Open Season on Men in America.

Open Season on Men in America.

If you go back and read this web site and its postings. You will see very few replies to the actual Peer Reviewed studies that Michael Noer commented on. Instead what you will read is attempts by American and Western Feminists to shame Men into silence. It did not work. Since this blog started there has been some interesting events. Here are a Few. The Duke Lacrosse Scandal. Turned out that the Men were declared to be “Innocent of any and all crimes” by the Attorney General of North Carolina. DA Nifong was disbarred did some jail time and is disgraced. Nothing has happened to Crystal Gail Magnum. Nothing. The San Jose Mercury News reported that that San Jose Police produced a Phony DNA report, with a phony number, from a fictious lab Tech who does not exist. And that due to perjury the case was dismissed. The DA office called it an “Honest Mistake”. No it is a pattern of judicial misconduct and creating fake Evidence to Frame Men for Rape. Reid Seligmann one of the Three Accused Duke Lacrosse Athletes has joined the Innocence Project. Traci Rhodes google her name. Was given a sentence of two days in jail, Ten Years Probation, and a $10,000 fine for First Degree Murder of her Husband. She stands to profit $590,000 for her crime. Mary Winkler in Tennessee murdered Matthew Winkler, her Preacher Husband with a Shotgun blast to the back. She ripped the phone cord out of the wall. And left him to suffer, bleed and die in agony alone. His crime? According to Mary he was into High Heels, a Blond Wig, and lingerie. Which is now a Capital Crime in TN. She served 67 days, was released. And got paid $400,000 for an interview on Oprah. The Mother and Step Father of a beautiful two year old girl in Ohio, Baby Grace. Were charged with her Capital Murder and torture. These two pieces of Human Excrement should be fed to the Crocs. I would personally enjoy seeing their Executions. The Sister of Drug Addict, BiSexual Drunk Britney Spears, Lynn Spears is pregnant. At age 16 sans marriage. And her Mother is now lost her Book deal with a Christian Publisher on raising Christian Children. By the way Britney failed to appear at 8 of her 14 drug Tests ordered by the Judge and lost custody to her Ex Husband. She also was a no show at a Court Hearing. But somehow was able the same day to attend a Party at a Bar.

12-22-2007 01:09 PM

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