The female brain

Reader Response to “Don’t Marry Career Women” – The female brain

The female brain
Are females genetically pre-disposed to lying, stealing men’s houses and children?

Are females genetically pre-disposed to being so hateful malicious and determined to destroy all innocent males that they create a matriarchal male-hating media primarily designed to crush the psychological health of boys so that we end up with a male suicide rate that is 4x higher? Or at least just deny it’s existance so that the anti-male hate can continue.

I think the female brain is excellently equipped for lying and manipulation. 90% of the female brainpower is squandered on lies. All that extra white-matter in the female brain is used for lying. This is why no female genius has ever emerged. And don’t give me any lies that females are better at communicating. If they are, then how comes all the best businessmen and writers are male? (You don’t succeed in business without being a good communicator!) If females are so good at communicating, how comes they never make any sense? Females are only good at lying and warbling like a little bird.

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