
birth. Abused more by their parents. Thrown out onto the streets.
Disfigured by female’s sexual selection into hairy cavemen simply
because females like to make other human beings suffer and we are a
convenient target. Expected to work a life to pay and protect and
provide for ungrateful hateful small-minded heartless fake evil
monsters who only exist to drain the life energy out of our beings,
scorning us and getting us into trouble or death the whole way along.

And that truth is misogynist. That is the truth. The truth is too awful
for almost anyone to believe in. And yet all of it can be proven with
solid down-to-earth logic. Knowing that truth would leave any fair
person unable to feel anything else but hate for females.

You see, in life, for your actions you must pay. And this payment
requires first for your actions to be known.

Females, have caused such evil actions over all of history, that for
them to pay would probably destroy them. Or at least make existance
pure hell for them.

And this hell females have indebted themselves into, requires the truth
for it to come about.

So, yes, by speaking the truth, you are being a misogynist. You might
not think it much to question to your much appreciated female friends,
something so harmless as “women don’t really get paid less now, do

But that question is a hole in the dam. If you don’t guard that hole
with more lies, more lies forming the concrete of this dam, you are
risking more holes appearing. Then small cracks in the dam of female
lies. And soon enough the whole thing will break.

So, for those females to call you a misogynist for speaking such
innocent truths… They are right. They are absolutely 100% right. It’s
just that for you to realise they were right to call you a misogynist,
would require you to learn just how big their dam of lies is. You were
only able to see a small fraction. But females felt the whole thing,
because they are the dam, the lies are them, because females made it.

I think feminists and females in general, since the 1960s, KNEW that
unless they did something drastic, the truth would come out. After all
females were given a superior position in society (all of the
privileges like working/voting, but none of the responsibilities like
having to pay or fight to protect and provide for men.)

If females could not measure up to males after all of that, people
might start to ask. “Why”? Why is it that females cannot measure up in
the brain and “heart” (determination) department?

Awkward questions for you females, eh? Especially awkward when you know
the awful truth, because you FEEL IT in your very being every **bleep** DAY,
but you REFUSE to let the truth out.

The truth that females are stupider and weaker than males, because you
have made us do everything for you over all of history. And so you have
atrophied over generations, losing the abilities to think and work,
that you never used. Atrophied, just as parasites do.

And you, female, you KNEW this all along, deep in your heart, you knew
this. You might have not had the words, or understood consciously, but
instinctively you KNEW this.

You have forced us into this by saying “If you don’t give us your
possessions, suffer to please my sick desires, and give me your soul, I
won’t give you any children”. How you females have made us into their
torture-dolls to manipulate into a life of suffering.

Wow. What you have done is pure evil. No wonder you didn’t want the
truth to come out, now that a fair comparison of males to females in
modern society would naturally lead to discovering this.

So, in the 1960’s, feminists and females in general did something
drastic to stop the truth from coming out. They stopped us thinking,
and talking.

They harmed the minds of us males (hatred via the media, society, and
school teachers) so that we could not think for ourselves.

They blocked up and took control of the media so that we could not talk
to each other as only pro-female anti-male topics were allowed.

The only problem with all of this, is that it only ups the stakes. In
life, you must pay for your actions. You can delay it by building up
your debt, but that only gives you a bigger payment in the future.
Eventually the force pulling you in the other direction, making you
have to pay, will become so strong that you cannot fight it back.

It’s started already, with men getting sick and fed up of the divorce
laws and unfairness there. But I will make sure that it does not stop

Females will pay for making males suffer through all of human history.
See my other postings on “Females reversing evolution” for what I am
talking about having made us suffer.

04-22-2007 12:49 PM

Re: Speaking the truth makes you a misogynist

I think a major part of this problem stems from the biological hardwiring of men: males are genetically and then socially conditioned to protect women and their offpsring. Hence the origin of so many wars when men were killing each other by millions to get better resources for their families (women and children) e.g. when resources became scarce and famine was looming.
The privilege of being killed (mutilated, crippled, etc) to protect the rest of the community have always belonged the Oppressing Class, i.e. men. Women have always known that and taken advantage.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that whenever a man tries to question this status quo and invite women to please start pulling their weight in matters other then stupid backlash of men, “liberated women” go hysterical and come up with even more backlash. This time it is called “MYSOGINY”.

One of the latest jingles on US feminist websites is that the Iraqi war is due to the innate nastiness of men and their aggressiveness, proness to fight and kill.
At the same time, few of them ask themselves about the country of origin of the petrol that they put daily in their fancy men-made cars at men-operated gas stations, served by male attendants and the number of the Coaltion forces that have so far given their lives for that in the Middle East (as far as I know only 1 female soldier has been killed in Iraq so far. Talk about a Male Protection Instict really!..)

04-27-2007 04:43 AM

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