$2.4 Million Date-Rape Settlement

$20 million per year and he can’t find a woman who will STFU and listen

** Happy Trails to you! ** and… The Financial Report of the United States

** MRA Rollcall, Post your blogs here!! **

** Must Read *. How the Feminists’ “War against Boys” Paved the Way for Islam.

*** The (brief) Return of Mamonaku! *** AkA a Blog is born

**bleep** CAPITALISM

**bleep** Male Drivers!

**bleep**, I knew I should have stayed barefoot and pregnant rather than go to law school….

‘Border baby’ boom strains S. Texas

‘Don’t Marry a Woman With a Career’ – Really rude (WHAT A JERK!)

‘Mommy Wars’: To Work or Stay at Home?


“bright future …for the current generation of American women”

“Career” women

“double standards exist…”

“Gender Feminism”

“I am an Independent Woman” :Ladies, please define:

“Interview” with Michael Noer

“Waaaah. Successful men won’t want me. Waaaah.”

“What makes women happy?” – Fay Weldon: “Start faking orgasms”

“You Don’t Know Feminism”

… and me


1 month anniversary of Noer’s article coming up soon

10 Best-paid executives: They’re all men

2006 State of our Unions Rutgers University National Marriage Project


5 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License

51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse

65 and pregnant

911 – Open Legged Whores And Weak Begging Dogs

A Balanced Look at Feminism

A biblical analogy to the problem here

A brilliant first shot in a future war against marriage!

A call for progressive breeders to bed down already

A Dating Study that involves, among many other things, professional career women

A letter to Forbes and Mr. Noer from a VERY Proud Career Woman (now former Forbes Reader)

A Little Nudge…

A man responds

A New Reality For Modern American Feminists

A parental alienation survivor speaks.

A question for the anti-feminists

A question for the career women.

a question re online personals

A Rush to Medicate Young Minds

A scary trend: sexy costumes for young girls

A slightly different take

A Statement

A Thai woman speaks after American woman calls Thais sluts.

A Woman’s place is in the boardroom, Feminist Endgame!

Abducted and raped, young Christian women and girls are driven to suicide in Iraq

Absolutely No Way…

Absolutely ridiculous and senseless Feminazi complaints

Abused men often suffer in silence

Acceptance of Misogyny in American Culture

Action Alert: The High Cost of Manliness

Adultery could mean life, court finds

After 21 Years, DNA Testing Sets Man Free in Rape Case

After a long day at the office

AG’s Office Takes Duke Case, Won’t Rule Out Rape Charges

Agency Culpable in Child Support Scam

AHAHAH: Nervous men kill off the office romance

Ahh, what a glorious life it would be!!!

AIDS – In America

AIDS–Exploding in Asia

All Girls School Signs Petition To End Women’s Suffrage

Also interesting…

Am I the only one who finds this whole discussion stupid?

Am I the only one who has noticed this?

Am I the only one who has noticed this?

American Feminists Scorned And Ignored

American men are outsourcing marriage

Amish Community’s power to Forgive

An idea

And The Truth Continues…..

Angry Woman Syndrome

Anna Nicole Smith, Stern Exchange Vows

Another Day, Another Whore Story!

Another fine example of how female logic does NOT work.

Another Pearl of 60’s Wisdom

answer me this

Antiriad: so is this why black men are unemployed?

Any of you want to post…

Any Tom Leykis fans here?


Are American men just fed up with women?

Are Civil Courts In Contempt of Justice?

Are married men happier?

Are men simple beings ?

Are single mothers the ‘New American Family’?

Are You Ready for some Football ?

Article didn’t go far enough..

Article in Ladies Against Feminism: Is it Really A Man’s World?

Article is mis-titled

Article was right on target

article, “Don’t Marry Career Women”

As a women, why we work?

Ashland mother arrested in assault

Asia women and HPV

Aussie courts deny men moral justice

Australian women: don’t want to work. Men: No f’*** option! Or: “Don’t marry a LAZY man”

Avoid career men

Avoidance Strategy,What about marriage in the Netherlands?

Back to work! Family time is money!

Bad Behaviour of Single Mothers Again Extends To Murder (And Getting Away With It)

bad interpretation of social science

Balance is key…

Balanced private life – career

Ballsy Women

barbara scam


Best companies for working moms

Beware Feminist Propaganda – Top 10 Feminist Myths

Beware of generalizations!

Beyond logic

Bicycles Don’t Need Fish Either

Bitchy Career Women feminists giving Forbes media exposure


Blogger Awards Category: Hate Americans – Pete takes a bow

Bob Dylan

Bold Moves

Borat: funny! you guys: not funny

Both are missing the boat!

Both arguments lack some key elements…

Both Authors Misinterpret Facts


Boys will be boys but there are ways to better educate them

Breaking Gender Cliques at Work?

Brian Armstrong sucks big giant donkey c0ck

Can we go to a prostitute ?

Can women protect their rights without male support????

Can’t there be both?

Canadian Tories pull rug from feminist-gay revolution

cancel your subs and subscribe to The Economist

Candlelight Vigil to be held for Career Women

Career Feminazi football picks for this weekend

Career Girl?

Career Grrls are Hot!

career vs whoredom vs housewifery, oh my!

Career woman trying to explain how feminine she is

Career Women

Career Women – Most Men Just Can’t Handle Them

Career women – please address this

Career Women != (does not equal) Educated Women

Career women are akin to voluntary single-moms.

career women are hot

Career Women Are Not Looking For Love

Career women can be fun–but they’re not marriage material

career women DON’T want cavemen

Career Women Losing their Religion

Career women we don’t want you….enough said.

Career Women, Security, Stability, Intimacy and Relationships

Career Women: Boycott Forbes, the Business Magazine for Sexist Men

Career womyn versus traditional wives: damned if you do, damned if you don’t ???..

Castration Of Men Fantasies And Women’s Loss Of Power To Live Them

Catalogue/preserve the great posts on here

Caused by Feminism: Pregnant Girls Smoke To Have Smaller Babies

CBS News Allows Conservative Point of View and All Hell Breaks Loose

Censorship is par for the course at Forbes

challenge to the defenders

Change the tone please

Check this Out – Now “Feminist” Research Panels tell yet another fault of men

Child Support Nightmares! Courtesy of Our Supposed Equals!

Children in single parent households

Chill Out People, He’s semi-right

Ciao, y’all

Class Action Women V. Forbes: Sexual Harassment

Cleansing our Society

Come On, Men – Take the Low Ground!

Complex simplicity – an age-old debate (again)

Conception by Deception

Conclusion: Michael Doer should not…


Congratulations women

Corcoran – conjecture based counterpoint

Corcoran is Absolutely Correct

Correlation vs. Causation

County approves alternative jail program for women

Court orders doctor to pay for unwanted baby

Court strips father of compensation rights Made in Oz

Crazy cat lady trying to outlaw spanking


Criteria for “career woman”…LMAO!

Critique of ‘career girls’ on a business website

Cultural Change Takes Time

Cupcake to Porkchop

D.C. Names Female Police Chief

Data theft 2nd loss this year

Dating Websites Reveal What Women Really Want

David’s father: I’ll never escape stigma of Madonna’s AIDS ‘lie’

Dear Mr Noer, you followed a completely flawed line of reasoning

Dear Mr. Noer,

definition of a feminist

Demon wife earns man big $$$’s. Feminist’s Happy with Husbands Torture!!!!

Desperate Ameriskanks

Desperate Coeds

Desperate Feminist Wives

Desperate Grandmas

Did they pull down the article?

Did women trade dependency on men for dependency on the government?

Disappointing counterargument

Discussing “To Be Married Means to Be Outnumbered”



Divorce Court & Foreign Brides

Divorce law proposal under fire by EU states

Divorce Magazine: Fascinating Statistics

Divorce means a man is going to loose his children

Divorce rate Germany 10% 1995

Divorce still major way Stryng Independent Wimmen find Wealth!!! Herstory.

divorcing forbes

DNA test rights proposed for duped dads

Do not marry

Do not marry a career woman (written by a woman)

Do not marry girls (or boys) who had their parents divorce

Domestic violence cases receive aid of victims’ advocate

Domestic violence is equal opportunity

Domestic Violence Rumor Mill Runs the United Nations

Don’t Always Believe the Victim

Don’t Call Me “Cupcake”

Don’t have black friends

Don’t marry a career man

Don’t marry a selfish person

Don’t Marry Career Men

Don’t Marry Career Women

Don’t Marry Career Women Blah Blah Blah

Don’t Marry Career Women Original Version

Don’t Marry Career Women -REDUX -If You Have a Small **bleep**

Don’t marry career women? That’s just ridiculous

Don’t Marry Men Who Spout Unsubstantiated Garbage

Don’t worry men – you’re not the only people feminists hate!

Don’t worry Mr. Noer, after this, most career women wouldn’t want to marry you.

Double standard by forbes – offend men to appease women.

Down With Marriage

Dual Income Necessity


Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor Asks Off Case

Dumb guy and proud of it

Dumbbroad a Hot Wonder Woman?

e e cummings

Each House Needs a CEO

Edna St Vincent Millay

Educated women….

Educational Equality…..or not??

Elizabeth = yappy dog

Elizabeth Corcoran doesn’t get it right


End Woman’s suffrage!!!

Ending Corporate Handouts

entertaining counterpoint

Equating Career Women to Feminism

Eternal Bachelor

Evangelical feminism a new path to liberalism, book says

Everybody I am about to go pee pee

Excellent Article!

Exorcisms Needed

Explaining The Anti-Male Media: How The Lace Curtain Works

Ex-wife wants higher alimony

Failed attempt at humor?

Fairness—Not men’s sports—is Title IX’s real casualty

Fake Statistics Used to Claim that Wife-Beating is Men’s “Birthright”

Fallacy of composition

False Feminasty Polls

False rape charges are quite common…

False rape report leads to 1-year sentence

Family Courts are ruining America.

Family Quality Time CANNOT be summoned

Fatherlessness /= Stay-at-Home Dogma

Fatherlessness Cause Of over 75% of Crime

Fatherlessness in Prison Following Fathers Footsteps?

Female headed households on the rise World Wide

Female teacher in court on 229 sex charges

Female teacher’s sex charge is unusual

Feminazis learning more here than their pathetic college classes

Feminism and romance go hand in hand


Feminism at Knox College: A Recent Graduate’s Account

Feminism begs to differ, but unisex brain is a fantasy

Feminism Can’t Kill the Female

Feminism is to blame

Feminism’s Idea to Change scriptures meaning.

Feminist Infiltration into the Conservative Ranks?

Feminist Nut Jobs…

Feminist problem with Noer is a problem with equality.

Feminist Scheme for U.N. Reform

Feminist societies will self-destruct – read it, know your adversary.

Feminists do not marry

Feminists have done a lot for gals in a marriage.

Feminists refuse to acknowledge injustice of Duke LaCrosse case

Feminists use Government to control Men

Feminists vs. Feminists

Feminization of American Culture part Two

Finally some truth slips through the Lace Curtain

Find Nice Wife Abroad? Think Again, Guys

Fine, Don’t Marry Me

Fire That Pig!

flat out retarded


For Career Woman you are DUMB! Reread the article without your feminist eyeglasses!

For Professional woman approaching and over 40

Forbes and Mr. Noer: I expect an apology – pronto!

Forbes bows to feminists. SAD


Forbes did not have to apologise!!!

Forbes is going down

Forbes is now the official business magazine for men!

Forbes No Longer a Respectable Publication

Forbes should be embarrassed by this article…

Foreign Brides

Foreign Wives

forming/reviewing beliefs

Forum Stats… Men 10 Feminazis 0 = NO MARRIAGE

Forward this article

Found: Child Support Money that Might be Yours

Friend Saw Accident Today

From NYT today — maternity/paternity leave for adoptive parents

From Wilkipedia

Funniest story ever!

Gals just look at the audience at forbes

Game, Set, Match: Noer

Gawker parody slide show

Gender disconnect

Gender Newspeak at Newsweek

Germaine Greer Attacks Steve Irwin in His Death

Get your career, but forget about wrecking our children over it

Getting dates from


Give him his nuts back!

Give me my son over my career

Give Women and Men an Inch….

Giving birth to babies instead of conference calls

Giving birth to conference calls instead of babies.. revisited

Go ahead, keep kidding yourselves!

go back to work then!

Good perspective Michael!


Got Any Good Jokes???

Government: Not the answer for blacks

Great Boxing match!!! Showtime…

growing pains

Gunmen Kill Afghan Women’s Affairs Official

Guys did you notice how they fall apart when you use humor on them? Laugh at them!

Guys, Our Work Here Is Done. Time To Retire From The Field Of Battle. eom

h t t p://

h t t p://

h t t p://


haha no incentives in rebuttals.

Happily Married Career Woman

Has anyone considered the reverse correlation here?

Hatred Here is Shocking!

hatred of women

Hatred of Women

Have I time-warped back to 1956 or Taliban-era Afghanistan?

He forgot bitter, but there’s a cure

He has a point

He’s Right – Don’t Marry A Career Woman…

He’s Right.

Health Disparities Persist for Men, and Doctors Ask Why

Help me out here guys!!!

Here are the facts

here is the problem…

Here’s another thing I’ve noticed

Here’s the Problem

Hey Pinklady,,,Where are u?

High Earning Wives are miserable

His Corps Value Was Bravery

his picture says it all

Homemaker Arrested Again for Indecent Acts

Honestly, someone answer this question rationally for once…


HOT chicks vs. FAT AND FUGLY women.

House Wife – Is it a career?

How about career women changing their attitude

How About Some Data?

How Asinine!

How come some men here are such assholes?

How Feminist Absolutism Drives Moral Relativism

How men can win

How men can win

How Men Really Feel About Marrying Career Women

How To Be a Gay and Promiscuous in Canada For school children!!!

How To Get Fired Like A Man

How to pay for a working woman?

How To Spot a Princess

How Women’s Studies Textbooks Miseducate


I agree with Mike there were less divorces when women stayed home.

I am amazed!

I am horrified

I am literally shocked at the misogyny of this article

I am totally stunned by this man’s column

I applaud Mr. Noer.

I became the ‘Career Women’ because…….

i can’t believe…..

I can’t wait for the follow-up article on why foot binding is the new engagement ring

I don’t understand why the feminists are upset.

I f(u)cked tellafriend in the ass with his own fist

I feel sorry for Noer.

I Guarantee You …

I hate michael noer.

I have a question for the guys?

I keep trying to tell yuh, …

I like her rebuttal, but…

I love it!

I love this article…..

I make at least $250,000 more per year than Michael Noer . . .

I refuse to be persuaded to walk complacently back into the dark ages.

I respect and believe Elizabeth’s counterpoint, but

I See The Pattern, and I’m Not On Acid

I strongly agree– my own personal experience

I think both articles are partially correct

I Think I Called It Right

I Think I Have the Answer – Seriously

I think we can safely say Men Agree With Noer

I thought we had evolved?

I totally agree with him

I totally agree with this article and I am a woman!

I want to be a house-husband

I’m disappointed in Forbes

I’ve noticed …

IF men would do half the house cleaning and taking care of kids then Career women

If Noer enraged you try

If Not Marriage Rights, Then Reproductive Rights…

If women really wanted to be equal!

If women ruled the world…

If you want a good business venture…

Imagine if American men would have to fight Hitler today

IMBRA And Tahirih’s Destructive Behavior

IMBRA is a career woman’s best friend

Important Book: Taken Into Custody

In loco parentis – The Duke LaCrosse case

In Order To Have Happiness and Peace of Mind……………….

In Pictures: Nine reasons not to marry idiot men and Forbes journalists

In Turkey, The Depravity of the Islamist World Manifest

Indicators of Systemic Discrimination Against Men

Indonesia bars doctors from female genital cutting

Interesting Observation From The Responses To The Article

Iran: The Women Waiting To Die Under Islamic Justice

Iraqi Women’s Leader Assassinated in Baghdad

Is A Speaker Pelosi A Victory for Women?

Is finding a foreigner a better idea?

Is It Just Me, Or ….

Is it really that difficult to understand?

Is it time for your nap?

Is Misandry Protecting Mothers Who Murder And Maim?

is this a joke? Apology demanded

IshWishDish, here are the feminist/policy makers quotes I promised you…

It aint about career women

It does not matter housewife or career woman!! Where is the commitment?

It Takes Two, Baby!

It was Joe Jackson who said,…

It’s Official: To Be Married Means to Be Outnumbered

It’s pretty amazing

It’s The Cake And Eat It Too Thinking

Its the same everywhere


Jane, your ignorant **** transcript

Jessica Lynch Rape?

Jilted by a career woman!

Judge exposes inequality of women’s jurisprudence

Judge jails ‘wicked liar’ who falsely claimed ex-husband had raped her

Judge Who Discourages Divorce Embroiled In Bitter Divorce

Julius Streicher, Catharine MacKinnon, Jesse Jackson, And David Duke

Julius Streicher, Catharine MacKinnon, Jesse Jackson, And David Duke

just for Noer!!!

Just get an low income guy

Just some random art about feminism

Just what the hell do feminists want?

Kicking the F butt 🙂

Kittens! (nothing to do with the topic)

Know what? I wish I would have married a career girl instead!


Ladies, If you choose career – you unchoose marriage

Ladies, you can’t force us to marry you. You cant legislate us ignoring you. Change and be happy

Ladies… I guess you don’t like it when men stand up to you

Later, haters!!

Latest celebrity divorces have one thing in common: toddlers

Latest Pink Collar Jobs and Miniature Guns


Learn to cite properly, Mr. Noer!

Leeraconteur– What does “when you eat fish, it’s men’s lives you consume” mean?

Let them pay for the children!

Let’s be realistic here

Let’s look at this from a simple perspective.

LEYKIS 101 – How men really think

Leykis Gets Murder Confession

Lies, **bleep** Lies, and Statistics at UNICEF

Lies, **bleep** lies, statistics

Lies, Dammed Lies, and Statistics

Life is a personal experience

Like eggs, sperm have a “best by” date?

List for mothers-in-law

List For Single Women

Living Proof This Article is DEAD ON

Logically flawed


LOL at the feminists

LOL this woman is dumb she doesnt even know the meaning of cougar

Long live feminism!

Look at the Statistics

lorem ipsum

Lorem ipsum

Lorem ipsum

Lorem ipsum

Lorem ipsum

Love and Marriage

Male Suicide Rates and Other Stats?

Man Escorted From Planet Fitness Gym For Grunting

Man Sentenced to Prison For 10 years…

Man still paying support to deceased wife

Man you feminist are bitter, lighten up!

Mankind to be wiped out by language police

Manly no more

Marriage + Divorce = 11 years in prison for the man

Marriage and Careers

Marriage is about Devotion

Marriage Is Not Even An Option

Marriage Portfolio Risk… why American women are inferior investments!

Marriage Strike

Marriage Strike Emerges As Men Decide Not to Risk Loss

Marriage Strike! Marriage Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!

married to a career woman

Married woman has death penalty dropped after killing husband

Marry Foreign Women, but …

Marrying “Career” Women

Marrying a career woman is an easy ticket to misery.

Masculine fear of female power is a precursor of fascism?

Masters Thesis

Materialism is the real issue here – where’s the compromise?

Matriarchy Tightens Reins of Censorship around Michael Noer

Maureen Dowd of the NY Times

Maybe Mr. Noer wrote from his own experience?

McCartney may call Mill’s former call-girl pal during divorce battle

Meet John Edwards’s new blogger-in-chief

Men – take heart

Men – why women are your enemy

Men = ATMs

Men and women are NOT equal, so let’s stop kidding ourselves

Men and Women explained by a Sheikh

Men are a whole lot smarter than this

Men are always right

Men are feeling threatened – clearly.

Men are heroes

Men are smarter than women

Men married to career women still get shamed

Men that need help with strong women….

Men that need help with strong women….

Men that need help with strong women….

Men’s Victory on Forbes Thread “Don’t Marry A Career Woman.”

mens right

Message 10,000

Michael Noer is a Donkey!!

Michael Noer is a Hero

Michael Noer is right…

Michael Noer’s 15 minutes of fame

Michael Noer’s article was brilliant

Michael Noer’s article, “Don’t Marry a Career Woman” has some valid points

Michael Noer… my hero!!!

Minefeild of Feminist Quotes–

Mirror Of The Soul

MISCWIT talks a good game…however…

misogyny begets more misogyny

Misspelled fury is so much less persuasive than reason.

mister rogers had it right!

Modern Day Women… The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play

Mom at age 60: ‘Age has been redefined’

Mom Reportedly Hurls Baby at Boyfriend

Mom seeking child support arrested for rape

More “don’ts” than just Don’t marry career or feminist women

more on the author Michael Noer

More reasons for men to not marry modern women.

More Support For Noer’s Thesis

MorMANism or Mormonism

Mother Faces Charges After Throwing Toddler Into Traffic

Moving Backwards–Time for Remedial Education

Mr. Leeraconteur . . . paging, Mr. Leeraconteur

Mr. Noer didn’t go far enough…

Ms. Magazine Ignored Petitions From Women Who Regret Abortions

Ms. Magazine, Come sign a Petition! ‘I had an Abortion’

my answer to the ‘men’s side

My experience with the Stockton School Shootings in 1989.

My funniest post yet!

my mom was a stay at home mum and IT SUCKED

My only conclusion. We are doomed

Na Na Na Na Na… I got Teri Hatcher’s dress!

NAACP admits no Crime in Durham

Navy SEAL Michael A. Monsoor-Someone You Should Know

Nearly Done with this Board

Need a good laugh?

Neither opinion seems to address what really makes marriage work

New Age Man

New blog you all might like, if anyone is around

Nice? Sensitive? Honest? Nah she doesn’t want that.

No career woman for me, says wife.

no more sex for Noer

No need to argue

No sex for Michael Noer

Noer is right…But don’t stop there!

Noer should be shot!

Noer’s real intention …

Norway: Schoolboys Forced To Sit On Toilet Seats

Not all men are jerks, and not all women are angels

Not all men have such low aspirations as the author!

Not Sustainable

Note The Constant Attempt At Censorship Via the Attache on The Right Hand Margin

Now Is Then

Obviously, we’re winning

Odour and mating preferences, The smell of power

Of feminism and old maids

Off subject a little, but the military

off Topic when a ship sinks

oh lordy

Oh Settle Down

Oh, so NOW it’s an opinion

Older mothers more likely to have infertile daughters

On Radio Announcers and Fat Lesbians

On the battle of the sexes.

One Dimensional Caracitures

Only men who are insecure about themselves feel this way

Open Season on Men in America.

Orthodox Judaism; also Infertility Epidemic

Outraged ? Give me a break

Outsource This S……………………………….

Outsource This Situation

PANDORASBOX123 is RACIST against Asians!!

Parents’ Rights Activist Endures 108 Days Without Eating

Part 2

Part 2

Part 3

Part Two of Nancy Levant’s article

Pathetic “career boy”

Pay for your own benefits, women

Pelosi makes history with ‘gay marriage’ stance

Perhaps Mr. Noers’ opinion is rooted more in insecurity rather than rational fact.

Physical Custody / Divorce

Place the blame where it is due…


Police claim many ‘drugged’ date-rape victims simply drunk

Police Say Mother Microwaved Her Baby

Police: Mom Tried To Trade Son For Wedding Gown

Police: Student fires AK-47 inside Mo. school

Poor correlation to cheating

Poor little whiny menfolk

Possibly, the Truth Hurts

Poverty-stricken father of the baby Madonna is adopting tells his story

Proceed with Caution

Propagation of the species

Prostate cancer connected to many sexual partners and stds…

Psychological science is not politically correct

Purchase Power of Women …

Put your money where your mouth is . . .

Question for Career Grrls

Question for Men Married to Career Women

Question for the men

Question that feminist career women can’t answer…

Question to the ladies

Question: How old I was when i realized what was going on…

Radiator with all your fake stats, I am buying stock on cat food companies.

Radiator you need a flush.

Raising moral monsters

Randolph Macon Women’s College Admits Men – Women Intolerant, Bigoted and Hateful

RE: Post about “pathetic housewife syndrome”

RE: use of “femnazis”


Real Man?

Real Men v. Boys

Real reasons and criteria/steps for a man considering marriage….

Reality For The Narrow Minded

Reality vs. Rubbish!

Reason for staying in marriage…

Rebuttal proves the point…

Reduced options = no choice but to stay

Rejection Hurts Women …

Religious Feminism

Reluctantly Divorced

Reply to Elizabeth Corcoran’s Obfuscation about Career Girls

Reposting-this will insure men and protected..

Republican Griffin Critiques Feminism

Request to Juliandroms for Shared Parenting Resources

Rev. Ted Haggard

Rich Guy With A Confession – What Scares Men

Ridiculous Article with a Misogynist making the Conclusions

Right Here

Rise in open interest could rock the market boat

Rise up!

Risk your life for your country today

Romans, Greeks,… Jews?


Royal yes to diversity at Davis Senior High

Rrrowwr! Ovulating women dress to impress


Same Anger 50-100 yrs ago?

Say What


Schlafly Defends Columnist’s Warning About Marrying Career Women

School Board candidate pays $5,000 toward child support

score 1 the patriachy:)

Security Warning

security, hope, and clarity in a relationship

See, women want marriage, men don’t.

Selfishness on BOTH sides.

Sen. Biden in Denial about Female Violence

Serial Bullies… Women Who Make Life Hell At Work (More Proof Career Women Suck)

Seven Women Charged with Attacking Man

Sex and Consequences

Shame on you, Forbes

Shattering Video Evidence of Female Violence

she ain’t nutthin but a golddigger…

Shockingly Irresponsible

Should men marry gold diggers instead?

shouldn’t you be happy?

Silly Boys, Silly Girls

Simple Solution – Babies Before Career!

Since when did Forbes become Maxim?

Single Sex Doesn’t Mean Segregation

Single-Sex Ed 101

Sins of the mother

site down, next step, demand an apology

Sleeping in the Basement

so back on topic!

so don’t marry me…..

So now what?

So where does this leave lesbians?…

So where is Michael Noer?

Social Conditioning

Solution: Do Away With The Institution Of Marriage

Some stories behind the statistics

Someone has mommy issues…

Something that needs to be seriously addressed-For women

Something to anger everyone…

Something to anger everyone…

Something to anger everyone…

Something’s Missing on Campus

Sorry Noer, Corcoran’s rebuttal makes more sense

Spanish Men Forced To Do Housework – Or Else!

Speaking of Lemmings : Breast cancer cases rise 80% since 70s (CAREER GIRLS AGAIN)

Speaking the truth makes you a misogynist

State Your Name!!

Statistics Don’t Determine Destiny

STD suit could set precedent in state

Steve Forbes’ lame response to readers

Stirring the caldron of radical feminism

Students Dropping Out of High School Reaches Epidemic Levels

Stupid Counterpoint

Success with a career woman is like winning the lottery

Suggestion from an old guy (happily married for many years)

Support IMBRA! Keep the tasks of housekeeping and child care on men’s backs!

Surprise: Forbes Endorses Trophy Wife

TEEN GOES NUCLEAR : He creates fusion in his Oakland Township home

Teenager’s rape lies


Testosterone Tumbling in American Males

Texas Nurse Gets Life for 10 Drug Deaths

Tha feminazis are bat*hit insane by attacking the author in the first place

Thank you all

Thank you all Career/American Women

Thank you feminists

Thank You for this Refreshing Honesty!!

THANK YOU MR. ? what’s his name!!

Thanks On Behalf of Forbes…………

That rebuttal was hysterical

That sounds wrong, somehow. -A guy’s point of view.

The 1950’s called… it wants its valium back…

The advantage of an career woman

The article is right.

The Article Misses the Real Issues.


The breakdown in family life that threatens us all

The Death of Feminism: What’s Next in the Struggle for Women’s Freedom

The decline of motherhood

The Denise Richards Lesson, Women choose Bad Boys and then complain.


The effects of commitment according to researcher Scott Stanley.

The European jihad

The facts are there, but Noer’s analysis still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the whys.

The female brain

The Feminist Trajectory

The Feminization of American Culture

The Feminization of American Culture part 3

The Feminization of Poverty?, There You Go Again, Hillary!

The Five Great Threats To Feminism

The fundamental flaw in Corcoran’s article

The Guy Rules….LMAO!!!!

The Invisible Grip

the irony of the whole thing

The male brain on feminism

The male friend applying for the boyfriend position

The Man’s guide to the 2006 MidTerm Elections

The Marriage Conspiracy

The Marriage Strike is On

The Men’s Guide to the Midterms, Part II

The Meretricious Relationship – New Way To Rob Men

The POWER OF CHOICE by Bruce Goldwell bridges the gender gap

The Predatory Female

The problem is a distorted view of feminism.

The Problem is Women. They want it all.

The problem with career women, that no one else has stated…

The problem with this article..

The Psycho Moment: Engagement

The Quagmire Of Older Women……………….

The Real choice here is for men

The real fact about the article

The real problem…

The real reason

The real reason of anger men come to realize there is no such a thing as love

The real reason why career women are outraged

The real solution for men is don’t get married.

The Reasons Why He’s Right – and That’s a Good Thing

The reponses seem to prove the author’s point

The Slide Show text Forbes eliminated

The statistic heard ’round the world!!!

The story is objective, the responses are not

The torrent of hatred being heaped upon men was escalating at a dramatic rate….

The true cause of failed marriages

the truth is refreshing

The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.

the ultimate solution

The Ultimate Weapon – Living well

The Wage Gap Myth – How about some truth for a change?

The wifely duty from the Telegraph.Co.UK

The women here are creating a hostile posting environment

There are many martyrs and sacrifices that have to be made on the road

these guys are like snitches

They both missed the mark.

Thirty-something men should freeze their sperm before its too late!

Thirty-something women ’should freeze their eggs before it’s too late’

This Article Is Grossly Unequivocal…

This article is pro feminist!

This article is sadly true.

This can be true

This Career Woman’s Rebuttal

This Forbes article is heatedly debated on *link*

This Forum = What Your Marriage To A Career Woman Will Be Like

This is a great solution when there is no toilet paper in the house!

This Is A Really Good Chocolate Bar

This is why you are feminazis

This just takes the cake 🙂

This should bring a GREAT chuckle.

This state of ‘extreme feminism’ is unsustainable!!! – Need to fight back…

This week’s Gender issues.

thou single wilt prove none

Thought Police

Time to end the debate

To all guys who got a raw deal from marriage……

To all the misandrist women here – you don’t own us!

To Arms! To Arms!

To everyone who got SOOOoooo upset about this article…

To see modern feminism…URL

To: ACatInSD “To this day, women tend to inherit rather than make large fortunes….”

Too Independent

Towers of Strength

Traditional Guys is now available…..

Traditional Values in Sex and Relationships Making a Comeback

Transexual m2f speaks out against women-firsters

Treat for the feminazis: Positive characteristics of empowered womyn!

Trend In 3rd Wave Feminism: Attention Whoring.

Truth About Women Inventors


Typical feminist weak minded “debate” tactics.


Understanding SANE, V

Unfashionably Ambivalent.

Unmarried career women are idiots

Unprofessional!! Unsubscribing!!

Uppity Men

US university president poses with ’suicide bomber’

utter and complete malarkey

Valley of the Career Women Dolls?

VAWA Fails To Protect Women Who Need It Most

Victim lied about attack, avoids jail with plea

Wages Fall Against Productivity

Walt Whitman

Want a housewife? Research results!

Warren Jeffs / polygamy

Was that a rebuttal?

Washington Times Hates Truth About Domestic Violence

Way to go Michael! Don’t stop here.

We are failing a generation of boys admits Gordon Brown

Welcome Back, Duke

Well, if you ladies define being an “independent” woman as an individual who is

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Were we deceived?

Western Feminism and the Need for Submission by Baron Bodissey

Western men are high in demand

What about having discussions about these topics before getting married?

What about husbands staying home? And why are men afraid of career women?

What about love?

what about women economically post divorce?

What Angry Kermit the Frog Muppet Does Not “Bleep” With

What are you missing out?

What do Serial Killers Have in Common?

What does the Bible have to say about such …

What happened to the Dinosaurs?

What Horrible Advice

What I Like In A Man: BALLS

What I want

What is really funny

What is the value of marriage?

What it comes down to is – choice

What Makes Career Women Poor Marriage Material?

What Mr. Noer Actually Said . . .

What Needs To Happen

What Noer Really Said…

What the Buddha Said

What was left out of this study?

What Women Want, Who Cares?

What Would Happen If …

What??? You Idiot!

What’s Fred Smoking? (An Essay In Cultural Psychiatry)

What’s next? Forcing men to marry career women?

When a response starts with “Studies aside” do you really have to read more?

When a stay-at-home mom responds here, look at how us “misogynist” men respond to her.

When does tradition become too expensive?

When it pays to stay single

When the playboy feminists allow blinders

Where are the Yahoo boards?

Where There’s Women, There’s Censorship

Where to find these non-career women?

Where’s the logic?

White Collar Quotas, Blue Collar Response

Who Are We, Who Are Our Enemies – The Cost of Historical Amnesia

Why all the unbridled reproach?

Why Am I Upset About the Yates Verdict? by Tammy Bruce

Why are all the responses so Extreme?

Why are Women getting so Angry with this article?

Why career men and women are important.

Why career women are more likely to divorce

Why Career Women are More Likely to Get Divorced

Why do couples Marry and have Children?

Why do men invent everything under the sun? A. Men are smarter than women….

Why is it for Women aright to tell us who they do not want.

Why is the man’s career not debatable?

Why Johnny Can’t Read: Schools Favor Girls

Why marry?

Why Men Rule

Why Noer should be applauded

Why Noers article is important NOT sexist.

why people shouldn’t marry jewish people.

Why Worry?

Wife or Slave?

Wimin need more quotas

Woman firster Sites

Woman lied about rape

Woman says she didn’t mean to hurl baby

Woman sues former lover for not marrying her

Woman Who Lied About Rape Gets Prison

Women – DON’T marry a lazy man

Women ‘enjoy’ divorce more than men.

Women abuse children more then men!

Women and brains

Women and Men ARE EQUAL

Women and the Draft

Women are Discriminating against Men

Women are stupid, let’s throw rocks at them.

Women as inferior?

Women at my work: SHEER HELL

Women can’t refuse

Women CEOs ? Just look at this board.

Women declare jihad

women don’t be insecure

Women Face an Unfair Choice: Career or Children

Women hate each other

Women have avoided certain classes of men for years, but now are upset when the tables are turned.

Women Have ZERO Reason For Value

Women Hedge Bets By Banking Their Eggs

Women in “general” vs. “allllll” women

Women in the work force

Women in/out the workplace

Women Just Don’t Get It

Women Making More Money Then Men

Women need to show some respect

Women Not Cut Out for Space.

Women say they don’t need men. So……

Women still don’t get it

women who do not work outside the house are trapped by economics

Women who make the World Worse– Kate O’beirn

Women, why not the best of both worlds….

Women: do you actually know anyone like these guys in real life?

Women: Give these options some consideration

Women’s Infidelity

Women’s Roles and Choices in the 21st Century

Working woman who agrees

Working Women Give Men a Break

Working women is the most beautiful women. (from

World Inventors

Would you marry a girl with divorced parents?

Wow, this article offends me as a journalist, a scientist and a woman.

Written by a woman, “Woman’s Submissive Nature”

Wrong on many levels – MUCH needed attention to the REAL causes of domestic problems

Y’ know ….

Yes, Gentlemen, We Really Do Need Feminists……………………

Yet another delusional bitch wants more women in the army!!!

You are missing the point, Career is not the root cause

You cannot make us marry you….

You Go Boy

You go girl

You keep your career, I keep my health, thank you, good bye!

You know, I try not to hate men…

You know, marriage is not a piece of cake.

You moronic wingnuts

You Nailed It On The Head

you think Noer was bad?

You’re still in bondage…

You’ve got to love the lack of perspective….

Your pet after a wymin’s studies class

Youthful man gets 508 years for sex assaults, his Mother Helped.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

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