Woman sues former lover for not marrying her

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Woman sues former lover for not marrying her
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IPOH: She claimed that she had sex with him 31 times on the belief that they were in love and would marry.

She denied having any ill intention when she recorded the date and place of each sexual encounter from 1998 to 2001.

“I had a sexual relationship with him because I loved him. I thought our relationship was special,” said legal clerk S. Nagamah, 38, who is suing her ex-boyfriend R. Punnosamy, 40, for not marrying her.

Nagamah, who claims to have suffered shame and mental anguish, is asking for aggravated damages, exemplary damages, costs and compensation for assault.

Cross-examined by Punnosamy’s lawyer, Abdul Malik Matjudi, Nagamah disagreed that she kept the records of their sexual encounters to prevent him from “running away from me.”

”He deceived me,” she said, adding that Punnosamy had given no sign or warning during their four-year relationship that he would fail to keep his promise.

She testified that Punnosamy had slapped her when he went to her office on July 11, 2002, forcing her to seek outpatient treatment.

During re-examination by lawyer S. Muthuveeran, Nagamah said in the Indian community, it is believed that a couple would not have a perfect marriage if the girl had lost her virginity beforehand.

“By right, a woman is to tell her would-be husband about her background before marriage. I turned down two other marriage proposals for this reason,” she said.

Punnosamy, a legal office administrator, said they were never a couple and that she was “only a friend.”

He denied that he had promised to marry her, saying it was always Nagamah who contacted him and asked him out.

Punnosamy, who had earlier denied in his testimony that he had slept with Nagamah, admitted that he had sexual relations with her “more than 20 times” but only because she had wanted it.

“I accept her as a friend, nothing else. I never said that I loved her or arranged any engagement ceremony,” he added.

He admitted that he slapped Nagamah because she had threatened his fiancée at a tuition centre in Teluk Intan.

Judicial Commissioner Mohd Azman Husin fixed Feb 6 for decision.

11-20-2006 07:50 PM

Re: Woman sues former lover for not marrying her

If he only saw her as a friend, he should not have slept with her, even if she wanted it. Obviously, that would prevent her from having a perfect marriage, by their customs. That’s not something I would want to do to a friend.

He does not deserve to get sued for it though. That is ludicrous.

01-09-2007 11:23 AM

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