This week’s Gender issues.

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This week’s Gender issues.
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Since the Forum has become somewhat inactive. Michael Noer has done a huge service to both Genders by articulating reality. I have decided to post a synopsis of the important highlights of both the culture and News Events for those who have an interest in Feminism, Relationships, and the Gender War. Mary Winkler the convicted Murderer of her Husband the Pastor from TN, who was angered by her Nigerian Check Scam Fraud. Was released from Jail for serving less than two months. She murdered him in cold Blood by shooting him in the back. She pleaded Domestic Abuse. This despite denials by her 9 year old Daughter who said Her Mother lied. Men’s Activists refer to this as the **bleep** Pass. Meaning the extreme double standard of justice for the Genders. The Federal Government is now enforcing restrictions on US Men who owe back Child Support from obtaining a Passport. Apparently only Men are targetted. This is discrimination Per Se. Britney Spears has been photographed topless with her Former Assistant. Raising speculation that she is Bi-Sexual. She has alot of issues, substance abuse, mental stability, anger issues etc. Meanwhile Lindsey Lohan does rehab in Utah. John Edwards wife Elizabeth claims there needs to be Affirmative Action for White Men in the Democratic Primary race. Meaning Women and Minorities have an advantage. I guess they caught the Patriarchy on Vacation or worse yet… Sleeping. The tragedy of the Utah Underground Miners and death of Three of their Rescuers yesterday. Highlights the Death Professions or Glass Cellar Jobs. Jobs that pay well but are so hazardous or dangerous that only Men will do them. Often at great cost. A Father holding his infant daughter was Tasered by a Hospital Security Guard a day or so ago. He dropped his daughter as a result.

08-17-2007 03:13 PM

Re: This week’s Gender issues.

khank, I wonder what on earth makes men go out and do those jobs and put their lives on the line? to put food on their family’s table? Why men, as a gender, are such naive and gullible suckers, aren’t they? Why not just go on a big nice strike and dump all those mines and sewage systems and garbage collection and firefighting, and plumbing and roofing, etc, etc and hand them over to the oppressed womyn who, due to the world-wide male conspiracy, are mising out on such glorious careers?
I think men have to nobody but themselves to blame for doing nothing better about their problems than keep being silent robots (I mean idiots).

08-21-2007 11:36 AM

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