Feminists use Government to control Men

Feminists use Government to control Men

Feminist Group to get $1M Grant from Congress to Enforce IMBRA Internet Dating Law for “Mail Order Brides” – Online Dating Rights Contends that IMBRA Violates Freedom of Speech and Assembly


Congressmen Jim Moran and Alan Mollohan secured a $1M grant for a feminist group, Tahirih Justice Center, to enforce the IMBRA dating law. IMBRA is a new federal law that prohibits American citizens from communicating with foreign citizens if the foreigners have posted information about themselves on internet dating sites. Some Americans can, however, communicate with the foreigners if they first submit to criminal background checks and prepare detailed statements of their personal history. Online Dating Rights contends that IMBRA violates freedom of speech, assembly and is bad public policy.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) October 11, 2007 — The House of Representatives has approved a funding bill that includes a $1M grant to a feminist organization called the Tahirih Justice Center in order to enforce a federal dating law. According to the website of Congressman Jim Moran, D-VA, the money will be given to this organization to “increase legal and social services to mail order brides and work with advocates and embassies in other countries to protect these women.” http://moran.house.gov/apps/list/press/va08_moran/CJS08.shtml The Congressman secured $300,000 for this feminist group last year.

The funding relates to the International Marriage Broker Act (IMBRA), a law that makes it a crime for American citizens to communicate with foreigners if the Americans see the foreigners’ profiles on dating sites. According to Tristan Laurent, a lawyer and administrator of an advocacy group Online Dating Rights, IMBRA is one of the most unconstitutional and poorly designed laws created in his lifetime. Mr. Laurent says that the law was based on misleading and erroneous evidence submitted to Congress by feminist groups intent on keeping foreign women out of the United States. Moreover, Mr. Laurent said that the law was not debated in committee or the floor of Congress.

IMBRA was supported with two claims, that American men who marry foreign women abuse them at greater rates than occur in domestic relationships and that American men marry foreign women and then sell them to local brothels, as implied in testimony by one of the bill’s sponsors, Sen. Maria Cantwell, D, WA. The other Senate sponsor was Sen. Sam Brownback, R, KS. Yet the only government study shows that the abuse rate is 1/7th that of domestic marriages (http://www.online-dating-rights.com/index.php?ind=downloads&op=entry_view&iden=19) and the sex trafficking statistics were shown to be essentially fraudulent in a recent Washington Post expose.

Although the politicians and female leaders of feminist groups involved in this law portray the foreign women as less intelligent, less educated and less resourceful than American women and although they call them “mail order brides”, such characterizations of the women have been debunked by University of Pittsburgh Anthropology Professor Nicole Constable who performed an exhaustive two-year study of international relationships and who wrote a book about it entitled, “Romance on a Global Stage.” According to Professor Constable, “Mail order brides are often depicted as buying into images of their own subservience and marrying out of economic depression. These views are seriously flawed for their orientalist, essentializing and universalizing tendencies, which reflect many now-outdated feminist views of the 1970s.”

Tahirih Justice Center is a Bahai NGO that helped get the law passed and joined the US Attorneys in two states to defend the law when it was challenged by dating companies. According to Mr. Laurent, “Tahirih used millions of dollars of taxpayer money to get the law passed, to defend the law and now they will get millions more to enforce it. Just as certain military work has been outsourced to Blackwater, a paramilitary group, the regulation of men has been outsourced to this Tahirih.” They were assisted by the National Organization for Women and other feminist groups. According to Mr. Laurent, the true purpose for the law was revealed in a press release which stated: “The American male population is now overly exposed to the message that it is acceptable to desire and actually marry women ‘unspoiled’ by American materialism and most troubling, ‘uninfected’ by American feminism. This message may impede the progress of feminism here at home and give American men the idea that it is acceptable to not respect feminist principles that took so long to instill upon them.” http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2004/7/emw138739.htm

The primary sponsor of the bill is Congressmen Alan Mollohan, D-WV, who lost his position on the House ethics committee due to irregularities in financial disclosures, including issues regarding his actions in funneling federal funds to nonprofits.

IMBRA was panned by a famous feminist, Wendy McElroy http://www.ifeminists.net/introduction/editorials/2006/0111.html, by a men’s rights analyst http://capitolhillcoffeehouse.com/more.php?id=2444_0_1_0_M and by a popular web columnist http://www.newswithviews.com/Roberts/carey193.htm


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Re: Feminists use Government to control Men

IMBRA Completely Stops Communication Between Adults – Background Checks Are a Secondary Concern

Posted By Jim Peterson On October 24, 2007

As of Autumn 2007, more and more Americans are becoming aware of how the US Congress was tricked by feminists into voting for the outrageously unconstitutional IMBRA law (international dating site regulation act) at 5PM before Christmas vacation in 2005. The law forces American men to be background checked just to say hello to women on dating sites where less than 50% of the women are American (such sites are defined as “marriage brokers” to make them seem seedy). Few Congresspeople remember voting for it. The media, especially Fox News for some reason, refuses to recognize the law’s existence. Only the bribe-taking Democrat Congressman Jim Moran, who beat his own wife in 1999, crows about the law.

It turns out that, although 9 out of 10 people who hear about IMBRA feel it is blatantly unconstitutional, they still believe that its practical effect would only be to delay communication between adults by about 30 seconds, or the time it would take for a woman who is logged onto a dating website to click on a form, read it and “approve of contact” with a specific American individual who wants to communicate with her.

Nothing could be further than the truth. The reality is that, because of IMBRA, 80% of the women on most foreign dating websites will never even know a particular American man was interested in them, much less physically look at a completed background check form or get it signed and returned to a dating site management.

This is because, in most foreign cultures, women do not logon to webmail “membership” sites the way American women do. In the real world, the best looking foreign women have better things to do than try to find a computer and remember a password for each of several websites where they might have put up a profile (or allowed others to put a profile up for them). They have given clear instructions that any interested man can contact them at a given email address, cell phone number or a postal address. Keep in mind that postal addresses and phone numbers were the only way for men to contact women only 10 years ago, meaning there is nothing sinister about the idea of a man having this information. In any event, it is the fundamental human right of all women to broadcast their contact information as they see fit.

The fundamental reason why Americans make the assumption that foreign women will get to see a man’s background check is because Americans are the most technologically “wired” people in the world and assume that everyone in the world has daily access to the World Wide Web. Because US society is so incredibly paranoid, Americans also tend to believe that a woman who engages a dating website, to help her meet others, will want to actively sign on to that site all the time and only deal with new contacts there, possibly even behind layers of anonymity such as you find at Match.com.

So let’s look at the practical results of IMBRA:

A few days before IMBRA was supposed to go into effect on March 6, 2006 (it did and will fall under repeated restraining orders), I bought the contact information of 100 foreign women whom I might possibly like to meet in the next 5 years if I ever had the time or desire to meet somebody new.

Of these contacts, only 30 of the women had email addresses. Being lazy but also wanting to document what IMBRA was going to do to communication between adults, I wrote to only those women with email addresses and learned that 10 of the email addresses were bad. I then went to [1] http://www.sendatelegram.com and wired a message to postal addresses of the women whose email addresses were bad. I also wired a message to a few women who had only offered postal addresses on the dating site. In my messages I left my cell phone number and email address and asked them to contact me.

The results were that I received a bunch of text messages on my cell phone and a bunch of emails from women who assumed, incorrectly, that I was specifically interested in them rather than generally testing IMBRA’s impact. The emails were from new email addresses (in other countries people change email addresses often because of spam problems).

Keep in mind that only 20 out of the 100 women had working email addresses on which they could possibly receive the background forms of other men under IMBRA. The other 80 women could not be easily contacted by dating site managements who would never spend the $40 to send a telegram or the 5 weeks to send snail mail with a man’s background check in it. One could say that the other 80 women could go through the trouble of keeping the dating site updated with their new email addresses…but since when does the US government have the right to force foreign women to keep their records updated at dating sites?

Now, 1.5 years later, I have about 10 new friends in various other countries who don’t understand why I don’t have the time to come to visit. They also cannot understand why they are not getting any more snail mail or Saturday afternoon phone calls from interesting men from around the world. They want the snail mail and the phone calls, but the US government has determined that a good paranoid feminist should be afraid of being stalked…and taken their rights away.

Unless some of the 80 women I have contact information for take the trouble to sign onto a new dating website somewhere, I am the only man on Earth who knows who they are and how to contact them.

The US Government has, therefore, completely and totally stopped communication between other Americans and these 80 women. I shouldn’t complain about my getting such exclusivity, but I am doing so now.

With IMBRA now in effect, over at the Asian dating site Cherry Blossoms, more than 10,000 women without email addresses have been deleted from the database. At the largest international dating site, A Foreign Affair, more than 20,000 women were registered by 2006 who did not have email addresses. With IMBRA, virtually none of these women are likely to ever get to see a man’s background check, much less sign it and get it back to a dating site. Without IMBRA, any of these 20,000 women could receive a telegram or phone call or snail mail at any time…and any of this correspondance could have changed her life and a man’s life for the better.

A Ukrainian woman was called last year and asked to come to the Kiev office of “A Foreign Affair” in order to read and sign the background check of an American man. The agency employee was late and arrived to find the woman chatting outside the locked office doors and about to leave with the American man. The employee then went berserk trying to separate the man and woman saying “You are not allowed to talk with each other. She has not signed the IMBRA form!”

The man and woman simply laughed and walked away in that case. Thankfully, the two had met each other. In many cases, a woman would not have had the time to travel to the agency offices right away to meet a man she knew nothing about. If the man was only in a foreign city for 1 or 2 days, as is the case 99% of the time, the hesitation of a woman to come to an agency office to sign IMBRA forms, or the fact that a woman might not read her email every day and every hour of her life, would cost both people any happiness they might have had if the US Government had not so blatantly interfered with their lives by keeping her phone number and postal (telegram) address forcibly hidden.

John Adams, the owner of A Foreign Affair, says that some men call him and foolishly say they like the idea of IMBRA, not understanding how the mechanics are so badly stacked against them and the women. The foolish men think that, if they have a clean criminal record with no previous marriages, kids or driving offenses, there is no delay nor complete blockage of contact. Such men simply do not think things out. They are often men who have never seen the inside of an airplane.

The men do not understand that, even the women who regularly read the email address they provided to the dating site, will not choose to take the extra step of approving contact with a man whose photograph and personality was not immediately presented to them. The most attractive foreign women have better things to do than keep track of and adjust to all the new US laws designed to supposedly protect them. Mostly, they do not understand American paranoia and it alarms them when they see American men being presented as if “Criminal #64 wants to contact you”.

As in the book “1984”, the US Government is now in the business of busting up and blocking male-female relationships.

Ari Schwartz of the Center for Democracy and Technology at [2] http://www.cdt.org wrote to me on October 23rd, 2007 to say “We are aware of this law and that it presents some privacy issues”. He then went on to say that the CDT does not have the resources to take on this issue in court. He naively suggested that we contact the ACLU, which is a feminist organization that will never help white professional men and foreign women with their rights.

Until civil rights and Internet freedom organizations understand that IMBRA is not just a privacy matter, but a full-scale blockage of human contact, there is not going to be much justice fought for in Washington DC.

Article printed from MND: News and Commentary Since 2001: http://mensnewsdaily.com

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Re: Feminists use Government to control Men

Texas has instituted a New Law that takes effect in January. It charges Men a $5 tax when they go to a Strip Club, now called a Gentlemen’s Club. This is another attempt to Tax Men only. It will go to fund Rape Crisis Centers. A Man released recently from Prison for a Rape he did not commit. Who was paid $360,000 was sued by his ex Girlfriend for back Child Support. And he settled the suit. He should file a Civil Law Suit against the Police and DA who wrongly convicted him. IMBRA is a blatant and cynical attempt to regulate Market Demand for Wives. By creating a barrier to entry for Foreign Women. Last year 12% of US Marriages were to Foreign Women. If the trend continues in just 20 years one in four Marriages will be between a US Man and a Foreign Woman. US Men are rejecting US Women as wives. Michael Noer’s article revealed a major flaw in Feminism. US Men must be willing to accept Feminized American Women. If they reject them. Feminism is finished as a movement in the US. Instead of trying to remove Government from relationships and leave it to Men and Women to negotiate a Fair Deal with each other. They demand more Government Interaction. Stephen Baskerville’s recent Book on Family Courts reveals a Totalitarian System akin the Gulags of Soviet Russia. A virtual Police State that punishes Men. And not one of the Candidates running for President is even willing to discuss changing this dynamic. So instead America will become known as the **bleep** Nation. Where children are born out of Wedlock. And Mothers live with their latest Friend with Benefits. Abuse and Murder of our children, like Baby Grace of Ohio will grow by 50 times what it would be if children lived with their biological Fathers. For all the lies that this is for the Children. It is really all for the Feminists and their Male enablers. Now worried about angry Military Fathers seeing their Civil Rights being trampled upon. The Federal Government seeks to disarms US Veterans. You should be very worried if your Government fears you. Slaves should not allowed to ever be armed.

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