About – Don’t Marry Career Women

Guys: A word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don’t marry a woman with a career.

Why? Because if many social scientists are to be believed, you run a higher risk of having a rocky marriage. While everyone knows that marriage can be stressful, recent studies have found professional women are more likely to get divorced, more likely to cheat, less likely to have children, and, if they do have kids, they are more likely to be unhappy about it. A recent study in Social Forces, a research journal, found that women–even those with a “feminist” outlook–are happier when their husband is the primary breadwinner.

Not a happy conclusion, especially given that many men, particularly successful men, are attracted to women with similar goals and aspirations. And why not? After all, your typical career girl is well-educated, ambitious, informed and engaged. All seemingly good things, right? Sure…at least until you get married. Then, to put it bluntly, the more successful she is the more likely she is to grow dissatisfied with you. Sound familiar?

Many factors contribute to a stable marriage, including the marital status of your spouse’s parents (folks with divorced parents are significantly more likely to get divorced themselves), age at first marriage, race, religious beliefs and socio-economic status. And, of course, many working women are indeed happily and fruitfully married–it’s just that they are less likely to be so than non-working women. And that, statistically speaking, is the rub.

To be clear, we’re not talking about a high-school dropout minding a cash register. For our purposes, a “career girl” has a university-level (or higher) education, works more than 35 hours a week outside the home and makes more than $30,000 a year.

If a host of studies are to be believed, marrying these women is asking for trouble. If they quit their jobs and stay home with the kids, they will be unhappy ( Journal of Marriage and Family, 2003). They will be unhappy if they make more money than you do ( Social Forces, 2006). You will be unhappy if they make more money than you do ( Journal of Marriage and Family, 2001). You will be more likely to fall ill ( American Journal of Sociology). Even your house will be dirtier ( Institute for Social Research).

Why? Well, despite the fact that the link between work, women and divorce rates is complex and controversial, much of the reasoning is based on a lot of economic theory and a bit of common sense. In classic economics, a marriage is, at least in part, an exercise in labor specialization. Traditionally men have tended to do “market” or paid work outside the home and women have tended to do “non-market” or household work, including raising children. All of the work must get done by somebody, and this pairing, regardless of who is in the home and who is outside the home, accomplishes that goal. Nobel laureate Gary S. Becker argued that when the labor specialization in a marriage decreases–if, for example, both spouses have careers–the overall value of the marriage is lower for both partners because less of the total needed work is getting done, making life harder for both partners and divorce more likely. And, indeed, empirical studies have concluded just that.

In 2004, John H. Johnson examined data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation and concluded that gender has a significant influence on the relationship between work hours and increases in the probability of divorce. Women’s work hours consistently increase divorce, whereas increases in men’s work hours often have no statistical effect. “I also find that the incidence in divorce is far higher in couples where both spouses are working than in couples where only one spouse is employed,” Johnson says. A few other studies, which have focused on employment (as opposed to working hours) have concluded that working outside the home actually increases marital stability, at least when the marriage is a happy one. But even in these studies, wives’ employment does correlate positively to divorce rates, when the marriage is of “low marital quality.”

The other reason a career can hurt a marriage will be obvious to anyone who has seen their mate run off with a co-worker: When your spouse works outside the home, chances increase they’ll meet someone they like more than you. “The work environment provides a host of potential partners,” researcher Adrian J. Blow reported in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, “and individuals frequently find themselves spending a great deal of time with these individuals.”

There’s more: According to a wide-ranging review of the published literature, highly educated people are more likely to have had extra-marital sex (those with graduate degrees are 1.75 more likely to have cheated than those with high school diplomas.) Additionally, individuals who earn more than $30,000 a year are more likely to cheat.

And if the cheating leads to divorce, you’re really in trouble. Divorce has been positively correlated with higher rates of alcoholism, clinical depression and suicide. Other studies have associated divorce with increased rates of cancer, stroke, and sexually-transmitted disease. Plus divorce is financially devastating. According to one recent study on “Marriage and Divorce’s Impact on Wealth,” published in The Journal of Sociology, divorced people see their overall net worth drop an average of 77%.

So why not just stay single? Because, academically speaking, a solid marriage has a host of benefits beyond just individual “happiness.” There are broader social and health implications as well. According to a 2004 paper entitled “What Do Social Scientists Know About the Benefits of Marriage?” marriage is positively associated with “better outcomes for children under most circumstances,” higher earnings for adult men, and “being married and being in a satisfying marriage are positively associated with health and negatively associated with mortality.” In other words, a good marriage is associated with a higher income, a longer, healthier life and better-adjusted kids.

A word of caution, though: As with any social scientific study, it’s important not to confuse correlation with causation. In other words, just because married folks are healthier than single people, it doesn’t mean that marriage is causing the health gains. It could just be that healthier people are more likely to be married.

1. You are less likely to get married to her.

So say Lee A. Lillard and Linda J. Waite of the University of Michigan’s Michigan Retirement Research Center. In a paper, “Marriage, Divorce and the Work and Earnings Careers of Spouses”, published in April, 2000, they found that for white women, higher earnings, more hours of employment and higher wages while single all reduce the chances of marriage. “This suggests that (1) success in the labor market makes it harder for women to make a marital match, (2) women with relatively high wages and earnings search less intensively for a match, or (3) successful women have higher standards for an acceptable match than women who work less and earn less.” Some research suggests the opposite is true for black women.

Source: “Marriage, Divorce and the Work and Earnings Careers of Spouses,” Lee A. Lillard, Linda J. Waite, University of Michigan, Michigan Retirement Research Center, Working Papers, April, 2000.

2. If you do marry, you are more likely to get divorced.

In 2004, John H. Johnson examined data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation and concluded that gender has a significant influence on the relationship between work hours and increases in the probability of divorce. Women’s work hours consistently increase divorce, whereas increases in men’s work hours often have no statistical effect. “I also find that the incidence in divorce is far higher in couples where both spouses are working than in couples where only one spouse is employed,” Johnson said. A few other studies, which have focused on employment (as opposed to working hours) have concluded that working outside the home actually increases marital stability, at least when the marriage is a happy one. But even in these studies, wives’ employment does correlate positively to divorce rates, when the marriage is of “low marital quality.”

Sources: “A Treatise On The Family,” Gary S. Becker, Harvard University Press, 1981; “Do Long Work Hours Contribute To Divorce?” John H. Johnson, Topics in Economic Analysis and Policy, 2004; “Wives’ Employment and Spouses’ Marital Happiness,” Robert Schoen, Stacy J. Rogers, Paul R. Amato, Journal of Family Issues, April 2006.

3. She is more likely to cheat on you.

According to a wide-ranging review of the published literature, highly educated people are more likely to have had extra-marital sex (those with graduate degrees are 1.75 more likely to have cheated than those with high school diplomas.) One April, 2005 study, by Adrian J. Blow for the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy summed it up: “If a woman has more education than her partner, she is more likely to have a sexual relationship outside of her primary relationship; if her husband has more education, she is less likely to engage in infidelity.” Additionally individuals who earn more than $30,000 a year are more likely to cheat. “In a more general sense, it appears that employment has significantly influenced infidelity over the years,” Blow said. “The work environment provides a host of potential partners, and individuals frequently find themselves spending a great deal of time with these individuals.”

Source: “Infidelity in Committed Relationships II: A Substantive Review,” Adrian J. Blow, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, April 2005.

4. You are much less likely to have kids.

According to the National Marriage Project, the incidence of childlessness is growing across the socioeconomic scale. In 2004, 20% of women over 40 remained childless. Thirty years ago that figure was 10%. But the problem–and it is a problem because the vast majority of women desire children–is much more extreme for career women. According to Sylvia Ann Hewlett, an economist and the author of Creating a Life: Professional Women and the Quest for Children, only 51% of ultra-achieving women (those earning more than $100,000 a year) have had children by age 40. Among comparable men, the figure was 81%. A third of less successful working women (earning either $55,000 or $65,000) were also childless at age 40.

Sources: The State of Our Unions 2006: Life Without Children, The National Marriage Project, July 2006. Creating a Life: Professional Women and the Quest for Children, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Miramax Books, 2002.

5. If you do have kids, your wife is more likely to be unhappy.

A 2003 study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family concluded that wealthier couples with children suffer a drop in marital satisfaction three times as great as their less affluent peers. One of the study’s co-authors publicly speculated that the reason is that wealthier women are used to “a professional life, a fun, active, entertaining life.”

Sources: “Parenthood and Martial Satisfaction: A Meta-Analytic Review,” Jean M. Twenge, W. Keith Campbell, and Craig A. Foster, Journal of Marriage and Family, 2003; “Money doesn’t mean happy parenting,” USA Today, July 21, 2003.

6. Your house will be dirtier.

In 2005, two University of Michigan scientists concluded that if your wife has a job earning more than $15 an hour (roughly $30,000 a year), she will do 1.9 hours less housework a week. Of course, this can be solved if the husband picks up a broom.

Source: “Data Quality of Housework Hours in the Panel Study of Income Dynamics: Who Really Does The Dishes?”, Alexandra C. Achen and Frank P. Stafford, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, September 2005.

7. You’ll be unhappy if she makes more than you.

You aren’t going to like it if she makes more than you do: “Married men’s well-being is significantly lower when married women’s proportional contributions to the total family income are increased.”

Source: “Changes in Wives’ Income: Effects on Marital Happiness, Psychological Well-Being, and the Risk of Divorce,” Stacy J. Rogers, Danelle D. DeBoer, Journal of Marriage and Family, May 2001

8. She will be unhappy if she makes more than you.

According to the authors of a controversial 2006 study: “American wives, even wives who hold more feminist views about working women and the division of household tasks, are typically happier when their husband earns 68% or more of the household income.” Reason? “Husbands who are successful breadwinners probably give their wives the opportunity to make more choices about work and family–e.g., working part-time, staying home, or pursuing a meaningful but not particularly remunerative job.”

Sources: What’s Love Got To Do With It? W. Bradford Wilcox, Steven L. Nock, Social Forces, March, 2006; http://www.happiestwives.org.

9. You are more likely to fall ill.

A 2001 study found that having a wife who works less than 40 hours a week has no impact on your health, but having a wife who works more than 40 hours a week has “substantial, statistically significant, negative effects on changes in her husband’s health over that time span.” The author of another study summarizes that “wives working longer hours not do not have adequate time to monitor their husband’s health and healthy behavior, to manage their husband’s emotional well-being or buffer his workplace stress.”

Sources: “It’s About Time and Gender: Spousal Employment and Health,” Ross M. Stolzenberg, American Journal of Sociology, July, 2001; “Marriage, Divorce and the Work and Earnings Careers of Spouses,” Lee A. Lillard, Linda J. Waite, University of Michigan, Michigan Retirement Research Center, Working Papers, April, 2000.


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  1. Donna on

    I am so happy I am a career woman so that narrow minded simpletons like this author and those who agree with this dribble can eliminate me from consideration as an acceptable mate. I can’t imagine the dreary life in store for the bride of these fools. God bless you and keep you far away from me.!

    • Patriot on

      Right. How old are you, 41? FYI your filthy womb is nearing expiry. Nobody has made the mistake of getting you pregnant yet. And it ain’t even gonna change unless you become the stereotype that pokes holes in condoms, maybe then you have a chance. Or else, the only sperm that you’ll get for producing a baby would be from ‘banks’. Lol #yoursuckasslife

      • cloverg on

        Filthy womb? You sound like a psycho.

      • pfffft on

        Or maybe she has no interest in having kids. Not every woman thinks her sole reason for being is to be an incubator, and broodmare.
        Get over it.

        • Patriot on

          your coming here and telling this broken record sentence is a big parody on your own life. dont think about it and get over this site.

          • Maddy on

            Patriot you’re the only man I see here amongst manginas and whores

    • nome on

      Still… you’re commenting here.. the butthurt must be strong…

    • Anonymous on

      I’m assuming you believe yourself happy and satisfied with life and career. I’m also assuming that you are at this time looking for a man as your husband. That said it seems apparent that you have expectations that any suitable man will not meet since he will also have expectations of you – some of which will be complementary, some not.

      Those that are not will require some compromise from you. He may for example want you to spend some of your own time to raise the child and not rely on either of the child’s respective grandparent(s) – on a weekly basis. And not just when a business schedule allows.

      However since your list will be almost all inclusive and generally non-negotiable you I believe will never recognise a suitable mate even if he is right in front of you in the same room and in conversation with you.

      • David on

        Girls are no longer raised to even have “a suitable mate” in the first place. They are no longer raised to be wives or mothers/ child-minders. The latter requiring degrees, the former being too sexist and oppressive to women. The moment woman depends on man for anyhting then there’s outcry for the Gov to do something about it even if that something itself is discriminatory and undemocratic!
        There’s no compromise because by default the genders are now raised not to complement each others but to act as independent contractors in producing children for the State and Capitalism. Women especially will not compromise since they can get the State to provide healthcare, housing and food stamp and income support and baby benefits to them, all of which rendering the man essentially useless beyond payment and repairing a few things around the house which can be accomplished by a boyfriend also.
        There’s no expectation from the grandparents either (other than financial contribution to alleviate the State) since by default it is State Functionaries and Private Entrepreneurs who are going to raise the child and provide the child with a social identity in the first place.

        • Tina Kollia on

          I happen to agree with you and I’m a mother who used to work. I was thinking how the world has gone to pot and then I thought, well, it’s because women were made to go out and help the husband pay for mortgages.and support all this mad consumerism. I suppose I’m an old fashioned 54 year old. My saddest times were when I had to go out and work and leave my 2 children in daycare. After having my 3rd child late in life, I can see the difference between him and his older siblings. I brought him up the way I wanted to and not on the regime of “hurry up we have to go, I have to be at work!” My children and husband were so happy to come home from school and work to find a hot meal, the house tidy, and just being home and being there when they telephoned or just showed up. They all knew mum was home. I believe a woman should be able to and should work up until she gets married and has children. Then her job is bringing them up to be respectful , hard working citizens and hold the family together. There would be more jobs for the thousands of men who are out of work as well. I agree with equal work for equal pay, but after that, a mother’s place is in the home! Sorry to offend people who disagree.

          • Anonymous on

            I agree

    • Tina on

      I agree with you Donna, In the past relationships I have been lied too by ex-husband & boyfriends having their head in the clouds; saying how they will take care of me. I am tired of just getting by. I can not rely on pipe dreams. My career is a truck driver(18 wheeler) got a local job working 10-12 hour days making over $50,000 a year.

      • David on

        Like I say women these days will only meet 2 kinds of men in their lives: (1) men that are not men and (2) men that are turning into women. One only needs to hear the kind of complaints women make about men to understand this. Next time you hear 2 women talking and complaining about their men you’ll note that the men in the conversation could only be classified as being in either of these 2 categories according to their complaints. Or like you genericly put it had their heads in the clouds! But you’re too naive to even comprehend what’s really going on so let me just ask you but 1 question: how many of your lovers actually asked you to leave your 18 wheeler job for their sake??? 10? 20? 30? 50?

    • Patrick on

      A bit lat to answer… but

      I live in France, I am a career man a and would prefer to date a career woman that understands what type of pressure you have at work and how your colleagues are waiting to stab you in the back any time. Stay at home partners (man or woman) often have unrealistic view on work… money does not rain down from the sky and if one is stay at home the other must work harder. Real life is not a Walt Disney faerie.

      • DV on

        The problem is not an “unrealistic view on work” but rather an unrealistic outlook on the material needs of life! Of course life is not a Walt Disney fairytale but putting employer before husband, company before family and career before children will certainly not make it Walt Disney either! I sincerely suggest that you consider the real posibility that like most of us you may be more inclined to flee reality than face it. For real life itself is really simple – all one needs is food and shelter and to perpetuate the species sex! Someone who cannot see this simple truth will not only have an unrealistic view on work but will also have extremely unrealistic expectations of life itself. Even when such a person works he/she will complain about the work and would want to seek another employment, for such a person doesn’t work to live but live to work! In reality you’re not looking for a wife here but a mistress rather and there’s nothing wrong with that, like you said you prefer to ‘date’ career women, who doesn’t?

        • Jedidiah on

          Wow. I’m 20, male, only one year of college done, and I’m going to return for my degree. When I started off in college, I was as ambitious as they come. I won a National Business Plan competition for the University of Maryland in High-school. Finished with a 4.1 G.P.A whilst skipping school to attend Business conventions held by Marketing Analysts and Venture Capitalists. I soon lost myself, realizing that, in pursuit of everything, I would gain nothing. I realized that I was chasing materialism, and the only two things driving that fear, in a world of scarcity, could only be “fear” or “greed”, both being terrible traits to carry throughout life.

          My point is that, although I still don’t know what I want in life, I’ve figured out that what really matters is time with people I care about; as the only thing in life that can’t be regained is lost time with people I value, doing things we value. A Lamborghini for example, can always be gained, and even if gained, means nothing. I desired someone that was down to earth, compassionate, and looking to journey through a life unknown with someone they can depend on. I knew a career woman wasn’t for me, and being a staunch career man, wasn’t for me either. I knew I needed a steadfast definition of complacency, and what that would mean for me, and entering a rat-race in constant pursuit of the pursuit of happiness, would not afford me that definition.

          • Patriot on

            It seems you are spiritual. Work for a living or go learn and then open up something which doesn’t take ALL of your time and turn to spirituality, you won’t regret it. These women aren’t worth a fuck, especially career women. They got nothing else in life except a job which enables them to buy some cool shit. I mean seriously. Pretty much all of them are just 4’s or 5’s physically and are vapid, toxic, annoying cunts when it comes to attitude and how they view and take on life at the same time. What kind of man dreams of having such a woman to spend his life with?

    • RAhul on

      REALLY U DUMBASS….! WOMEN with money and jobs are way dangerous for men . We better kick you off ! Your are of no use indeed since you still look for employed men with more salary even though you have decent jobs . Shame on feminists and modern ass women !

      • Anonymous on

        Woman + good paying job + money = woman you cannot dominate, cannot control, and cannot abuse, because if you treat her badly, she can afford to free herself from the abuse and leave you.

        No smart woman would want you. Sux to be you.

        • Patriot on

          You are already dominated, controlled and abused on a daily basis, wretch. So much so that you don’t have the balls to make your comment public. Sucks to be a coward like you.

          p.s. ‘good paying job + money’ ? really? xD

          • Anonymous on

            Yep, neckbeard confirmed.

            • Patriot on

              Picking on a text emoticon while hiding under a rock cause that’s the best thing you did today apart from being finally able to buy those world-class sanitary pads.. bony ass exploited retard confirmed.

        • DV on

          It appears the only reason you’re working is because you’re afraid a man might “abuse” you. But why would a man even want to abuse you for in the first place? Why should a man want to control you? When a man goes to a prostitute does he dictate the prostitute how she should use her money, manage her life or who she should see or not see? Does he ask the prostitute how many men she’s had sex with in her life or how she should dress everyday? All you need to do is to behave like a prostitute, you already have the money, so all you need to do is to open your legs for a guy you like, no string attached and I can guarantee you he’ll not try to control you or abuse you in any way; isn’t this what you wanted? So what’s the problem? And for the record how many men so far have you actually come across that were actually interested to be your slave and provide for you for the rest of your life in an attempt to “abuse” and “control” you? Or even for a short term period? Now I know there are sugar daddies out there, but unless you’re very young and good looking I can’t see how you’ll be in a position to pull any of these guys.

        • Bongo man on

          “Woman + good paying job + money = woman you cannot dominate, cannot control, and cannot abuse…”

          NO. More like, women, the last bastions of purity, learning, teaching, nurturing, support, guidance, the arts, nourishment, and so on… are being dissolved to create just another pawn for short-term use by powers that be. Men supported women, generally and relatively speaking, to not just breed… but to do all the above listed things which men were too busy working to do or unable to do productively as women do.

          IE Women who work and make money for themselves are working for present day and consuming for present day. Any diversion from this pattern means they are not servicing the corporation and gov’t. Therefore the corporation and gov’t make it so this path is easier. Same goes for men. Many ‘men’ have become distracted with their money too. Toys, sports, sex, etc. There are no more men and women anymore. There are workers and consumers, that’s it.

          All the while families are destroyed or never started, local communities disappear, skills and knowledge disappear, etc.

          While females are gleeful in their new found ‘freedom’, men feel all this as a problem, but they are not conscious of it, or if they are, they cannot verbalize it. In any case, they are demonized for any attempt at communication of all of this.

          Essentially this is globalization vs localization. Fueled by cheap energy ie oil. Cheap oil is allowing people to not be concerned by things like family-building and local community. With a severe energy crash, you’ll see a seismic shift back to some older ways. Work would become manual labour again, and home skills (gardening, sewing, etc) will become crucial oncemore. Guess who’s going to be doing those roles! Not hard to fathom, is it… lol. To survive, families and local communities become the important structures of society. Everyone not part of that pattern will be incompatible.

          • Garrett on

            Selfishness and materialism destroys society.

            I have no problem with a woman who has a career. As evidence, I supported my wife’s aspirations when she was not being abusive.

            But with these modern agendas, career seems to be the focus.

            Worldwide agendas push women in STEM. From the UN to the White House to multinational corporations, all the way down to local levels, governments and corporations are promoting women in tech. “We need women in tech,” they say. But we who? What is the White House doing themselves? And why?

            What is so bad about free will and self-derermination? Why does government need to create groups and categories of people and then dictate what they do? If government is taking our money and then using it for such agendas, with success, are we really free? Is freedom dangerous?

            First hand I experienced a wife who became career-absorbed to the point where she would take more and more business trips and combine them with vacations, never with me.

            She got promoted. She became scarce, then abusive to instigate conflict so as to have stories to tell others, to try to justify her bad behavior outside the home. Silent treatments and hateful abusive words became a daily thing. I became a secret husband on social media and among her colleagues. Only those colleagues of hers who knew her well knew that she was married to me, and they hated me, never having met me.

            You might call me spineless but I did the best I could to turn it around and make it positive. I would do what I could to get her to do fun stuff with me and spend time with me, but she would not. I think could do better now, but at the time, I did the best I could with good intention.

            In the end, she trashed our 15 year marriage for a “new life” with her career. Afterwards, I called her out publicly, not for being a terrible wife (who cares nowadays…), but for being a career fraud, having used others and even plagiarizing work that I had done and presenting said work at professional conferences worldwide, passing it off as her own.

            As I said before, I’d always supported my wife’s aspirations, and being a highly skilled programmer, English speaker, and teacher, I taught not only English, but much of what little she knows about software development. I never looked down on her.

            • gawd on

              sounds like a typical woman. sorry you put up with that for 15 years, but i think more guys should have the self respect to kick these cunts to the curb.

    • patbona on

      Hi Donna,

      I prefer a 1000 times a career women over a stay at home one. The reason is a career woman understands the type of stress and pressure you have at work. With a career woman you can discuss this with no problem.

      However with a stay at home woman or man she / he is likely to not understand all you went through at your work. They are likely not able to understand that if they are stay at home then you have to work even harder (only one revenue for 2, not to mention kid)… Real life is not a Walt Disney fairy tale. Not to mention these stay t home people divorcing out of boredom.

    • Anonymous on

      If you are truly balanced, happy, and childless then you are an exception and in the minority. If you are missing greater fulfillment, then it is your loss; but if not then respect that others may be. This information is valid in my experience, and I think it is generally correct. Anything that can help our beleaguered society and families is of value to all of us. America is spiritually on the rocks now, and it is because of failed families to a large degree.

  2. Tryst on

    Career women have higher divorce rates because they can afford them and so can their husbands. Men married to non-working women have to pay alimony to get divorced. They’re also more likely to have children, which means child support, custody wars, and the prospect of losing their kids if they divorce. Basically, divorce carries a much higher cost to men married to non-working women than it does for men married to career women. THAT is why the rate is higher, not because career women are just divorcaholics. The statistic about cheating is just plain nonsense that was published for sensationalism, not any reputable study. Lastly you don’t get to cherry pick numbers from a study you admit was controversial and its credibility hotly debated, and cite those to say that these women are unhappy if they earn more than their husbands. Google “I hate my wife” if you need a reality-check on the benefits of marrying a woman, not a leeching baby factory.

    • Patriot on

      ‘..THAT is why the rate is higher, not because career women are just divorcaholics.’
      Another typical researcher trying to fool the public by altering how the findings are presented and by essentially inversing their implications.
      First of all I’m glad that you admit career women have much higher divorce rates. Because if you didn’t, you’d be purely delusional.
      Divorcaholics? Actually, this seems true. Why? Because career women having higher divorce rates means that they have much less regard for the family unit than non-career women. (don’t forget that 90% of divorces are initiated by women, yes ‘women’. career women or not.) Also you forgot to acknowledge the simple possibility(reality) that a man is much less likely to put up with a career woman and stay in marriage. The first thought that comes to his mind when reading the divorce papers is ‘This woman so proud that she can fend for herself, huh? But what about our marriage? Our kids (if any)? None? Well, in this case, fuk dat. I ain’t putting up with this fake-ass bitch no more.’ And you got another statistic count.
      Cheating? It’s not always physical. Emotional is just as painful. Any realist knows that a woman cheats on her husband fairly long before divorce(probably physical too). Especially a career woman, she’s always got a plan isn’t it.
      Naggaholics, cussaholics, fakeaholics, delusionaholics, grudgeaholics, divorcaholics, workaholics.. yes, workaholics too. They’re ready to work their asses flat and demand equal pay, but can’t put even some of that towards bettering their relationship and family lives.
      Which man would not divorce such a woman?
      It doesn’t take a genius to see that career women’s lives are usually thoroughly fucked up, and it is of their own design. Interesting thing is that they earn ‘all this money’ (lol) and are yet exponentially more whiny, bitchy, bitter about life in general. Go figure.

      • gawd on

        patriot has the best comments here. my ex was this dedicated to her job. we made the same amount of money but she couldnt shut up about how her income was more important because she worked full time, and blatantly said her job comes first before me. even non-career women with minimum wage jobs are like this. my mom who works minimum wage her whole life is super dedicated to her shit job and uses her money only on herself, does nothing around the house, sleeps all day when shes not at work, yet tells stories of how her income supports her family. these career vermin are trash of the earth and self respecting men do not put up with them.

    • David on

      I don’t know about the States but in the UK child support (or Child Maintenance as it is legally referred to here) is non-negotiable.
      Upon birth a woman can identify whoever she wants as the father. If he protests and only if he does so, then the CSA will arrange for a DNA paternity test to pin him down for child support. Once identified he has to pay wherever he is in the world for about 20 yrs 15-20% of his wage whether he wanted child or not. If he wants parental responsibility (e.g. having a say in the child’s upbringing) he has to apply to court.
      The mother may ascribe any family name to the child – ANY. If the man wants his child to bear his name he has to apply to court.
      There have been cries for the default assumption to be that both parents get custody of the child in case of divorce unless one parent is proven a danger to the child but as of 2013 courts still grant women overwhelmingly child custody on the assumption that the child welbeing will be best with the mother – a mother whom we should remind ourselves is but a custodian in a literal sense given that most of the nurturing, socialisation and upbringing of the child is carried out by State Functionaries and Private Entrepreneurs from an early age as the mother venerates her capitalist employer!
      Thus the overwhelming judicial logic in the UK is that fatherhood is de facto and de jure equivalent to child support solely – Nothing else!

      Note that whoever gets the children also gets the house in order not to disturb the children’s lives and schooling too much.
      Note also that if a man is evicted and finds himself on the street because he has to pay his house mortgage, or rather his ex-wife’s house mortgage and the government’s children maintenance; he must be aware that there’re only a few social housing institutions and charities willing to take him as compared to the hundreds of state-subsidised such institutions for batterred women, single women, young women, single mothers, vulnerable women, transwomen, etc etc. Only when he is incarcerated in a cell is a man guaranteed a roof over his head and food on the table everyday by the State! Men’s lives are expendable.

      Your analysis fundamentally lacks dept my friend. You’ll only be paying alimony on top if she wasn’t working – this is far from being enough to offset the downsides and definitely doesn’t account for the robust statistics about of 2/3 of divorce being initiated by women themselves! Unless the guy is a CEO for a big firm, alimony to a woman these days is meaningless; that’s certainly the case in the UK where she can get social housing, income support, child allowance and a trail of other benefits from her pimp the State. Your payment is not alleviating her burden but rather the State’s burden. And divorce will occur whether you like it or not since it is the woman who initiates it 2/3 of the times herself. You talk about benefits of marrying a woman who is not a leeching baby factory, but this is precisely why back in our forefathers’ days your own mother would only have allowed you to marry a virgin and not any woman who’s been around the block! If you want the full benefits of a truly non-leeching baby factory then I suggest you stick to prostitutes and escorts wherever it is legal – these are the only women who will de facto and de jure NEVER accuse you of rape; and they are also the most honest women on the planet – you pay what you pay and get what you get for what you pay for – no hidden fees, no hidden agendas, no accidental pregnancies, no child support for the next 20 yrs!

      The simple reality is that under the equality paradigm marriage has become obsolete and most women unmarriageable and unmotherable. What’s the difference between a girlfriend and a mistress? Between a mistress and an escort? Between an escort and a model? Between a model and a courtesan?
      Get a perspective.

      • Anonymous on

        You nailed it bro. Let working women left to themselves they have enough miserable life and attitude. Untouchables!

  3. siddhantsmaheshwari on

    Completely asshole comments

    • nome on

      Especially from feminazis

  4. Patriot on
  5. Emily Adamowicz on

    This comment thread is so full of anger, I’m not sure how to interpret it. On the one hand, it seems like many men are genuinely feeling unappreciated (like accessories to women who are unfortunately and inexcusably self-centred) and are yearning for a happy, close family where parental love isn’t farmed out to the help. On the other hand, denying an intelligent, inquisitive woman from providing a worthwhile, mentally challenging, deeply satisfying and even fun contribution to society just in case her window into that world renders her a selfish and adulterous wife, and an absentee mother is a pretty big stretch for me. Why fidelity is such a problem in our society goes much deeper than a woman having exposure to a wider slice of society. If marriage vows are honoured, both men and women needn’t be so insecure about infidelity as to want to keep each other in ivory towers away from the temptations of the world. Maybe I feel this way because I’m a university professor whose been blissfully married for fifteen years (and together for seven before that), and who absolutely adores my children whose needs come first (alongside the things my husband and I need to do to keep our romance alive and always focused on each other). When I meet someone new of the opposite sex through work, as I have for the duration of my relationship, I quickly manage to work into the conversation that I have a wonderful significant other, end of story. It’s not hard not to cheat if you make a vow to be faithful for life. I also don’t feel scuttled away, kept safely at home away from the interest, excitement, value, and yes, fun of my work and the contribution I make to higher education. My son and daughter see two parents with PhD’s, and know that anything is possible for either of them. My husband and I have different chores at home – I’m proud the inside is spotless and beautiful and our meals are homemade, and he’s proud that the outside is well maintained. I’m proud that he cares enough to maintain our house, he’s proud that I maintain the home. Men and women can be traditional while also being successful, they can have independent interests and be 100% faithful while raising fantastic kids. There are a lot of things wrong with our society and the state of relationships now is nothing short of catastrophic, but there are so many more factors than women working, particularly in a horrible economy where the American Dream seems to have been systematically dismantled and so many women devote themselves to men hoping for that happy home life and financial stability, only to be left alone with no job skills and no means to support themselves should they have to. It’s a very vulnerable position to ask all women to put themselves in. I don’t have the answers, but I think we need to ask many, many more questions.

    • Patriot on

      ‘Men and women can be traditional while also being successful, they can have independent interests and be 100% faithful while raising fantastic kids.’
      Don’t sell a dream.

      ‘but there are so many more factors than women working..’
      You’re just like the government. Cover up real issues swiftly and focus the public’s attention on things they really don’t need to give a fuck about, and hence make them run in circles. Or maybe you represent the government?

      ‘so many women devote themselves to men hoping for that happy home life and financial stability..’
      For a fact, you haven’t, right? Being so ‘successful’ and all.. So what makes you think I’m going to see any truth in this?? Have you ever been outside your house, supermarket and the classroom? Ever been on the streets for a little more while than absolutely necessary? Ever frequented those high-profile social gatherings? Ever listened to the big dreams that women nowadays go on and on about, and how they wouldn’t ‘compromise’ with it in any way, without themselves being worth 2 craps or a little respect?

      Look around you once in a while, old hen.

  6. Jay on

    They’re the Worst.

  7. Patriot on
    • David on

      50 years of feminism and the complete anihilation of marriage, bastardy and the chivalric code and what do we have in 2014?: young men being forced to take compulsory “consent” course, a course that teaches young men to obey women and women to recognise the ‘signs of victimhood’ in unsatisfactory relationships. And needless to say, ‘relationships’ ARE going to be unsatisfactory anyway in this age of dellusion!

      I predict in 50 more years of feminism a woman will more likely ever face the risk of rape than she would ever face the risk of marriage and divorce. Already rape has moved from ‘against her will’ to ‘without consent’ where no force is needed; one can only speculate how more abstract it will become in the next 50 years!?! In the UK as it becomes sexist to even be a wife/husband because it is based on Gender roles, it is only a matter of time before heterosexuals begin to adopt the ‘civil partnership’ in turn instead of marriage, preferring thus to become ‘partners’ rather than ‘husband & wife’!

      As men are charged, penalized and convicted for woman’s body, woman’s baby, woman’s house, woman’s life, woman’s career, other men are gonna get even more cunning at fuck-&-run or run-without-even-fucking-at-all! This will reinforce the current situation whereby women are left with 2 choice of guys only to pick from: men that are not men, and men that are turning into women. One only have to listen to women nagging to each others to validate this statement, e.g. woman A: I find I do a lot of loosers [i.e. they aren’t men enough to take responsibilities]; woman B might respond: My men is useless at home [i.e. she obviously expect some kind of support that he isn’t giving]; another one, woman C might say: where are all the men gone [i.e. in her case she cannot even see any male left at all!]…

      This is bound to leave even more women unsatisfied and thus more men convicted. Fortunately in the next 50 yrs I’d be 82 or possibly dead but it’d be fun to watch this unprecedented masquerade.

      • Patriot on

        Copy that.
        I recently heard a ‘high profile’ (or should I say high strung?) woman who is 38 years old say:
        ‘Now do I feel ready to have a baby..’
        I laughed at her happy face.
        She: ‘Excuse me?’
        Me: ‘Nawh, it’s cool.’

        • David on

          I certainly wouldn’t laugh in her face cause that would be inappropriate but I would seriously wonder whether this means she’s ready to become a mother as well or is that gonna take another 30 yrs? Cause you know nowadays conception and motherhood are two separate things altogether. And though many would suggest that this is nobody’s business (not even the sperm donor’s), which would have indeed been the case 60 yrs ago but these days I think her employer has a legitimate stake in the matter – if she’s got one.
          A friend of mine has just been through 1 yr of maternity leave and will start back in January – she’s like 25; but she was so grateful that her employer would take her back, even inviting her for the Christmas party etc cause she’s on a contract-work employment. Obviously by the look of it she wouldn’t be receptive to have another baby any time soon again if she intends to show how serious she is about her job. Isn’t it fascinating? In the the 1950s a woman or wife as they were called back then would have been more mindful about what her husband and family think about the prospect of a new baby, nowadays it is the employer and company that matter most. Thus it is inevitable there cannot be a single doubt that a career woman will place:
          (1) capitalist employer over husband
          (2) company over family and
          (3) career over children
          This is an unshakable truth. The State is more interested in maintaining the employer-employee relationship than the husband-wife relationship. If you’ve contributed enough national insurance, you’ll get full maternity leave, redundancy allowance and other benefits etc for a while before the State start cutting back in an attempt to force you back to become dependent on an employer. In the workplace itself the State has engineered all kinds of laws from sexual harassment, sexism, quotas etc to encourage women to shift from husband-family-dependency to employer-company-dependency. Employers on their parts responded to the new legal infrastructure by gradually shifting manufacturing abroad and eradicating hierarchical organisational power structure, opting for a horizontal one. This new influx of highly qualified and competent female service workers subsequently resulted in the conspicuous feminization of the workplace. For examples nowadays we can see people putting pictures of themselves with friends and children etc on their office desk [merging thus the private self and the professional self], we can also see pantries, kitchens and lounge areas with sofas etc in offices now; a few companies now even house a creche, while others offer complementary yoga classes etc! Women didn’t leave the homespace – they took it along with them to the workplace!

          Yet capitalism is exploitative: the employer extracts a profit from the worker and the taxman levies a tax on the worker’s wage and on the profit that was extracted from him/her! Despite this however this employer-employee relationship is seen as liberating whereas the husband-wife relationship as oppressive and denigrating! If the Gov would put that much effort into supporting marriage and family as they do capitalism and company maybe it would be working today. Instead they abolish legitimacy law, install no-fault divorce and adding insult to injury start paying welfare to support single mothers and bastards. Unlike the US, the UK has even abolished the so-called marriage penalty, meaning in the UK if a man is the only breadwinner of the household, his wife and children aren’t taken into account when charging him for tax because it would be discriminatory towards working women!

          State policies have a lot to do with the decline of marriage. The US has the lowest amount of welfare investment per capita in the whole of the Western World and has kept the marriage penalty tax regime – they have the highest rate of sustainable marriage in the whole of the Western World! Sweeden on the other extreme spends 80% of its budget on Welfare, have national compulsory daycare systems, individuals are tax separately – result: only 30% of Sweedish children now live in the nuclear family unit!

          And we all know the difficulties, losses and charges men face in general when divorce occurs. So I say to men – forget marriage and procreation! Just enjoy yourself! Your children will become selfish anyway and will not recognise you as their parent because they were raised by State functionaries and capitalist entrepreneurs and will understandably not hesitate to dumb you in a home in your old age like you dumbed them in daycare as infants. They will know their friends not you. So why care? Just tell women what they want to hear until they give you what you want – as simple as that! Unfortunately because the genders can never be truly equal women will inevitably feel lied, cheated, used, deceived, discontent etc-you-name-it in the process – meaning under current law men can get convicted for rape simply because woman is unhappy about liberated relationships! So I say (1) find an excuse to implant cameras in your house or get witnesses or (2) get on with a prostitute instead or better if you can travel to a place where prostitution is legal [wherever it is fully legal and regulated you’ll see only beautiful liberated women there – a feminist nightmare!]; or better (3) take advantage of globalization! This latter one is may come down cheaper in the long run. Men have to survive and make the most of their situation within the legal framework. In fact once procreation is out of the picture even racism becomes redundant. Men of values should never donate sperms to fertility clinics unless the latter is willing to purchase the genetic material for £2000+ (after all we’re talking about making babies here!) – you set the price for your brand! There’re plenty of White Knights out there willing to do the job for free, and if that’s what women want so be it, let them choose their brand. These clinics get so much money while the donors get nothing – it’s about time they change their business model and they will if men have but a bit of respect for themselves!

          • Patriot on

            Very solid set of observations across the board.
            After all that you said yourself, do you still think it was inappropriate of me to laugh at her? Well I think I should have thrown in some shame flame as well, but whatever.
            I’m stealing a good part of what you said and posting it on my profile elsewhere for everyone to see. Hope you don’t mind.

            • David on

              No I don’t mind at all! If I had time to write a blog myself I would. Feel free to copy and edit and do pretty much whatever you want.

  8. cloverg on

    Um…could it be that unemployed wives have fewer options to leave?

    • Patriot on

      Um.. could it be that ‘unemployed’ wives pay more attention to their family in general, bond with them on a much deeper level and hence dread leaving them alone to begin with?

      • David on

        I can never repeat this enough: Men Should Never Get Married. NEVER. N.E.V.E.R! Especially if you live in the UK. N.E.V.E.R!
        Here’s a story worth telling:
        This guy lived a miserable life for most of his life, divorced 32 years ago; unemployed at the time and forced to live in a shabby studio which he could hardly afford; meanwhile his wife got State subsidised housing because she had a kid and more generally simply because she is a woman! As you know women’s lives matter more than men’s – an undeniable democratic and egalitarian fact it seems! Even though they have better immune system and life expectancy than men! Was it a single father with child in that position, the State would have simply remove the child from his custody and put him/her into care. Contrary to women, men can never use children to blackmail the State or women! The life of the man in this story however took a remarkable twist – after his divorce, he gradually works his butt up the ladder by building and mastering a successful green energy company and at last in his 50s manage against all expectations to become a self-made multi-millionaire! Here’s a man who had nothing – quite literally – but worked against all the odds all his life without the help of no wife to achieve success which he did in the latter part of his life. What did the wife do all this time? Of course she had a child and – that – is an incredible achievement in an equal society for a woman. This is what equality is about. So guess what’s happening now? Yes she’s seeking about 2 million pounds from her ex-husband for a divorce pronounced 32 years ago!!!!!

        Here’s the latest:

        Google it for a more complete view.

        In the UK men can be prosecuted for alledged rape that took place decades earlier and can be sued for divorce settlement decedes after the actual divorce has been settled!

        However I truly wish she’ll win her litigation. This should send the message home to men that their ex-wives can haunt them even years after divorce. Elsewhere this will set a precedent which would make marrying men like buying lottery tickets for women! The more you buy the more chances you have of winning! This blends well with female hypergamist sexuality which under current sexual neo-liberal policy has already given women free vend to their instinct of hooking up with alphas and potential alpha males! It would be fun to see 3 or more ex-wives fighting in court for a share of the bounty – that of a man’s hard work! What a masquerade!

        In other news the Welsh Assembly has passed legislation to “end violence against women”. The law will place responsibility on healcare, education and other institutions to recognise the “signs of ‘abuse'”. Another part of the bill forces schools to ‘educate’ children about abusive relationship. This is nothing new though. Such campaigns have been ran before in universities – their de facto modus operandi is to tell girls how victims should feel and to tell boys that by virtue of their gender and sexuality they will most likely become the abusers of girls if they aren’t careful and obedient (to women). The central tennet of the law rests on the presumption that the perceived rise of violence against women is purely the result of sexist stereotype ideas inculcated by a so-called patriarchy rather than the direct result of the destruction of the chivalric code gender-complementary model of sexual relations which have been replaced with a feminist equality model of sexual relations. Clearly this latter model is failing. While men get the blame for that (as usual) no one, however, dare ask whether women really want to be the equal sex and relinquish all claims to the benefits and privileges of being the fair sex!?!

        • Patriot on

          Very articulate, thanks. I hope every sensible person who reads this article, whether male or female, gives serious thought to your comments.

          But shit, man.. if I was the guy I would’ve given her the 2M and spent every 1 hour of my day for the next month ensuring that she would soon be back on the streets. It’s easy, especially if you’re dealing with a person who isn’t self-made. Guy’s worth 100mil+, it’s a piece of cake for him to execute.

          Big money comes only to those who deserve it. Career women can go fist themselves after office hours.

  9. TheBestRealAnswer on

    It is a good thing that these career women today Didn’t have to Struggle like the good old fashioned women back then did, since they would’ve had it real tough. Especially with their False eyelashes and Fake fingernails that many of them have these days.

    • David on

      Yeah but at the same time as woman sits in an office all day to do ‘management’ who do you think is doing the woman’s job? It is my understanding that our shoes, handbags and clothes are being done in the 3rd World by 3rd World Women and Children! Wherever it can’t be done in the 3rd World a slave has to be imported to give love, friendship, care and companionship to children and the elderly (and sometimes to men too!) while the woman does ‘management’ or some other service in this Globalized economy. And then people complain about immigrants but immigrants are the modern equivalant of slaves – they can’t vote, they have permit restrictions on what they can and can’t do or where they can and can’t go, they are often segregated and live in appalling conditions and would often need to work for less than the minimum wage! Immigrants are very much part of modern western democracies as slaves were once part of ancient Greek Athenian democracy! But nothing is spared: the environment is being exploited to its very limit to produce more and even more and animals have to give their skins (i.e fur), fibre (i.e. wool) or experience torment in laboratories so that every months the working western woman can buy cosmetic and new clothing – not because they are needed but merely for the superficiality of fashion in an everlasting quest to attract the best mate and to keep one’s options eternally ‘opened’ in a system where employer stands above man, company above family and career above children in terms of needs prioritization! In the early 20th century and in past ages such energy and money would have instead been invested at home, raising the next generation and sparing taxpayers the need to fund the Welfare State! However in today’s society feminists insist that replacing a woman with yet another woman is nothing but pure Women Emancipation! Middle Class White Women would never question this doctrine cause it makes absolute sense to them!

    • NotyourBestFriend on

      My mom wears all that and she’s been married for 23 years xD… This comment section makes me laugh.

  10. tomeparsons on

    For me, its all about respect. 100%. When a man shows a woman respect, all problems are solved. You can always tell how successful a marriage will be based on the amount of respect a man shows his wife. And so, I always liken marriage to a private equity investment. Sure, your seed money is locked in. Sure there are high management costs. But in the end, a large return…oh wait, no. Ok well, its a bit like turning up hammered at a casino in Vegas and going to the Roulette Wheel and throwing everything on a number, and if you’re lucky you’ll make a lot of…oh no, thats not right either. Ok, basically, its like going to a payday lender and borrowing money at high interest and spending it all on a car whose value drops every day and whose maintenance costs go up every day. And so, thats why respect is the number one thing anyone can do to have a succesful marriage.

    • Patriot on

      ‘When a man shows a woman respect, all problems are solved.’
      Haha, your ironic ass is the reason why men don’t respect ‘women’.

      We are under no obligation to respect a whiny bonafide bitch. We know that a woman who keeps it real automatically receives respect.

      Marriage is a private equity investment, huh? Allow me get your bullshit straight on this one.
      A BITCH-ASS-HO, not marriage, is a private equity investment. This is the reality that you so need to be aware of:

      Which basically concludes that you can be the prettiest thing ever with a crack made of rose petals, but it don’t entitle you to nothin’ (except getting used more often, haha). and your ‘career salary’ don’t mean wack to such a guy ANYwayz.

      • David on

        Actually I do appreciate that worthytoshare.net 25 y/o woman’s blunt honesty. For apart from prostitutes you’ll not find such honesty in the female population these days amymore though any intelligent person would know that this is the basic dynamism at play.

      • Wtf? on

        Tomeparsons post was satire. Read it again. And adjust your meds.

    • David on

      Let’s play Devil’s advocate for a moment and invert the gender, shall we? Let’s see how little poem sounds now:

      For me, its all about respect. 100%. When a woman shows a man respect, all problems are solved. You can always tell how successful a marriage will be based on the amount of respect a woman shows her husband (after all who should respect a man if his own wife doesn’t?). And so, I always liken marriage to a private equity investment. Sure, your seed money is locked in. Sure there are high management costs. But… Ok, basically, its like going to a payday lender and borrowing money at high interest and spending it all on a car whose value drops every day and whose maintenance costs go up every day. And so, thats why respect is the number one thing anyone can do to have a succesful marriage.

      Suddenly it has become ‘politically incorrect’ hasn’t it? It is your way or no way, isn’t it!?! Man has to take full responsibility of woman, respect her, provide for her and please her and act as if the chivalric code was still intact while she reserves the right to put employer before man, company before family and career before children and above all she promises nothing to man in this broken gender covenant – not even sex! In fact since rape has moved from “against her will” to “without consent” she even reserves the right to label ANY sex with a well-known partner at any point in time as rape! She will extortionate money from men and taxpayers for childsupport and reserves the right NOT to obey any terms of the chivalric code and former gender covenant because it is ‘oppressive’ while still expecting to reap their benefits 100%!

      Then I only have 1 and only 1 question for you. Since you are such an expert on marriage, tell me what in your opinion is the virtue of a good wife then?
      (if it’s not too politically incorrect to even dare asking such a question that is!)

  11. Tarnished on

    The issue is this:
    Mainstream media has told the last 2 generations of women that it’s entirely possible for them to “have it all”, and that they are failures if they don’t. Thus, most women believe that they can/must be married, have 2.5 kids, a big house, new cars, and a career to be fulfilled. Unfortunately, family life is not something one can be a jack-of-all-trades in. Inevitably, one or more aspects will suffer, be it the marriage itself (frivorce and general unhappiness), the children (latch key kids and lack of discipline), or the career (underproductivity and constant demands for time off that place unnecessary burdens on other workers). A family with children in it *requires* at least one parent to be home for the majority of the time. The fact that this is denied by most of our population and continuously shoved under the rug by modern feminism/mainstream media is a large part of way society is turning out as it is.

    • DV on

      A point in case is maternity leave. This is the time when at least one other colleague has to fill in for the absentee mother. Basically the colleague will work and earn for the nursing mother. Yet should a husband do just that for his own wife it would be woman oppression!?! The idea is that if the man is the only breadwinner he would have, according to feminists, too much power and control over his wife who is dependent on him. Yet the same wife is allowed to be dependent on a colleague without this being seen as woman oppression! Thus if a woman is to be a housewife, the man should according to feminists work and hand over the money no question asked and without any say over how the money is spent at all and how the house is ran. However even the mighty Welfare State asks to know about your life, saving accounts, relationship status, who do you live with etc etc before they hand you over whatever benefits they think you’re entitled to! Just imagine a man asking a woman these kinds of questions before handing over the money – everybody would call him a control freak! Yet the Welfare State does just that without being labelled a dictatorial freak!

      • Wtf? on

        The worker on maternity leave is not dependent on the colleague, the employer is.

  12. DV on

    Scientists are surprised – apparently study finds against ‘all expectations’ that couples who share the housework equally are more likely to divorce! Huge surprise for the academics; weren’t women supposed to have been oppressed for eons into a harsh life of domestication under patriarchy? Shouldn’t women be relieved that men do the women’s jobs at home? Wasn’t equality supposed to be the zenith of civilization, the ultimate truth about true happiness? In fact scientists found just the opposite:

    Apparently the more the man does the woman’s traditional chores the less the marriage works; in fact to add insult to injury, scientists found what is obvious to all except the deluded – that women reward jerks and assholds who stick to men’s chores with “more sex”:

    • pat on

      English press is not the place where you should read “scientific studies”. It immidiately casts a bad light on the so called studies published there.

      • DV on

        Yes but these articles are well quoted and are found in the women section. Furthermore English press would rather stick to political correctness than not. Those that deviate adopt populist views. Yet these findings are neither populist nor politically correct.

      • DV on

        It is now official women can now challenge divorce settlement rulings in the UK and ask for more money from their ex-husbands if they found out that the extend of the husband’s assets was larger at the time of divorce than was previously known:


        This ruling follows Dale Vince’s story which was recounted in a previous post earlier this year. In Dale’s case, his ex-wife laid a claim on money that he made years after the divorce had already been settled:


        Conclusion: it is fair to say if you marry a woman in the UK, she can have access to half the money that you make even years after divorce settlement, and can as a consequence, even access wealth left to you by your parents.

        I’d reiterate that marriage to a western woman is a bad fiscal move, a risky venture with extremely low longterm return. There are other women around the world more suited for marriage if you really need to get married…

  13. JW on

    With much more women these days that are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, and very greedy, really speaks for itself.

  14. Anonymous on

    you have a wrong mind set altogether

  15. DV on

    Good news ladies and gentlemen the Japanese is not just ahead of us but have now overtaken the Swedes. A Japanese company has capitalized on Marriage 2.0

    While still in its infancy this marriage is the most suitable for the 21th century egalitarian societies and is set to become the norm in the absence of religious constraints, coupled with feminist push. In this marriage no pre-nup is needed, the woman is NOT transferred from father to husband, she pays for the ceremony herself; no man is needed, no man is to be consulted (other than for business purpose), a ‘professional boyfriend’ is instead employed for the photoshoot – this idealised boyfriend will forever be flawless and forever proudly showcased on Facebook irrespective of current relationship status. The woman may invite her real bf to the honeymoon suit at her discretion as she wishes!

    In this feminist utopia women can and must persuit career to the max and male needs and desires become negligible factors of consideration – e.g. mere whims! Indeed in Marriage 2.0 all patriarchal oppression is effectively purely imagined and can never be true, not even coincidentally.

    Here’s the article:

    Soon the intelligent Jap will invent robotic embryos, no man will be needed for these designer babies, man need not be consulted as no childsupport needed, and these Tamagochi babies will be energy efficient, forever cute and loyal to parents and outside Gov jurisdiction in terms of education or child abuse or neglect! This will be the perfect baby. And thus finally women will be able to have it all without the slightest compromise with men – a feminazi dream comes true!

    As a man I fully support and welcome Marriage 2.0 and wish our lady folks all the best and all happinness marriage can bring.

  16. DV on

    It is now official women can now challenge divorce settlement rulings in the UK and ask for more money from their ex-husbands if they found out that the extend of the husband’s assets was larger at the time of divorce than was previously known:


    This ruling follows Dale Vince’s story which was recounted in a previous post earlier this year. In Dale’s case, his ex-wife laid a claim on money that he made years after the divorce had already been settled:


    Conclusion: it is fair to say if you marry a woman in the UK, she can have access to half the money that you make even years after divorce settlement, and can as a consequence, even access wealth left to you by your parents.

    I’d reiterate marriage to a western woman is a bad fiscal move, a risky venture with extremely low longterm return. There are other women around the world more suited for marriage if you really need to get married.

  17. INeverLieAtAll on

    Well the good old fashioned women of years ago were really the best of all compared to today.

  18. Wtf? on

    Reading these comments is like swallowing a heaping dose of dumbass. Not only are these dudes bitter mysogynists, they have zero understanding of economics, science or commerce.

    • nedlow@rocketmail.com on

      What I have seen around me is quite the opposite…. Men risk more in divorces with stay at home wife and it’s obvious why…. stay at home means no salary or pension then in case of a divorce the partner that stayed at home will get half for the time they were married.

      And there is the resentment with the partner(man or female, no diff here) that comes late from work and seems to the other partner to do nothing at home. The fact is that a stay at home man or woman has not idea of the pressure and stress your have at work, what it is like to see some colleagues cry at work and crack up. A pressure many stay at home man or woman would not be able to withstand. I would 100 time prefer a career woman or man that has an understanding of what working under pressure and short delays is.

      • DV on

        I’m a man in my early 30s and I can honestly say I’ve no time for nothing, not even to sleep! This is not an isolated case, people don’t even have time to pour milk over cereal in the morning anymore – now breakfast is a cereal bar on the go – or sometimes nothing but thin air! During commute time women are applying their make-up on, rouge, tossing their hair like escorts about to go duty; almost everybody middle age and younger are catching up with conversation frozen in time and pictures of loved ones on social media – it seems even time to socialize and bond with people is impossible to find these days! That idiot named “WTF” who says men here don’t understand economics, science and commerce perhaps could give an intelligent answer as to why this is happening? I’m not gonna wait for an answer because I know he’s an idiot and haven’t got a clue as to why men/people have to work even harder and longer hours – a situation quite opposite to what John Maynard Keynes predicted would happen by the end of the 20th cen!

        Now I don’t have time to elaborate on this, if people wants to be delusional that’s their problem, But let me put this question to you: where does a baby fit into all this? Feminists compute babies like industrial economists compute factors of production viz. like a variable in terms of time and cost! Is that what it takes to create new members of society i.e. time and cost? So a Baby = 9 Months paid maternity + Material goods + Benefits + Childsupport. Is that it really? Again I’ll leave that for people to decide.

        For my part, to be honest and reasonable, there’s no time for a baby in my life and neither am I thinking about it either. But what if I was a woman? Would I be thinking about it? Well let me tell you something, any man my age who’s been using dating sites to find a partner would know 2 facts about dating 30 something women: 1) all of them say they are here just for the fun or more and 2) all of them don’t mean a word of it; eventually they all within a year or so expect you to settle down with them and have babies with them! It’s always in the background! So what do us men do?

        Of course we prefer career women with as little string attached as possible! The more independent the better! After all we are required to say anything woman wants to hear to get in their pants. If she wants longterm material, longterm material we shall be – we’ve got no choice! Every man knows that’s the rule of the game! But whether she’ll be a good wife and mother that’s another topic altogether! One that most of us would rather not think.

        But these questions aren’t new. And why academics ponder on them, men are walking away, children are walking away and the Welfare State has had to step in to fill in the gap! The whole relationship business has been women traditional concerns from time immemorial, but do women know how to make men marry them anymore? Do they know how to be mothers anymore? In a world where couples don’t even have time to have sex can women really have time to get it all?

        My friend your comment is quite reasonable, of course nobody would like to marry a woman who “has not idea of the pressure and stress you have at work, what it is like to see some colleagues cry at work and crack up”. But then again who would like to marry a woman who would dump her own work stress on you after work either? I think you’re missing the big picture altogether here: viz. most women in the West are no longer good for marriage anymore! Now whether this is a positive or negative thing is another debate.

    • Anonymous on

      FU. We don’t care.

  19. Tyler on

    This post is spot on! I married a career woman, had an economics degree from a top University. She wanted to make a name for herself in the business world. Focused on her career first, family last. Worked long hours… ended up having an affair. Then to top it off, she was more concerned with losing her standing in the business community than her family when it came time to choose between continuing to work along side the person who she had an affair with, or leave her job and save her marriage.

    It sounds good to have a wife who has her own life, is independent, can contribute to the marriage financially….Careful what you wish for!

    • DV on

      The woman you’re describing is only good to be a mistress or girlfriend as the term goes now. By marrying her you’ve made a fool of yourself. The concept of marriage is irrecovably based on gender, genders complementing each others; a woman who places employer before husband, company before family and career before children is one that will abandon her children in daycare, her elderly in homes and blame her husband for not being man enough or good enough secretly or openly; such a woman was never raised to be a wife: her mother provided her with make-up, thongs, pills, taught her waxing etc, you’d have called it grooming had it been done by her father; in her parents’ homes boys come and go, sometimes spending the night over, in university she takes booty calls e.g. the boy calls her and she goes to his dorm to fuck him, later in life she takes an apartment with her girlfriends and if you’d observe this flat throughout the year you would see that unrelated men come in and out of it, sometimes spending the night over! Is it not true to say she’s spent her entire life from one brothel to another? In marrying her you shouldn’t be surprised she would have an affair and valuing her employer more than you – after all your employer make you suck on your knees to get the job; who went on his knees to propose marriage? Get real and open your eyes and accept the facts.

  20. Anonymous on

    The “dreadful few” elite who serve Satan have planned for centuries to overthrow nations and rule the world. They follow an ancient plan, step by step, on how to break down society for that purpose. There exist written versions of this plan, all very similar from various sources. Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto (enforced by Bolsheviks in Russia) is one source. Other sources are the book “Morals and Dogma” by Albert Pike, and Henry Ford’s Protocols of Zion.

    One of these steps is to get women (mothers) out of the home working, and turn over raising and education of children to the state. Hegelian Dialectic techniques are used to deceive the population and obtain compliance. In America the Rockefeller Foundation planned and financed the Women’s Liberation Movement for this purpose. They said as much to Aaron Russo. The reverse then is true; keeping mothers at home strengthens society.

  21. Tired Woman on

    This article makes it seem like women are the problem. Have men ever stopped to wonder if they are the problem? Men want a mom, not an equal partner. Then they want to have sex all the time without putting any effort into helping with anything. They think that the 8 hours that they put into work each day is enough. Heaven forbid if they have to wash a dish or play with the kids while the wife prepares dinner. I’m throwing up, coughing, sneezing, with the runs, and my husband still wants me to cook dinner. Great idea, honey, I can get everyone sick. When he gets a sniffle, the world ends and I have to wait on him hand and foot. Where’s my sick day? Men get unhappy because they are giant babies who never grow up. I wish that I had chosen the career route. Then I could care for myself without having to worry about what happens if my spouse leaves me for a woman 1/3 of his age. He states that he will never leave me, but we all know how trustworthy men are. I’ll have the idiot self proclaimed puas commenting saying how I have a dried up womb. I don’t care. I’m not interested in you, like many other women-which is the reason that you’re so pissy. Get a hooker.

    Men are not worth the trouble. Single ladies, do not give into the pressure from your family to get married. It is a huge mistake! Men say how tough they have it, it’s bs. Women have it worse with the exception of the extremely rich.

    Let’s explore how men can be at fault in this article:

    1. You won’t marry her. Men have too much pride. “I must be smarter than her because I have a penis.”

    2. Why do you divorce? Stay at home dads are more likely to cheat on their wives because they feel less masculine. Forgot to mention that, huh. Women put up with more crap when men are the breadwinners because they stand to lose more. Women have more mouths to feed-herself and the kids-and less earning potential after being a stay at home moms for years. Working women put up with less crap because they earn the money to care for themselves.

    3. She’s more likely to cheat. No way saying that cheating is right, but it is partially preventable if you fulfill her needs. You’re an asshole to her because your masculiny is threatened. In the vast majority of cases, even working mothers who are the primary breadwinners are still required to do the chores. Since men are incapable of picking up a broom, they are now seen as large children, not a mate.

    4. With work and doing all the chores, who has time for kids? She knows that men won’t want to stay home, so who gets the shaft? The women. She has to quit her career because men don’t want to be stay at home dads, even if they say that they will. Also, she’s the one that has to destroy her body, making her less attractive to you, and more likely that the man will cheat and/or leave.

    5. Of course she’s not happy. Once women leave the work force, it’s really difficult to get back in. If men had the same issue, I doubt that they would be happy either.

    6. See above-men, get off your lazy video game playing butts and vaccuum the floor.

    7. Male-Ego. She makes more than you, therefore, you get less sex, so you’re less manly. Vaccuum and get her a glass of wine when she gets home, and the sex problem may be solved.

    8. She knows that the male has the time to cheat and is living off her dime without lifting a finger to help with chores. Either work outside the home or inside the home. Women want adults, not another child.

    9. You are more likely to fall ill from STDs because you are stupid and are cheating. For other illnesses-you’re an adult-do healthy behaviors and go to the doctor. See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. Giant man-babies… “I can’t make a doctor’s appointment.”

    • DV on

      Man you said all these load of rubbish only to agree with us by telling women not to marry!?! Couldn’t you have just shut up and do some household chores instead? Or if that’s too sexist or too much asking why don’t you just waste your time in front of the tele instead?

  22. Bill on

    Hate to say it, but this is pretty spot on. I married a career women and she cheated on me and we got divorced. My second marriage is to an Asian women who is a homemaker and a wonderful mother. The Asian culture tends to put the man first.

  23. snowwhitenoma on

    not really true, not all career women do that, t all depends with your values decisions n sacrifices that you have to make as a wife, woman n an employee.

  24. ARealHonestAnswer on

    Career women are very Pathetic to begin with since they’re usually the Biggest Cheaters of them all since they have Broken up many marriages already since they really think that they’re God’s gift to men which their Not at all.

  25. Anonymous on

    I was in dunkin donut having coffee with my friend.there were two old men sitting next to me.both were around in their 90s.i started my conversation and asked their age they both were related.i asked them what do they think the main cause of divorce since every other home is breaking up.they told me very simple answer.women are working now a days and only Minor fight leads to divorce as they think that they can support themselves.

  26. TW on

    Well with so many women that have their Careers today since many of them are so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, and very money hungry which really speaks for itself.

  27. Anonymous on

    Career women are real Pathetic Losers because of their Greed And Selfishness that they carry around with them wherever they go which really speaks for itself which is a very Excellent Reason why many of us Good men are still Single today since they’re very much to Blame. And what is very sad is that many of them really think that they’re God’s gift to men too but their really Not at all. What a Laugh.

    • Tarnished on


      Career women are real Pathetic Losers because of their Greed And Selfishness that they carry around with them wherever they go

      Could you go into more detail regarding this section of your comment? What makes an unmarried career woman greedy/selfish but not an unmarried man?

      • Anonymous on

        I will just be very happy to meet a Good woman that can Accept me for who i really am since i Don’t make a very high salary at all like many of the women of today do. And if i met a Good woman that makes much less money than i do, So What Who Cares as long as she is a Good person with a Nice personality which really counts.

  28. Anonymous on

    To Tarnished, yes it is very true what i have said because they expect too much these days since they will Never at all go with us Goon men that are Single today since many of us Don’t make the kind of money that they do since Most of them really do want a Rich Man instead of Settling for Less. Career women are the Worst of all to marry for us men that are just too Good for them anyway since it is all about Money for them. And God forbid if they ever should go with a man like us that make much Less money than they do which i have just mentioned this already which would be a real Miracle anyway. This is the real Excellent Reason why many of us Good men are Single today since this has a lot to do with it. Quite a Change in the women of today compared to the Good old fashioned women that we once had years ago that Don’t exist since they’re all gone unfortunately.

    • Tarnished on

      To Anon,

      yes it is very true what i have said because they expect too much these days since they will Never at all go with us Good men that are Single today since many of us Don’t make the kind of money that they do since Most of them really do want a Rich Man instead of Settling for Less.

      The point you make about settling for “less” is one that should be brought up more in the manosphere. Mostly to discuss how untrue it really is. After all, men have inherent value as people just as women do, and making less money than a woman they are dating does not turn him into an inferior being. Good men are considered such due to the virtues of their personality traits, such as honor, integrity, motivation, fortitude, ability to love, and so on. Money does not make the man, and more need to understand this fact.

      Career women are the Worst of all to marry for us men that are just too Good for them anyway since it is all about Money for them. And God forbid if they ever should go with a man like us that make much Less money than they do which i have just mentioned this already which would be a real Miracle anyway.

      Fair reasoning, friend. I take it you have experience with this facet of life from the way you tell of it. In that you are more informed than I, as the dating world has thankfully not been a place I’ve frequented so much in the last decade. As I am not familiar with many serious career women, would you be willing to answer a question? You state that it is all about the money for them, yet as steady job holders themselves they obviously have decent paychecks of their own, and therefore able to contribute on an equal financial footing to the relationship. One would assume that they’d be more, not less, able to look beyond the wallet to consider the man who holds it. Why do you think it is not so?

      This is the real Excellent Reason why many of us Good men are Single today since this has a lot to do with it. Quite a Change in the women of today compared to the Good old fashioned women that we once had years ago that Don’t exist since they’re all gone unfortunately.

      As it stands, I’d recommend MGTOW anyway. I personally do not ever plan to marry, or go anywhere beyond the single non-cohabitating Friends-with-Benefits relationship I’ve had for the last 10 years. There are no further gains to be had through marriage that I do not already possess now. Doing what is right for yourself and your loved ones is preferable to bowing to the demands of societal pressures that claim marriage is the best state of being.

  29. Corvinus on

    In the end, men will marry career women, as is their liberty. Feel free to opt out, it means more for us.

  30. KAS on

    You mean…women have the freedom to be like men now? Holy cowwwwwww….

    Do people not know history? It was frequently expected in early 20th century Europe (also late 19th century) for men to cheat on their wives with prostitutes, and was allowed. I know that’s ancient history, but maybe just maybe men AND women cheat..There’s kinda a precedent for men cheating. .And maybe if a man cheats on a woman who is a stay at home mom she will be less likely to leave or even cheat herself in the first place because she doesn’t know anyone and she is afraid to be left alone with no support.

    Maybe leveling out the earning potential of the genders is just revealing the TRUTH that people don’t like. A workings woman has more options and if she is unsatisfied she will leave you.Just like you can leave her whenever. There is no use for people to stick around with each other if they can find someone else.

    Also, the children thing, yeah I agree. If you want kids, go have kids- don’t wait forever to do it and end up trying to rope a poor schmuck into it. Kids are a lot of dedication and both parents should know what they are getting into and should be ready to work as a team no matter what happens to their relationship (so you really need to like each other, obviously and have spent more than just say a year knowing each other).

    I think it’s fine to decide not to have children. That’s the freedom we have. If you are having kids though both adults need to decide what will be best for raising them. (aka don’t shove all the blame on the woman. )

    Also I think it’s dumb when both men and women get upset about pay discrepancy, but since it’s obviously a thing that happens, I’m not sure what to say about it. I guess women will only really want guys who make more than them, and most men will only really want women who make less, because money is tied to a man’s worth in this society, which is dumb in my opinion.

    • Holly on

      I really liked what you said, I can tell you are educated nice.

  31. Anonymous on

    Much of what has been said is absolutely true. Career women are lame. Trust me, i went out with one for 7 years. And it didn’t work out because educated women fall for that feminist crap that has ruined society. The model of a male breadwinner and a stay at home wife has been in decline since the 1960s. The sexual revolution destroyed societal norms and morals. The result? STDs and skyrocketing divorce. That’s also why now you have blended families (stepfamilies) which were unheard of before. Coming from a more conservative country myself (India), I will marry someone from there rather than the USA. The USA has become a horrible place, especially if you have traditional values, like I do. Good luck guys!

  32. Anonymous on

    Unless she’s the kind of woman who can balance both a career & family, I’d advice all men to stay clear of these career oriented women. Many are workaholics/slaves to the Corporations & themselves (yes, you can be a SLAVE of your own work) & some will sacrifice their relationships for the work/jobs. Not worth the trouble

    There’s plenty of fish in the sea who don’t even want a ‘career’

  33. alex on

    Truth is, that men have evolved over a number of years to be dominant, and women submissive. This dynamic forms the basis of a happy, sexual relationship, at least in the eyes of men. As men are the *ahem* drivers *ahem* during sex, they want to be emotionally connected to a woman who soothes them, not the opposite, and not only during sex. Tough licks!

    Was looking for a career woman most of my 30s, as I thought this was the way to go for me (matching my own successful career). My mistake. All the women I met wanted to have their cake and eat it too. Will not work that way. A generation has suffered, I think in the coming years, at least some lovely girls will realize otherwise (Being optimistic 🙂

    • Tarnished on

      As men are the *ahem* drivers *ahem* during sex, they want to be emotionally connected to a woman who soothes them, not the opposite, and not only during sex.


    • Holly on

      Go marry a Duggar girl, there is still Jana left! Better get to Arkansas fast before they marry her off! Since those are the only women left that your looking for.

  34. MGTOW on

    Speaking of career women which many of these type of women have caused a lot of Divorces already since they have broken up many families and Ruined many of their children unfortunately. As far as i am concerned, these women are very Pathetic and are such Losers as well.

  35. Dr. BT on

    I have been married for 41+ years and my husband and I both have PhDs and great careers. We have supported each other every step of the way. We have one son now in his mid 30s. Yes, we have both had to make sacrifices to have good careers and a strong marriage. I wanted to have more children but my husband felt that I was too career oriented. This has been a sore point for me now that I am 61 and cannot have children. My career may have been outstanding if I had been single as I followed my husband the first 25 yrs of marriage developing my career and he followed me the next 15 yrs developing his start-up. But now I am getting serious opportunities for very high level administrative positions in reputed universities and I am not taking them due to my husband’s career. But there also comes a time in life where having a loving relationship with your spouse is more important then career as you may not have as much time left. Therefore I am happy at the very good job I have now and looking forward to spending time with my husband. There is no such thing as having it all. We have to do the best with what we have and make the choices that will benefit us and our families. And please note that two incomes does alleviate stress. .

    • Patriot on

      “Therefore I am happy at the very good job I have now and looking forward to spending time with my husband..”
      Aand you’re 61 already lmao

    • Holly on

      I love your comment that’s great that you both worked it out like that. 🙂

  36. ram prakash bishnoi on

    author is 100% right , i am fed up with my working wife .

    • Holly on

      Wow now you complain, I hope your wife scolds you writing that comment, be grateful she has a job! While 90 million people are out of work. Ingrate.

  37. Anonymous on

    Marriage issues aside, I don’t even know if I could stand being around a female corporate type in my personal life. So many of them exhibit “passive aggression” and “verbal violence” as regular tools because they got nothing else in the toolbox. The only way to stay legit and afloat is to keep lashing out all day long. This personality seeps to their bones and they carry it around with them… in the office tower, in the commute home, and at home. They only escape from it through wine, massages and sex (when they feel like they’re had enough stress). Meanwhile they produce nothing for society… no products, no ideas, no inventions, no art… and of course no strong healthy children either. All they output is GARBAGE.

    • Holly on

      Your a idiot! I hope women avoid you like the plague!
      Your a sexist who hates women, I wouldn’t be surprised if your a gay man.

  38. keysofwomanhood on

    Speak with a brave face if you believe this theory! Show yourself and let us know who you are.

    • Patriot on

      No, you typical shit. And for what, so you can start hurling your new silly shaming insults that you learnt on the nutty part of the net an hour ago? Most men don’t give a work what women think about or say to them in general, know that in your mind. Men are physical and often brutal in their thoughts and actions. We don’t have pussies, and hence don’t argue or fight like pussies. Therefore, GTFO

  39. Anonymous on

    I’m 22 years old, and find this blog very disturbing. It’s telling women to not shoot for the stars and be the best they can be, or they won’t get married.
    I personally am working to own a small home based business, but with that I would be working way more then “35 hours a week”, closer to 50+ hours a week.

    I believe men and women should work equally together in a marriage, including “bring home the bacon” and house work. I guess with this outlook on life I will be that unmarried women forever, if this is how many look for potentiate wives.

    • Holly on

      Hey, please read my post. But really you won’t be single! just don’t marry a conservative guy cause they grow up believing women are suppose to do everything for them. Go for a open minded moderate guy and you will be much happier. Make sure when dating to ask tons of questions but don’t overwhelm the guy. Just slowly ask the important question. I really think also that relationship agreements are not a bad idea! There are so many people not getting what they want in the relationship. Make it known! Speak up and let him know the world doesn’t involve around him but also show you care. That’s the best advice I can give you, oh and never ever marry another guy from another country! The process takes too long and it cost thousands to bring them over here. Hope this helps.

  40. Holly on

    Interesting and very old fashioned. Is this the 1950s? or 2017 almost…..
    Now here’s the thing you are not considering. One is that most woman can now work from home and are also starting home businesses with their husbands. In this crippled economy people have turned to the internet and although it doesn’t give everyone a fantastic income they are making it and people are getting by this way. Now with Donald Trump as president there will be more jobs for both men and women and that will make a difference. I think if a woman has a high demanding job and does a long commute then I would agree that is not likely to work out. But really both men and women need to think about saving and investing their money as early as possible before they even meet. Women do jobs not just for money but for the involvement. I will agree men are more likely to do jobs women find disgusting, thanks guys. But here’s the thing we are multi tasker’s so we handle stress a little differently. Men are more of mono taskers but you have the upper hand because most billionaires are men who are mono taskers. Its like you only need one idea to work and bam! So we are different in some ways which is not bad. Here is the thing though before you met your future wife she had a life and she enjoyed what she did. She would never ask you to give up your job so why are you asking her to? Kids? well its called daycare its called grand parents its called taking equal responsibility. She should make some sacrifices in the beginning because babies need their mothers and fathers too. But once that child turns 6 they can now go to 1st grade. So now the mama can resume her career. But within those six years I think she should stay home and do her business from home. The even better solution is for both husband and wife to have a home business doing what they love together. This will help them to build a strong relationship together that can thrive. This is my take on it. I think it would be pretty hard to find a woman that doesn’t have passion in her life. There are so many and if you think your going find a sweet gal to just sit home with the kids all day then your in another universe. No woman should feel like she needs to give up her career cause she got married. This blog is very biased. Also you have no proof that women with careers are more likely to cheat, men are the cheaters. And get a maid or clean up your own mess if you don’t want the house to be dirty. That is a ridiculous
    excuse.Stop being lazy…..

  41. Anonymous on

    I’m not sure about the rest, but successful career women can afford to have someone else clean the house. So, I would think that their houses would be cleaner, not dirtier.

  42. Anonymous on

    trust me no educated career woman or infact any woman with common sense will ever want anything to do with you.

  43. The Truth Was Said on

    I really wish that we really had a real Time Machine to send all these Career women that think they’re all that back in time to see how the women back then that had to Struggle to make ends meat which would make these women today look so very Pathetic. And these women now would be in so much Trouble since they would Actually have to work for a living. Oh Boy, would that be very Awful to make these women today Struggle like the women in the Past did. The very sad thing is that these women with their so called Careers now do have the Worst Personality ever with no Good Manors at all since they would make such a very Horrible Wife anyway to begin with. And any man that gets involved with one of these women will be in so much Trouble since these women would take them to the Cleaners as well since these women are the Biggest Cheaters of them all because of their Six Figure Income since many of these women have already Broken Up many Good marriages as well unfortunately.

  44. mohammed on

    how do i win a debate saying that educated man should marry uneducated woman please some more power full ideas

  45. christine1736@gmail.com on

    This is an amazing article. I was beginning to feel every man who asks me, “So what do you do?” was completely disappointed when they received my responce of ‘A satisfied part time Nanny’ (leaving the divorced with two kids part to tell him later). There isba stigma in the US that a woman’s career will somehow prepare, or qualify her for the role as Wife and Mother. Sounds like the opposite is true.
    I needed this today.

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