Women Hedge Bets By Banking Their Eggs

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Women Hedge Bets By Banking Their Eggs
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Women Hedge Bets By Banking Their Eggs
As More Freeze, Debate Expands

By Rob Stein
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, May 13, 2007; A01

As the number of women delaying motherhood continues to rise, many fertility clinics are starting to offer a new service that allows them to freeze some of their eggs to buy more time on their biological clocks.

At least 138 clinics are freezing and banking eggs — more than double the number three years ago, according to one count. Hundreds of women have frozen their eggs so far, and the numbers are increasing dramatically, experts say.

“I think we’re sitting at that tipping point between technology that is quasi-experimental and tipping over into fairly widespread use,” said David A. Grainger, president of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, which represents fertility clinics. “It’s one of the most exciting areas in our field right now.”

The popularity of egg-freezing is driven by advances that have boosted the chances of having a baby using thawed eggs and intensifying demand from childless women in their 30s. But the trend has sparked intense debate about whether the technology is ready for wider use and whether society is ready for its impact.

Proponents say egg-freezing could save many women from the wrenching disappointment of running out of time to bear their own children, marking a profound step toward freeing them from some of the constraints imposed by biology.

“In the same way the birth control pill gave women in the ’70s a whole new set of options, I think egg-freezing can do the same with this new generation of women — giving them more control over their fertility and giving them more options,” said Christy Jones of Extend Fertility Inc., of Woburn, Mass., which markets egg-freezing for clinics.

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