Transexual m2f speaks out against women-firsters

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Transexual m2f speaks out against women-firsters
I found this on usenet. It’s a pretty good post actually! It confirms everything we know to be true.

Actually I got part way of feeling like this “guy” did here. The part when he says he was feeling like he was bad and wrong just for having testosterone…. as a teenage boy. That’s how defenceless teenage boys are made to feel, by all the adults and people in society with power over us.

Although that’s where the difference between me and this poster ends. I would never back down on my own gender. I know males have made EVERYTHING good in the world. Who cares what society says, society is evil anyhow. Males have made everything good in the world, and males are stronger, smarter, more creative, and more honest than females. And even though females made me feel bad about being male, I knew these truths even then.

So I decided to fight for what is right, and send their bad negativity back to them instead. This “guy” just caved in and decided to become a woman. I decided to hold my ground, and fight for masculinity.

This *is* a war. Anytime children are harmed by adults in the name of a cause, only a war could be serious enough to try to destroy anyone so innocent and defenceless. And I will always remember that this is a war, because of how early they attacked me. It’s a war they started, and that I will win.


By: Goddess80

I honestly believe that a great majority of American women have become
very much female-chauvinistic. Is it because of extreme feminism? I
have no idea, but here’s why I have these views, and how they pertain
to the large increase of MTF’s transexuals latley.

I’ll start by saying that I am a male-gendered woman. What does that
mean? Simply, I was born a boy and grew up to be a woman. Because I
started transitioning young in life, I pass very well. Now, this also
means one important thing, I’ve lived first as a boy, and now as a

However, I strongly belive anti-male sexism has subtly forced
transgenderism not only on myself, but many mtf-transexuals latley.
It’s as if, more and more boys are simply chooinsg not to become men.

women have power in simply being women. They’ve always had that power.
Now women will complain about the ‘objectification’ of women in media.
I will tell you, the ‘objectification’ of women has simply amplified
that power. The whole ‘sex-sells’ notion and ‘objectification’ works on
a female’s aesthetic superiority. Yes, women are aesthetically superior
to men, and we are reinforced with these images day after day, hour
after hour, and minute after minute.

Why are we constantly being reinforced with things that make a ‘woman
superior?’ To reinforce anything a man does better in the media is
considered sexist!

Now, besides for whole sex-sells media barrage, there’s basic anti-male
sexism that I’ve dealt with ever since being a young boy. Everything
from feminist teachers, to shows that constantly show bumbling male’s
being rescued from their self-stupidly by female peers(everybody loves
Raymond), to girls ganging up and calling boys stupid without any real
retaliation had really destroyed my self image as a young man.

I’ve had relationships where I did everything for my girlfriend, but
she did NOTHING for me and I was completely whipped. Girls behaved as
if they were owed everything and obligated to nothing, and I accepted
this, as MOST MEN do these days!(I hate to admit the fact that I’ve had
relationships with men, where I’ve acted this way towards them. I
really hate myself for this at times. Maybe I’m that jaded towards how
men let women walk over them that I act this way?)

For most of my adolescent life, I walked around in a state where I felt
as if I had to apologize simply for being male, as if I was a bad
being, simply because I was born with testosterone, and this messed
with my self worth until I simply began fantasizing about being female
instead of male. Anti-male sexism continued to destroy my self-worth as
a male until I finally began taking female-hormones and living full
time as a woman.

Bottom Line: Sex-Sells which constantly reinforces a woman’s
aesthetic superiority combined with constant bombarding of media and
schooling subtly saying ‘woman are smarter and better creatures’ really
destroyed my male image(You mean woman are prettier, and smarter, and
BETTER? Wow, why be a man?) And I’m sure I’m not the only boy who’s
grown up into a woman because of today’s anti-male environment. Most
XY-chromosome women will say they always felt like women living in the
bodies of men, when honestly, for some of them, we share the same
truth: We live as woman now because society tells us from the time
we are little boys, that females are simply better creatures all the
way around.

Here’s the second part, my views on sexism after having lived as
both genders.

First of all, let me say, whether any man or woman on this forum should
choose to flame me and say, ‘you’re no real woman,’ I have to let you
know now, it really won’t bother me. (It really won’t).

The point is, I’ve lived successfully as both genders, which has given
me the unique opportunity to see sexism how it TRULY is. And once
again, I will say, the average American woman is a female-chauvinistic.
And when I say average, I honestly mean most of them.

Why does this bother me so much if I live as a woman? The answer is
simple, I do not deny that I am, and will always be biologically male.
My chromosome combination is XY, and that will NEVER change, no matter
what I do. And having lived as a male, I really do sympathize with what
they go through.

1 – Women really do have an easier life in America today! I can’t even
begin to describe the liberation I felt from going from the pressures
of living as a man, to the ease of being a woman. Being a passable
woman, I’ve had many things and opportunities readily handed to me that
I never had living as a man.

I’ll honestly say, living as a boy, I had NOTHING absolutely NOTHING
handed to me at all! Women will say men have opportunities women
don’t. That’s either a knowledgeable lie, or an ignorant
assumption. I’ve lived both ways; I know firsthand what I’m talking

2 – I’ve been in the ‘in club’ with both all male groups, and all
female groups. The things women say behind men’s really are sexist.
Yet, when I was living as a male, the things men say behind women’s
backs really aren’t that degrading. The whole ‘stay in the kitchen’
attitude really is dead, believe it or not.

3 – Why are men afraid to give me a piece of their mind now? When I
meet men on daily occasions, I see them through the eyes of a woman,
who use to live as a man. And honestly, it pains me to think that a
small part of me actually looks down on them; this is so NOT right. But
if I do look down on most of them, it’s only because they let me, and
other women say whatever they want to them, however they feel about
them, without them having no will to retaliate or give me a piece of
their mind.

For instance, I have this one male friend who said something that
bothered me. Yes, I was pissed about it for the larger portion of the
day, and hours later, when he asked if I forgive him, I coldly said
‘no’. He went out and brought flowers for to make it up to me.. ugh..
now some people will say what’s wrong with this? simple, I’ve said many
things(a few sexist) that have pissed him off plenty of times, and he
usually just lets it go. Never once have I ever brought him anything to
make up for it. Yes, I accepted the flowers, but all the time I feel
like telling the guy ‘where’s your backbone, Jesus Christ’ of course
that was my maleness speaking in the back of my head. Men are now so
whipped, their **bleep** near afraid to have their female peers simply
‘angry’ at them!

Society has made men are simply so cowardly, they are AFRAID to
speak out against women!!!!!

I hate the fact that my femininity allows me to walk all over men. But
here’s the horrid truth, if women today have become sexist, it’s
because men make it so easy! My social circle is mainly female, and
yes, I see this all around me.

If a man complains about his problems being a man, a female wall almost
ALWAYS BRUSH it off because ‘being a woman is so much worse’ she will
than go on and dominate the conversation, turning it into a
self-absorbed rant about how women have it worse. That’s sexism folks!
Men aren’t allowed to complain about the problems they face being men!

4 – While living as a guy, I had to deal with tons of sexism from
females, from the media, and ‘friends’ at school. Do I even need to say
that since living as a woman, I’ve suddenly forgotten what it means to
have to even deal with sexism? Here’s the thing, since living as a
women, both men AND women treat me with better respect!

What I’m saying is, I’m MORE respected by men as a female than I was as
a man! Men on average respect women MORE then they respect other men!
While women as well respect women MORE than they respect men! Anybody
see a sad imbalance here? No matter what gender you live as, you getter
better treatment and more respect as a woman!That’s not fair…
simply because men are people too.

And now, having lived six years as a woman, I find myself doing some of
the things to men I’ve always hated women for doing to them, and it
kills me. And I’m just like yelling like Why are men such cowards
and make anti-male sexism so easy

I honestly think men need to start getting just as emotional and
sensitive towards women because sexism is really out of hand now. Men
need to form masculinist groups, and Men’s awareness groups, and not
feel like ‘less then men’ for speaking out about the ways women hurt
them on a daily basis.

P.S. Whether anybody considers me a ‘real’ woman or not is not open for
debate. I readily acknowledge that I’ll never be a ‘real woman to a lot
of people and it does not bother me in the slightest. The point is,
I’ve ‘lived and been accepted’ as a real woman because of my
passability. Therefore, I’m very much qualified to speak of sexism the
way I do because I really have lived ‘both lives’.

04-22-2007 01:01 PM

Re: Transexual m2f speaks out against women-firsters

Everything stated about sexcism is Factual. I believe everybody has dealt with some aspect of sexcism atsome point. However your not taking into account most men are men for a reason! The very essence of being the steriotypical man today is to bare the load, push on and keep your mouth shut whilst doing it! It’s seen as bitching to establish a pre falible arguement. Men are not pussies or incapable for standing up to women. Most of us just recognise the consequences if we do. You can not express one’s inability to adapt with out some change taking place! Some men may find the strength in becoming a woman. Most realise the futility of the War aspect and ride out therough times to better futures.

Surely we must recognise these are just opinions being stated and the driving force behind them is Human Emotion! Men need not start arguing over who’sgot it worse, as this is insignificant in a fit male individual with strong identity definition. We should be concentrating on the poor little guy who saw the Ultra Femanists as role models over us.

And yet the more we talk and discuss these issues which has so long plagued our society as some form of contemporary taboo, We feel as many have in the face of great undertakings. Like the sheer volume of opinion and experimental subjects. The problems which arrive from Sexcism and it’s enduring ignorance will on give rise to far more complex issues such as Transgender, Transexual natures.

We live in an era which has produced mass capacity for many things including learning, far greater standards of living and general excessive living. Instead of being aware and focusing. Most people feel powerless until they near and end of some means. We’ve witnessed Men over the past centuries do incredible things, and as men we carn’t help but measure ourselves up. So What! Nature is cruel, life wasn’t meant to be so easy. And if you can resolve an issue by creating something more beautiful. Why not do it! I am proud to live in a world we’re a transexual can express themselves to me.

Finally we should all recognise one man may arise with a solution. Chances are the solution is wrong! Even mine, However we must not ever forget to see each other surface first then deeper. this is appreciation of man. And id an understanding of that which can not be simply scribed away for future reference. The problems aren’t THE END! and to treat them like such only serves the ignorance, and only perpectuates it respectively

05-16-2007 11:54 AM

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